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best white noise machine 2020

5 Best White Noise Machine 2020

A white noise machine can improve the quality of your sleep every night. Sleep is the most underrated necessity in the busy world of today. Many people suffer from insomnia and their solution is to go after some pills to help them sleep. A better alternative is to get a white noise machine which will balance the surrounding sounds and help you sleep better.

We will give you all the information you need to get a noise machine for yourself. You will find the best white noise machines reviews here and you can also find a guide to help you purchase the right one that suits your needs.

5 Best White Noise Machine 2020

1. LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine – Best for Office and Home

The LectroFan is a reliable company that has one of the best noise machines in the market. The noise machine is filled with features and specially made for office usage without any troubles. The simple and elegant design ensures style and perfect usage as well. The FFP edition of this product comes without any inconvenience in packing.

There is a verity of different sounds including 10 different fan sounds, ambient noise variations, white noises, brown noises, and even pink noises.  The sounds are at a frequency to eradicate the surround sounds so that you can clam down easily in places like offices and make yourself stress-free.

Different sounds are made with various usages including for relaxing and there are a few made for sleeping as well. The solid design of the device can be run on AC and USB power sources easily. You will also find volume control to help you set the volume according to your requirements.

There is an attached sleep timer which you can set to shut off the machine after a certain time to help save power and energy.


  • There are over twenty different sounds that are made for various purposes including sleeping, relaxing, and even studying.
  • White noise, pink noise, and brown noise are included in this system for better results.
  • The surround sound is eradicated with this device so that you can focus on the sounds that are produced by the device.
  • The auto shut down feature allows you to set a timer to shut the device in time to save energy.


  • The device is not portable since it cannot run on batteries.
  • The device does not have the LED lights for a more soothing effect.

2. Asti Sound + White Noise Machine  – Best for snoring

Asti Sound + Sleep High Fidelity

Advanced stimulation technology incorporation or ‘Asti’ is a company that has been around for about three decades and excels in products that deliver stimulating sounds.

It contains about 10 different sounds that are all natural made to help you sleep better and sounder. There are richness levels that you can set yourself to help in customizing the depth and the complexity of each sound. Users will have the power to choose the right mix of sounds to help them sleep better without snoring.

The adaptive sound technology listens to the prevailing sounds in the environment and readjusts the volume and sound to match the discomfort of the surroundings and provide more comfort and soothing features. You will also find a 3.5 mm jack to plug in headphones or speakers. There are a number of different settings for the timer to shut off automatically on the designated time.

The thirty sound profiles help in enhancing the different hums which makes this one of the most advanced machines of its kind.


  • The adaptive sound technology grabs the external noises and adjusts the volume and quality according to that which reduces snoring
  • 10 different types and thirty different profiles of each level
  • You can set a timer to shut off after a few minutes of playing to save energy
  • There is an audio connector to attach speakers and headphones with ease


  • The device cannot be latched and it is not very portable
  • It does not have LED lights to help create an environment

3. Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Shusher – Best white noise machine for baby

Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Shusher

The Bubzi Co white noise machine helps put babies to sleep. The company is known to make products to make it convenient for mothers. Their specialties include products especially for new mothers for their experience to be much easier.

There are 10 soft lullabies that help in comforting the baby. For more soothing effects, the device has a bird chirping and a heartbeat sound to help calm the baby naturally. You will also find LED night lights in this sound machine that projects stars. There is an auto turn off the system after half an hour so that it does not waste energy.

The sound and lights are entirely in control of the user with the easy adjusting. The super easy Velcro strap will make it easy to fit anywhere which makes it highly portable. The soft and cuddling exterior allows the baby to play safely with the device as well.


  • There is an added LED light to help your baby be more soothed in the dark
  • The volume and the lights can be adjusted to accommodate your needs
  • The furry owl is made portable with a Velcro strap to easily fit anywhere to calm down your baby anywhere
  • The auto turn off system shuts down the machine after half an hour to avoid wastage of energy
  • There are ten lullabies installed along with a bird chirping and heartbeat sound to help the baby calm down
  • The owl can be washed by removing the sound box easily


  • You cannot add your own voice to this device
  • Not many color options in this sound maker

4. Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine – Best for Travel

Marpac is a company that has been serving its users tools for sleep for a very long time. They have a mattress, sound machine, and other various tools that help people go to sleep in a healthier way.

Three sound options are specially made to promote calming and sleeping; bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf are three options that you can choose from.

The device is made highly portable and it can simply and easily be attached to a car seat, stroller, or any other surface and can be used on the go. Additionally, it is easy to use with one hand and the design allows you to carry and place it anywhere as well. The child lock feature helps in adjusting to one setting without your child fiddling them again and again.

There is an Amber LED light with this device to help achieve soft light along with soft music for a better sleeping environment. The device can be powered by a USB port or you can even charge it with a USB wire and take it anywhere you want.


  • The device has an Amber LED light to help in creating a comfortable environment with light.
  • There are different volume settings and a child lock to help keep those settings undisturbed.
  • It is highly portable and can be latched almost anywhere; users can also use it through wireless through USB charging.
  • Each sound option is specially designed to promote peaceful and healthy sleeping.


  • There are only 3 different hums for sleeping.
  • There is no sleep timer so you have to shut it down manually after a few minutes.

5. Pictek white noise machine – Best for the money

Pictek white noise machine

Pictek is a gadgets company that produces many different gaming devices, sound systems, and this white noise machine. This white noise machine has the power to be played all night or simply be set on a timer of when to shut it off.

There are 24 high qualities natural sounds in this machine and each one of them are made as natural sleeping aid, relaxing aid, or soothing aid for people of all ages including babies. The power sources of this machine can be a USB adapter or AA batteries which makes it perfect on the go as well.

One of the best parts of this machine is that it is made entirely safe with the approval of CE, FCC, RoHS, and materials that are made with odor-free and environmentally friendly components.

The machine supports an audio jack as well so that you can connect it to your speakers or your earphones without any complications. There are 8 different working modes which are made to relax any person.  The volume is also adjustable which is another feature to make it value for the money.


  • There are eight different working modes; each one of them has 3 different nature sounds to make it more effective
  • There is a timer to set when to shut off the device to save energy
  • The device helps in masking out external sounds by adjusting the volume automatically and manually as well
  • The product is made safe with many different components and certifications that make it entirely safe


  • There are only two different timer settings
  • No LED light to make it more comfortable

White Noise Machine Buying Guide

What is a white noise machine

A white noise machine is a small device used in helping people sleep. The device contains voices of different characters or natural sounds like of waves to help in stimulating the brain into being more soothed and eventually, falling asleep. White noises refer to the soft and mellow sounds with low frequencies that help calm people down.

How do white noise machines work?

It may seem a little off adding more noise to your bedroom in order to sleep but white noise works in that fashion. The idea is to blend better sounds than usual in your bedroom to help you reduce the frequencies of other noises like dogs barking, car horns, and other different hums.

White noise machines create these hums and help our brain relax under them. Most of these sounds are natural which help users in being more familiar with them and falling asleep. The context of the sound becomes better and more effective in reducing panic waking up from the slightest of noises.

Technically Speaking, What is White Noise?

White noise is a form of soft noise with low frequency. These usually include natural and mellow sounds that blend in with the human hearing and allow people to easily relax even when they are played in high volume. There are many frequencies of sounds merged together to make this white noise.

Since there are many frequencies mixed together, the brain tends to mask other noises and creates a low frequency altogether. The term white is used because just like white light is made up of many different color spectrums to become neutral, white noise is made with many different sounds to become neutral.

Factors to consider when buying a sound machine

  • Sound options

The sound options will help you achieve different levels of relaxation and sleep. Usually, the right sound options include different levels of sound profiles and types of frequencies in each profile to help you get the one that suits you the most. For babies, sound options include soft lullaby hums that help the babies find peace in the surround sounds.

Most options also include the type of sounds like mono tunes or play tunes, those options also help in determining the external noises and masking them. Hence, a machine with maximum options will provide the best results in several case scenarios.

  • Sound richness control

The settings of sound richness is very important as it will help you customize the noise according to your needs and your level of insomnia. By setting the richness, you can set the frequency, the speed, and the quality of the sounds.

The richness will also determine the different levels of having the external noises masked and blended in the soothing noises from the machine. Richness will also help add layers of sound to make it more advanced and relaxing.

  • Sleep Timer

A sleep timer helps in determining the time of the machine to shut down when it has been used for a while. The feature allows people to estimate how long it takes them to drift off so that the machine switches off to save energy, power, and/or batteries of the device. Ideally, your machine should have various settings of timers to help you have many options for choosing the one that will suit you the best. The ones that do not have timer option either run all night or somebody has to switch them off which disturbs the sleep of other people as well as the initial user.

  • Adaptive sound technology

Adaptive technology allows the machine to pick up the sounds from the environment and then set the sound frequencies of the machine automatically. This feature allows people to sleep in the noisiest room and allows people to not be disturbed with the snoring of their partner and others as well. This feature reduces the chances of snoring of the person and the purpose of being white noise remains intact no matter what the external noises are and how loud they are. The context of the sound becomes balanced with this feature.

What you may like:

When Would You Need a White Noise Machine?

  • Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical condition that causes constant ringing and buzzing in the year. People suffer from old age, problems in their eardrums or other problems may face this issue. Since there are constant sounds in the ears; it makes it hard to sleep. A white noise machine will not eradicate the external noises.

In fact, it will help in making them behind friendly context sounds that will cover up the buzzing and help you sleep with ease. Sound machines are not a treatment to the ears; in fact, it is just a way to help ease the pain of those who cannot sleep because of the constant noise in their ears.

  • Sleep

The addition of different screens and the busy schedules that give us constant stress has been a huge factor in the loss of sleep in many people around the world. Instead of going for prescriptions, a sound machine is a great idea to catch some good quality sleep at night. The sounds will help calm you down and reduce your stress levels inside the body which will help you get some sleep at night. It is not about the hours of sleep, it is about the quality of sleep.

  • Snoring

Many people complain that they wake up because of their partners snoring or because they are snoring. Snoring can be a great big hindrance in sleeping. The machine help in blending the sound of snoring into something pleasant which eventually helps you get better sleep. Additionally, the reduced stress levels also reduce chances of you snoring.

  • Sleep cycle of babies

One of the most difficult tasks for parents of an infant is to help them fall asleep. Babies tend to be disturbed by even the smallest sounds because they are habitual of the quiet womb of the mother. To help them with sooth their hearing, softer versions of this machine are available in the market. These play lullabies and heartbeats so that the baby remains calm and less irritated before going to bed.

In research studies, white noise machines reduced crying in colicky babies.

  • Travel

Travelling causes jet lag and many other changes in the body and the environment that causes you to lose your body’s sanity and sleep well. If you are traveling then it is highly recommended that you carry your sound machine. The machine will relax you and reduce your jetlag and help you relax even in the changed environment.

  • Noisy neighbors

Probably the worst thing at the time of bed is noisy neighbors. They somehow find out that you are off to bed which begins their time to do everything in the house. You cannot go to them and ask them not to do what they are, but with a white noise machine, you can simply mask those sounds into something soothing like the crashing of waves against the shore.

  • Office

Offices tend to be noisy and very stressful. If you have a long day in mind, then take your sound machine to help you relax throughout the day. In some cases, it will also give you the opportunity to take a few minutes of naps with the noise machine.

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