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Whether your bed is just missing that final touch (even if your partner is rolling their eyes right now) or you desperately need an extra warm layer at night, the wool blanket is the first thing on your mind. But how to find the best for snuggling under?

We’ve listed the 10 snuggliest wool blankets that are practical, stylish and perfect for cuddling under when the temperature drops.

Why Wool Is Woonderful

Cozy blankets in the basket

It IS woonderful! Sure, wool sweaters might have fallen out of fashion but the wool blanket never will. They’re not only practical but fashionable and cozy warm with a variety of beautiful designs. Here’s why we all love wool blankets:

  • Naturally water-resistant, making it deter rot, mold and mildew.
  • Breathable fibers lock in hot air from the cold weather, and wick away sweaty hotness during the summer.
  • It’s completely renewable – the sheep just grow their wool back! Just make sure you stick to responsible wool blanket suppliers, like the ones below.

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Wool Blanket

Things to Look for When Buying a Wool Blanket

Sheep aren’t all made equal and wool blankets are either. Before you buy, check out the:

Material – basically, sheep wool is cozy and affordable. Recycled sheep wool is also cozy and more affordable but you need to make sure the manufacturer knows how to reuse it properly (just check the reviews). Merino wool is incredibly soft and fragile – it catches on everything so many blanket makers combine it with sturdier fibers. Alpaca wool is warmer and softer… but way more expensive.

Size – look at the dimensions carefully. You DON’T want a blanket that’s the same dimensions as your bed. You want it at least a few inches longer and wider to drape over the sides and cover your bodies under the covers.

Weave – from loosely arm-knitted chunky wool blankets to super thick, tight twill weaves, the way the wool fibers are woven together impacts how thermal and snuggly it will be. The tighter the weave and higher the grams per square meter (GSM) the warmer it will be.

Color – if you want a wool blanket to last long-term you want to keep it as clean as possible and wash it as infrequently as possible. Dark colors hide dirt best! It’s also a good idea to pick a color that can transition with your décor when you update it.

Price – wool is not overly expensive… but it’s no polyester blanket from the discount store either. The best quality ones will cost more, but it also depends on wool type. Merino wool costs more in general but the material alone doesn’t guarantee it’s a high-quality blanket. Stick to the top 10 wool blankets below to find those that are truly worth the money.

Yijiujiuer Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

Yijiujiuer Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

Best Chunky Knit Wool Blanket

  • Size: 32 x 40 inches
  • Wool Type: merino
  • Warmth: swamps you with warmth

Don’t let the gaps fool you – this is quite a warm and cozy blanket to snuggle under! It’s hand knitted on arms (crazy but look at the results) using ultra soft and cozy merino wool. Yijiujiuer’s chunky blanket is a small size, so better for cuddling up on the sofa than using on the bed.

We found it to be lovely and warming with a very pleasing texture under the fingertips. It looks great in modern homes with the Danish hygge concept (Google it) and comes in a variety of bright and modest colors – we like the white version best.

It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial but it can get on your nerves a little. It snags on every shirt button, table corner and zipper so be careful when shuffling around the house with it.

Other things to bear in mind include the shipping, which takes forever, and the durability of the blanket. It won’t last heavy use and you can’t hang it up from one corner or edge – this will warp the woven design.

Pros: merino wool is incredibly soft, excellent price, handmade, decent size

Cons: dry clean only, easily manipulated, not overly long-lasting, slow shipping

Pendleton Eco-Wise Plaid Wool Blanket

Pendleton Eco-Wise Plaid Wool Blanket

Best Wool Pendleton Blanket

  • Sizes: 66 x 96 inches, 90 x 96 inches, 108 x 96 inches
  • Wool Type: pure virgin wool
  • Warmth: surprisingly warm yet light

Pendleton is a classic, it’s the kind of premium wool blanket that your grandparents bought back in the day and passed it down to you. It’s as much a family heirloom as it is a comfy blanket to snuggle under.

Our favorite Pendleton wool blanket magically combines that classic vibe with eco-friendly ways to create a modern wool blanket suitable for your home. The 3 sizes available roughly fit a Twin, Queen and King bed, although they are a little narrow and won’t drape as beautifully as you’d expect.

Each blanket is made with sustainability in mind, from the wool that’s sourced to how it’s made and dyed (of the 12 color options available, we adore the blush/grey plaid best)… and it can also be washed in the washing machine! That’s pretty unusual for a wool blanket so don’t take it for granted.

The cost of quality, machine-washability and heirloom wool blankets is astonishingly high. Yes, we do believe it’s worth the cost. A better question is, do you have the money available to buy it?!

Pros: eco-friendly, array of colour options, several size options, virgin wool, machine washable, durable

Cons: unbelievably expensive

Maloca Alpaca Wool Blanket

Maloca Alpaca Wool Blanket

Best Alpaca Wool Blanket

  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Wool Type: 100% baby alpaca
  • Warmth: toasty

Ethically sourced from Peru (but stored in Florida for fast shipping around the states) this silky soft alpaca blanket is the best from this category. We compared many from well-known brands and unheard-of suppliers – nearly all are only a portion alpaca and the rest sheep. Not this one. If you love the silky smoothness of alpaca wool, this is for you.

The cream herringbone alpaca blanket is hypoallergenic and warmer than sheep’s wool, even though this blanket appears quite thin.

Of all the Peruvian grades of alpaca wool (yes, a real thing) baby alpaca is the best. It’s strong and woven tightly to prevent any malting from happening. It’s also surprisingly breathable thanks to the natural microbubbles of air that are both insulating and light.

We love that this one blends in seamlessly with a nude color, but we do wish it came in larger sizes as well as the standard throw size (it looks good on the back of your couch).

Pros: 100% alpaca wool, ethically sourced, fast shipping

Cons: one size only, quite pricey

Woolrich 100% Soft Wool Blanket

Woolrich 100% Soft Wool Blanket

Best Basic Wool Blanket

  • Size: 56 x 70 inches
  • Wool Type: fine grade sheep wool
  • Warmth: keeps chills and drafts away

Our best wool blanket is blissfully basic! We love the classic Woolrich for the luxurious make and feel, with a simple color design that fits with nearly every home décor scheme. Drape it over the couch, end of the bed (it roughly fits a Full) or just fold it up neatly in the closet for those summer nights.

Note that we said summer. Come winter, this is practically useless… But on those slightly cool summer nights it’s ideal. We can totally envisage you cuddling up by a campfire under this wool blanket with your partner.

The soft camel color is solid with a simple whip stitch showing at the edges for a little contrast. Woolrich make their blankets in the USA (Pennsylvania) with a loom using only 100% fine grade soft wool from sheep. The result is a silky soft blankie with no itchiness or scratches whatsoever.

For this beauty, expect to pay a pretty penny.

Pros: great for all décor schemes, soft to touch, luxury and long-lasting

Cons: expensive, not warm enough for the winter, dry clean only

Woolly Mammoth Woollen Co Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Woollen Co Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Best Merino Wool Blanket

  • Size: 66 x 90 inches
  • Wool Type: 80% merino, 20% acrylic
  • Warmth: cozy enough for camping

The Woolly Mammoth merino wool blanket combines the soft coziness of the chunky knitted merino wool blanket with the durability and strength of the old scratchy wool blanket you keep in the trunk of your car. The size is quite large and comfortably covers 2 people snoozing in a tent, or doubled up over 1 person when it gets quite chilly.

Available in army colors and with a twill weave and milled finish, this is the kind of blanket that battles all weathers and all temperatures to give you some warmth. This is the blanket you’d take on your hike or camping trip – a soft merino wool blanket would be absolutely ruined, but not this one!

The diagonal texture is epic too as it hides the stains that accumulate over the years. As for washing, it’s recommended dry clean only by Woolly Mammoth point out how the design is made to repel dirt, so you won’t be heading to the dry cleaners as often as you’d expect.

We hope we’ve surprised you by offering one of the most durable, strong wool blankets in the soft merino wool category! It certainly impressed us.

Pros: more durable than pure merino, excellent price, very comfortable and non-scratchy

Cons: not as high quality, limited colors

Woolrich Camp Wool Blanket

Woolrich Camp Wool Blanket

  • Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • Wool Type: 41% recycled wool, 41% wool, 18% nylon
  • Warmth: medium warmth for rugged conditions

Similar to Woolly Mammoth’s merino wool blend, this is another cozy wool blanket designed for camping trips and outdoor adventures where it’s bound to get chilly at some point.

Using recycled wool (the eco-warriors will love this) and a nylon blend, this is an incredibly sturdy and durable wool blanket. It’s made in the USA too, which is a plus. Woolrich is a traditional company offering beautiful classic designs like this one. But it does have a few pitfalls.

Firstly, the size isn’t quite big enough and you might find some blanket hogging in the middle of the night. It’s also quite brightly colored with stripes. It’s lovely and has that homey feeling… but mud, dirt and stains will show up far quicker on this compared to a dull green or brown blanket. As with most wool blankets, it’s dry clean only.

Pros: nice design, durable, good warmth

Cons: very expensive, throw-size, dry clean only, dirt shows up

Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket

Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket

  • Sizes: 66 x 90 inches, 80 x 90 inches, 90 x 90 inches
  • Wool Type: pure virgin wool
  • Warmth: warm enough for late Fall

Another classic that may look very familiar to you! The Pendleton Glacier National Park wool blanket uses a design similar to the Hudson Bay Co. Point Blanket to celebrate our national parks and the heritage their blankets have.

Buying this blanket also sends money to the National Park Foundation – which might explain why this wool blanket costs an arm and a leg! It’s one of the most expensive on the list but also one of the best.

The thin fabric is combed to fluff it up a bit (our words, not theirs) which adds more warmth. It’s a good warmth for cooler spring and fall evenings but you’ll still need the heating on with this blanket in the winter.

Another good one for travelling and camping but just remember to treat it with care. The 100% wool composition isn’t the sturdiest. Look after it well and this will soon become a heirloom piece in your family.

Pros: good warmth for a thin blanket, beautiful design, charity donation

Cons: very expensive, not as eco-friendly as the other Pendleton model

Biddy Murphy Plaid Wool Blanket

Biddy Murphy Plaid Wool Blanket

  • Size: 54 x 72 inches
  • Wool Type: Irish sheep wool
  • Warmth: like your favorite sweater

Ireland, the very beautiful yet very cool and damp, country is no doubt an excellent place to buy your woolen blanket from. They know just how warm a blanket needs to be! The Biddy Murphy plaid wool blanket is super warm and cuddly with a dense yet thin layer of sheep wool.

It’s durable with that classic cozy plaid design that you’ve seen in old period costume dramas on TV – complete with 3-inch fringes on either end. Our favorite is the burgundy and purple plaid option, but there’s 7 to choose from to ensure it matches your décor. It won’t fit in the minimalist’s home décor scheme, but if you want warm and cozy vibes it’s perfect. It’s the ideal size for cuddling with a partner under while watching TV or to drape over the end of your bed.

Through cool spring and fall nights it will keep you toasty. Layer it up with a duvet and pillows for extra warmth in the winter.

Pros: great fringe design, decent bed size, cozy warm

Cons: needs to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, pricey

Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanket

Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanket

  • Size: 108 x 96
  • Wool Type: virgin wool
  • Warmth: seriously warm and cozy

This is one of the best wool blankets from Europe. The Poyet Motte is as fancy as it sounds with a satisfying satin binding and very heavy feeling. It’s thicker than the others but still what you’d call a thin blanket. The fibers are very closely packed together to create 500 GSM (grams per square meter) which feels luxuriously thick and cozy over your body. We’re reviewing the King size blanket but you can find Queen, Full and Twin on Amazon too.

They’re all designed to be overly large and drape over the sides of your bed, so no precious heat can escape and there are no tugs-of-war over who gets the most blanket.

Of course, for a satin bound, large, super luxury blanket you should expect a large price! At the time of writing this, it’s double the cost of some other wool blankets higher on our list. Considering the price difference and the slim differences in blanket designs and styles, we thought this one should stay low on the list.

Sorry Poyet Motte, but sometimes you need cheap and cheerful even if’s not quite as warm.

Pros: warm enough for winter, luxury heavy feel, very soft, large sizes

Cons: ships all the way from Europe, very costly

Sheps Wool Hand-Knitted Chunky Wool Blanket

  • Size: 63 x 80 inchesThe Best Wool Blanket
  • Wool Type: merino
  • Warmth: chill beater

Yep, it’s the perfect chunky blanket that looks delightfully chic when draped over the armchair and feels so warm and cuddly when thrown over your legs. That’s how you need to think about this wool blanket – it’s a work of art first and a blanket second. It can keep chills off your legs when the house gets drafty… but it won’t survive heavy long-term use.

That aside, it’s great supporting US-made goods! This blanket is made by ShepsWool on Etsy and they offer fantastic customer service with custom orders available. If you need it just a little longer or a different color, the seller can create a custom order for you.

Sure, the price is quite high but the service is equally high.

Pros: looks very attractive, handmade in the USA, custom orders for different sizes/colors, good price

Cons: spot clean/dry clean only, size can change and warp over time, not durable

The Best Wool Blanket

Besides cuddling up with a live sheep, there’s no better way to stay warm than with a wool blanket. Here’s our quick summary to help you decide which to buy:

Best Basic – Woolrich, for long-lasting design and blend-able color.

Best Chunky Knit – Yijiujiuer, for great sizes and super soft merino wool.

Best Wool Pendleton – Pendleton Eco-Wise, for combining classic Pendleton designs with modern eco-friendliness.

Best Alpaca – Maloca, for 100% alpaca wool and ethical sourcing.

Best Merino – Woolly Mammoth, for non-scratch durability.


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