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Burrow Sofa vs Campaign Sofa vs Bundle Sofa

bundle sofa
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Recent innovations in the furniture industry have led to the availability of mail order furniture that can be in your home in less than a week. This is much faster than traditional furniture stores were able to provide. In this review of the Burrow Sofa vs Campaign Sofa vs Bundle Sofa, we’ll explore the benefits and detriments of three popular mail order sofa options. Each has their strengths – the importance of those strengths depends on your personal priorities.

One of the advantages they all provide is that they are delivered in pieces that can be put together in a few minutes. This makes them easy for someone who isn’t strong enough to haul an entire sofa up the stairs to bring the furniture into their home. Bulky furniture is difficult to navigate up narrow hallways, this is a great option for homes with tricky entrances and tight stairwells.

Bundle has the best in-home trial with the easiest returns. Burrow has the most difficult. Campaign’s American-steel construction is the most durable while Burrow’s modular units offer the most versatility.

All three choices offer financing through Affirm with interest rates as low as 0%, depending on your credit rating. All require some assembly, but none require tools or special expertise. Assembly is designed to pull everything together so you can kick back and enjoy your new sofa in less than an hour. Most of the time, you can order today and have your new sofa set-up by next week!

We’ll look at the in-home trials, warranties, and expansive fabric, leather, and configurations offered by Burrow, Campaign, and Bundle to help you make the best decision to fit your lifestyle.

All three allow you to request a swatch kit so you can touch, feel, and even test the fabrics before you order.

Burrow Sofa

Burrow’s headquarters are in New York, but they make their sofa’s in the traditional home of master furniture makers – North Carolina. Burrow’s is the option with a built-in USB charger.

Burrow is designed to be flexible. The same modular units can be a chair, loveseat, sofa, or sectional. This is an excellent idea that allows the furniture to fit your home instead of needing to switch your furniture every time you move.

Burrow Sofa


In addition to the charcoal color at the top of this review, Burrow offers four other olefin fiber stain resistant fabrics and two leather options. The leather options use top grain Aniline leather, not cheap bonded or reconstituted leather. Olefin can be cleaned with harsh cleaners, including diluted bleach.

Fabrics of burrow sofa

Design Options

Your choices include high or low arms, any number of seats, loungers, ottomans, and oak, walnut, or ebony leg colors. The back pillows are also reversible, one side is tufted for a classic look and the other side is softer.

Delivery and Set-Up

Burrow is delivered in boxes, about one for every seat you order plus one extra for the arms. Set-up is simple and can be done by one healthy adult.


The sofa is 86.5” wide with three seats, 35” high, and 36” deep. The seat height is 17” which is the recommended height for older adults. The seat depth is 22”.

Chaises come with an extra seat cushion that gives you the flexibility to use just the seat.


Three layers of foam are used to provide a plush but supportive seat.


The frames are constructed using Baltic Birch wood that is known not to warp. Piece is attached to each other with steel pins and galvanized latches.

Modular Arrangements

Each seat is a unit that can be attached to any other unit to create seating that fits your lifestyle perfectly!

Modular Arrangements of burrow sofa


The initial comfort is not bad. The sofa is deep enough to curl up in and the lounges make it easy for multiple people to chill out comfortably.

In-home Trial

The 30-day trial is subject to limitations. Return shipping is 10% of the price of the units if returned with the original packaging. Without the original packaging, the fee is 20%, capped at $250. Exchanges aren’t subject to these fees. If you damage, stain, or scratch the sofa, it can’t be returned.


A one-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship.

Burrow Sofa Pros and Cons


  • Stain resistant fabric
  • Modular flexibility
  • Leather options


  • Warranty is only one year
  • Not as sturdy as similar priced options
  • Not CertiPUR-US certified

Campaign Sofa

The Campaign Sofa lines are contemporary with a midcentury influence.


Color Options

Whether you want a soft feminine feel, warm earth tones, hues reflecting desert sunsets, nautical themes, or the midcentury colors of the 1950’s, you can find what you’re looking for in this selection of flat, brushed, and Merino weaves.

Fabrics of Campaign Sofa

colors of Campaign Sofa

Can’t decide? No problem. Order fabric swatches for up to five options.

The Polyester or poly/nylon blends used to make these fabrics repel moisture and resist stains. If an accident they can’t handle happens, no worries! You can order replacement covers or cushions for every part of the sofa.

Buttery popcorn or soda on the sofa? No problem!

Design Options

The Campaign comes in one design with three seat cushions and flat arms. The back is steel encased in fabric.

Delivery and Set-Up

I’ve waited months for a custom sofa to be delivered in the past, even when I ordered from local North Carolina companies that constructed the sofas in Lexington. Campaign Sofa will be in your home by next weekend!

Plan to set up your new Campaign Sofa right away, or at least take the cushions out of the packaging because they’re compressed for shipping and shouldn’t be left in that condition for very long. You’ll need two people and less than an hour, but no tools. Keep the boxes and packaging until you decide if you’re keeping the sofa.

Easy to use connectors that hold it together are out of sight when the cushions are in place.


Campaign Sofa measures 86” wide. The seat sits lower than usual, at just 16.5” from the floor. The top of the back is 32” high. The overall depth of the sofa is 37”. The depth of the seat is 23” when the cushions are in place. Up to four people weighing up to 1,800 pounds can sit at the same time. Made in the USA.

Campaign may be the sofa your kids fight over after you’re gone. The durable frame will outlast you and the ability to swap colors, covers, and parts makes it versatile enough to adjust to your changing tastes. It’s sturdy enough to be serviceable in busy waiting rooms and other commercial venues.

Let’s look beneath the exterior to see how Campaign Sofa is made.

how Campaign Sofa is made


The foam is CertiPUR-US certified which means they are independently tested to be sure known harmful chemicals and heavy metals aren’t in them. No chemical fire retardants are used. The back pillows are fluffy polyester fiber.

Foam of campaign sofa


Cold-rolled American-steel is built and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The legs are made from your choice of oak or maple hardwoods grown near the manufacturing plant, so they aren’t shipped from the other side of the world which reduces the carbon footprint.

Frame of campaign sofa


​Campaign is cuddly without being too casual. The deeper seats invite you to curl your legs up underneath you and provide enough room for smaller people to enjoy side-by-side lounging. Even someone who tops 6-feet can lay lengthwise.

In-home Trial

The in-home trial must be purchased directly from Campaign. The trial is 30-days and requires the sofa be in as-new condition to be returned. If purchased on Amazon, it must be in new, unopened condition to return.


The steel frame is guaranteed for life with proof of purchase. It should last until 2120, at least.

Campaign Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Interchangeable and replaceable covers and parts
  • Stain and moisture resistant and easy clean fabrics
  • 30-day in-home trial
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • No chemical fire retardants
  • Higher than usual quality at this price


  • It’s a struggle to find one – it would be nice if they offered a leather option

Bundle Sofa

The Bundle Sofa is a modern version of a midcentury design with classic lines that merge well with any décor. Seating up to three people comfortably, this is a wonderful addition that will increase the comfort of your home.

Bundle Sofa


Color Selection

Bundle Sofa comes in five color options including Snow White, Sand Beige, Pebble Light Grey, Steel Grey, and Indigo Blue. Each option is a striated color that helps it blend well with other colors. None of the five options is a solid color. Rather, it has other hues woven into the fabric which makes it mix harmoniously with other shades in your room.

Fabrics of bundle sofa

Fabric Choices

Unlike most sofas, the fabric does a great job resisting stains, spills (liquids pool and run off), and smudges from that bit of chocolate that landed under you where you couldn’t find it right away won’t ruin your sofa. Your kids would have to work really hard to ruin this sofa.

Many sites require you to pay shipping when you order fabric swatches, but not Bundle! The Crypton Home Fabric will stand up to game day spills as well as pet accidents.

Design Options

Bundle Sofa is offered in a 2-seat or 3-seat design. While they may appear to be different sizes at first glance, that’s an optical illusion. Both options have the same measurements. The arms come in two options, a straight line and a curved line. Between the cushion and arm options, there are four styles and each of them is available in five colors, giving you twenty variations to choose from.

Pillow Configurations

The configuration of the cushions can make the sofa look larger or smaller. The four images below are the same size.

Pillow Configurations of bundle sofa

Curved or Straight Arm

Differences in the design of the curved and straight arm versions are apparent when viewed side-by-side.

Curved or Straight Arm of bundle sofa

Back of Sofa

The back of the Bundle Sofa is constructed of a solid piece that adds support to the structure.

back of bundle sofa

Delivery and Set-up

Bundle Sofa is delivered in flat boxes that you put together without tools in about ten minutes with two people working together. One person working alone would take a bit longer.

Delivery ease may be one of the greatest things about Bundle Sofa. If you don’t work at home, furniture delivery can be a real hassle. Some companies routinely change the delivery date at the last minute. If your boss isn’t flexible, this can cause problems at work. Many delivery companies only deliver during working hours, which means lost wages. With Bundle Sofa, you can even have the sofa delivered to your place of work if you don’t want it sitting on your porch while you’re not home. As long as you relocate it from work to home in its original packaging, it won’t violate the warranty “same location” provision.

Tight stairwells or elevators are no problem for the Bundle Sofa, and you won’t need a mover when you move uptown because moving the Bundle Sofa is as easy as the initial set-up.


Bundle Sofa is sized for sitting rather than lounging. It’s not uncomfortable like a Victorian style, but it isn’t cuddly.


All configurations of Bundle Sofa are 78.5” wide and 34.5” deep. The height of the seat is 20” high and has a 21” depth. The height of the back of the sofa is 35.5”. The legs are made from the wood of rubber trees, completing the eco-friendly lifecycle of rubber trees that have a lifespan of about 30-years.


The foam is 1.5 density foam polyurethane made with open cell construction that will help it stay cool and not make your body sweaty. 1.5 density is at the low end of density’s for sofas which correlates with the expected life of 5 years for cushions that receive regular wear and tear.

The foam is not CertiPUR-US certified. That doesn’t mean it is bad, but it isn’t guaranteed not to be made with the products CertiPUR-US ensures you’re guarded against. It takes time to get a new product CertiPUR-US certified and it may be that they’re working on it because the manufacturers other products are CertiPUR-US certified.


Bundle sofa uses a fire sock with no chemicals to meet the fire safety requirements for sofas. There is no fiberglass in the sock. This is a good feature as some sofa manufacturers use chemical fire retardants.

Bundle Forever Warranty™

You might be excited when you read that Bundle Sofa comes with a Forever Warranty but, like with any warranty, you must always read the fine print to have an idea of what the warranty covers.

Who is covered? The original owner – the warranty does not transfer to subsequent owners. Proof of purchase is required.

Bundle Forever Warranty™ coverage ends when you give away, sell, or bequeath the sofa to someone else.

What is covered? The frame is covered by the warranty. Essentially, this refers to the structure. Degradation, splitting, or cracking during normal use and manufacturing defects in the pre-assembled frame are covered.

What is not covered? Seat cushions, back pillows, fabric covering the sofa, and any furniture that has been disassembled and reassembled or any product that is moved from the location where it was originally assembled. It appears that moving terminates the warranty. Products that have been abused, neglected, or assembled in a manner different from the instructions are excluded. Stains, burns, cuts, tears, or liquid damage to the materials used to construct the Bundle Sofa are not covered.

Durability you can expect from cushions: Covers, seat cushions and back pillows are designed to last five years with normal wear and tear.

Who to contact for Bundle Forever warranty claims? Email: [email protected] Write: Bundle Living, 801 California Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 Call: +1 (855) 600-8126

1st 10-years: Replace with equal or lesser value (subject to availability) at no charge to owner.

After 1st 10-years: Will repair or replace, at Bundle’s option subject to a transportation cost of $50 each way. If Bundle determines that a defect caused the problem, the shipping costs will be waived.

You may be required to return the furniture or Bundle may allow you to provide photographic evidence of the defect.

There is a mandatory arbitration agreement and the warranty is backed by the Warrantor, DreamCloud Holdings, LLC.

In-home Trial

Bundle Sofa offers the revolutionary 60-day in home trial with free delivery and free returns. Keep your boxes until you know if you are going to keep the sofa to make returns easier.

Bundle Pros and Cons


  • Move without paying movers with furniture as versatile and portable as you are
  • Forever Warranty
  • Fantastic stain resistance to keep your sofa looking clean and fresh
  • No chemical fire retardants
  • Don’t miss work to meet a delivery driver


  • None

Burrow vs. Campaign vs. Bundle Sofa Summary

The modular, adjust to your lifestyle and home across time idea of the Burrows is great but with a 1-year warranty, I don’t see the Burrow lasting enough years to make this feature that useful. If your current need is an inexpensive sofa to get you through a few years while transitioning between college and career or divorce to a new life, you could probably find less expensive options that would last as long.

The Bundle and Campaign Sofas both offer excellent warranties on their structure. The Campaign costs more than the Bundle, but when you consider how long they should last, the per year cost is very similar. If you have young children or pets that tend to be messy, Bundle’s fabrics seem more stain resistant and less at risk to spills than Campaign’s fabrics.

We feel confident you’ll be happy for many years if you choose the Bundle or the Campaign.

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