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Casper Essential

Casper Essential Mattress Review

Being one of the best known direct-customer foam beds, Casper Essential Mattress is a popular brand in today’s market. They have grown their product by establishing a remarkable reputation on the excellent customer service and quality products that are durable.

Focused on perfection, the team behind the engineering and designing of the mattress are keen on providing quality and comfort. For light-weighted side sleepers, Casper essential has a pressure relief effect to pain on hips and shoulders.

In addition, their foams are eco-friendly as they are made from a chemical that does not damage the ozone layer. The mattress is also CERTI-PUR certified and regulated by the consumer product safety commission.

Who is Suitable for Caper Essential?

 This mattress is best suitable for light sleepers who experience pain in their hips and shoulders after waking up. Casper mattress offers a different level of pressure relief that you will admire.

It is also best suited for people who experience difficulties while sleeping on beds that are hot. Casper mattress offers coolness as it has open cell foam that moderates the air flow and pulls heat away from the bed.

With team engineered to cater for your comfort. A wave firm enough is designed to ease pressure points that frequently cause pain in the back. This provides spine alignment, comfort, and support.  

Who Are Not Suitable for Casper Essential?

The price of Casper Essential is very cheap, so compared with other high-quality models.  We don’t think it’s as durable and comfortable as others.

And if we only talk about the price, we don’t think it’s the best choice for the money compared with other cheap mattresses sell on Amazon.

The only advantage would be its brand, it’s made by Casper, a very famous online brand. You can check the review for its classic brand.

And don’t choose Casper Essential if you’re overweight, you’ll sink into it or even damage it shortly.

Structure and Layers

Structure and layers of casper essential

The Casper essential foam mattress foundation is very simple in terms of structure. It is made of the cover and three layers with a height of 8.5 inches.

The Cover

With a rough texture, the cover is grey in color and made of 100% polyester. It is thin enough for air to flow through the open cell foam underneath and also durable.


This is the first layer made of 2-inch poly foam. It is soft, providing pressure relief as it is fast enough to respond to pressure, also breathable with a cool temperature from the open cell foam creating a comfort layer.

Memory foam

Just below the poly foam layer is the memory foam, which is the second layer with a 1-inch height, by placing this layer beneath the top layer it is able to trap body heat. This layer allows you more bounce.

High-Performance density poly foam

This is the bottom layer that lenders the Casper essential its shape. It enhances the durability of the essential structure through its firmness and able to support all the other layers of the Casper Essential mattress.

Performance of the Casper essential

Casper Essential first look

With a team of designers and engineers behind the structure and composition of the Casper essential, tests and reviews and assessments have been done to make valid projects on its performance.


The Casper essential feel after pressing it is firm enough. This; however, is based on the body type and weight of the person using it. When the weight is removed the layer quickly responds back into place. From average ratings, the firmness ranges on a scale of 6/10.

Motion responsiveness

Through borrowing some elements from its original mattress, Casper essential is an all foam bed with memory foam incorporated into it. If you or your partner move around a lot in your sleep this movement will not disrupt your sleep as no motion is transferred.


Being made of high-quality materials and a committed team to engineer and design it.  Casper essential mattress durability should not be put into question. It also comes with a 10-year warranty that reassures you of its performance and durability.

Edge support

This is a foam mattress; so, you should not expect excellent edge support as the one provided by innerspring or hybrid beds. This mattress offers the ideal contouring for light people compared to heavy individuals.

With minimal memory foam, it does not offer much support for the heavy sleepers as it compresses when they lie or sit on the edge of the Casper essential.


From the open cell foam layer that pulls heat away and a polyester cover, the temperature is well regulated to neutral. This becomes a good choice for you particularly if you are sleeping hot in your current bed(Thanks to its thin design).


Being a foam mattress, when unpacking it for the first time you will encounter a chemical odor. This; however, is not harmful, and usually disappears after a few days. Unlike other foam mattresses, the foam used in the Casper essential is less thus fewer issues with off-gassing.


Designed to uphold a certain level of resilience and bouncy effect, Casper essential is able to resist sinking excessively. With this feature, Casper Essential is built with ideal firmness, making it a good choice for intimacy.


With the Casper brand, a 10-year limited warranty is offered on all of its mattresses. This is good as it covers all wear and tear encountered from using the mattress. This is not limited to

  • Any Defects on the mattress cover zipper
  • Manufacturing mistakes, causing the foam to either crack or split

However, lack of a proper support base for the mattress renders the warrant void.

100 nights are offered to try out their mattress to see if it suits your needs perfectly. This allows you to make a profound decision regarding the mattress. If it is not a good fit, you contact their customer service for a no-charge mattress pickup.

This policy to charge no fees only applies to Casper mattresses purchased directly from the company. Casper essential mattress purchased from other distribution channels are subjected to the company’s return policies and fees.

For residents in the United States and Canada, Casper essential mattress offers free shipping. This takes as little as two days to ship out and less than five days to arrive at the destination requested.

The Casper mattress foam is compressed and sealed perfectly in plastic before packing in a box for shipping. It comes with instructions to immediately remove it from the box upon receipt to allow it to expand within three months.

If not done this interferes with the structural integrity of the mattress

Price and Value

The Casper essential foam mattress is competitively fair in its price range. This makes it affordable to purchase. It has six different sizes which vary in weight, price, and dimensions. The table below displays the comparisons.

California King72” x 84” x 8.5″76 lbs.$725
King76” x 80” x 8.5″76 lbs.$725
Queen60” x 80” x 8.5″63 lbs.$600
Full54” x 75″ x 8.5″56 lbs.$500
Twin XL39” x 80” x 8.5″46 lbs.$400
Twin39” x 75″ x 8.5″44 lbs.$350
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You are advised to unpack and set up your Casper essential mattress within a period of three months after receiving it. This is because if it stays for a long time in the box problems can occur that will compromise the layout and structural integrity of the Casper essential.

For a person sleeping alone, on one part of the bed, or partners with weight differences, you are urged to rotate the mattress at 180 degrees every three to six months. However, the mattress should not be flipped as it structured purposely with three layers.

You can remove the zippered cover for washing. With the instructions not to machine wash the cover as it can shrink. Instead, you can hand wash it with a mild detergent and cold water. Then rinse it two to three times and let it air dry before zipping it back. Alternatively, you can spot clean it with a detergent that is mild and cold water.

The Wrap Up

The Casper essential mattress is one of the best-known names offering the bed in a box. With a luxury feel to it, the essential comes with a streamlined design and comes at a lower price. Made of three layers the mattress provides comfort, cooling effect and value to its users.

Are you a big fan of foam mattress, but you do not want to sleep hot? Then settle for the Casper Essential Mattress for a whole new level of sleeping experience. However, it is not the most recommended choice for heavy people.