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If you have been facing a dilemma concerning the right choice between the Casper Mattress and the Purple Mattress, this comparison review of the two products will make your decision a little easier.

The Casper has been on the market for a while now, making it a popular brand among most households. Casper offers great value in terms of quality, design, and comfort. The Purple Mattress brand, on the other hand, is a relatively new arrival but offers a unique competitive advantage that gives it an edge over many competitors.

In this article, we are taking a closer look at the two brands as they continue to gain more popularity in the mattress industry through the analysis of thousands of customer reviews, industry experts’ reviews, and available unbiased data.

For a more elaborated understanding of this evaluation, this article is divided into the following sub-headings:

Quick Score Overview of Casper and Purple:

overall rating score for casper mattress
overall rating score for Casper mattress
Purple rating score
overall rating score for Purple mattress

Casper Vs Purple(Overall comparison)

  • Offers good sinking feel and support
  • High-density support
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Saves you some money
  • Certified and durable foams used
  • Comes with a bouncier, more resilient top layer
  • Durable and breathable cover
  • Higher cooling effect
  • Sleeps extremely cool
  • Great value for money
  • Appropriate for any sleeping position
  • Non-toxic CertiPUR-US approved materials used
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Not ideal for overweight people
  • Not perfect for hot sleepers
  • Signs of slight off-gassing
  • Not great for side sleepers
  • Rather expensive
  • Lack of edge support
  • A bit expensive although a great value for money
Ideal for…
  • People who like medium firmness
  • People who enjoy mattresses that offer more of a traditional feel to sleepers. Due to its mixture of latex and memory foam composition, the Casper mattress does not offer much bounce but offers great support and comfort for back and stomach sleepers.
  • People who are on a budget. If you like both products and you’re finding it difficult to make an instant decision, then you can opt for the Casper brand, since that choice will save you some dollars.
  • Those who enjoy a good bounce. In fact, the bounce and responsiveness are quicker compared to latex.
  • Someone who wants a genuinely medium firm feel. The more you weight, the more you will sink into the hyper-elastic polymer for enhanced pressure relief.
  • People who tend to sleep hot. This is, without doubt, one of the coolest mattresses out there. The cover is thin and breathable, while the polymer also features air pockets for improved air circulation.
  • People who prefer a rounded contour. The contour is similar to latex offering a rounded contouring effect.
  • People who want better than average edge support, for instance for intimate activities.
  • People who want minimal motion transfer. Despite the great bounce, there is virtually no motion transfer with Purple.
Not great if you…
  • People who don’t like sinking feel in a mattress
  • Side sleepers
  • People who want a luxury mattress
  • Someone who is on a budget
  • Overweight people
  • People who prefer innerspring feel or a definite memory foam feel.
  • Someone who wants a really firm mattress.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like a bouncy mattress.
Full reviewCasper mattress reviewPurple mattress review

Casper Vs Purple Mattress(Detail comparison)


Top cover
  • The cover is made of a white 100% polyester fabric and two tones with grey sides and is quite stretchy and breathable.
  • It also comes with an elegant cover, which is a blend of polyester/viscose/lycra fabric that works well with the polymer topper to provide ventilation.
Foam layers
  • The Casper Mattress is 9.5” thick and is constructed completely of two poly foam layers that offer pressure relief and support.
  • The upper layer is made of cushioning memory foam that absorbs weight and offers maximum comfort, its bottom layer is made of thick foam base that allows even distribution of body weight.
  • In terms of make-up, the Purple mattress is 9.5” thick, same as Casper. It is constructed with two standard polyfoam layers that add support and comfort to its exclusive design.
  • The makeup includes a hyper-elastic, gel infused polymer topper and a non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating that provides multiple functions such as pressure relief, comfortable bounce, as well as increased cooling capabilities.


  • The Casper is ranked 6-7 out of a scale of 10. This means it has a medium firm feel.
  • However, how you feel depends really on your weight and it seems that Casper offers more of a sinking compared to Purple
  • The Purple brand ranked 6-6.5 out of a scale of 10.
    It, therefore, offers medium firmness which can satisfy most sleepers.


  • Both mattresses are made with top-notch materials that are durable. However, these products feel different. Casper provides a more traditional standard feel.
  • Due to their double layer foam construction, both the Purple and Casper mattresses offer sufficient support and comfort to all body sizes and sleeping positions. However, Purple offers a bouncier feel and quick response, even quicker than latex.
Edge Support
  • Casper lacks in terms of edge support, so you can’t count on this mattress if you seek to use the mattress for something other than sleeping.
  • Although you would expect that Purple offers better than average edge support thanks to the polymer design, the truth is reported mention that it lacks on edge support and people tend to fall off the bed.

Motion transfer

  • When it comes to motion transfer, both mattresses offer great value for your money.  You can roll around or get up in the middle of the night without disturbing your partner when you both sleep on any of these two mattresses.
  • This mattress wins over Casper in this category, as the polymer material retains movement and do not leave any motion transfer. It is therefore unlikely that you will sense any toss and turn with this mattress.

Cooling effect

  • The Casper mattress also makes you feel cool but not as cool as the Purple brand since it has a bit more sinking deep into the mattress feel, so might not be the best option if you sleep hot.
  • Purple mattress comes with a breathable top layer that offers superior cooling effects for sleepers all night long.
  • In addition, it consists of the polymer and polyurethane foam which further contribute to the cooling effect.

Value for money

  • Casper offers its Queen Size mattress for $950 including the shipping cost.
  • Twin size $550,
  • Full size $800,
  • Queen size $950,
  • King/Cal sizes $1,150
  • When talking about price comparison, the Purple brand is about $50 costlier than Casper.
  • Purple offers its Queen Size mattress for about $999 including the shipping cost.
  • Twin XL size $699,
  • Queen size $999,
  • King/Cal sizes $1,299

Smell – eco-friendly standards

  • The Casper reportedly has slight odor and off gassing, which however quickly dissipates.
  • Purple, similar to Casper comes with CertiPUR-US approved foams.


  • Casper offers free shipping if you live in the continental United States.  Your new mattress will arrive in a box style rolled and packed for convenient transport
  • Shipping is free to all 48 contiguous states.

Trial and warranty/ return policy

Trial period
  • You have 100 days of trial to test and decide if Casper is the right choice for you. If not, you can claim a full refund and Casper will pick up the mattress and donate it to charity.
  • Similar to Casper, this mattress provides 100 nights trial period.
    In case you are not pleased with your new mattress, you can claim full refund no questions asked.
  • Buying a Casper mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Likewise, Purple comes with the standard 10-year warranty, which provides substantial coverage over the mattress.

Final Verdict

Having read this article at this stage, you must have seen some striking similarities between the two mattress brands. You must have seen the features that make them differ too.

Overall, from what you have read so far, you can affirm that both mattress brands are good products with great values for anyone looking to enjoy a good sleeping time. If you choose any of the products, you won’t go wrong. The choice is yours.

Your choice will depend on how well each of these mattresses meets your preference and suits your pocket. In terms of similarities, the following features can be found with both Casper and Purple mattress brands.

  • Both mattress brands have the same overall thickness (9.5”).
  • The two mattresses adopt the online-only business model to reach out to their customers.
  • The two brands offer one firmness level.
  • They both offer great customer services and friendly trial periods/return policies.
  • Both of them enjoy great customer reviews.
  • Both come in great, durable fabric cover materials.

Asides other latent differences, both mattress brands exhibit the following manifested differences:

  • Purple mattress comes with a bouncier, more resilient top layer, while the Casper mattress allows you to sink-in deep when you sleep on it.
  • Although Casper has a good cooling effect, Purple mattress brand offers a better cooling effect, and probably one of the best on the market.
  • Casper mattress is cheaper compared to the Purple brand.

The bottom line is that with the foregoing, this article will definitely help make your decision a little bit easier.

  1. Hello,

    I had a question about bunkie boards.

    I own a cal king casper mattress and a platform bed frame.

    I wanted to 2 inches higher so I am considering a bunkie board.
    They come in split or one piece. Are there any disadvantages to getting a split vs. a one piece?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael,
      A split is more versatile. It will be easier to move and in some homes, will fit up narrow stairwells or into elevators where a single one might not fit. You shouldn’t be able to feel the difference when you’re in the bed. If the cost is the same, I’d opt for the split option.

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