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At Charles P. Rogers you will find a huge variety of mattresses that are rated very highly by the consumers. The brand itself is highly perceived because of the years of experience and delivering quality products to the customers without while keeping the prices in check as well. All the mattresses from the brand provide excellent comfort, support, and durability; a combination that is very tough to beat. They believe that creating a comfortable bed is as much an art as it is a science.

Key Characteristics

  • Charles P. Rogers specifically emphasize on the core of the mattress which is the base layer. The brand designs and manufactures the spring units to ensure the consistency of the quality across all its products.
  • Individuals pocket coils are used in the base to provide maximum support and comfort.
  • They use high-quality fabrics and padding to go with the topnotch spring system to deliver market-leading mattresses that last a lifetime.
  • Talalay latex, cradling bio memory foam, cool gel foam, and high-density base layer with Nano spring coil system is used in all their models and designs to provide you with the right feel, support for many years to come.
  • Soft, hypoallergenic wearing and cover fabric provide superior finishing that will soothe your night after night.

Charles P. Rogers is good for you if

  • You are looking for durability
  • You prefer bouncing mattresses and it can support you during those intimate moments
  • You don’t like to sleep hot
  • You prefer ease of movement

Charles P. Rogers isn’t good for you if

  • You prefer motion isolation
  • You prefer that your mattress should work with your body’s pressure relief points.
  • You prefer a cheaper model (See our top choices at affordable price)


Mattresses from Charles P. Rogers are all individually tested for quality assurance and to ensure the right balance between softness and support.  Their St Regis range is the specialized range of beds that provide you with the perfect balance between the two worlds; comfort and support. This range combines all the features at one place.

If you prefer firm beds and sleep on your back or stomach then the Powercore Estate mattress range is the right option for you. You can experience superior sleep with the pure latex and Powercore innerspring pocket coil mattress. If you are a side sleeper and prefer a soft, comfortable mattress then Powercore Nano is the mattress that you should buy.

These beds are equipped with the added luxury of Nano spring cushioning within the comfort layers for a soft feel without compromising on support. In addition to these features, all the models are equipped with the natural Talalay Latex layer, cradling bio memory foam layer, cool gel foam layer, high-density base layer and Charles P. Rogers’ signature Nano spring coil system.

All these layers combine to deliver the right feel, temperature and support levels for you for a long time to come. The fabric used to for long-wearing and covers are made hypoallergenic fabric that is extremely soft and it will provide you with the luxurious touch that you look for when you return home from work after a tiring day.

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The mattresses from Charles P. Rogers come in a variety and for this reason, all of them vary in firmness level. We have developed a table for your convenience so that you compare different firmness levels from one model to another and choose the right one.

Product name Firmness
St. Regis Medium Firm
St. Regis Pulse Latex Medium
Powercore Estate 5000 Firm Medium Firm
Powercore Estate 7000 Extra Comfort Medium
Powercore 9000 Luxury Plush Medium Soft
Powercore Nano Medium
Powercore Nano2 Medium Soft

The Powercore Estate range of mattresses from Charles P. Rogers is equipped with firm layers and they are designed for the people who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back. On the other hand, the Powercore Nano model emphasizes more on comfort levels as compared to the other ranges.

However, the St Regis beds are the ones that provide both comfort and support and are best suited for all types of sleepers.


As mentioned in the table below, the mattresses from Charles P. Rogers have different levels of comfort too. St Regis delivers all-around performance with support and comfort. Nonetheless, the other two categories focus on each one of the components.

The company uses Talalay Latex foam along with memory foam and gel layers to cater the distinguishing demands of the customers.

Product name Comfort layer components
St. Regis Memory Foam
St. Regis Pulse Latex Latex
Powercore Estate 5000 Firm Talalay Latex
Powercore Estate 7000 Extra Comfort Talalay Latex (2 Layers)
Powercore 9000 Luxury Plush Talalay Latex (2 Layers)
Powercore Nano Talalay Latex (2 Layers)
Powercore Nano2 Talalay Latex (2 Layers)


The certain type of foundational support is required for all mattress categories from Charles P. Rogers. The company states that an appropriate frame should be used because it will provide a sturdy support for the mattress and the foundation. As per the company policy, if you don’t use the adequate support system for your mattress then it will void the warranty.

  • Value for Money

Charles P. Rogers is the name that doesn’t need any introduction in the mattress and bedding world. With experience reaching over one and a half century, the company has been able to improve with each product it introduces in the market.

All the products emphasize on delivering maximum comfort, temperature regulation, edge support and firmness level to meet the requirements of the customer, Moreover, all these features are accessible at a very competitive price as well.

Model Twin Twin xl Full Queen King Cali king
St. Regis $809.10 $899.10 $847.20 $879.20 $1,119.20 $1,199.20
St. Regis Pulse Latex $879.20 $959.20 $1,007.20 $1,039.20 $1,279.20 $1,359.20
Powercore Estate 5000 Firm $1,199.20 $1,279.20 $1,407.20 $1,439.20 $1,759.20 $1,839.20
Powercore Estate 7000 Extra Comfort $1,519.20 $1,599.20 $1,711.20 $1,759.20 $2,079.20 $2,159.20
Powercore 9000 Luxury Plush $1,759.20 $1,839.20 $1,967.20 $1,999.20 $2,399.20 $2,559.20
Powercore Nano N/A $1,679.20 $1,887.20 $1,919.20 $2,319.20 $2,399.20
Powercore Nano2 N/A $1,999.20 $2,207.20 $2,239.20 $2,639.20 $2,719.20
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  • Breathability

Multiple layers of Latex and cool gel foam keep you fresh and calm during the night and enable you to take good rest and wake up fresh to take on the day. The top fabric also has a luxurious touch and finishing keeping your body temperature regulated during your resting time.

  • Motion Isolation

This is one drawback that these high-quality mattresses have. If you or your partner tends to move a lot during sleep time then this mattress won’t do any good for you. These mattresses are innerspring and such beds offer little to no motion isolation.

  • Smell

Due to the innerspring system and latex gel layers used in the making, the mattresses from Charles P. Rogers don’t have any off-gassing issues at all. There are no harmful chemicals used in the making due to which any kind of smell or off-gassing can occur.

  • Durability

An average innerspring mattress will take at least seven years before you need to replace it. Charles P. Rogers’s mattresses last a couple of years more as compared to ordinary innerspring. It means that you can easily extract nine to ten years from this mattress.

  • Shipping

Shipping rates will be provided to you at checkout once you have selected your items that you wish to buy. Total cost will be dependent upon the items that you have selected, the shipping option that you have chosen and the delivery destination.

You can either use standard shipping or express shipping. However, you need to confirm your order before 11 am local time if you want to avail express shipping for your order.

  • Warranty/Return

The warranty terms and conditions vary depending upon the product model. The warranty will cover all the issues associated with craftsmanship or materials. Customized orders are excluded from the warranty, however, the bed structure is covered under lifetime warranty. Charles P. Rogers offers Free 30 Day Mattress Comfort Trail within which you can return your bed if unsatisfied.

  • Eco-Friendliness

The company does not use any solvents in the construction and assembly of their Powercore mattresses. Most of the time, the steel used for the innerspring is recycled and it is 100% recyclable too. The Bio-foam in mattress layer has 30% plant-based poly-oils in place of synthetic materials.

These mattresses are fire retardant and are designed and tested to meet CSPC standard 1633 without any chemical treatments. The foams are made without CFC’s, PBDE, lead, mercury or any other prohibited phthalates. The company only uses fabrics and foams that are Oekeo-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified.

  • Additional Advantage

Charles P. Rogers is the place where you can buy anything associated with bedding. The structural frames that come with your mattress will enhance the lifespan of it. Moreover, you can also buy bedding and linen accessories from the store.

Final Verdict

Overall the beds from Charles P Rogers are exceptional products when we talk about quality and durability. These beds don’t lose their shape for a long time which means that they are equipped with dense base layer while all other layers work around it. The signature Nano spring technology is truly one of a kind and the mattresses are equipped with all the features that you expect from a topnotch brand.

Charles P. Rogers Mattress Review
DurabilityFirmness and supportNo off-gassingTemperature regulation
Motion isolationNonconformance to pressure relief pointsTrial and warranty are just so soPrice is high compared with other online models
8.2Overall Score
Warranty & Trial7.5
Customer Service8

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