With time, thousands of people are suffering through the distress of bed bugs all around the world. If you are also suffering from their infestation, you immediately need to look for the measures to get rid of them. Before we jump onto the control measures, let us first find the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the bed bugs?
  • Do they have wings?
  • Can they fly or jump?
  • What are the signs of their infestation and how to get rid of them?

What Are Bed Bugs?

These are the type of insects which belong to the Hemiptera order also termed as “TRUE BUGS.” These are the blood-feeding form of insects and have mouthparts which are piercing-sucking in nature. Bedbugs result in gradual metamorphosis which includes the following phases, i.e., eggs which transform to nymphs and then adults. Larvae are highly similar to the adults; the only difference is that adults can reproduce. Female ones lay few eggs each day.

The standard type of bed bugs feeds on the human hosts rather than the furry animals or pets. These insects are transported by humans most often through their belongings such as purses, luggage, gym bags or items which they firmly keep while asleep. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases to the humans, but their bites result in skin irritation which leads to severe reactions in certain individuals.

Do Bedbugs Have Wings?

Bedbugs lack the wings and cannot fly. They cannot even jump to long distances like other wingless insects for example fleas. Bedbugs, however, can move from one host to another by crawling. As soon as the bed bugs mature entirely they only have wing pads or vestiges of wings which are not used for flight instead they have lost their functioning ability over time. These wing pads are present above the abdomen and below the head. The wing pads are tiny, and nymphs or baby bugs do not have these wing pads. So keep in mind, to identify the bed bugs by searching for wings is not a good idea.

Can They Fly?

Simply no! These tiny insects can crawl and move from host to host by traveling in their possession such as bags, purses, and others. If you ever find a bed bug that flies, you most probably misidentified the type of bug. You need to relieve yourself as the bed bugs cannot fly for sure. However, these little creatures are disastrous even if they cannot fly around your residence. If these insects had wings, then they would have resulted in severe destruction and would have needed a problematic process of extermination.

Do Bedbugs Have The Ability To Jump?

Bed bugs crawl to move over the objects. A bed bug can crawl for around 20’ to visit the host every night after they hide at different places during the daytime. Now you can consider how hard it is to find the bed bugs hiding at different places within the range of 20 feet. They do not jump and can crawl up and drop over a bed to achieve their goal.

How Do The Bed Bugs Reach In The Bed?

They can neither fly nor jump, but they can crawl and reach your bed during the night time. They can climb up the smooth points such as the bedroom’s walls, furniture, loose bedding or legs of the bed frame which connect the bed to the floor.

  • To combat these bugs, move the bed far away from the wall and other furniture which includes the nightstands or dressers.
  • Avoid leaving the sheets or hanging skirts which might touch the floor.
  • Avoid storing stuff under the cot.
  • Avoid attaching the bed set to the wall as the headboards or other parts serve as a means of access to the bed.
  • They have a preference for the textured and natural surfaces which allow them to travel as their feet do not offer traction over the slick surfaces.
  • Keep the Climb up Interceptors below the legs of your bed as they have pitfalls which are talcum-lined can bedbugs cannot climb them. These interceptors prevent the bedbugs from reaching the bed frame and eventually you.

Can Bedbugs Result In Itching?

Can Bedbugs Result In Itching

Bedbugs result in bites which result in itching according to the person’s reaction to the bug bite. Some people might not react to the bites while others experience the swollen and itchy areas surrounding the bites.

Even if you are sleeping in the same bed with another person, both of you will react differently to the bug bites. The bugs tend to return to the same host once they start feeding on one person so there are high chances that the same person can get a bit more than the other person. Luckily there are different ways available to treat the itching associated with the insect bite.

How Do They Search For Hosts When They Are Asleep?

The humans release body heat, i.e., carbon dioxide from their exhaled breath along with other biological signatures which allow the bedbugs to focus on the snoozing, unsuspecting hosts.

How Do They Search For Hosts When They Are Asleep?

The tips to identify these insects include the following:

  • A bedbug comprises six legs and long If you find an eight-legged, bloated, blood-sucking insect then it is a tick, so do not confuse yourself. Moreover, if you try to catch an insect and it jumps later you must have found a flea.
  • Matures are flat or oval-shaped and ¼ inch in length until they recently had a blood meal.
  • The flat body of the adult one allows them to crawl through the openings and crack in the home.
  • The adult insects are dark brown in color. However, their bodies turn red after they feed on human blood.
  • Baby bugs or nymphs are smaller than the adults, e., around 1mm, so it is complicated to find one.
  • They often hide in the darker and sheltered areas or conceal themselves within the cracks.
  • They are wingless, and they crawl to hide in places such as boxes, furniture or clothes to jump to long distances.
  • The bites are painful, but they do not result in transmission of diseases.

Myths Regarding These Insects

You need to understand the following myths regarding the bed bugs:

  • These tiny creatures do fly FALSE! They do not fly.
  • The only place for them to hide is the mattress FALSE! They can be seen all over the room especially if you found them in bed.
  • They only appear at night FALSE! They are also present in the daytime and feed on you.
  • You can kill them with a spray FALSE! If the infestation of bed bugs is limited to a small area then may be true, but sprays are not sufficient to control the growth of bedbugs.
  • They can jump around your home FALSE! They do not jump or fly like other insects such as fleas.

Signs of Bedbugs Infestation

The first sign to identify the bedbug bite is that when they feed on you, the reaction to the sting will appear immediately.

You might learn the bug signs around you, or the places where you sleep such as the mattress seams might have actual bugs, blood smears, discarded shells or fecal droppings.

The more signs you identify regarding the bug infestation, the harder the chances to get rid of them. The bugs will not leave till they have something to feed on or food sources.

Signs of Bedbug Bites

The reaction to the bedbug bite is similar to that caused by the mosquitoes and fleas. Look for the signs and symptoms associated with the bite:

  • Red, raised welts
  • Itchiness and burning sensation
  • A rash present over the localized area
  • Straight lines with multiple bites

Do’s And Don’ts

Having these little insects within your home is a disaster. It is quite challenging to get rid of them from home. However, you can follow the effective ways to make things better:


  • Be aware of the small, itchy bumps present on yours or others body because it might have occurred due to the bed bug bite.
  • Clean up and check your mattress, pillows, carpets, and dresser regularly. Look for the brown or white skin of the bed bugs present in the bed.
  • Communicate with the neighbors or relatives regarding the infestation and their solutions to get rid of them.
  • The extreme temperature results in the death of bedbugs. Sanitize the small objects at the temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 3 hours or more than that.


  • Do not panic and shift the bed set, because once you have bed bugs living in they will follow you everywhere.
  • The use of spray is not effective in killing these tiny yet notorious insects.
  • Avoid fogging up your home because it will be harder for bed bugs to be killed.

What Do You Need To Do If You Find A Bedbug?

You need to contact the pest control professional immediately. The homeowners cannot resolve the bedbug infestation through DIY projects because they are highly resistant to over-the-counter products and they are able to hide quickly.



They neither fly nor jump, and they use crawling method for reaching their destination. However, these insects are not very mobile and can travel long distances by riding with humans either on their body or moving in the personal belongings. Although the bed bugs have wing pads, they cannot fly. If you find insects flying in your bedroom, then it is not the bed bug for sure.

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