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Dreamcloud sleep mattress

Dreamcloud Mattress Review

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A bed is only as comfortable as its mattress. With all the options available, DreamCloud is the best hybrid mattress that will improve your sleep. Unlike conventional brands, this one guarantees the serenest and most comfortable sleep.

It combines the best of memory foams, and coil technologies to develop 6  layers that provide nothing but good night sleep. Basically, what Dreamcloud offers is a luxury, higher-end bed.

It is competitively priced within the online market. With that said, you should know that we created this review to help you understand and appreciate the benefits that come with the mattress. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

DreamCloud mattress is best for Which Kinds of People

Dreamcloud is the best choice for individuals with lower back pain. The unique 6-layer memory foam, gel foam, and pocketed innerspring coil technologies provide effective support for heavy sleepers and bounce during intimate moments.

The combination of high-density memory foam and supportive infrastructure is most comfortable for back pain patients. The logic of a hybrid mattress is that it conforms to your back instead of forcing your back to conform to a hard and rigid surface.

If you are looking for an affordable luxury mattress, then Dreamcloud is one of your best choices. It’s designed with 15″, with a 6-layer hybrid design, at a very reasonable price for a luxury mattress. While other luxury brands like Stearns & Foster, Beautyrest Black, and KluftStearns cost you more than $5,000 at the same feature level.  You can know more details here.

As we mentioned before, Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress, so you can enjoy the comfort of memory foam, cooling gel foam, and support of individual coil pocket spring in one mattress. And they use better materials than most hybrid mattresses on the market.

DreamCloud mattress is Not Suitable for Which Kinds of People

There are numerous benefits that come with Dreamcloud mattress. However, this mattress is available in one firmness level (6.5 out of 10) that is not suitable for heavier people (over 300 pounds). You would most probably sink into the mattress. As a result, heavier people could experience poor spine alignment and consider another mattress that is designed to be durable for heavier bodies.

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Structure and Layers

Structure of dreamcloud

Dreamcloud mattress is made from a unique blend of 6 layers, which include:

  • Quilted Euro Top

This is a 1.5″ top layer made of breathable polyester. The soft and durable cover offers not only comfort but also luxuriousness.

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam

This is a 1.5″ cooling layer made of gel-infused memory foam. This part of the construction is responsible for cooling the upper layers of the bed. Apart from cooling, this layer is incorporated with memory foam that contours to your body.

  • Transition Foam

This is a 2.5″ transition layer that is designed from supportive foam. The primary purpose of this layer is to provide a transition between the upper layers and the individual coils. You will certainly want to lie on the mattress endlessly once this layer does its magic.

  • Individual pocketed Innersprings

This layer contains 8-inch individually pocketed coils that provide bounce, support, and give in pressure areas.  On the outer edge, the coils are firmer to provide great edge support to the entire mattress. The main purpose of this layer is to provide your body with contour and bounce. This layer makes the DreamCloud convenient for sleepers with a tendency of shifting positions regularly.

  • Durable Support Foam

This is a 1.5″ support layer made of sturdy foam. The layer provides a base support layer that makes the mattress stable. The additional support is very important in providing the right amount of comfort.

The preeminence of Dreamcloud is found in the pocketed innerspring coils. Each coil reacts independently to provide improved pressure relief and motion reduction than a conventional coil system found in traditional designs.

The mattress is also fitted with strong innerspring edge support that runs around the outside to provide advanced support. This allows you to sit on the edges without wearing out the material at a faster rate. The makers of the DreamCloud included more edge support for better sleeping and sitting experience.

Firmness Scale and Support of Dreamcloud Mattress
Firmness scale

When you test the mattress for the first time, you would probably rate it at 6 to 6.5 on the firmness scale depending on the feeling. However, it is available at a rating of 6.5 out of 10.

You should know that 10 indicates the firmest rating. The firmness level of 6.5 is achieved by the collective action of the 6 construction layers. This firmness accommodates people of wide-ranging weights, making it an amazing hybrid choice.

The fifteen-inch thick DreamCloud mattress is very much capable of providing the desired support and comfort. The pocketed coil layers do an amazing job of supporting weight. DreamCloud doesn’t have a weight limit on their mattress because the advanced coils are designed to support the weight.

Sleep Experience with Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud sleep mattressDreamcloud can give you a more comfortable sleeping experience than any other conventional bed. This is so since it conforms to the body’s contours to provide additional support where necessary.

The 6-layer construction is unlike any other ordinary mattress structure in that it is sensitive and reacts according to a sleeper’s body temperature to provide the necessary cooling and cushioning effect. This is best achieved by the gel-infused memory foam layer.

The prowess of DreamCloud manufacturers is unmatched, and that’s why you get comfort that exceeds your expectations. It gives your body the support it needs when resting. Basically, this model lives up to its name, “Dream Cloud”.

The “Dream Cloud” sleeping experience never ends when you wake up, simply because the bed will regain its original form. This allows you to lay on it again knowing that your sleep will be sound and restful.

Apart from the support and comfort, this high-end hybrid product relieves body aches and pains. While most traditional mattresses may aggravate your lower back problems during sleep, the mattress will offer relief and you may even refuse to leave the bed.

Price, Warranty, Trial, Shipping

The DreamCloud is a fairly priced high-end model. The following table provides you with the approximate price range with respect to the size.

SizePrice ($) –Before discount
Cal King $1,399
Twin XL$899
TwinNot available right now

With this price range, you save $200 with code BMR200.  As low as $72/month(queen size) at 0% APR after discount.  Usually, a high-end, high-quality hybrid mattress might cost approximately $5000. But that is not the case with Dreamcloud. As you can see from the table, this model offers you the best features at a remarkably budget-conscious price range.

The manufacturer warranties the durability and quality of the mattress for the original buyer with a lifetime warranty.

The original buyer is offered an Everlong warranty, which is unending. The company believes that Dreamcloud is the only hybrid choice you need. The company backs up the quality of the design in absolute terms. The design will undoubtedly last longer if well-treated.

The best attribute of the Dreamcloud mattress is the risk-free trial period of 365 days. The trial period helps you determine whether or not the product is good for you. The company will simply offer a refund and pick up their product if you conclude that it is not a good fit.

Unlike many risk-free trial periods offered by other mattress manufacturers, DreamCloud trial is three times longer. According to the company, only a small percentage of the buyers have returned their mattresses.

The company offers free shipping and returns. Unlike conventional brands, this one is delivered right to your front door. The company will pick up the mattress after 365-night trials, in the event that you are not satisfied with their product.

The Wrap Up

The DreamCloud is a true luxury mattress that is available at an extremely accessible price point. A feature unique to this model is the 6-layer construction of foam and pocketed coil system that is designed to transform your sleeping experience. Get yours today!

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