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DreamCloud vs. Idle Latex Hybrid vs. Bear Hybrid vs. Sapira Mattress

Latex hybrids and other hybrid mattresses provide some of the best sleep systems available today. They are definitely some of the best values you’ll find. We all want a good night sleep, but we do not all get it because of one reason or the other. One of the significant factors is usually your choice of mattress. You may never know until you start experiencing poor night sleep.

A poor quality mattress offers bad contouring and improper spine alignment. As a result, you may experience increased pressure points and more back pain problems among other issues. This can be very infuriating, especially for side sleepers. Hybrids often have pocketed coil springs.

The choice of high-quality mattresses is huge in today’s market, and not everyone can make the best buying decision. Retailers and manufacturers make it purposely difficult for you to compare products and choose one that best suits your needs.

We created this ultimate guide to help you with this dilemma. You are in for a fierce battle of the world’s best four mattresses: DreamCloud vs. Idle Latex Hybrid vs. Bear Hybrid vs. Sapira Mattress. Let’s find out your overall choice.

Best Overall Rating

Comparison shopping for mattresses is almost impossible. This is so, since different brands continuously develop similar products, but call them different names. Therefore, we will go through different facets of our top four mattresses to determine the best overall.

At first glance, we believe the DreamCloud is the overall best of the four competing beds in this review. The second best is the Idle Latex Hybrid.

DreamCloud depends on its 8-layer structure, premium materials, and front-line technology to provide you with the best of all worlds. It does actually float at the intersection of lavish and scrumptious. Idle Latex Hybrid is not far behind.

Based on our findings, including customer ratings and reviews, the DreamCloud stands out as the best choice for users as of February 2019. You can get the mattress at a discount of $200 with the special coupon or discount code.

This; however, should not limit your choices. There are other remarkable brands on the market that may be more appealing. Regardless of what you choose, the following factors provide a detailed comparison of the best four products of 2019

Price(DreamCloud&Bear win)

In most cases, customers settle for the most affordable mattresses, especially after reading some very inspiring product reviews. You do not have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable bed; it is certainly true, but not always the case.

You probably expect to spend less $1,000. Well, there are lots of options within this price range. But for the optimum performance, our top four will take you a little higher; DreamCloud being most affordable after discount at $1,199 (queen) followed by Bear Hybrid, Sapira, and then Idle Latex.

DreamCloud wins this category not only because of the inexpensive discounted price tag of the queen, but because of its superior 8-layer structure, premium materials and innovative technologies that guarantee the best of all words.

The lower price is not the only reason that should lure you towards this mattress. With a firmness level of 6. 5, it offers you more of a luxury feel than a medium feel, making it ideal for back and stomach sleepers. However, it is soft enough for most side sleepers.

On the other hand, Bear Hybrid offers a convenient medium feel, which may be limited to side, and combinational sleepers, but not hard enough for back and stomach sleepers, especially for folks who do prefer luxury firmness feel.

  • Verdict (Price of the Queen) = DreamCloud and Bear Hybrid win this category.
DreamCloudBear HybridSapira Idle Latex
$1,399 after discount$1,350$1,475$1,499 after discount

Structure, Materials & Durability(DreamCloud & Idle latex hybrid win)

These are probably the most important elements to take into consideration when shopping for a bed. The structure does determine the resourcefulness of your sleeping surface, but what do directly affect long-term durability are the materials used.

We believe your mattress should be custom-made to the specific needs of your body by using the healthiest and most durable materials. As far as the structure goes, the DreamCloud outshines all the others with its luxury 8 layer structure.

DreamCloud is made of true tufted cashmere top, gel infused memory foam, super soft quilted memory foam, supreme natural latex, dream plush supporting memory foam, super dense memory foam, patent-pending coils, and high-density memory foam.

The Idle Latex Hybrid is made up of all natural organic cotton, quilting foam, pure Talalay latex, and quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils. The Bear Hybrid consists of a quilted celliant top, breathable & adaptive foam, cooling gel foam, supportive spring, and high-density support.

On the other hand, the Sapira features cooling Avena foam, contouring memory foam, core support base, quantum core pocket coil system, and core support foam base.

What sets the DreamCloud and Idle Latex Hybrid apart from the other two is the natural latex used. The hypoallergenic natural latex in the DreamCloud structure provides advanced cushioning bounce, while the Talalay latex in the Idle offers optimal support and open cell breathability.

The special performance of the other two comes from the top cover. The Idle celliant cover uses the natural energy of your body to promote healing and pain relief. The Sapira cooling Avena provides better cooling.

All four products are fitted with pocketed coil systems and a base support layer. However, the 6-inch quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coil system of the Idle Sleep and Sapira prove to be more resourceful and durable.

The quantum pocketed coil system provides more than just bounce. It offers a remarkable edge to edge support that prevents you from rolling off your bed. This support is also important if you like sitting on the edge.

Overall, the DreamCloud and the Idle Latex Hybrid have superior structures and an advanced combination of materials, including latex, foam, and pocketed coils that are highly durable and long-lasting.

  • Verdict = DreamCloud and Idle Latex win this category
 DreamCloudIdle HybridBear HybridSapira
Height (inches)151414.511
Comfort LayerHypoallergenic super premium natural latexpure Talalay latexQuilted celliant topCooling Avena foam
Transition LayerGel infused memory foamQuilting foamBreathable and adaptive foamsContouring foam
Bounce and Support LayerPatent-pending coilsQuantum pocketed coilsEncased coil springsQuantum coils
Support LayerHigh density super soft memory foamTwo-sided layersHigh-density supportCore support foam base

Comfort(DreamCloud wins)

A comfortable mattress does two important things: supports your body skeletal framework to ensure that your hard-worked muscles relax, and reduces discomfort by helping to relieve pressure points on sensitive parts of your body.

To understand how much a good night’s sleep depends upon a comfortable supportive bed. It makes sense that you have to evaluate more than just the structure and materials to be able to choose the best overall in terms of support and comfort.

The DreamCloud has a firmness feel of 6.5 out of 10. The support, feel and comfort the mattress offers depends upon your weight. If you are heavier, you are going to sink in a little bit further, and it may feel a little bit softer for you.

A lighter person will not sink in quite as easy, and it may feel a little firmer. A 200-pound sleeper will find the firmness suitably firm for back and stomach sleeping, and soft enough for side and combinational sleeping.

The Idle Latex Hybrid is available in two firmness levels: luxury firm at 7.5 out of 10, and medium firm at 5.5 to 6 out of 10. This ensures that the bed is convenient for almost all types of sleepers. The medium option is a comfortable choice for side sleepers.

While the luxury firm option is suitable for stomach and back sleepers. The Bear Hybrid has a medium firmness of 6 out of 10. Therefore, it is a soft bed, but not too soft, making it ideal for side and combinational sleeping.

It may not be entirely comfortable for back and stomach sleepers, and especially not for heavier people. The Sapira is medium firm, but not too soft. The quantum pocket coil system offers more bounce and edge support for exceptional sleeping for side and combinational sleepers.

According to our findings, Idle Latex Hybrid (the medium version), Sapira, and Bear Hybrid provide a remarkable sleeping surface, mainly for side and combinational sleepers. These mattresses gently push back on pressure points as you sleep.

As far as the firmness, feel, support, and motion transfer are concerned, the DreamCloud is our overall winner for this category. It offers the best of all worlds. The Idle Sleep Latex queen size may be overpriced, even with a discount, and not remarkably comfortable.

  • Verdict = DreamCloud wins this category
 DreamCloudIdle Latex HybridBear Hybrid Sapira
Firmness (Out of 10)6.55.5-6 & 7.566
Contouring / Pressure ReliefExcellentGoodModerateGood
Body AlignmentGoodExcellentGoodExcellent
Sleeping CoolExcellentGoodGoodModerate
Motion TransferExcellentGoodModerateGood
Edge to Edge SupportGoodExcellentGoodExcellent

Special Technologies(Bear hybrid wins)

The DreamCloud uses state-of-the-art technologies, including: hand tufted cashmere top, and hypoallergenic natural latex to provide you with a highly breathable, supportive, and comfortable sleeping surface.

The special technologies used in the Idle Latex Hybrid are all organic natural cotton and Talalay latex. Apart from the amazing airflow, the cotton is healthy and eco-friendly. Talalay latex offers optimal support and great breathability.

The special technology of the Bear Hybrid is the celliant top, which is a very promising tech that can deliver additional health benefits during sleep. According to experts, celliant is very effective at improving the performance of athletes.

The special technology used in the Sapira mattress is the cooling Avena foam. This top layer provides adequate airflow for sleeping cooler. It also delivers sufficient bounce, allowing you to move freely on the bed.

Overall, the Bear Hybrid wins this category with the celliant technology, which has proven to be useful for many sleepers, especially athletes.

  • Verdict = Bear Hybrid wins this category 
 DreamCloudIdle Latex HybridBear HybridSapira
Special TechnologiesHand tufted cashmere top and hypoallergenic natural latexAll organic natural cotton and Talalay latexCelliant topCooling Avena foam

 Trial Period(DreamCloud wins)

All or most mattress brands offer a reliable no-risk trial period to its customers. The night trial duration allows you to sleep on the bed for the stipulated number of nights before you decide. This is extremely important for everyone, especially if you are new to the brand.

DreamCloud comes with a trial period of 365 nights, which is three times longer than most of its competitors. If you decide that this is not a good choice for you, then the company will retrieve their product and refund your money.

Idle Sleep comes with a trial period of 120 no-risk nights, which is considerably long. However, the company requires you to sleep on the bed for a minimum of 30 days in order to give your body time to adjust to the structure.

If after 30 days you decide that this is not a good option for you, then the firm will recover their product and repay your funds. The Bear Hybrid comes with 100 no-risk night trial period. They also require you to sleep on the bed for 30 days before you inquire for a refund.

The Sapira mattress comes with a trial period of 100 risk-free nights. The brand requires you to use their product for at least 30 days before you ask for a refund in case the mattress does not meet your expectations.

It goes without saying that the DreamCloud is the overall winner of this category. The 365 trial period is three times longer than any of the other three products in this review. Not to mention that there have been very few returns; less than 3% to be precise.

  • Verdict = DreamCloud wins this category
 DreamCloudIdle Latex Hybrid Bear Hybrid Sapira
Trial Period365 nights120 nights100 nights100 nights
Minimum Return PeriodNone30 nights30 nights30 nights

Warranty(DreamCloud wins)

DreamCloud comes with a remarkable Everlong warranty, which covers the 8 layer construction, the premium materials, performance, quality, and durability of the bed for the original buyer. The Everlong warranty is unending, which tells you of the mattress’ resourcefulness.

The Idle Latex Hybrid has a limited lifetime warranty of 20 years, providing you (the original buyer) with a reliable guarantee against specific defects. The company will gladly repair or replace the mattress if the defect is genuine.

The Bear Hybrid comes with a 20-year warranty against any visible and enduring indentation, and any physical failings that may cause the foam to crack or split. This warranty is also prorated. You will be required by the company to pay the prorated cost of 50% of the initial price.

The Sapira mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty against defects for the original buyer. The warranty is annulled the moment the product leaves the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

In this category, DreamCloud is the undisputed winner when compared to the other three.

  • Verdict = DreamCloud wins this category
 DreamCloudIdle Latex HybridBear HybridSapira
WarrantyEverlong20 years20 years10 years
TypeLasts foreverLimited lifetimeProratedLimited

Coupons(DreamCloud, Idle sleep )

Generally, we have simplified your purchasing decision with the above buying information. The best marketplace to buy these mattresses is through their official websites. This will allow you to save a great deal of money by applying a coupon or discount code when checking out.

When you buy through the official website, you are able to take advantage of every deal the manufacturer has to offer, including: coupons/discounts, complete trial periods, warranty, returns, and free shipping.

Here are available coupon codes for DreamCloud and Idle

Here are some other top choices from us in 2019

Our Final Verdict

We have conducted a thorough evaluation of the mattresses in this review, including all the important facets that can help you choose the best product. Our final verdict in terms of value for money is DreamCloud > Idle Latex Hybrid > Bear Hybrid >Sapira.

DreamCloud is our ultimate choice. Its price is reasonable, even before the discount. Unlike Idle Latex Hybrid, which is highly overrated, our top pick provides you with the best of all worlds in terms of structure, materials, performance, versatility, durability, and value for money.

The Idle Latex Hybrid (luxury firm version) queen size may be an exorbitant choice for side and combinational sleepers; while the medium version may be an expensive choice for stomach and back sleepers. But the DreamCloud offers all-rounded performance for all sleepers.

The Bear Hybrid is not overly priced, and that is why most people who buy this bed have good things to say about its performance. But we are certain that they would settle for the DreamCloud if they were given choices.

All factors considered, the Sapira bed seems expensive as far as high quality and versatile performance is concerned. Yes, the medium feel and hybrid pairing provides reliable sleep, but not the best of all worlds as far as hybrid mattresses go.

Overall, the DreamCloud comes first when you compare the most important features, followed by Idle Latex Hybrid, Bear Hybrid, and finally Sapira.

  1. We ordered a Cal King Hybrid with mattress protector and sheet set. I received the mattress a few days before the sheets and protector and no shipping details of when we would receive them. Frustrating as what good is a new mattress if I don’t have sheets? Tried to find a phone number to call and speak with someone but couldn’t locate one and the chat option wanted me to leave a message. I left a message and finally heard back that I would receive them that day. I did receive them and somehow they send me split Cal King sheets! How that even happened what that isn’t even an option for a split Cal king on the web site I have no idea. So now here still sits my mattress as I can’t spend over 100 dollars for new sheets and just go buy more. I tried to contact the mattress company the sheets were sent from and Chelsey finally responded and said she will contact sheet company and have correct sheets sent. I’m still waiting to get a tracking number etc. I tried contacting the sheet company and spoke with Lisa. She wants me to send pictured of the sheets as we opened the package. Why not just send me correct sheets and a shipping label to return them??? What a bunch of run around and poor customer service. I would hate to see if I want to return or exchange the mattress. I will never recommend them as the customer service is awful.

    1. Hi Latsey,
      I’m sorry your order was messed up. Which company did you order the sheets from? This review is about four different mattresses so its difficult to tell which one of them you ordered from.

    1. Hello Bob,

      We’d be happy to answer your question about any specific mattress. We review many mattresses. I’d say more than half of the mattresses we review are made in the United States, some are made in Canada, one in the UK, and some in China.

      If you have a question about a specific mattress, I’m more than happy to check for you.

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