Dromma Bed Mattress Review

Dromma Bed Mattress Review

The Dromma Bed Mattress is another online-only offering with a couple of unique aspects to it that make it stand out from the rest.

Official site: https://drommabed.com/


Key characteristics of Dromma bed

  • Eco-friendly materials that stand out: the top layer is made of natural latex
  • The mattress is 2” thicker than most comparable mattresses
  • The memory foam is bio-based
  • There are two firmness options available

The first highlight of Dromma Bed is the mattress length, with 2 inches more than the industry standard, at a total of 12 inches, which means it can accommodate for heavier people as it provides with enough support and comfort without sinking.

Dromma Bed Mattress highlight

The second highlight would be the 200-night free trial, also exceeding the industry standards by far. So, feel free to try your mattress for prolong period before you decide if it suits you.

The company also goes above and beyond to provide 12 years warranty instead of the typical 10 offered by most brands, thanks to its thick base layer, which provides not just comfort but also durability.

The bio-based Preserve foam used and the natural latex on the top layer are eco-friendly and offer a cooling effect you will enjoy.

Dromma Bed mattress is great if you

  • Want The Benefits Of A Foam Mattress Without Many Of The Drawbacks – This mattress will ensure you get enough pressure relief but still being quite responsive so that you won’t feel stuck in the mattress. In addition, you won’t sleep hot either and all this at a reasonable price.
  • Are A Side Sleeper Choose the medium firmness and enjoy great pressure relief, ideal sleeping conditions if you are a side sleeper or prefer soft feelings.
  • Want To Sleep Cool – The combination of top natural latex layer and gel memory foam below with partial Preserve foam do a great job of keeping a nice and cool sleeping surface.
  • Want A Bed-In-A-Box Mattress That Uses Natural Materials – The Dromma creators were sensitive to design the mattress using eco-friendly materials like the natural latex on top and the memory foam which is partly bio-based. Therefore, while the mattress isn’t fully organic, it does a good job in general in dealing with these issues.

Dromma Bed mattress is not the best option if you

  • Prefer extremely hard mattresses or very soft versions – Look for an alternative as the two firmness options available in Dromma Bed mattresses won’t please you being somewhere in the middle of softness and firmness.
  • Sleep Mainly On Your Back Or Stomach – Perhaps this mattress is a little too soft for back or stomach sleepers.
  • Prefer An Innerspring Feel – If you are used to innerspring mattresses, then you will probably won’t enjoy the feel of the Dromma Bed, although if you take your time you will get used to it.
  • Want A Slow-Moving Memory Foam Feel – Potentially not the ideal choice if you want the slower-moving type of feel, since this mattress is pretty responsive, meaning the mattress goes back into place pretty quickly when you move around.

Dromma Bed Mattress Construction

So, what is the Dromma Bed mattress made of?

Dromma Bed Mattress Construction

The top layer consists of 1.5″ of natural latex.  This healthy alternative is highly ventilated to keep the mattress extra breathable. This layer also provides the bounce/responsiveness of the mattress.

The second layer is 2.5″ of gel memory foam.  This helps the mattress provide extra contouring.

The base layer is made of 8″ of polyfoam, which is pretty standard among bed-in-a-box offerings.

Dromma Bed Mattress Layers

Firmness and support

There are two firmness options available to choose from in Drömma Bed: Medium Soft of Medium Firm choices.

In general, the mattress has a softer memory foam hug and feel, which make it quite comfortable, using the layers of latex foam, gel memory foam, and poly memory foam. In this sense, it is ideal for all sleeping positions although side sleepers will probably benefit more from the Drömma Bed.

In our view, the Medium Soft is much more on the softer end of the firmness scale, especially if you are a heavier sleeper and therefore perhaps the Medium Firm option is best.

Overall though, the top comfort layer is very plush and luxurious, while the difference in firmness comes from the lower support layer. 

Since Dromma Bed is on the softer side of the firmness scale, it inevitably loses some support. In this sense, it sleeps well mainly for side sleepers. Keep in mind that you will “sleep in” this mattress instead of “sleep on” it. There’s a good amount of sinking especially when sitting upright or on the edge of the mattress. 

Value for money

Whether you get it from Amazon or through its official site, and its prices range depending on size:

  • Twin $474
  • Twin XL $574
  • Full $649
  • Queen $799
  • King $1,099
  • Cal King $1,099

Overall, the Drömma Bed offers great price considering the high quality it delivers!

Sleep experience

Thanks to the natural latex and Preserve foam used in its construction, the Dromma Bed sleeps relatively cool. If you are a heavier sleeper, it could be that you experience more heat as you are more down into the mattress instead of laying on top of it, however, it is rather insignificant.

Motion Transfer

Our research and personal testing suggest that this mattress does a decent job at isolating motion. There is only a moderate amount of motion transfer when sleeping with a partner.

This is highly important as an excessive movement from a mattress causes sleep disruptions.

Firmness has a lot to do with motion transfer. For instance, the Medium Soft has more motion transfer than the Medium Firm, which is generally the case in mattresses. The latex foam layer while provides for more bounce, it also conveys motion as it was evident during sleeping as a couple in this mattress.


The Drömma Bed appears to have a fair amount of sinking due to the plush foam top comfort layers. Sinking depends highly on sleeper weight so keep this in mind if you are a heavier sleeper and therefore perhaps choosing the Medium Firm is best for you in comparison to the Medium Soft. However overall the mattress does a great job at supporting anyone during the night.


A great feature and one to tick off your list are how the Dromma Bed has little to no off-gassing when unboxed. Definitely above average compared to other mattresses reviewed in this category. This is closely related to the care for use of environmentally friendly materials in the mattress. 

Overall Sleep Experience

The Dromma Bed Mattress is manufactured entirely in the USA and made from Natural Materials to provide optimal comfort with a conscience. It appears that the mattress earns well above average ratings for its high quality and the comfort experienced with nearly perfect marks. Consumers report that the memory foam in the Drömma Bed has improved their quality of sleep and has helped to relieve body aches and pains for many.


Dromma Bed Mattress Eco-Friendliness

The creators of Dromma Bed mattress in addition to aiming for comfort, sought for more eco-friendly solutions than traditional processes of manufacturing memory foam. In this sense, they developed a process that nearly eliminates the use of potentially toxic materials while also helps to reduce the amount of waste that is generated during construction.

The use of natural latex on the top layer, as well as the Preserve foam – the world’s first bio-based foam introduced in 2005 – combines Visco Memory Foam with cooling gel in one bio-based foam.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, Return

If you order the Dromma Bed now it will ship free of charge within the US within 2 to 5 Days. Special rates on express shipping or additional charges to Alaska or Hawaii apply so you should contact the company for more details.

The mattress is designed to rest on any flat surface: box spring, platform bed with slats, or flat on the floor.

When you buy the Dromma Bed Mattress, you are given plenty of time to try it out. Its amazing 200-night free trial takes of the risk to lose your money if you are not pleased with your mattress.

The company guarantees that the Dromma Bed mattress will maintain its support and integrity for a period of 12 years. In the unlikely event that the mattress loses its original shape and comfort, a full refund will be given no questions asked.

Final Verdict

This is one of the top choices in our opinion, as far as memory foam mattresses that many people will fall in love with especially if you like a softer feel and the classic memory foam hug and contour that this mattress offers. With several outstanding features like how it exceeds industry standards in terms of structure, warranty and benefits like how it doesn’t sleep hot, the Drömma Bed is absolutely one to have on top of your list for a great mattress at a reasonable price tag.

Tip: The Dromma is a good choice for couples who prefer a softer, plusher feel of memory foam and the hug and degree of sinking down into the mattress that this comes with.


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