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Ecosa is among the best bed in a box mattress brands in world. The brand has in the recent time expanded globally. This bed is specifically designed to transform your sleeping experience.

Productivity is the most important part of your daily life. For that matter, the optimum function of your body depends largely on the quality of sleep. Ecosa understands what you need in order for you to get the quality of sleep you deserve.

According to the brand, the development of Ecosa mattress is based on unique strategy. They believe that, “trying is believing”. Therefore, you can test the performance of their bed for a hundred nights, and let your body decide.

In the event that you do not like the bed, you can always submit a return request. The company will come and collect their product from your premises at no cost, then you will receive your full refund without much ado. Continue reading to learn more about this remarkable product.

Who is Suitable for Ecosa Mattress?

highlight of ecosa mattress

Only a number of mattress companies have embraced the notion of dual and triple firmness setting. Therefore, we applaud Ecosa for their efforts. With that said, we find this bed to be suitable for people who want the best of medium, medium firm, and firm feel.

Collectively, this is a great mattress for back and side sleepers. The firm side offers the superior support needed for proper spinal alignment. The medium and medium firm offer the ideal body contouring and pressure relief for side sleepers.

Most(over 90%) online mattresses are designed with only 1 firmness scale, Ecosa really did a good job on this.

Another highlight is the waterproof and bed bug proof cover, I didn’t see this even in some luxury brands.

Who is Not Suitable for Ecosa Mattress?

This may not be the best choice for heavy people. The Ecosa mattress has a limit of 150kg per side (300 kg total) which is 330 pounds per side, 660 pounds total. This may especially be true for heavy people who sleep on their stomach.

Since this is an all foam mattress, so if you’re looking for a latex or hybrid foam bed, this may not your best choice.

Personally, we think they sell at a reasonable price(queen size for $699 after discount). But if you’re in a limited budget, maybe you should reference some cheaper models on Amazon.

Construction of Ecosa Mattress

Structture of Ecosa mattress

The Ecosa mattress features the finest materials accompanied by the most advanced technologies that produce a whole new level of support and sleep comfort. The construction includes the following.

  • Ecosa Eco-Tex

The comfort layer is made of open-cell technology (Ecosa Eco-Tex). It does an amazing job of cuddling your back and contouring your body shape. The Eco-Tex is made to support the pin core holes structure for an advanced air system. This layer is expertly engineered to surpass the quality of most premium latex layers.

  • Ecosa G-7 Memory Foam

Unlike traditional memory foam, the G-7 memory foam is of high quality and performance. It features gel particles that have a cooling effect for achieving the preferred temperature stabilization.

This material will distribute your body weight evenly for proper support and comfort. It will achieve this without pressing on pressure points, which helps your body from sinking deeply into the bed.

  • HD Breathable Support Foam

The HD support foam is chocolate-shaped for additional breathability. It also observes all of your body pressures to prevent partner disturbance as well as provide long lasting durability during use.

  • Removable Soft Touch Cover

The beautiful Ecosa cover is made of the highest quality of material, which is removable, machine washable, flexible, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It does not only sleep cool, but it is also suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

  • Fire Resistant Barrier

For exceptional performance, the Ecosa bed is incorporated with a fire barrier fabric that is self-extinguishing and fire resistant. Instead of flame retardant chemicals, the company uses a woven silica sock. The sock will melt itself in the event of a fire to quash the oxygen a fire requires for fuel.

  • Waterproof Inner Protector

The inner protector of the mattress is made of waterproof German tech fabric that is highly breathable. Its exceedingly fine micro-filaments give the protector its 100% waterproofing properties. It will also protect you from 99.99 percent of dust mites.

Firmness and Feel

The feel of the mattress depends on the bed’s arrangement and its innovative construction. Unlike most beds in the industry, Ecosa provides you with 3 in 1 firmness setting for superior and unmatched back support.

This design allows you to adjust the firmness between firm, medium firm, and medium inside one construction. All the beds are packaged and shipped at a medium firm setting. However, it is remarkably easy to get an alternative firmness by simply flipping over the layers.

3-in-1 Adjustability: How to do it

  • Medium Feel

To get the medium feel, you will have to flip the G-7 memory foam to face upwards. This soft feel will allow you to sink in just a little bit, but still provide you with optimum stability for the back.

  • Medium Firm Feel

To achieve this setting, you have to make sure that the open cell foam side is facing upwards. This sleeping surface does a great job of contouring to the body with just enough bounce back.

  • Firm Feel

To get the firm feeling, you have to flip the support foam to face upwards. This firmness setting is dense yet springy, and helps to keep you back stable all night long. The firm feeling is very effective at proper spinal alignment.

The 3-in-1 adjustability is a great feature for sleepers who admire the contouring and conformity of memory foam. The ability to customize firmness makes this mattress a good choice for different sizes and sleeping positions.

Usually, people who sleep on their back are most comfortable on the firm bed. The high-density foam layer supports the body’s natural curve, while the comfort layer offers cushioning for minimizing pressure points.

The medium firm and medium firmness settings are ideal for side sleepers. The open cell and G-7 memory foam allow side sleepers to sink in for easy position changing and pressure relief on shoulders and hip areas.

While the Ecosa mattress may be perfect for people who sleep on their back or side, it may only be ideal for specific stomach sleepers. Small sized stomach people will do well with this bed, but not large-sized individuals.

Support and Motion Transfer of Ecosa

When we talk of support provided by the Ecosa, we are referring to proper alignment of the spine as provided by the HD breathable support foam. Proper spinal alignment helps to alleviate hip and shoulder pain, ensuring that you wake up feeling revitalized.

It is certainly not an innerspring bed, but the Ecosa mattress is well-made and provides comfort near the edges. However, you will observe some compression when you sit on the bed, which is normal with an all-foam mattress. Edge support may not be as excellent as that offered by innerspring beds.

This Ecosa mattress may lack superior edge support for sitting on the edge, but it is remarkable at reducing motion transfer. When sleeping with a partner, you can turn and toss during the night without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Price and Value

Size Original Price ($)
Twin 749
Twin XL 799
Full 899
Queen 999
King 1099
Cal King 1099

Other features

Trial Period, Returns

The philosophy of Ecosa is to provide their clientele base with the finest quality mattress. However, you do not have to force yourself on the product if you are not satisfied by its performance.

With that said, you have 100-night risk-free trial. Ecosa provides you with this trial policy to test the performance of the materials and workmanship. You may return the bed for any reason, and claim an exchange or a full refund.

To be qualified for a return, the brand requires you to sleep on the Ecosa mattress for at least fourteen nights. Normally, it may take you roughly two to four weeks to break in a new mattress. Thereafter, you can contact Ecosa mattress for a return.

During an exchange, you will be accountable for difference in pricing, and the brand will cover any extra shipping costs. You will be required to produce the original receipt, in any case. The 100-night trial policy is limited to a single bed per household.

Warranty Information

The Ecosa mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, which is nontransferable and only covers the original buyer.

This warranty covers a dipping of greater than 20 mm on the bed caused by body impression. Usually, such a dipping is visible even when no one is sleeping on the mattress. It also covers any workmanship flaw in the cover, including stitching unraveling and fabric tearing.

The warranty does not cover the following: natural smell from materials used, slight cosmetic flaws, minor imperfections, poor condition due to excluded damages, unsanitary conditions, and personalized or individual preference.

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Final Words

If you are looking for one of the best bed in a box mattresses, then the Ecosa is the right choice. They will deliver the bed straight to your doorstep, provide you a free trial, and allow you to enjoy all-out customer referrals.

This product is phenomenal. It is probably the only mattress in a box option that offers 3-in-1 firmness setting. Most of you will certainly love the waterproof protector that keeps the foam dry from accidental spills. Not to mention the remarkably reduced motion transfer.

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