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Euro top vs pillow top
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When considering a choice between euro top vs pillow top mattresses, it is important to understand the differences between them. Different mattresses in the market have different qualities, contouring abilities, densities, ILDs etc. They also have different varieties of top layers sewed to the combination foam also known as the comfort layer. This depends on the design construction of the company as well as the amount of cushioning they want to provide.

The significance of the top layer might seem meager but it can change the way a buyer feels about the product.

For example, if the hybrid foam is constructed to be firm, a top layer that is not firm can completely change the firm feeling of sinkage feeling instead. The euro top and pillow top mattresses are just two types of top layers added to the mattress to give different contouring effects.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top  (Detail)

The main differences between euro top vs pillow top are revealed concisely in the following table.

 FeaturesPillow topEuro top
ConstructionThe pillow top is stitched over the comfort layer but there is a slight gap between the two which gives it a pillow-like structure.The euro top is stitched over the comfort layer and there is no gap between the two.
CompositionFoam or fiberfillFoam or fiberfill
Thickness3 inches with a gap3 inches without a gap
AppearancePillow shows distinctlyLooks uniformly stacked
FeelA uniform cushion and firm feeling throughout.It is soft at the center and firm at the edges.
Durability Tend to lose the pillow effect and become flatStarts sagging at the edges but stays durable for a longer time than a pillow top.


The identification steps of the pillow top and euro top are very easy. The first two things that you have to look into are the sewing of the top layer and the area that is between the top layer and the frame. The pillow top has a layer of its own. It is not just sewn to the comfort layer; rather it has a complete layer and a gap between the top layer and the comfort layer.

In comparison to this, the euro top is just sewn to the comfort layer for cushioning. The pillow top is plush as compared to the euro top because of the extra space between the pillow top and comfort layer.


If we consider the size of mattress then both pillow top and euro top come in the standard sizes that are a twin, full, queen and king but if we look at the dimensions, the pillow top looks a little larger and it also requires larger bed sheets.

Reason being the space between the top and comfort layer, even though the layers in euro top are much more, the space of the pillow top makes it look larger than the euro top.

Things to Consider

While deciding to buy which type of mattress between euro top vs pillow top is best for you there are a few things that you should consider.

  • First is the size, even though both the mattresses provide you with the same level of comfort and plush, the size can cause little problems. Since the pillow top is slightly larger than euro top, it will require slightly larger bed sheets. The same padding level is found in euro top but due to the absence of extra space, its size is not large.
  • The second thing that you need to consider is the looks of the mattress. Even though the bedding hides everything, the appearance matters as it shows even from the bedding.
  • The pillow top is more fluffy and full looking due to the gap between the comfort layer and top layer. The euro top has more of a firm and balanced looking top.

The Difference in Effects: Euro Top vs Pillow Top

The main difference between both kinds of top layers is basically the balance throughout the top layer. In the pillow top mattress, it is seen that a plush and cushioning effect is felt throughout the top layer. The balance is completely maintained. There is no specific difference between the center and the sides.

Coming to the euro top, the mattress is soft and plushy at the center while firming at the sides, even though it gives the euro top a better lifespan , but when the user sleeps in the middle, it gives him/her a sinking feeling. The balance seen in pillow top is not seen in the euro top.


When both the mattresses were tested, it was realized that the pillow top has a lesser lifespan as compared to euro top. The reason for this is the gap between the top layer and the comfort layer. The gap usually fades away and the top layer starts sinking in which is why the comfortability of the mattress also fades away.

Coming to euro top, it is seen that it lasts way longer than a pillow top. When the lifespan of the euro top starts coming to an end, its edges start sagging a bit but the cushion at the center always remains the same.


Comparing the costs of euro top vs pillow top, it seems that there is hardly any difference. The cost varies between companies and the quality of inner material used but overall the average price range remains the same. Both types of mattresses are found to be manufactured by multiple companies. The quality of springs, comfort layer, base layer etc. also plays a very important role in the price range, the top layer only plays a small factor in the overall cost.

Sleeping Temperature

The hot air accumulates in the mattress and can cause a rise in your body temperature which gets uncomfortable at night. To deal with this problem, manufacturers have worked a lot to find ways to dissipate the temperature.

If we compare the pillow top and euro top mattress we see that the pillow top mattress is colder than the euro top. As there is an empty layer in the pillow top, the temperature tends to stay cool all night long. The pillow top is found to be two times colder as compared to all the other mattresses out there.


Most sleepers don’t find any difference in the two mattresses and it is true. There is no difference in the functionality of both the mattresses except a few small factors. If you are looking two buy a good mattress for your home, there is no specific reason to choose pillow top or euro top.

If you want a durable and long-lasting product, you should go with euro top but if you want to enjoy a good sound sleep without having temperature accumulate then go for a pillow top.

There are also other options you may wish to consider:

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