Are you the one who face problem in falling asleep faster, no matter how much tired you are? Then, don’t worry many people around us are also facing this difficulty. It is becoming one of the biggest and most irritating problems these days.

It becomes even more annoying when you are already facing a shortage of sleeping hours. Above that, your half, full or even multiple hours simply go wasted in efforts of falling asleep.

There could be many reasons behind this sleeping disorder. The topmost of them is anxiety and worriedness. The instability of emotions may make you awake for longer. This in return, even makes you more anxious and resulting in restless you, waiting badly for sleep to show its mercy to you.

So, here we are writing this piece with the aim of helping those people facing this annoying problem. Read below to know more about this problem and its effective solutions.   

How to fall asleep fast(summary level)

The problem we are addressing here is termed as Sleep Onset Insomnia. According to the medical point of view, the term that is used to measure the time of falling asleep is known as sleep latency.

According to experts, a healthy individual should fall asleep around a time period of ten to twenty minutes. If the time period is shorter than this time, it indicates the sleep deprivations.

On the other hand, if it is more than twenty minutes, it indicates that a person is having a Sleep Onset Insomnia. This condition is referring to the problem of facing difficulty in initiating sleep.

Behavior difficulty Priority
Make your surroundings comfortable C A
Practicing Yoga Method A C
Relaxing your body C A
Check your sleeping position C A
Play a trick to your mind B C
4-7-8 Breathing Technique A B
Perform any activity B B
Regulate your room temperature C A
Getting a treatment of freezing water C C
Taking warm water bath C B
Follow the same routine C B
Give some time to reading B C
Avoid eating heavy foods B A
Avoid taking caffeine C A
Avoid taking liquid C B
Avoid using your bed before sleeping C B
Avoid looking at time C B
Avoid overthinking B C
Avoid light C A

Tips and tricks to fall asleep faster

As this problem is arising swiftly, different solutions are inventing as well. From different gadgets to different tricks and natural remedies, there are many ways to make you asleep faster. Let’s discuss few most effective ways here:

Make your surroundings comfortable

The most important thing that can affect your sleeping habit is your surroundings. Make sure to have a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow. Choose these things wisely. Sometimes, we don’t feel it, but the actual thing that is preventing us from falling asleep faster is our excessively stiff pillow or too soft mattress.

Also, there should not be any type of noise or bright lights around you. These things will also keep your mind awake for long resulting in you facing difficulty in sleeping.

Practising Yoga Method

Different yoga methods can seriously help in falling asleep faster. One such technique is taking a breath through your left nostril only. This method is supposed to make you calm and to lower your blood pressure.

In this yoga technique, you need to lie on your left side while pressing your right nostril through finger for blocking it. Now take slow and deep breaths through your left nostril only. This technique particularly assists those having overheating problems.

Relaxing your body

This method involves kind of easy exercise for making you sleep faster. During this process, you would need to relax all your body muscles from head to toe.

Firstly, you would need to sleep on your back, and take a slow and deep breath from nose only. Now, start squeezing your toes slowly towards backside and then release them. In the next step, curl your toes up towards your knees and relax them.

Continue this squeezing and relaxing process. After you are done with your feet, squeeze or contract other muscles like belly, chest, thighs, calf, and others. All these muscles should be contracted one after the other.

After completing muscle exercise for the whole body, you are relaxed and ready to have a sound sleep.

Check your sleeping position

Sleeping positions are usually ignored by many people, but it is also a fact that they put a great impact on your sleeping time.

you need to check your sleeping position to see if it fits your requirement to fall asleep fast

According to experts, the best position to sleep is on your sides rather than sleeping on your back. People who tend to sleep on their backs usually face more sleeping problems and lower back issue.

Sleeping on your side would not only let any air passage blockage to destroy your sleep. Also, it would keep your heart healthy.

Play a trick to your mind

This method is also known as sleep paradox. This method involves forcing your mind to stay awake. It will act opposite to it.

For this, you would need to keep your eyes properly open and say to yourself repeatedly that I will not sleep. It is a fact that your mind is not able to process negatives accurately. In the result, it would interpret it as an instruction to sleep faster.

4-7-8 Breathing Technique

This is one of the most effective techniques for falling asleep faster. This method basically involves breathing and relaxing through breathing in a specific pattern. Though this process can be performed anytime and anywhere, it is preferable to perform it when trying to sleep faster.

This method involves different steps. In the first step, you are required to inhale your breath gradually for exactly four seconds through your mouth. Also, don’t forget to compress your tongue against the top side of your mouth.

The next step involves keeping your breath seized for exactly seven seconds. The last step involves exhaling the breath gradually for eight seconds. Repeat the method.

This method is quite easy. But, it will make your body relaxed and will let you sleep faster.

Perform any activity

When you try actually hard to get asleep faster, your brain starts taking it as a task. In the result, it cannot get relaxed and makes you stay awake for long.

Therefore, in a case you face any difficulty in sleeping, simply stop trying to sleep. Rather get up and perform any relaxing activity of your choice. Do it for good twenty minutes. It would end up in making your mind relax and getting you asleep faster.

Remember that the activity you choose should not make you overexcited or engage your mind completely like playing any challenging and interesting game.

Regulate your room temperature

When a person went into a deep sleep, its body temperature is reduced to a much lower value. This trick can be applied constructively in making you fall asleep faster.

temperature is very important for the quality of your sleeping

You can regulate your room temperature according to your body. The temperature of your room should not be too warm or too cold. Rather make it moderate to being slightly on a cold side. In this way, your body will get assistance for the process of going into lower temperature, and it would trigger your sleep.

You should not make your room too cold. Otherwise, it would make you uncomfortable to even sleep for an hour.

Getting a treatment of freezing water

Though it may sound scary in cold weather, this trick can do magic in making you asleep faster. This trick involves dipping your face in cold water.

This process will make your body relax while controlling your nerves. In the other words, it simply reset your nervous system by making it relaxed. This thing can also assist in making you asleep faster.

Taking warm water bath

It is one of the most tried remedies for falling asleep faster. Many of us have heard about it many times. So, this trick involves taking warm water bath right before going to sleep.

In this way, all your body muscles get relaxed. Also, your nervous system gets reset and you start feeling asleep earlier.

Follow the same routine

It is one of the most effective tricks that should be followed by everyone. Besides, making you sleep faster, it can also regulate many other things in your life.

You should make a schedule for your sleeping routine and should follow it strictly. Once you start going to bed at one specific time, your brain will make you sleep faster. It is because your mind will become habitual of following the same routine.

Give some time to reading

Take some good reading stuff, and read it right before going to sleep. This thing can really make you tired earlier and would make you sleep faster. Reading for an hour or even half an hour is enough for making you feel tired to sleep.

Things to avoid before sleeping

Besides applying above mentioned and other tricks for falling asleep faster, there are few things that should be avoided before going to sleep. Otherwise, they would make you awake longer and would cause many other sleeping disorders.

Avoid eating heavy foods

It is a very important factor that contributes to sleeping problems of many people. Taking any kind of heavy meal before going to sleep can reduce the greater chances of you sleeping faster. It is because your body will concentrate more on digesting it. It can also cause heartburn and another discomfort while you lie down to sleep.

These types of food basically involve high protein amounts like meat or eggs. Consuming them before going to sleep will make your body to try hard to digest them first. You should prefer food items that can be digested easily.

Avoid taking caffeine

Coffee is normally loved by every other person. It is considered as a great source of keeping your fresh. But few people have a very bad habit of taking coffee at night or with dinner.

Avoid taking caffeine can help you sleep better

Caffeine intake greatly reduces the chances of having proper sleep. Therefore, you should avoid taking coffee pretty enough hours before going to sleep.

Avoid taking liquid

Taking any liquid or water right before going to sleep can seriously disturb your sleep. It makes you awake urgently when you are finally becoming successful in getting a good sleep.

Therefore, it is advisable to stop taking liquids few hours before going to sleep.

Avoid using your bed before sleeping

Many people have habits of using their beds for a different type of activities. They play video games, read books, watch TV, and even do their work while sitting on their bed.

This habit can also adversely affect their sleeping pattern. One should avoid using its bed for any type of activity besides sleeping. In this way, the mind makes a connection of the bed with sleeping only. So whenever, you go to your bed, your mind perceives it as a time to sleep. This thing actually makes you sleep faster.

Avoid looking at time

This problem happens with many of use especially when we actually have very short time for sleep and the very important task is due right after waking up.Avoid looking at time can keep you away from anxiety

In this situation, a person keeps watching the clock again and again in anxiety. This thing makes your mind worried and restless resulting in you facing the sleeping problem. Therefore, it is important to stop looking at a time again and again while you are trying to sleep.

Avoid overthinking

This problem is again faced by most people having a sleeping disorder. In case of having any problem, as most people have them being a part of everyone’s life, they keep thinking about them.overthinking is the why you can't fall asleep quickly and easily

Even when going to sleep, they could not stop themselves from thinking about different issues again and again. This think makes their mind more anxious and they could not sleep at all.

In order to have a peaceful sleep, you should throw all worries out of your mind and just make yourself relax. Only then, you would be able to sleep properly.

Avoid light

Using excessive lights especially blue lights before going to sleep has become inevitable these days. People keep using their electronic gadgets and keep their rooms’ lights bright right before going to sleep.

This habit makes your mind feel that it is too earlier to fall asleep. In this way, it keeps you stay awake for longer even after going to bed.

Therefore, one should necessarily avoid using lights at least one to two hours before going to sleep. Or it is preferable to dim all lights after 8 PM.

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Harmful effects of Sleep Deprivation

Peaceful sleep is one of the biggest blessings for us. It is very much important to keep us functioning properly. Many people just overlook this important thing in their daily hectic routine and don’t get adequate sleep.

Having any kind of sleeping disorder or poor sleeping habits can have long-lasting side effects on your health. Few of these harmful effects include:

  • Being less productive as compared to those having appropriate sleep.
  • Annoying mood swings.
  • Obesity
  • Poor brain health
  • Lack of concentrating power

If the sleep deprivation continues for the prolonged time period, then it can even cause more hazardous health problems for the person.

Final Thoughts To Sleep Faster

In this write-up, we have discussed the problem that is faced by many of the adults and teenagers these days. It is the problem of having difficulty in initiating a sleep.

After reading above sections, you now must have realized about the importance of having a proper sleeping pattern, along with many easy and effective tricks for making you asleep faster.

Following these tricks only involve bringing few changing in your lifestyle and performing few relaxing techniques. Once, you get used to these tips, you will observe a great change in your sleeping pattern that would in return make your overall health better.

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