Helix sleep mattress review

Helix Mattress Review

Helix mattress is a customized mattress based on a sleep quiz that the company takes. If you are having problems sleeping on your mattress even if you bought it after a lot of research, the helix mattress is ideal for you. It is made in the United States and you get enough time to try your mattress before buying it.

The mattress is customized for you based on the support you need, the right temperature for you and the perfect elasticity for your body type. The layers included in the final mattress consist of the support foam for your back, mini coils wrapped in pockets and comfort foam.

Key characteristics of Helix Mattress

  • It is an amalgam of different foams and has a unique property to stay cooled dissimilar to the memory foam used in other similar products. The memory foam has a reputation to cause an allergic reaction to some of its user. This product prevents that.
  • The helix dynamic foam used in this model gives the ideal surface feel that any mattress should have. It comes with a pressure relieving technology that maximizes comfort.
  • The polyfoam used in any similar products changes its properties as its density changes. Due to the customizations of helix mattress, the density of polyfoam used is exactly what the customer requires which is why a level of maximum comfort is achieved.
  • Mini coils wrapped in packets are used in one of the layers. They help in equal weight distribution along the mattress and limit the amount of motion transferred between coils. The limiting of motion transfer is maximized by pocketing the coils.
  • The base layer of the mattress is made in a way that it supports all the layers above it. It is made of four inches thick high-quality polyfoam for durability and comfort.
  • You can customize the kind of feel you need, the preferable temperature, the support you require for your back as well as the elasticity.
  • If you and your partner are having troubles in customizing the mattress as a whole you both can customize your side separately.
  • The product comes sealed and vacuumed. Once you remove the packaging, it takes in the air and thickens up to 10 inches.
  • It comes in six different sizes that are a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king.

Helix mattress is good for you if

If you are looking for a hassle-free sleeping option that fits your needs and gives you’re the maximum comfort this matter if perfect for you as it is customized according to the customer’s needs. Apart from this if you want a mattress with high heat transfer abilities then this product works best for you.

Some couples have different sleeping preferences, helix also has a solution for that, you can order a mattress with two different sleeping options in one mattress with additional charges of only $150.

This model does not use latex or memory foam so it is ideal for you if you are allergic to any other these two.

Helix is not your best choice if

The helix foam comes with a weight limit of 350 pounds for a single person and 500 pounds for a couple. If you weigh more than that or your combined weight with your partner is more than 500 pounds then this mattress will not work for you.

Construction of Helix

As the helix sleep customizes models for its customers, each model has a different construction style. The customization is done based on a questionnaire that is filled by the customers.


To create a product that is according to the customer’s needs it combines mini coils that are pocketed, high-quality polyfoam and other products based on the temperature they require and the bounce that they need.

The construction property that attracts a lot of customers to buy from helix is that if you have to share your bed with someone and both of you have different sleep preferences; helix can even accommodate that for you. Both the sides will have different construction and properties.

Base layer:

The foundation of the mattress is not similar to conventional mattresses. It is highly durable and provides extraordinary support to the layers above it as well as to the person sleeping on it. The base is usually four inches thick and is made of dense polyfoam.

Pocketed mini coils:

These coils help in keeping the temperature of the foam low. They encourage air flow which is restricted if a foam is used in their place. Another advantage that these coils provide is the limited motion transfer. If the customers share the bed with someone, the moving of one person will not disturb the other person.

Transition layer:

This layer is exactly above the mini coils and is made by dynamic foam made proprietarily for the helix. This foam is a combination of the memory foam and the latex. As the name says it acts as a transition layer and also has a cooling effect in case of high temperature.

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Top layer:

The fourth layer on the top is made of polyfoam that is customized according to the customer’s needs. It can be 2-4 inches thick and has a high density if a customer needs more support firmness and durability but if someone needs a soft and less firm mattress the density of this top layer is reduces.


The first thing one notice about a mattress is its cover. The cover gives all the feels. It is made of very thin polyester which increases the breathability and reduces the heat retention of the product.

Firmness, comfort, and support

Since it is made after knowing the customer’s preferences, the three properties that are firmness, comfort, and support depend completely on how the customers want them to be.

The results of the quiz consist of four categories, the feel which includes the firmness, the support, temperature regulation and the point elasticity. All of them have a scale from 1 to 10.

When I took the test based on my sleeping conditions, routine and preferences, the results included a firm mattress, strong support, cool mattress with low to medium elasticity, which turned out to be ideal for me as I always prefer firm and strong support mattresses. Due to my preferences, the density of the products used in constructing the mattress I needed was increased.

when the sinkage test was conducted for this foam it was seen that for an average 130 pound weight on one point of the mattress makes it sink up to five or six inches, which is similar to other high-end mattresses, this shows that the firmness and support provided by the mattress for each person is ideal for their body type and sleeping preferences.

The support provided is enhanced a lot due to the high quality and density polyfoam used at the base of the mattress. It distributes the weight equally and hence; provides the maximum support for the spinal cord which also prevents any kind of pains and injuries during sleeping.

Apart from the base layer, the mid layers also play a vital role in the support provided. The position of your spine is maintained and aligned with any sleeping position you acquire. Customers have reviews that the problem of waking up with neck and pain was highly reduced after they started using customized helix mattress.

Not only support for your spine and neck is important but the edge support for keeping from falling out of the mattress is extremely important as well especially if you have children sleeping with you. The thing I observed about this mattress is that if you check directly it is seen that there is no edge support but once someone lies in the middle it is observed that the mattress provides the compulsory support for preventing you or your children from falling down.

The micro-coils used to maximize the comfort given to the sleeper because of the latest technology, limited motion transfer, and breathability.

Sleeping experience of Helix

Motion transfer is something that is ignored while shopping for mattresses but it can cause a lot of inconveniences later on. If you share your bed with someone and they tend to move a lot, a mattress that does not limit the motion transfer might end up ruining your sleep every night. The helix mattresses have motion transfer inhibitors in all of their mattresses. The micro-coils that can either be 2 inches or 4 inches thick are the main component that inhibits motion transfer.

Heat transfer

The heating up of your mattress can cause inconvenience and disturbance at night. Sleeping peacefully is not always getting cozy, once you drift into deep sleep, your body temperature falls. If at that time the mattress keeps warm, you will not stay in your deep sleep for long. Luckily in helix models, the temperature falls quickly. It does not retain heat and for this purpose, it does not use any kind of chemicals. The breathability of the mattress encourages the air flow which causes low retention of heat.


Outgassing is one of the phenomena that is common is almost all new products but can be very dangerous for you and your children. The chemicals that outgas can cause breathing problems and similar hazards but in case of helix model, any kind of outgassing was not observed. Once the foam is completely filled with air, you put your nose in between the mattress and check for any kind of harmful chemical smells. We did the same test for helix mattress but no smell was found.

Warranty, Trial, Shipping

Helix out of box

The Helix comes with a 10-year warranty and 100-night trial. This time is enough to see if there are any comforts, support of other issues which you don’t want in the mattress you purchase.

Even though helix mattress uses high end and durable quality products which will undoubtedly give you the maximum comfort, they give you a chance to review their product without wasting your money.

The product is shipped in a package which is approximately equal to a golf club in its size. It is gently compressed and fitted in the package. The company makes sure you get easy and hassle-free shipment which is why it is sent by UPS and dropped at your front door. The shipping is completely free of cost.

Value for money

The helix foam comes in different sizes and that is why in different prices. Sizes of each one of them along with their prices are mentioned:

TypeDimensions (inches)Weight (pound)Price (dollars)
Twin39 x 75 x 1040 – 50600
Twin XL39 x 80 x 1040 – 50700
Full54 x 75 x 1070 – 80850
Queen60 x 80 x 1080 -90995
King76 x 80 x 1090 – 1001195
California King72 x 84 1090 – 1001195

Final verdict

This is one of the best and high-quality mattresses on the market (You can check our top 10 list here). The proprietary foam and unique delivery methods make it ideal for people who want a good night sleep and easy home delivery options. The level of bouncing provided by the coils and support provided by the base is marvelous and maximizes comfort. I strongly suggest in favor of this product.

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