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How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

When sleeping comes in our minds, the first thing we do is close our eyes. Apparently, that is the central part of our body which rests well and is a sign of knowing if a person is asleep or awake. But is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?

Well, it is not much of an art to relaxing that way as it is considered to be a disorder in which either your facial expressions are paralyzed or else you are going through some other disorder which makes you sleep that way.  It’s not possible for all humans to sleep with their eyes open, we don’t have this ability as the reptiles do. Humans are functioned to sleep appropriately by shutting their eyelids.

Reasons why some people sleep in the open eye?

What causes people to sleep in this way is that either they have some disorder which keeps their eyelids opened, or they have difficulty in sleeping with their eyes opened. But, that is not the only reason why some people would sleep like that. A lot of people opt for this way as you can rest comfortably anywhere anytime and little naps will always keep you fresh

Is it art?

About 10% of humans can sleep with their eyes opened and closed. In this way, you can benefit a lot and are better off than others. When we sleep, then we can’t see and sense what is happening around us as all the body parts are numb. Some people sleep with their eyes half closed others with their eyes opened. It is an art to sleep in such a way, and not all but some people can learn it.

How to sleep with open eyes:

In robust daily routines, it becomes a lot tiring to be sitting there listening to people all the time. In schools and offices especially. If you are a person who has a skill of sleeping with eyes open, then you are good to go and can benefit a lot with this capability. There are different ways in which you could sleep, and people would see you as awake. Some of the ideas are listed below;

Nap without being noticed:

In a daily routine when you are at work then it is hard for you to go home and have proper rests. Therefore, you can benefit well by sleeping with eyes open; it is best to have a 10 minutes of relaxation time without getting noticed.

In offices, no one spares you much of time to have a nap anyway, so try sleeping for a while keeping your eyes open but shutting down your brain so you can get fresh for a longer time.

Sitting in the back row:

Do you happen to work much and have to take classes daily as well? Life is tough nowadays as you have to study and earn at the very same time. For this very reason if you are a person who has a skill of sleeping with eyes open then you should try to sit at the back of the classroom and try to regain your day’s energy by napping for a little while.

As it is an art but still there are different ways which need to be learned before you can start taking advantage of this;

Relaxing over all

First, start relaxing, it is essential to let your muscles relax all the way through before approaching sleeping in this way. Always begin with resting your toes first, let go your muscles and try to go with it.

Breathing normally

Start inhaling deeply and then exhale it out completely. Keep it slow and concentrate much on your voice of breathing. You will start feeling your body to relax with time. Instead of hearing out other noises nearby by focusing on them it is vital to hear sounds of inhaling and exhaling that will keep you relaxed.

Breathing normally

Focus eyes on one spot

If you keep on fidgeting and seeing at different places and spots, then it gets impossible for you , therefore start focusing on one spot. Make sure that spot is not way too bright, or it is some object that is moving, in that way you cannot concentrate well.

Focus eyes on one spot

Wander away from your thoughts

Either sleeping with your eyes open or closed it becomes impossible to sleep if you have different thoughts in your mind. Let yourself daydream and focus them on a single point so you can relax your mind which will let you sleep properly. What is best is that you drive your mind blank and start thinking nothing. That relaxes your brain in such a way that you can fall asleep easily.

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Off to sleep:

Now after you have carefully followed all steps then it is just a matter of time when you can fall asleep with your eyes opened. Do not let your thoughts get driven and try not to move much. You will have peaceful napping for the time span you want to.

Does lucid sleep benefit you in the same way as normal sleep would?

If you are a daydreamer, then you need to know are the benefits of it are equal to when you usually sleep. In proper sleeping, we lay down and relax overall by closing the eyelids too. When you are sleeping with your eyes open, that means that you are not able to sleep with comfort. As mostly, it is done in workplaces or classrooms.

Therefore, that is where this question arises, and you need to know that lucid sleep benefits you almost to the same extent to as which others. As your whole body is relaxed and you are in a state of mind where you don’t know what is happening nearby which helps you wake up all fresh from the nap.

lucid sleep benefits you almost to the same extent

Is it safe to sleep with your eyes open?

That is a fundamental question which needs to be answered; it is for sure not safe to sleep in this way. You might not see much of harms but it causes dryness which results in redness and irritation in your eyes. Also, it becomes excruciating as human’s eyes are functioning all day long and they need rest at night. So, long-term problems can occur if sleeping in such a way is your habit.

Eyes opened all time would become inflamed and will lead to all kinds of dry spots inside which may cause ulcers as well.  So, in short, it is not safe in this way, and you should check out if it is becoming your habit.

How sleeping with opened eyes benefits you?

How sleeping with opened eyes benefits youThere are different benefits usually if you have small kids, then they do not like their parents sleeping at daytime. Often, all they care about is that they can see their mother’s eyes opened even if she is laying down in bed. If you learn to sleep in such a way, then you can have small naps, and your kids will be happy thinking that you are awake.

In another scenario if you have pets then it is right for you to lay in front of them and take a nap that is doing two jobs at a single time, your pet feels you being near to him and you can get some good times to sleep as well.


Pros and cons occur in everything; then there is a higher chance that you will face some side effects. As we blink our eyes all the time then at night time, it is preferred to sleep with eyelids shut. Following are the side effects which may occur;

  • Blurry visions
  • Irritated eyes
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Scratchiness
  • Poor sleep

Eyes need to be closed to keep them lubricated in that way shutting the eyelids is important to keep the inner fluid at normal levels.

Eyes need to be closed to keep them lubricated

Should you consult a doctor if you sleep this way regularly?

Almost all people sleep with their eyes closed, but if some people happen to take benefit by sleeping with eyes open, then that is fine. If you have a disorder and it is not possible for you to relax with closed eyes then that is when you need to consult your order or else a lot of symptoms can be caused which results into an unhealthy lifestyle.

For some severe cases, surgeries have been required as well. In some other cases eyelids have been implanted with gold weights so that sleeping would be impossible with carrying that weight on eyelids and you will be forced to close them. You can use home treatments to start using some ointments so that waking up will not cause much of dryness.


There is no need to worry if you sleep with opened eyes for small naps in your work area as that helps you in having a good day ahead. You can stay fresh and enjoy all other events in the day. Sleeping with eyes open is a small art which needs to be learned if you don’t have it in you naturally. Learning might be a bit hard as you need to relax your whole body and mind before falling asleep.

It is always good to relax your mind by daydreaming so do not fear to fall asleep in such a way but try not to make a habit out of it as it causes many problems as well which will result into severe treatments later on.