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Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Idle Sleep offers the best mattresses on the market. This brand provides support, comfort, quality, and durability. What distinguishes Idle Sleep models from traditional models is the two-sided design. In actual fact, two sides are better than one.

Introduction And Compare Table of Idle Sleep

The most incredible quality of Idle Sleep models is the two-sided design. The manufacturer guarantees unmatched durability with the two-sided structure. All you have to do is turn over the mattress to avoid uneven degradation.

Idle Sleep mattresses are handmade in the United States. They are engineered in one of the three factories in the country. Therefore, ordering and shipping are easy within the US. It will only take you a day to order and have the shipment on your front door.

Like most manufacturers, Idle Sleep also offers a reliable 120 days sleep trial. This period is more than enough to help you conclude whether or not the product is a good fit for you. The company offers free shipping and returns.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the mattress, the company will pick it up from your doorstep within the trial period. These models are easy to unbox, place and position, unwrap and expand to use.

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Model Height (inches)Material Construction Motion Queen Price(After Coupon)
The Idle Hybrid14HybridSprings
+ Foam
The Idle Latex

(Editor Choice)

14Latex HybridSprings + LatexAverage$1,390
The Idle All Foam14Idle FoamAll FoamMinimum$1,199.00
The Idle Dual Feel

(Editor Choice)

12Idle FoamAll FoamModerate$899

The Idle Hybrid

Idlesleep hybrid mattress

The Idle Sleep hybrid mattress is a super soft model that offers superior support and comfort. It is a 14-inch hybrid design with six construction layers. According to the manufacturer, the structure of this model offers more bounce compared to the all foam.

This mattress is engineered with premium materials for a soundly night’s sleep. Its design is basically a cross between a traditional design and a foam mattress. The six high-performance layers technology will provide you with healthier sleep.

The hybrid mattress is skillfully designed to offer you unmatched performance. The structure is made up of a pocketed coil system, and pressure relieving and premium cooling foams. This combination delivers legendary support and comfort.

Key Specs

  • 14 inches high
  • 2-sided design
  • Hand-made in the United States
  • 6 layers comforting technology
  • Premium materials used
  • Two firmness levels (7.5 luxury firm and 5.5 to 6 medium firm)
  • Quantum edge to edge coil system
  • Advanced motion isolation

Structure and Layers

The structure combines foam and spring features. This ensures that you get the ideal support, bounce and cushioning comfort. The hybrid features six layers that provide nothing short of a perfect sleep all night long.

  • Thermocool Upper Fabric

This particular layer is responsible for cooling or warming your body with respect to the climate. It will cool your body in summer and warm it in winter. The ideal temperature of the mattress is maintained by the incorporation of smart fibers cross-sections.

  • Quilting Foam

The second layer is made of quilting foam, which delivers additional softness and ultimate comfort during use. This layer produces a smooth sleeping surface by combining the top filling layer to the ticking.

  • Airflow Foam

The third layer’s main responsibility is to make the mattress cooler and breathable. This layer is filled with airflow foam for breathability, cooling and additional bounce.

  • Buoyancy Foam

The fourth layer is made of buoyancy foam. This layer ensures that your body is well-supported and perfectly positioned. Idle Sleep incorporated this layer to provide your shoulders and back with a suitable alignment for a dreamy sleep.

  • Edge-to-Edge Pocket Coil System

The fifth layer features a six-inch edge-to-edge pocketed coil system. The system provides superior edge support, which ensures that you do not fall off the edge. Also, the advanced support allows you to sit on the edges without sinking.

  • Two Sided

The sixth layer features the two-sided design, which improves the mattress durability. The structure does not degrade easily as a single-sided design.


One of the most important factors when selecting a hybrid mattress is firmness. You do not want a hybrid mattress that could obstruct little airways. With the Idle Sleep hybrid, you get the ideal firmness levels for back, stomach, heavy and combinational sleepers.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid is available in two firmness levels: 7.5 luxury firm and 5.5 to 6 medium firms. The 7.5 firmness is well-matched for heavy, stomach and back sleepers; while the 5.5 to 6 firmness is convenient for combinational sleepers.


  • Engineered from premium materials for the best performance
  • Two firmness levels for preference and convenience
  • Quantum edge to edge coil system for edge support and motion reduction
  • Two-sided design is long-lasting
  • Thermocool fabric technology keeps your body cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Buoyancy foam offers remarkable support for proper body alignment


  • Not a suitable choice if you are in need of a full foam design
  • Lower firmness scale may not be convenient for heavier sleepers

Who is Suitable for Idle hybrid?

The Hybrid is a suitable choice for sleepers who are used to coil designs. This is also a good choice if you are not a big fan of foam mattresses. The revolutionary combination of pocketed coils and idle comfort foams provides you with a cross of traditional and foam mattress experience.

The medium firmness is a suitable option for light people, but may not be a reliable model for heavier people. However, the luxury firm is the best bed for heavier people. At 7.5 out of 10, this model offers exceptional support and comfort for people weighing up to 230 pounds.

Alignment is extremely important when buying a mattress. Idle Hybrid features premium approach for proper back, shoulders and hips alignment. This makes it a perfect choice for relieving and managing back pain.

The Idle Latex Hybrid

latex hybrid mattress of idle sleep

Idle Sleep does not believe that there is one textbook design for diverse sleeping types and positions. As a result, they offer four different types of models. One of the unique mattresses is the Hybrid Latex model.

This particular mattress features springs and all natural organic materials, including Talalay latex. According to the manufacturer, this mattress is engineered to provide adequate bounce and a more prominent body contouring for a sensational sleeping experience.

The cover is an organic material that is remarkably soft. The cover will easily snap back in place when you apply for some pressure and release. You will not have to worry about the top rolling or clustering up when you are comfortable rolling around the bed.

Unlike traditional mattresses, you will never know for sure if a latex design is what you need not unless you buy one. You should know that conventional mattresses sleep hot because of the materials used in the construction.

Key Specs

  • 14 inches high
  • 2-sided design
  • Premium materials used
  • Hand-made in the United States
  • 5 layers construction
  • Double-sided hybrid design
  • Quantum edge to edge support

Structures and Layers

This model of Idle Sleep is a hybrid construction, which simply means that it is made of springs and all natural materials. You should know that this mattress is a medium style of the hybrid latex. The construction layers best define the anatomy of the mattress.

This mattress has five layers. The premium materials used in the construction are Talalay latex, quilting foam layer, and quantum edge to edge coil system. For added convenience, the manufacturer also included two comfort foam layers.

The dual comfort foam layers are very important for maintaining the shape of the mattress regardless of the side used. The top layer is made of Thermocool fabric that is integrated with all natural organic cotton. This combination provides your body with proper alignment.

Furthermore, the Thermocool cover has natural thermal qualities that regulate your body temperature for comfort. The quilting foam layer improves the breathability of the mattress to provide you with a pressure relief surface for a dreamy night sleep.

A feature unique to this model is the presence of both medium and firm levels in the same design. The medium part of the mattress is made up of 3” Talalay latex and 6” quantum edge to edge spring system. The firm part is made up of 3” Talalay latex and 1” quilting foam.

The quantum edge to edge coil system delivers the incredible comfort of the Hybrid Latex. The responsive strength of individually pocketed coils provides the necessary support, bounce, and comfort. Not to mention the support offered during sitting.


What sets this Hybrid Latex mattress aside from conventional mattresses is the firmness. This mattress is incorporated with two firmness levels, creating two separate sides. The sides are medium (5.5 to 6) and luxury firm (7 to 7.5).

The firm part is convenient for heavy, stomach and back sleepers; while the medium part is convenient for combinational sleepers. You can easily switch from the medium side to the firm side by turning over the mattress.


  • Premium materials for an exceptional sleeping experience
  • Two firmness levels in a single a design
  • Superior edge to edge support and motion reduction
  • Two-sided design is highly durable
  • Thermocool fabric cover offers superior cooling effect
  • Cool support foam alleviates pressure points
  • Sleeps cooler than most mattresses


  • Some users may not appreciate the double firmness level design

Who is Suitable for Idle latex hybrid?

You must first like the latex material before you consider this model. However, if it is your first time to buy the latex, then you should consider this mattress if you are vulnerable to allergies or asthma. This is so since Talalay latex inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria.

Latex is bouncier and adjusts naturally to the contours of the body, providing an orthopedic support that retains suitable spinal orientation without inhibiting blood flow. So, it is also a suitable choice for people with back problems.

Not so many people are most likely to know what they want as far as a latex hybrid mattress is concerned. While the other mattresses by Idle Sleep offer improved pressure relief and conformance, latex hybrid is more of a sleep on the top mattress.

If you are tired of the heat-trapping foam mattresses, then the hybrid latex is your best bet. This mattress is engineered not to trap heat. Not to mention that it is properly aerated to deliver maximum airflow and breathability during use.

Latex hybrid is an all-inclusive mattress. You can sleep in any position on either the firmer or medium side of the mattress. The motion reduction ability of this mattress is incredible, and that is why it is one of the ideal mattresses to sleep on with a partner.

The Idle All Foam

idlesleep all foam mattress


Get the most comfortable sleep you have been missing in years with the Idle Sleep All Foam mattress. Idle foam cradles you in comfort, neutralizing pressure points caused by the mattress underneath. This is a great invention for the money.

The all foam delivers the best pressure relief along with superb motion isolation. The mattress is available in different sizes, including: queen, king, Cal-king, twin, twin-xl and full. You can choose between medium firmness and luxury firmness.

Idle foam has significant benefits over traditional foam. Firstly, Idle Sleep foam does not trap heat. On the other hand, memory foam traps heat and it is very inefficient at dispelling heat. Secondly, Idle Sleep foam is not temperature sensitive.

With the All Foam mattress, your sleeping experience will not change regardless of the temperatures. Memory foam has a tendency of softening in hot weather and stiffening in cooler weather, but the Idle Sleep foam will not soften or stiffen.

Key Specs

  • 14 inches high
  • Double-sided design
  • Best motion isolation and pressure relief
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Two separate firmness levels
  • Premium materials
  • 6 construction layers

Structures and Layers

Like all Idle Sleep mattresses, The All Foam is incorporated into layers for superior support and comfort. The layers are as follows:

  • Thermocool Fabric Layer

This is the first layer of the All Foam. The Thermocool fabric technology ensures that you are cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

  • Quilting Foam

This is the second layer made of one inch of quilting foam. This layer adds comfort and softness to the upper layer.

  • Gel Swirl Buoyancy Foam

This is the third layer made of gel swirl buoyancy foam. This layer has fast reaction time and offers superior support and pressure relief. The IDLE foam does not trap heat.

  • High-Density Foam Core

This is the fourth layer made of six inches of high-density foam core. Apart from being durable, this layer offers excellent support and reduces motion transfer.

The fifth and sixth layers are the same as the second and third layer.


The All Foam mattress is available in two separate firmness levels: luxury firmness at 7.5 and medium at 5.5 to 6. The luxury firm is suitable for heavy, stomach and back sleepers. The medium is suitable for combinational sleepers.


  • Double-sided design improves the durability of the mattress
  • Best pressure relief and motion isolation
  • Premium materials offer superb sleep experience
  • Premium approach allow for proper alignment
  • Thermocool fabric technology works with your body to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer


  • Not a suitable choice for people who are used to pocketed coil systems
  • No dual firmness
  • Does not offer advanced edge to edge support

Who is Suitable for Idle all foam?

Idle Sleep All Foam mattress allows you to customize support and comfort. Therefore, it is a suitable model for people experiencing soreness, body aches, and pains. Its absolute pressure relief and motion isolation capabilities provide maximum comfort.

The foam materials used in this mattress are normally not temperature sensitive. This particular attribute ensures that a sleeper suffering from soreness, body aches, and pains experiences the same relief in all temperatures for optimum comfort.

Like the hybrid, latex and dual feel mattresses, the new All Foam mattress provide individualized support and comfort. This mattress gives you the opportunity to customize support. This mattress lets you experience the remarkable comfort of Idle Sleep foam.

The traditional foam will become softer or harder as it adjusts to the temperature, weight, and contours of your body. However, that is not the case with Idle Sleep foam. The foam will effectively contour to your body, but will not be affected by temperature changes.

With all the comfort that this type of mattress gives you, you will be persuaded to save up fast to own one. Nothing beats a good night sleep on a very supportive and comfortable surface. You are lucky Idle Sleep came up with this mattress. This way, you do not have to deal with the low-quality foam mattresses on the market.

The Idle Dual Feel
idlesleep all foam mattress

The distinguishing attribute of this Idle Sleep mattress is the dual firmness technology. This model is a good deal for couples who want diverse comfort levels for the exceptional sleeping experience. Versatility is the main virtue of this amazing design.

Idle Sleep designed this mattress for sleepers who are not certain of their ideal firmness level. The most popular firmness levels across the globe are medium and luxury firm. In light of this, Idle Sleep incorporated the two levels into a single mattress.

You can switch between the luxury firm feel and medium feel depending on your personal preference and convenience. You never have to worry when placing an order for this particular mattress design, because it is a versatile option.

Like all Idle Sleep models, the Dual Feel does also feature a 2-sided design. This allows you to turn over the mattress in order to evade body imprints in the foam. Instead of the foam deteriorating in quality, it will feel newer and stronger for longer.

Key Specs

  • 12 inches high
  • Two-sided design
  • Dual firmness feel
  • Premium materials for better sleeping
  • 8 layers of support and comfort

Structures and Layers

There is no other mattress built like the Dual Feel. This mattress is integrated with eight construction layers for the ultimate sleep experience. Apart from the Thermocool top fabric, all the other layers are made of different foams.

  • Thermocool Fabric

This is the first layer, which is engineered to work hand in hand with the natural thermal qualities of your body. This is made possible by the smart fiber cross-sections. This layer keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

  • Quilting Foam

The second layer consists of five inches of quilting foam. This layer is very effective at improving the softness and comfort of the upper layer.

  • Cooling Buoyancy Foam

The third layer is made of two-inch cooling buoyancy foam. Unlike traditional memory foam, the buoyancy foam is known to react faster. Its support is excellent, and it is very effective at alleviating pressure points. Moreover, it allows for easy position adjustment.

  • Support Foam

The fourth layer consists of two inches of support foam. The primary purpose of this layer is to add bounce, airflow and maximum support, especially for back sleepers.

  • High Density Foam Core

The fifth layer is made of four inches of high density foam core. This layer does a great job of reducing motion transfer while providing deep support. The manufacturer claims that this layer is very durable.

  • Support Foam

The sixth layer is also made of two inches of IDLE support foam. This layer is also effective at providing bounce, airflow and deep support.

  • Cooling Buoyancy Foam

The seventh layer consists of cooling buoyancy foam. This layer is similar to the third layer. It offers up to eight times pressure relief and superb support for the body.

  • Quilting Foam

The eighth layer is similar to the second layer. It adds softness and comfort to the bottom layer or the top layer when the mattress is flipped.


The major selling point of this model is the dual firmness feel. One side offers a medium feel while the other side offers luxury firm feel. The medium side is suitable for combinational sleepers and the firm side is suitable for heavy, stomach and back sleepers.


  • Luxury firm feel on one side and medium feel on the other
  • Affordable price range
  • Premium materials for ultimate sleep experience
  • Idle Sleep foam does not trap heat like traditional memory foam
  • A highly versatile choice for all sleepers
  • Two-sided design is long-lasting
  • Thermocool fabric technology offers superior cooling and warming effect
  • Offers superb support and excellent pressure relief


  • You must turn over the mattress for a different firmness feel
  • Using one side may deteriorate the quality of the foam

Who is Suitable for Idle dual feel?

This is definitely a suitable model for people who want a mixture of a medium and luxury firm feel in a single design. It is also the mattress to buy if you are not sure of your ideal firmness and you are weighing roughly between 140 and 230 pounds.

If you are a big fan of buying online, then this is the model to buy from Idle Sleep. You will most probably find one firmness level to be ideal for your body. Therefore, the chances of you returning the mattress are low.

With a select comfort sleep system, you can conveniently change the firmness depending on how your body feels each night. You can easily flip the mattress for either a medium firm feel or a luxury firm feel.

This is a good choice for all kinds of sleepers. With dual firmness, you do not have to guess the firmness level that will best suit your body. All you have to do is buy this particular mattress, and get ready to flip each time you want to experience a different feel.

The Wrap Up

Choosing a supportive and comfortable mattress is crucial to getting a good night sleep. A mattress should provide uniform support for your entire body. If there are gaps between you and your mattress, then you won’t be getting maximum support and comfort.

You can avoid such unfortunate outcomes by choosing one of the Idle Sleep mattresses. These mattresses are certainly the best and most affordable in the market. You should know that you need an Idle Sleep mattress if you are waking up uncomfortable from your current mattress.

  1. wow the firmness level and handmade materials seem unreal I would love to be able to sleep on this matress I am sure it would be an awesome experience and allow to me to be comfortable at all times

  2. This mattress sounds amazing!! I love the dual sides so I can choose what firmness I need that night. I’m chronically, and terminally, ill so I am in excruciating pain when I’m laying down. All of my pressure points hurt so badly, and I toss and turn all night. I never get the quality sleep I need, even with prescription medication. I would be in heaven of I had this mattress!

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