IKEA Mattress Reviews

Are you in the market for a budget-friendly mattress that will not completely empty your pockets? Look no further than the IKEA lineup of mattresses. IKEA is one of the biggest home furnishing stores across the globe.

In terms of efficiency, IKEA offers one-stop mattress shopping center with an extraordinary range of beds. Much of the efficiency at IKEA stems from the fact that the company is committed to providing the best for its clientele base.

The IKEA Group is a value-driven corporation with a specific passion for life at home. Each product they release is an amazing idea of transforming your home into a better place. The mattress lineup may be a small part of the company, but the company’s presence in the industry is huge.

IKEA Mattress Lineup

The IKEA Group offers over fifteen different hybrid, foam, and innerspring beds ranging low-priced to mid-priced. The beds vary considerably in materials and quality. However, they all come with a ninety-day exchange policy along with a twenty-five-year limited warranty.

All the beds are sold separately. The supports and foundations are also sold separately.

IKEA Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam SeriesPriceFeelingMain Materials Thickness (inches)Available Sizes
Minnesund $89 – $179FirmPolyurethane foam, non-woven polypropylene3-7/8Twin, Full, & Queen
Meistervik $149 – $229FirmPolyurethane foam, non-woven polypropylene4-3/4Twin, Full, & Queen
Morgedal $199 – $449Medium FirmPolyurethane foam, high resilience polyurethane foam7-1/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Matrand $299 – $549FirmPolyurethane foam, high resilience polyurethane foam7-1/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Myrbacka $479 – $649FirmNon-woven polypropylene, polyurethane foam, cold foam9-1/2Full, Queen, & King

There are five foam mattresses that you can consider buying, including:

  • Minnesund Foam Mattress

This is the cheapest foam bed that is available at a price range of $89 to $179. It is available in three sizes: Twin, Queen, and Full.

  • Meistervik Foam Mattress

The second most affordable IKEA foam mattress that is available at a price range of $149 to $229. Available in three sizes: Twin, Queen, and Full.

  • Morgedal Foam Mattress

If you are after a resilient foam bed, then the Morgedal is the ideal choice. It is available in four sizes (Twin, Queen, King, and Full) at a price range of $199 to $449.

  • Matrand Foam Mattress

This is one of the best memory foam beds that will perfectly contour with your body. It is available in four sizes at a price range of $299 to $549.

  • Myrbacka Foam Mattress

The Myrbacka is an amazing memory foam mattress for the money. It comes in three sizes at a price range of $479 to $649.

Who is Suitable?

IKEA memory foam beds are suitable for pressure point relief, back/spine alignment, relieve and prevent back pain. The Morgedal, Meistervik, and Minnesund feature resilient memory foam that does a great job of absorbing the movements of your body providing you with all-over support for proper back/spine alignment.

The Matrand and Myrbacka memory foams are very effective at molding to the contours of the body, which helps to relieve pressure points. They have comfort zones, which provide very precise support as well as pressure relief on the hips and shoulders. All the IKEA foam beds are specifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain.

The IKEA memory foams are best suited for side sleepers, because they are made to mold as well as cradle evenly with your body. This allows you to change sides comfortably without pressure points. These beds are also a great choice for allergy sufferers. Apart from repelling dust mites, they are resistant to allergens.

Who is Not Suitable?

Are you used to the extra bounce and edge support offered by innersprings and hybrid mattresses? If you are, then the IKEA memory foam beds are not the ideal choice for you. They are definitely superb at body contouring, but they are not so good at providing edge support.

The IKEA foam may at some point retain body heat, an attribute that may not serve you well in warm/hot weather. These beds are likely to generate an odd chemical smell during unboxing (off-gassing). This may require you to wait for at least a day before you can sleep on the bed. The softness of the foam may not be suitable for infants.

IKEA Latex Mattresses

Latex SeriesPriceFeelingMain Materials Thickness (inches)Available Sizes
Matrand$299 – $549Medium FirmSynthetic latex7-1/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Myrbacka$479 – $649Medium FirmSynthetic latex9-1/2Full, Queen, & King
Morgongava$799 – $1,199Medium FirmNatural and synthetic latex7-7/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Mausund$799 – $1,099Medium FirmNatural and synthetic latex7-7/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King

There are four latex beds produced by IKEA, and they include:

  • Matrand Latex Mattress

Have you always wished to sleep on a latex bed, but your budget seems to disappoint you? Here is an inexpensive choice available in four sizes at a price range of $299 to $549.

  • Myrbacka Latex Mattress

This bed is specifically designed to help you relax fully after a long and stressful day. You have three sizes to choose from at a price range of $479 to $649.

  • Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

It is made of natural latex that ensures you get sample comfort. You have four sizes to choose from, and the price range is $799 to $1,199.

  • Mausund Natural Latex Mattress

This is the latest addition to the market. It is made of all-natural latex. It is available in four sizes at a price range of $799 to $$1,099.

Who is Suitable?

The IKEA latex beds are suitable for people with allergy problems. Latex is well-known for its orthopedic and anti-allergic qualities among others. Natural latex is an excellent core material for IKEA mattresses. This material is resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold, and dust mites will not live in a natural rubber environment.

All IKEA latex beds are made of natural latex, which contours your body shape to effectively provide precise support and relieve pressure points. Some of the beds are incorporated with comfort zones for superior pressure relief on the hips and shoulders. They also feature soft filling for comfort and support.

Who is Not Suitable?

IKEA latex mattresses are not suitable for persons who have never used a latex bed before. Like most latex bed manufacturers, IKEA does not state whether or not their latex is 100% natural latex. Therefore, you might not be dealing with organic materials. However, the definition of “100% natural latex” is not strictly defined by laws, so it may include synthetic content.

IKEA Innerspring Mattresses

Spring SeriesPrice FeelingMain Materials Thickness (inches)Available Sizes
HASVAG$129 – $199Medium FirmBonell spring coil8-1/4Twin, Full, & Queen
HAUGESUND$179 – $399Medium FirmIncased pocket spring coil9-7/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HAUGSVAR$299 – $549Medium FirmIncased pocket spring coil11Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HESSTUN$399 – $649Medium FirmIncased pocket spring coil12-5/8Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HJELLESTAD$679 – $849Medium FirmIncased pocket spring coil15-3/8Full, Queen, & King
HOLMSBU$779 – $949Medium FirmIncased pocket spring coil17-3/4Full, Queen, & King
HUSVIKA$120FirmBonell spring coil5-1/8Twin

There are seven innerspring mattresses manufactured by IKEA, and they are:

  • HASVAG Spring Mattress

This bed comes with a soft layer of filling and Bonnell springs that comfort and support. You have three sizes to choose from, which are available at a price range of $129 to $199.

  • HAUGESUND Spring Mattress

It features individually wrapped pocket springs and soft filling for superior comfort and support. It is available in four different sizes at a price range of $179 to $399.

  • HAUGSVAR Spring Mattress

Along with the individually wrapped pocket springs, the bed comes with a lavish layer that is made up of high resilience foam for superb comfort. It comes in four sizes at a price range of $299 to $549.

  • HESSTUN Spring Mattress

The special feature of this bed is the double layers of independently wrapped pocket springs. It is available in four sizes at a price range of $399 to $649.

  • HJELLESTAD Spring Mattress

The special feature that comes with this mattress is the integrated pillow top. It is available in three separate sizes at a price range of $679 to $849.

  • HOLMSBU Spring Mattress

It is integrated with mini pocket springs for better cradling and body contour. It is available in three sizes at a price range of $779 to $949.

  • HUSVIKA Spring Mattress

This is a firm mattress that is incorporated with Bonnell springs. This mattress is available in the twin size at a price of $120.

Who is Suitable?

IKEA spring beds are suitable for people with a tight budget. Spring beds do not cost much to produce. Some of the IKEA spring beds are available at bottom dollar prices. You might only pay a little bit more for the larger sizes, such as the King and the Queen.

These beds are also suitable for people who want more bounce and edge support. Most of the spring mattresses are integrated with individually wrapped pocket springs that do a great job of following your body during sleep, making them ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

The independently wrapped coils isolate movements to ensure that you do not disturb the sleep of your partner. Most of these mattresses do also feature a soft filling layer that offers additional support and comfort.

Who is Not Suitable?

IKEA spring mattresses may not be a suitable choice for side sleepers. They tend to be firmer even for their medium firmness models. You are most likely to experience pressure points if you are the kind of sleeper who likes to switch sides frequently.

These beds may also not be a good choice for people who want a long-term investment. This is so since they tend to lose support and they may sag after a couple of years. This is regardless of the long warranty period.

Top 3 Rated IKEA Mattress Reviews

Meistervik Foam Mattress Review

Ikea Meistervik Foam mattress

  • Material: Foam
  • Thickness: 4 ¾ inches
  • Return Policy: 365 days
  • Sizes: Twin, Full & Queen

The Meistervik Foam Mattress comes highly recommended by most users. It measures 74-3/8 inches long, 38-1/4 inches wide and 4-1/4 inches thick. It is made of resilient foam material that offers all-over support and unmatched comfort.

The bed is roll packed; therefore, it is easier to bring home and unbox. It is one of the easiest IKEA mattresses to maintain. All you have to do is remove the top cover to clean. Not to mention that the cover is machine washable.

Once you have unboxed the mattress, you will have to give it 24 to 48 hours for the air to get out. You are unlikely to experience a lot of off-gassing during unpacking. The bed will expand to 4-3/4 inches after 24 hours.

It offers a firm feeling that is friendly to both kids and adults. In fact, the zipper for the cover is child safe. It is so since it does not have a tab. You can easily open the zipper by insert a paper clip through the zipper loops.


  • Affordable prices
  • Resilient foam offers all-over comfort and support
  • The top cover is easy to clean and machine washable
  • Comes with a child safe zipper
  • Comes with a 25-year guarantee


Myrbacka Latex Mattress Review

Ikea Myrbacka Latex Mattress

  • Material: Synthetic latex, polyester, cotton, viscose/rayon, and fiber wadding
  • Thickness: 9-1/2 inches
  • Return Policy: 365 days
  • Sizes: Full, King, and Queen

Are you new to latex beds? If you are, then there is no better choice in the IKEA mattress line-up than the Myrbacka Latex Mattress. This is IKEA’s bestselling latex bed in today’s market. It is available in three size options, including: Full, King, and Queen.

This 9-1/2-inch thick mattress has a thick latex layer that does an amazing job of contouring to your body to provide precise support. This helps to relieve pressure points and help you relax after an eventful day at work or at school.

Along with the latex layer, the bed is fitted with high resilience foam for support, a generous soft filling layer for comfort, and a lamb’s wool filling layer for maintaining a consistent temperature. It comes with a removable cover that is machine washable.


  • Latex layer provides precise support and pressure relief
  • High resilience foam offers superior body support
  • Comfort zones help relieve pressure on hips and shoulders
  • The cover is removable and machine washable


  • Contains synthetic latex, which is not as effective as natural latex

HAUGESUND Spring Mattress Review


  • Material: Polyester, cotton, viscose/rayon, fiber wadding, polyurethane foam, and steel encased pocket spring coil
  • Thickness: 9-7/8 inches
  • Return Policy: 365 days
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

The HAUGESUND Spring Mattress is the best IKEA spring bed in the market. It has a thickness of 9-7/8 inches, and it is available in four sizes, including: twin, full, queen, and king. You get a medium firm feeling with this bed.

The mattress is incorporated with independently wrapped pocket coils that move individually to follow the movements of your body. There is a soft filling layer that guarantees you sufficient support as well as comfort, all night long.

The coil system is very effective at insulating movements. This ensures that you do not disturb your partner when sleeping. The bed comes with a stretch top fabric that moves with your body so as to maximize comfort.

This thick mattress can only be used on one side. The mattress is roll packed; therefore, it is easy to bring home and unpack. According to the manufacturer’s care instructions, you are not supposed to wash, bleach, tumble dry, iron, or dry clean the mattress, but you can vacuum clean or wipe clean with a damp cloth.


  • Individually wrapped coils insulate body movements
  • Stretchy top cover moves with your body to maximize comfort
  • Roll packed so it easy to bring home and unpack
  • Can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth


  • The one-sided sleeping surface can easily wear out

Other Information

Trial Period and Exchange Policy

The IKEA Group has a very generous trial period for their exceptional lineup of mattresses. The company offers you a 90-day trial period for you to break in your bed. The brand believes that it takes time for you and your mattress to get used to each other. The ninety days offer you enough time to decide whether or not the mattress is a good investment for you.

If there is no chemistry between you and your bed, the brand allows you to choose another bed that will best suit your needs. Once you find your perfect choice, you can go on using the new mattress for years knowing that you have a 25-year warranty period that guarantees the durability.

IKEA has a no non-nonsense return policy. The company wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, if exchanging your mattress for a better product does not work; you can always return the bed within 365 days.

The company will give you a complete refund. The refund will be made in a similar manner as the original payment. You can simply return your mattress on condition that it is in a re-salable condition. The company may refuse return in the event that the returns terms are not completely met.

IKEA Mattress GuaranteeTrial Period and Exchange Policy

The IKEA mattresses have been thoroughly tried to comply with the company’s strict standards for durability and quality. The brand believes that it has met the highest standards for home use. And that is why IKEA offers a 25-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

The warranty for mattresses along with other bed accessories remains valid for 25 years from the time of purchase. You are expected to have the original receipt with you for the warranty to be valid. The warranty applies to home use only, including:

  • Springs in the spring beds
  • Latex core in the latex beds
  • Foam core in the foam beds
  • Springs and wooden frame in the wooden base spring beds
  • Springs, slats, and wooden frame in bed bases

The IKEA Group will observe the returned mattress and decide if the damages are covered under the IKEA mattress warranty. The company will, at its discretion, replace or patch-up the defective mattress, if considered covered.

If the defects are covered by the 25-year warranty, the company will incur costs of travel for repair staff, labor, spare parts, and repairs. All the above will happen if the mattress is available for upkeep without any special expenditure.

The 25-year warranty does not apply to the following: a mattress that is inappropriately used; altered, misused, abused, or cleaned using unacceptable cleaning agents and methods. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty does not apply to mattresses exposed to humid conditions. It does not also cover mattresses with incidental or consequential damages.

The Wrap Up

The HAUGESUND Spring Mattress brings us to the end of our IKEA mattress review. IKEA, more than any other company, has been read as bringing the future of mattress technology into homes of the emerging middle class.

IKEA dominates its market by being a generalist in the mattress retailing sector. The company is known to meet the expectations of all its clients. And that is why they have a remarkable lineup of mattresses best suited for everyone.

Our Mattress Buyer’s Checklist will help you keep track of the mattresses you like while you shop so you can make the best selection.