Inada Massage Chair Reviews

Inada Massage Chair Reviews

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Choose the Inada massage chair that meets all your wellness, relaxation, and massage needs. Inada is the world’s most advanced masseuse. This company produces smart chairs that you will want to feel day-in-day-out. They offer technology inspired by the ancient art of Shiatsu. Their products are among the best selling in the world.

Sitting in an Inada chair is a vacation. Others shake and vibrate in a one-size-fits-all program. Inada sees your body using state-of-the-art technology, tailoring your own personal massage.

Say goodbye to sore shoulders, legs, back, or butt with Inada smart chairs. Forty years of researching kneading speed, strength and the motions of a masseuse’s knowing hands helped the company develop a totally unique technology.

Why Choose Inada?

The company is committed to providing the finest massage chair experience in the world. The brand’s experts provide the clientele base with the most comprehensive and industry’s finest products.

The Inada Family created the category, and they have been on the leading front thanks to their persistent pledge to product development and innovation, from the 1960s to the present.

The brand is always committed to the most reliable standards of precise engineering and craftsmanship.

With an Inada massage chair, you get legendary quality. Their innovation has never stopped regardless of the fact that they lead in awards and recognition. The company’s amazing product performance and legendary quality provide many people relief from stress and pain.

Top 4 Inada Massage Chair Reviews

Short Reviews Fully Reclined Length (cm) Weight (pounds) Max Recline Angle (degrees) Power Rate (W)
Inada Sogno 210 265 170 170
Inada Flex 3S HCP-S373 195 165 165 130
Inada Dreamwave HCP-11001 210 265 170 208
Inada Medical HCP-S878 190 163 165 150

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Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno is the world’s finest massage chair that has been engineered to improve wellness and natural healing through Shiatsu massage. Sitting on the Sogno is like being tenderly held in your mother’s arms in a dream.

Delicately formed and abundantly furnished with various massage functions, Sogno captures all hopes and wishes to offer a unique, premium bodywork experience. This is the ultimate electronic chair you could possibly want.

Comprehensive Modern Design

Sogno is your new companion after an eventful day. The soft curves that envelope as well as massage the entire body are designed by the world’s famous furniture industrial designer, Toshiyuki Kita.

Traditionally, electronic chairs have not been compelling pieces of furniture, but with Toshiyuki Kita’s masterful touch, Sogno becomes the modern form that blends Japanese and Western sensibilities without any sacrifices whatsoever to the quality of Shiatsu.

Proprietary Functions

The Sogno is equipped with five new proprietary functions previously unknown to the industry. Its unique neck and shoulder air acupressure unit provides Shiatsu, kneading and gentle traction massage simultaneously. Standard massage mechanisms simply cannot provide this level of comfort.

The full arm function wraps around the whole arm from the fingertips to the upper arms with twenty-two inflating cushions that provide gentle and therapeutic air driven manipulation.

An experienced therapist will align your muscles at the end of the session. This is recreated by the lavish dream wave feature. A massage in a pattern of a figure eight gives one sensation of being rocked by a gentle, undulating wave.

You get total body stretch. The upper body is extended in an arc stretching muscles that are not normally used by most brands.

Today, adults are not the only ones who suffer from health problems induced by stress. The youth session is aimed at adolescents in their growth stage and is designed for use from about fourteen years of age.

The strain on the adolescent body is minimized, allowing the massage chair to serve the entire family’s need for relief from daily fatigue. Your dreams have come true with your new dream chair, Sogno.

Easy to Control Remote Operation

Sogno is the easiest to operate compared to competing products. The remote is tethered to the smart chair with a suitable cable. You can always house the remote into the available side pocket whenever you are not using it.

With intuitive control buttons, you, you can choose the ideal massage technique from eight pre-programmed sessions. You can also customize your own experience.


  • Shiatsu point locator senses your personal shiatsu points.
  • It is fully adjustable for personal preference with its 3-D roller mechanism.
  • Offers relaxing foot and calf shiatsu.
  • Adjusts to your body size and heights from five to six and half feet.
  • Provides full arm massage and side pressing.


  • The remote is not wireless, which makes it a bit inconvenient for some users.

Inada Flex 3S HCP-S373 Massage Chair

Inada Flex 3S HCP-S373 Massage Chair

The Inada Flex 3S HCP-S373 is a life enhancing, life changing electronic massage chair for the money. This master piece is uniquely engineered to provide mobility and flexibility needed for a healthy and normal function body.

Flex 3S construction aims at improving your overall sense of well-being. The chair’s engineering is based on this mind-body connection. The distinctive approach to design is what makes the Flex 3S the only equipment to combine traditional Japanese shiatsu techniques with effective stretching movements.

The outcome of the amazing construction is freedom from poor posture, stiffness, and pain. However, mobility and stretching are just the tip of the iceberg as far as functionality goes. It is also effective at reviving the natural S curvature of the spinal column as a way of improving posture.

It is also designed to stimulate abdominal muscles to strengthen the core. At the same time, it helps to induce deep breathing via its shoulder and back movements. This essentially exercises the diaphragm.

Four Pre-Programmed Sessions

The chair is pre-programmed with four healthcare programs, which are chosen according to purpose. They include the following:

  • Massage and Stretch

This is a full body massage session that includes stretch movements. This program stretches your inner abdominal muscles and at the same time relaxes your diaphragm.

  • Full Body Stretch

This program consists of stretch movements that bend your whole body backward. The program firmly stretches your back.

  • Full Body Massage

This is the ideal program when you are fatigued or lacking energy. Full body and specific massage for painful joints can reduce stiffness and pain, and improve your quality of life.

  • Lower Body Massage

This is a program that focuses on your lower body, which is from your lumbar spine to your legs. It is the ideal session for alleviating fatigue in the lower back muscles to your pelvic area after long standing hours or physical activity.

3D Push-Out

This session uses air specific flexibility to adjust the intensity and perfects a balanced shiatsu feeling. The running rollers are effectively pressed out by airbags that move in three dimensions. This session penetrates pains and aches.


  • Remote control allows for easy operation by simple press of a button.
  • Four pre-programmed sessions for effective bodywork.
  • Combines traditional Japanese techniques with effective stretching movements.
  • Comes with soothing air cell compressions of feet, legs, and arms.


  • White glove delivery charges are incurred.

Inada Dreamwave HCP-11001 Massage Chair

Inada Dreamwave HCP-11001 Massage Chair

The Dreamwave HCP-11001 is an expertly designed massage chair for a remarkably wide range of ages. With the most body coverage on the market at over twelve thousand two hundred square inches, the headrest covers your gentle traction in the shoulder and neck.

The chair features five top-of-the-line functions, including: New Swing, Full Body Stretch, Full Arm Massage, Shiatsu/Shugi Pull Kneading, and Youth Program Functions. Experience the new features that are offered by an exceptional design.

Shiatsu/Shugi Pull Kneading

This is the first function provided by the equipment to combine shoulder and neck manipulation. It lifts your neck up from both sides. Then again, shiatsu pressure is applied on the neck by the neck region air pads. This helps to alleviate stiffness.

Full Arm Massage

It comes with a top of the line full arm air press unit. The unit has twenty air cells that effectively work on the fingertips, forearm, and upper arm. The full arm feature provides in-depth kneading from your shoulder joint to your fingertips.

The full arm function allows you to enjoy gentle kneading with your shoulders and arms enveloped in the movable unit that adjusts according to your size.

Full Body Stretch

Full body stretch provides brilliant stretching at a whole new level. Do you usually use muscles extensively? Do not worry, the full body stretch will effectively work on your muscles from head to toe for a rejuvenating experience.

Swing Function

With the Dreamwave, you get the swing session that mimics the actions of masseuse after treatment. Dreamwave side press thrusts against the pelvis. The side press also work with the chair’s air cells to deliver a bodywork with a credible sensation.

Youth Program

This is the ideal session for youths of age fourteen and above. The reclining angle of the chair is automatically configured to allow young people to alleviate stiffness as well as recover from the fatigue of the today’s lifestyle.


  • Locates shiatsu points automatically for an effective Shiatsu.
  • Air actuated mechanism helps in the adjustment of massage intensity.
  • Gentle rhythm of the seat promotes thorough relaxation.
  • Youth program offers a low stimulation massage for young people aged 14 years and above.
  • Alleviates minor muscle aches as well as pains.


  • May act up and refusing to start.

Inada Medical HCP-S878 Massage Chair

Inada Medical HCP-S878 Massage Chair

The Inada HCP-S878 is a world class massage chair that is available for those who need quality and proven health benefits. This masterpiece is jam packed with state-of-the-art features, and it is still compact in size.

Do you have limited space, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of a medical massage chair? If yes, then you need the Inada S878. It offers you more ultimate effects as well as comfort details.

Uniquely Engineered Design

The S878’s headrest features the comfiest shape in the market. The fingertip sections are made of soft leather materials. The company has proven through this chair that they are pursuing quality in detail.

The chair is fitted with seat surface airbag function. A reliable and stable acupressure is accomplished through an effective squeezing session that is felt between the heart and the seat surface airbag.

It is fitted with limb warming function. With this function, the seat is capable of warming the fingertips as well as toes. It also warms areas of the body that are susceptible to cold. Therefore, relaxing such areas from inside out.

12 Acupoints

It is incorporated with twelve Acupoints, which are engineered to fortify the overall experience of acupressure through rubbing and up-down actions. The Acupoints resemble the size of an actual thumb.

Smart Optical Detecting System

This detecting system is designed to detect Acupoints with respect to your body shape. The system accurately locates Acupoints to deliver a deep massage. This presents the definitive relaxing experience.


  • Fitted with twelve Acupoints for strengthening the overall experience of acupressure.
  • Ultimate design materials offer exceptional representation of maximum comfort.
  • Seat surface airbag function allows for a reliable and stable massage.
  • Smart optical detecting system detects Acupoints based on body shape.
  • Limb warming functionality offers a refreshing experience.


  • May not be the best massage chair for young people.

Warranty and Support

Inada offers a three-year limited replacement or repair warranty with on-site service. The company will replace or repair any defective equipment at their sole discretion. They will return the massage chair at a fully functioning state.

The warranty only extends to customers. Repairs on the chair can only be conducted by the company’s representatives. Replaced parts are included in the warranty policy for the rest of the service period.

On-site service is provided on workdays during working hours as necessary. If you decide not to accept the available replacement for your chair, Inada will no longer be accountable for making the requested repairs under the limited warranty.

The limited cover does not account for services required on a massage chair due to the following reasons:

  • Dropped product or parts, such as cracked remote housing.
  • Failure of fabrics, tears, or cosmetic changes.
  • Relocation, set-up, or installation from the initial installed location.
  • Power surges, electrical disturbances, improper maintenance, abuse, misuse, or negligence.
  • Failure by the customer/user to use a high quality, high performing surge protector.
  • Improper operating area.
  • Malfunction or damages caused by a pet or animal.
  • Any issue that does not involve a defect.
  • Institutional, commercial, business, or rental use.
  • Redundant service calls.
  • Using incompatible items with the equipment.

As far as the limited warranty is concerned, the company’s maximum liability is limited to the cost of replacing or repairing faulty equipment. Inada will not be responsible for consequential and incidental damages.

Final Words

A massage chair from Inada is definitely an important asset in your personal comfort. Therefore, do not settle for inferior imitations or cheap models. Inada may not be producing the least expensive massage chairs, but they are certainly the best in the industry.

Unlike conventional electronic chairs that fail after a short while, an Inada electronic massage chair provides relaxation and comfort for years to come. The company’s success is based on years of research, award-winning design, advanced innovation, and strict quality control.

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