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Intellibed Mattress Review

Intellibed is the brand that is known for its unique line up of mattresses because these beds feature gel materials in their comfort layers. The gel materials perform better than the foams when it comes to pressure relief plus, they also add durability to the product. Moreover, Intellibed mattresses are equipped with multiple layers and are excellent in delivering comfort and support to your body so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Key Characteristics of an Intellibed Mattress

  • All bed ranges from Intellibed including Gel Elite, Posture Perfect and Relief Perfect are equipped with the IntelliGel technology that is patented.
  • The Lo-Motion feature delivers a soft feel when you are lying on the bed with the pocket coils and it improves the capability of the bed to transfer motion between the partners.
  • Intellibed is scientifically proven to deliver you healthy sleep at night.
  • The mattresses are equipped with both firmness and softness features which are not available in any other product available on the market.
  • The Intellibed mattresses will last four to ten times longer as compared to the other foam or box spring items.

Intellibed Mattress is best for you if:

  • You want to achieve your healthiest sleep yet.
  • You don’t enjoy sleeping hot and sweat.
  • You are a side sleeper because it offers a great pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • You don’t want to compromise on the support of comfort. The gel layer in the Intellibed provides both soft and a firm feel at the same time.

Intellibed Mattress is not for you if:

  • If you prefer the memory foam feel because a high-density memory foam offers a decent motion transfer.
  • Some people tend to change their mattress so often. If you like to change your mattresses frequently then Intellibed is not for you since it is an expensive option.

Construction – What is the Intellibed Mattress made of?

Other brands claim that you can either choose firm or soft beds, however, with Intellibed; you have the option of getting both the features because your body needs them both at the same time and for this reason, the company calls its beds “No-compromise mattresses.”


These beds provide you with the back support that is the feature of a firm bed along with the cushiony comfort that you crave for and look to buy a soft one. With both these aspects, Intellibed is the right brand to buy.

For this reason, the beds are equipped with multiple layers to provide you the sound sleep that you need. There are different layers that are involved in the construction of Intellibed.

  • The top layer that features organic cotton, natural silica fire-blocker, and no off-gassing.
  • The IntelliGel layer that is equipped with medical-grade IntelliGel with non-toxic and hypoallergenic characteristics. The Gel Matrix offers zero off-gassing and seeks and relieves pressure points. You will be able to sleep cool plus the layer comes with industry-leading 20-year durability.
  • The Talalay Latex Foam layer with supreme quality that adds to the longevity of the mattress and equips it with furniture grade quality too. It means that your mattress won’t leave or create any impressions of your body when you get off it or in the long run.
  • The support layer with laced inner-springs made of highest quality steel and provides you with best alignment support as well as outstanding durability.

The IntelliGel is the membrane that copes well with varying pressure points depending upon the body shape and structure. This membrane collapses under vital areas of your body and works differently when it is compared with other types of beds such as coils or memory foam.

Intellibed mattresses also come with coil pockets in the base layer which makes it bouncy but that doesn’t mean motion will dissipate all over it and partners will suffer if you move a lot in your bed. The Lo-Motion technology covers these aspects to keep you and your partner at ease throughout the night.

Due to gel construction, you will also be able to sleep cool at night. The quality of all the materials used in the making is extremely fine and for this reason, your Intellibed will last for many years to come. There are three different models of Intellibed Numea mattresses including Azure, Sapphire, and Indigo. The Numea mattresses from Intellibed are the only ones with 100% softness as well as 100% firmness.

Intellibed Numea Azure Mattress

intellibed azure mattress

The sleep surface of this Numea Azure is equipped with top quality innerspring with high coil count which ensures a superb back support. Next, come the plush comfort layer of IntelliGel and after that a highly dense Certi-PUR memory foam for an excellent pressure relief. This bed is better than most of the products available out there on the market when we talk about pressure releasing and does well to limit turning and tossing. With Numea Azure, you will wake up fresh in the morning without anybody aches or back pains. If you will add an adjustable base in place of a flat box spring then the sleep surface will perform better.

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Intellibed Numea Sapphire Mattress

intellibed Sapphire mattress

In this model, the sleep surface has wrapped pocket coils for proper back alignment and it also reduces the motion transfer that is caused by the movement of your partner. There is a comfort Gel Matrix layer coupled with soft Talalay Latex layer and they together provide the ease and relaxation that you crave for while having an excellent back support. Numea Sapphire is completed with non-off gassing fire blocker made of silica to meet the federal burn quality and safety standards.

Intellibed Numea Indigo Mattress

Intellibed Numea Indigo

The Numea Indigo is the Ultimate Luxury product line from Intellibed and this range is also 100$ soft and 100% firms at the same time. The top layer of Gel Matrix is covered with a premium quality cover and under the top layer, there are a couple of Talalay Latex foam layers that features wrapped coils to control motion transfer along with a layer of Serene, the signature comfort support layer for this model. The Numea Indigo will be available soon and it will come in all standard mattresses sizes. For those of you who prefer looks as well as performance, this is the right option to choose.


Apart from the gel characteristics, the Intellibeds are unique because of the both soft as well as firm at the same time with its Mattress 101 technology. This characteristic is very hard to explain but when you use the mattress, the initial feel will be firm and then the overall pressure is immediately relieved afterward. This important feature makes the mattress best suited for any sleeping potion. You can use Intellibed if you prefer to sleep on your back or on the stomach or you can also use it if you like to sleep on your side.

The pressure relief features are great for the side sleepers while the firmness support works well for the people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. Due to better support levels, the bed is extremely responsive even more than most of the latex mattresses that you find on the market. Better response means that you will get the feel of sleeping on the mattress rather sleeping in it.


You will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience on it because Intellibed has designed and manufactured it while considering all your preferences and requirements so that you can relax all night and get up fresh in the morning. Intellibeds are among the top-most comfortable products because they are equipped with both levels of firmness.

pressure relief

Because these mattresses are able to handle pressure points well, they can relieve back pains and shoulder aches with help of the combination of coil system and IntelliGel. The thick gel layer that is used over the coil pockets base layer makes sure that the bed contours to various body curves and shapes. Furthermore, the top cover of this mattress is made of organic cotton and it feels very soft when you lay on it.


Intellibeds have multiple layers that contribute to their overall support feature. The base layers equipped with coil pockets while the support layer keeps the tension even between the top and the bottom layers. Moreover, these layers prevent you from sinking into the mattress. You will feel that you are sleeping on the mattress instead of sleeping in it.

On the top is the gel layer but the base layer is very thick and dense. These layers are also available in the adjustable range from Intellibeds. These multiple layers work together and deliver that soft and firm feel that you get when you sit or lay on these beds.  The multi-layered Intellibeds also ensure that the mattress keeps it shape for a long time to come.

Due to the gel technology used in the making, the beds are able to handle the pressure points well and the mattress automatically contours itself to make the necessary adjustments. Therefore, multiple layers of Intellibeds ensure that your spine remains well aligned and you don’t develop any pains during the night. These are some of the rare features that you won’t find in any other mattress on the market.

Value for Money

You might think that Intellibeds are expensive as compared to all other products but when you use the features you will also come to believe that these beds also offer plenty of value too. As mentioned above, the Intellibeds are made by using the state of the art technology and combining different layers to provide you with a combination of firmness, support, low motion transfer, high comfort and heat regulating features.

Most of the beds that you will find on the market will lack one or more of these characteristics but with Intellibeds you don’t have to compromise on anything and for this reason, they call their beds No Compromise Mattresses. The prices of each of the sizes are listed as follows.

Size                     Azure                  Sapphire            Indigo

Twin XL              $2699                 $2999                 $3799

Full                     $3499                 $3799                 $4999

Queen                $3799                 $4199                 $5499

King & Cal King  $4499                 $4999                 $6399

Based on the product characteristics the prices are as follows,

Type                                 Price

Gel+                                  $899 to $1,599

Gel Elite                           $1,399 to $2,999

Posture Perfect               $2,299 to $4,399

Relief Perfect                   $2,299 to $4,399

If you add miscellaneous items and services then the additional prices will be,

Items                                             Price

Box Spring                                     $200 to $400

Frame                                            $49.95 to $109.95

Protector                                       $90 (required for the 60-day trial)

Existing Mattress Removal          $99


The top layer of Intellibeds is extremely comfortable; the second layer has a significant role to play to improve the breathability of the mattress and keep you cool and calm during your sleep. The second layer is equipped with the gel material that not only improves the support level of the bed but it also prevents you from getting sweaty during the night. You will wake up as fresh as ever in the next morning and the start the new day with a rejuvenated energy.

Motion Isolation

The Intellibeds are equipped with IntelliGel to do well when it comes to motion isolation. However, there will be a slight motion transfer that you or your partner experience on this bed. High-density memory foam will do a better job by Intellibed mattress is not far behind. Nonetheless, the bed is able to handle most of the movement well from one side to another.


You will notice that we have discussed the IntelliGel quite a lot in this review and it appears again. The gel feature works well to handle any smell especially after the first couple of weeks of your purchase. In the first two weeks there will be a slight smell but with the passage of time, it will fade away.


The bottom layer of Intellibeds is very thick and dense which remains the contributing factor in longevity and durability of it. This thick base layer keeps its shape and it also enables other layers in shape too. Even after a long time of use, it won’t lose its shape due to frequent use or heavyweights.


Intellibed uses the services of Seko for the shipment of the beds. After confirmation of your order you will receive an email and on the same day, you will receive a call to schedule the date and time of the delivery. The average delivery time ranges from 12 to 14 working days but you can also go for expedited services if you want your mattress quickly.

Warranty & Returns

The Intellibeds are covered with 20 years of limited warranty and you can claim any issues with materials or craftsmanship. Plus your mattress comes with a 60-Day trial within which you can return it no questions asked.


Intellibeds are manufactured with 100% safe materials for your health as well as the environment.  The company has used the isoflex and copolymer gel and formed its signature Gel Matrix to create these beds for you.

Additional Advantage 

In addition to the mattresses, you can also buy adjustable bases for your bed at Intellibeds. The bases are available in various sizes to accommodate your mattress. Intellibed also sells high-quality bedding accessories for your convenience.

Final Verdict

Intellibed mattresses are unique because they feature Gel Matrix and they focus on both comfort and support. The mattresses are also able to respond and handle motion isolation very well.  These beds come with a variety of features and you can access them at a very competitive price too.

  1. Purchased the Intellibed mattress three years ago with assurance from the sales representative that we would have no problems with the mattress, and if it did break down quickly they have a 30-year warranty that is valid and presents no problems for customers.
    We were very familiar with gel mattresses due to the fact we purchased a similar mattress three years previous to this purchase at the same store location, and actually went back to complain and see what they could do. The salesman informed us that the mattress company that was at that location had gone bankrupt, and it was one of the previous partners of Intellibed, who had left and started his own mattress company. He assured us that Intellibed would not break down it had more spring support and also assured us that we would have no problems with a warranty issue as well. We actually purchased the protective cover they suggested as well as the box springs, and pillows. We left the store spending over $3600 dollars and that included a 20% because of our bad experience with our previous mattress.
    Now three years after our purchase both my husband and myself wake up in pain-due to the fact the middle part of the bed does not nave enough support. After contacting the company and filling out all the correct paper work, and taking pictures they told me that they could not honor their 30-year warranty-due to the fact that normal wear and tear on a mattress is ½ inch. They also sent out two employees to measure and take pictures of the bed as well. When they measured the bed, it was ½ in. and ¾ of inch wear and tear on the bed; with ¾ of inch in the middle portion of the bed-where we complained there is no support. They never called me or returned two placed calls to customer service. On the third call the customer service representative put me on hold, and then came back and said that the would not honor the warranty due to the fact the mattress needs to sag or have a wear and tear measuring over ¾ of inch.
    Consequently, the change their measurement requirements according to what they measure-there is definitely no warranty. They also do not stand behind their product or their selling promo’s-that we were promised at the purchase of the bed. I would never suggest purchasing an expensive Intellibed-unless you feel that a $4000.00 + bed is worth about two and half years of comfort.

    1. Melinda,
      I’m so sorry you had that experience.
      We usually see stories like this when mattresses are purchased from a store rather than direct online sales. Unfortunately, when dealing with a middleman (mattress or furniture store), this is, unfortunately, a common scenario.
      I will tell you that you don’t have to stop at asking the company to do the right thing.
      I have seen that posting on sites like Consumer Affairs or complaints with the Better Business Bureau help some customers get their issues resolved to their satisfaction. In some states, the state’s Attorney General has taken action against some furniture stores and mattress stores that weren’t honoring their advertised warranty. Anyone can write to the Attorney General in their state, you don’t need an attorney to do so. Hiring an attorney is also an option. When I, as a consumer, have difficulties with a store that doesn’t keep its promises, I find the above actions help.

      We do appreciate your feedback.

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