King vs ca king

King vs California King

What is a King Bed?

size of king mattress bedA King is a mattress size that measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is 4 inches broader than the Cal King and 4 inches shorter than the Cal King. Among all the mattress sizes, it is the widest, proving more room for changing positions.

A king size bed is an ultimate choice for couples who want unlimited space for maneuverability and maximum comfort. The available size is equivalent to 2 Twin XL mattresses. Two people can sleep separately without disturbing one another.


  • The King offers additional space as well as comfort compared to the smaller sizes, making it ideal for a family of one kid, since they can all sleep on the same bed comfortably.
  • The King is a good choice for any décor. It does not look inconspicuous. Not to mention that it is noticeable.
  • The King is fully customizable and the only limitation is your imagination. If readymade accessories do not satisfy you, you can always make your own.
  • The King offers numerous health benefits, such as alleviating pressure points and allows for appropriate neck alignment.
  • Ideal for side and combinational sleepers.


  • Not a suitable choice for taller people.

What is a California (Cal) King?

size of ca king (width and height)A California (Cal) King is a mattress size that measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. It is 4 inches slimmer than the King, and 4 inches longer than the King. When compared to all mattress sizes, it is the longest.

This is the ultimate choice for taller individuals, and people who like to use raised pillows. When compared to the King and Ca King, the Cal King offers adequate room for couples in terms of width and length. It is undoubtedly the ideal option for adjustable beds.


  • The Cal King is certainly the perfect choice for taller people. The extra height allows you to raise the pillows and stretch.
  • It is what you need if you have a narrow and long room. You can come up with your preferred configuration.
  • It is ideal for a combinational sleeper; you can stretch your legs when sleeping on your stomach or back.
  • Offers sufficient edge support for sitting.


  • May be slightly expensive

King vs. California King

KingCal King
DimensionsMeasures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is wider by 4 inches and shorter by 4 inchesMeasures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. It is slimmer by 4 inches and longer by 4 inches
CostThe cost of these two sizes is pretty close, and depends mostly on the construction, materials used, and the accessories
Space UsedIt is a perfect choice for guest rooms and master bedrooms, but may not be a convenient choice for narrow roomsIt is an ideal choice for master bedrooms and guest rooms, but may not be a suitable choice for shorter rooms
Short or Tall SleepersIt is mostly ideal for short people, but it can accommodate tall side sleepers who usually bend their knees when sleepingIt is a convenient selection for both tall and short people. There is room for stretching and raising the pillows
Number of Sleepers per BedIt offers adequate room to accommodate a couple or moreCan comfortably accommodate a couple, but not so many people
Ability to Change PositionsThe perfect choice for a couple who are both side and combinational sleepersIdeal for a couple of all sleeping positions (side, combinational, back, and stomach)


The price of the California King and the King are normally pretty close as far as the cost is concerned. Unlike the smaller sizes, such as the Queen and the Full bed, you have to consider the type and quality of the bed when comparing the King and the Cal King.

If you conduct in-depth research, you will discover that cheaper Kings or Cal Kings are of moderate quality as far as the construction and the materials are concerned. It is in such cases that the prices may differ by a few dollars.

Other considerations can include footboards, frames, and foundations, which you will certainly need in order to complete the setup of your bed. With that said, the King is the most popular bed of the two; so, it is the one which is usually cheaper even for a few dollars.

  • The overall winner for this category is the King.

Room Size Requirements

The King and the Cal King differ slightly in size, but they may require different room sizes in order to create adequate furniture space and walk room. The minimum room size for a King is 9 feet 6 inches by 11 feet 6 inches.

You can position the King in the middle with the bedhead touching the longest wall. This room may only offer enough space for side shelves attached to the headboard. The doors should be opening from the bedside towards the wall.

The standard room space for the King is 12 feet by 12 feet. This is a very capacious room that will house almost any configuration along with wardrobes. You use the abovementioned setup; the wardrobes should be directly opposite the footboard.

Insofar as the California King is concerned, you will need the longest room you can find, if you are planning to incorporate other things, such as side shelves and wardrobes. This is the only way you will get additional walk room.

The minimum room space we recommend for the Cal King is 13 feet by 12 feet. This would be adequate room for your Cal King. You have enough floor space to incorporate your furniture, walk room, and your bed.

If you feel like you need additional space, you can increase the length of the bedroom by feet or so, especially when you have problems positioning the main door. This way, you are able to install wardrobes on the opposite side of the bed in such a way that they would not interfere with entry or exit.

  • The overall winner for this category is the King.

Mattress Design

The most popular mattress designs that you are bound to come across are: all-foam and hybrid. King all-foam and Cal King constructions are usually suitable for people who like soft sleeping surfaces. Not to mention that they are normally cheap because foam is not an expensive material.

On the other hand, King and Cal King hybrids are a recommended choice for people who are used to the feeling of spring mattresses. They are generally made of pocketed coil systems with a specific type of material or materials, such as foam or latex.

King and Cal King hybrids are most likely to be pricier than King and Cal King all-foam. This is mainly so because of the premium materials used, which is especially true for hybrid latex mattresses. However, you will experience some significant differences with the facets of the individual beds.

Apart from the width advantage of the King and length advantage of the California King, the two-bed sizes offer almost similar sleeping benefits.

  • The overall winner for this category is the King.

Support and Comfort

When buying a King or Cal King bed, you must always consider the support and comfort you will get from the bed. The support you get from the King will not be the same as that you get from a Cal King.

A King hybrid offers enough edge support that allows you to sit on the edge without sinking the bed. However, a King all-foam may not offer the same privileges. In fact, some models will hardly support your weight on the edge without sinking.

On the other hand, the Cal King is longer and more compact than the King. Therefore, most models will offer you adequate edge support regardless of whether they are hybrids or all-foam constructions.

As far as comfort is concerned, the King will provide the much-needed comfort to all types of sleepers, except for taller people. On the hand, the Cal King offers the much-required length to all sleepers. You can turn and stretch as you wish, even for a taller sleeping partner.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Cal King.


The King size is the most popular of the two options, and its accessories are fairly cheap and easy to find in most shops. This may include the foundation, frame, headboard, footboard, additional covers, pillows, duvet, and sheets.

Then again, the Cal King is extraordinarily long, and most of its accessories may be difficult to secure not unless you order them along with the mattress. If you do not have the extra cash to order for extra fixtures, you may have to make your own accessories, especially the extra-long sheets and duvets.

  • The overall winner for this category is the King.


Apart from the other features, what sets the two mattresses apart is the difference in width and length. Therefore, you should always factor in the width and length when shopping for a King or Cal King, but they are both capacious. The overall winner is the King.

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