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Labor Day Mattress Sales

Labor Day Mattress Sales
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Long weekends, like Labor Day weekend, are a great time to buy a new mattress for two reasons. The first reason is that buying a mattress is like choosing the partner you’ll spend 1/3rd of the next decade with and it isn’t a simple decision, so having some extra time during a long weekend gives you the time you need to make the right choice. The second reason is that mattress manufacturers offer deep discounts during holiday weekends.

Best deals of the Labor Day Weekend Sales

Before you buy a mattress anywhere, make sure you read about the 20 Things You Should Know About Mattress Stores and use our free Mattress Buyer’s Checklist to make sure you get the best deal.

What is the First Step to Buying a New Mattress?

If you aren’t sleeping well, your mattress may be partially or wholly to blame. Sleep Deprivation can wreak havoc with your life – it can increase the chances you’ll be sick, experience an accident, and have relationship difficulties.

If your current mattress isn’t serving you well, this is a great time to buy a new one.

Signs You Should Consider a New Mattress over Labor Day Weekend

Signs You Should Consider a New Mattress over Labor Day Weekend

You should consider a new mattress now, if:

  • You sleep better in nice hotels than you do at home
  • Aches and pains are a normal part of your morning and there is no medical reason that explains them
  • You need a larger or smaller mattress due to changes in your lifestyle or the size of your bedroom
  • Your child is too big for their old bed
  • Your baby is ready to graduate from their crib to a toddler bed
  • The mattress in your RV or travel trailer leaves you too tired to enjoy your vacations
  • You’ve decided to use a space saving air mattress in your guest room
  • Your lower back hurts in the morning
  • If you feel frequently feel sleepy during the day

Don’t be Taken Advantage of When You Buy a Mattress during Labor Day Weekend

Not all mattress stores have your best interests at heart. Use our free Mattress Buyer’s Checklist, it will help you avoid pitfalls and traps that leave many mattress buyer’s stuck with a mattress that doesn’t work well for them. As a smart buyer, you can rest assured that you won’t get stuck with a mattress that leaves you worse off than you were before you bought a new mattress.

The list guides you through questions that you need the answers to in order to avoid a mattress buying mistake. Commissioned mattress people hate prepared buyers.

We’re not exaggerating the problem. Here is a direct quote of a warning from the Better Business Bureau site:

According to numerous complaints received in our office, consumers allege that Mattress Firm sells merchandise of poor quality, fails to adhere to their own guarantee, and lacks transparency in relaying their polices. Upon receipt of their purchased items, many consumers report the items are incorrect and differ in brand or model. Additional allegations state the merchandise sold is of poor quality and requires multiple repairs and replacements, also used items are often sold as new. When contacted regarding these concerns, consumers allege the company attempts to charge an additional fee to deliver the correct items. Complainants also report that the company has failed to honor their 120-day guarantee, preventing exchanges or refunds within the allotted time frame.

Don’t be Taken Advantage of When You Buy a Mattress during Labor Day Weekend

We did the Research on Mattress Store Games for You

We knew there were problems with the way customers at mattress stores are treated but we had no idea how bad it was or how often it was bad before we spent more than 100 hours investigating the games mattress stores play on unsuspecting customers. Our results were published in our review of mattress stores.

Mattress store reviews are full of heartbreaking stories from customers who didn’t ask the right questions. We created the Mattress Buyer’s Checklist to protect our readers from those problems.

Don’t be Misguided by Myths

Don’t be Misguided by Myths

As a child, I loved myths. I was transported to another time and place when I heard stories about Hercules, Zeus, Faun, Cupid, and so many others. However, urban myths are a different story because they harm real people.

The idea that the best way to choose a mattress is to lay down on it is one such myth. Laying on a mattress in the store isn’t a reliable way to choose your mattress. Don’t take my opinion, researchers who studied this issue agree!

Laying on a mattress while awake does not give us the information we need about how the mattress will feel when our muscles are relaxed during sleep. There are tons of reviews where mattress companies reply to customer complaints that the mattress that was delivered doesn’t feel like the one in the store by responding that you shouldn’t expect it to feel the same!

The two best ways to decide if a mattress will help you sleep well:

  • Keep a sleep journal and track how well you sleep during a two-week period
  • Actigraphy is a way to monitor your sleep that is available in many watches including the Apple Watch, FitBit, and LetsCom, as well as other brands.

Use our free sleep journal to track the quality of your sleep. If you don’t already have a watch that has actigraphy, our review of sleep trackers with actigraphy will help you make a good buying decision.

Any mattress salesperson who tells you otherwise is spreading a harmful urban myth.

The Most Important Requirement in Selecting the Best Mattress

The best way to choose a mattress is to sleep on it. That means you need to have the ability to try it in your own home. Mattress stores often advertise free trials that are not real trials because they don’t offer a no strings attached money back guarantee.

Ask for details about the specifics of any sleep trial offered to you. When you buy a mattress online, you can read the policies on their website. Because the policies are transparent, the terms are usually much better for the customers.

The Best Way to Buy a Mattress during over Labor Day Weekend

Buying online provides the best terms and the best deal. You’ll find a lot of options that offer free returns, no restocking fees, no games, and long sleep trials.

Follow the Money is a good strategy when you decide where to buy a new mattress. This side-by-side comparison helps you visualize who benefits from the money you spend on a mattress.

Brick and Mortar Mattress Store

Money Trail

Online Mattress Store

Money Trail

It is easy to see why mattresses cost more when you buy them at a mattress store. They incur a lot of expenses that don’t benefit the purchaser.Mattress manufacturers who sell direct to the public save about half the costs they incur when they sell in stores. They pass some of those savings on to consumers via free shipping, free no-risk sleep trials, and by providing outstanding customer service.

They pass the rest of the savings on by charging less for the mattress.

Resources that Help You Make a Good Decision

Resources that Help You Make a Good Decision

The first thing you need to know before choosing your mattress is the styles you have to choose from:

We evaluate mattresses every day. The results of our research and our choices for the best mattresses for different uses and categories can be seen here:

Who We Are

At Best Mattress Reviews, our passion for helping people get a good night’s sleep directs the work we do. We reject relationships with any manufacturer who wants us to give their mattress a certain review. Honesty and integrity are important to us.

We make a small commission when you buy a mattress after following a link from our site to support our research and pay our writers for their efforts.

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