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This comparison focuses on two of the most renowned online mattress brands, Casper and Leesa. Read on for a spot on similarities and distinct differences between the two.

Quick Score Overview Leesa and Casper

the overall rating and review score for leesa bed mattress
the overall rating and review score for leesa bed mattress
the overall ratings and review score for casper bed mattress
the overall ratings and review score for casper bed mattress

Casper Vs. Leesa (Overall comparison)

  • Great for any sleeping position
  • Excellent comfort/support trade-off and Universal Feel
  • Stylish design and elegant cover
  • Ideal if you sleep hot
  • Minor motion transfer
  • Great if you weight more sleepers
  • Resilient and high quality certified materials used
  • Good value and warranty
  • Durable, high quality construction
  • Great if you’re an averaged weight sleeper
  • Great hugging and sinking feeling of memory foam
  • Durable and certified foams used
  • Industry standard warranty and sleep trial period


  • Single model and firmness available
  • Maybe too firm for side sleepers
  • Not suited for consumers who prefer thick memory foam layers
  • Some off gassing
  • Perhaps not suitable for overweight people
  • Not the best option for hot sleepers
  • Some off-gassing smell
  • Not ideal for side sleepers
  • Perhaps a bit expensive compared to other mattresses offering similar quality
Ideal for…
  • People who value comfort
  • Individuals who appreciate design
  • People who don’t sleep in a fixed position
  • People who want to sleep cool
  • People who expect good value for their money
  • People who are cold sleepers
  • People who prefer a sinking deep down into the mattress feel
  • People who are average weight
Not great if you…
  • You prefer innerspring feel
  • You’re very overweight
  • You would rather a plush feel
  • You prefer “luxury” mattress
  • If you are a side sleeper
  • If you are overweight
  • If you prefer a “luxury” mattress
  • If you are on a budget
  • If you don’t like the sinking feeling of memory foam may not like this bed
  • If you sleep hot
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Leesa VS Casper(Detail Review)


Top cover



Leesa has a great stylish 4 bar design made of the poly-lycra blend. This kind of cover is durable and can endure substantial handling.Casper sports a two-tone cover in a white surface which features grey sides. The fabric used is stretchy, breathable and soft to touch. Although the new cover used is sturdier, yet it is still not as durable as Leesa, since it can tear easily if you don’t handle with care.
Foam layers
  • Leesa is 10 inches thick and includes 3 layers:
  • Top layer: 2 inch proprietary Avena foam, which works like latex foam yet it is more durable.
  • Middle layer: 2-inch memory foam which contours to your body and supports you adequately.
  • Bottom layer: 6-inch support foam designed to deal with heat retention.
  • Casper is 9.5 inches thick and consists of 4 layers:
  • Top layer: 1.5-inch poly foam for a cool sleeping surface.
  • Second layer: 1.5-inch memory foam for pressure relief and support.
  • Third layer: 1.5-inch support foam for enhanced support.
  • Bottom layer: 5-inch support foam.


 FirmnessThis mattress offers pretty much the same firmness as the Casper, which is medium firm. Still, there is a distinct difference in the feel of each mattress. Casper, similar to Leesa and other mattress companies, is designed to offer a universal feel being medium firm , not extremely soft or extremely firm mattress. It does provide enough hug and feels unique when you lay down.


  • Whilst the Leesa is a bit too firm for petite sleepers, it offers a good level of body support.
  • When you lay down it feels more like the buoyant feeling and less that of the envelope.
  • You will enjoy the contouring feeling and cooling effect of the foam layers.


  • Both Leesa and Casper offer substantial support and contouring as they have a foam layer structure.
  • You will sense the hugging feel of the foam more as you lay down on the Casper, as well as the proper instant contouring and body support. You will sink down into the mattress a bit more with Casper compared to Leesa.
  • However, the main drawback of this mattress is its lack of edge support. Even far cheaper mattresses will do better in this area.

Motion transfer

 Motion transferThere is minimal motion transfer with the Leesa. This is great if your partner usually tosses and turns during the night, as there is little chance you will feel any disturbance.Similar to Leesa, the Casper does a good job at motion isolation. It is a good solution if you are a couple as you will not sense any movement from your partner.

Cooling effect

 Cooling EffectThe Leesa does a very good job dealing with heat retention compared to other memory foam mattresses. Of course, you will find other mattresses which sleep cooler, yet Leesa is still a very decent choice in terms of sleeping cool.Casper does sleep cool yet since it gives a bit more sinking compared to Leesa, it is best advised that you prefer it only if you tend to sleep cold yourself. This will help the mattress perform better.

Value for money

 ValueLeesa is priced slightly less compared to Casper. It comes at a reasonable varying cost depending on the size and choice of cover.

  • Twin mattress $525
  • Twin XL $625
  • Full/Double $790
  • Queen $890
  • King $990
  • California King $990
Casper is slightly expensive compared to its competitors, although not excessively at these prices:

  • Twin size $550
  • Full size $800
  • Queen size $950
  • King/Cal sizes $1,150
For Casper, you can enjoy $50 OFF with code BMR50

Smell – eco-friendly standards

 SmellLeesa is an eco-friendly mattress made of CertiPUR-US approved memory foam. It does give out a little odor and slight off-gassing, yet there is no risk for your health and it dissipates in a day or two following unpacking.The Casper has little unpleasant chemical smells when unpacked, yet these will quickly dissipate as long as you air the mattress before using.


 ShippingThe Leesa will ship via UPS to any continental USA are within 3-5 business days. It arrives compressed in a box free of charge.Casper offers free shipping for anyone living in the continental United States.  Your new mattress will arrive in a box style.

Trial and warranty/ return policy

Trial periodLeesa offers 100 days, 100% risk-free trial of their product. In case you are not pleased with your mattress, you can claim full refund no questions asked.Same as Leesa, this mattress offers 100 day trial period. This risk-free period is enough to test your mattress and decide if it suits you or not. In case you want to return the mattress, Casper arranges to pick it up and give you a full refund. The mattress will be donated to charity or recycled by a third partner.
WarrantyThe Leesa comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. It seems that based on consumers’ feedback, this is better than industry standards as the mattress seems to last really long!Like it is the case with Leesa, you get a 10-year warranty when you buy the Casper.

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Final Verdict

What makes mattresses differ in general, relates to a few basic details such as thickness and firmness, as well as the overall support and cooling effect which has become a major factor nowadays.

When putting Leesa side by side Casper, it appears that Casper provides plenty of hugging feel and sinking, which means it is less appropriate if you sleep hot or have more than a few extra pounds.

On the other hand, despite presumably the two have the same universal feel with medium firmness, the Leesa is perhaps a bit too firm for lightweight people and side sleepers.

The pricing, trial period and warranty are similar, so not much to distinguish there. In addition, both companies manufacture high-quality materials that are CertiPUR-US approved and despite some slight off-gassing, there is no risk for your health or the environments. Both Leesa and Casper deal with motion isolation quite well, so they make a good option for couples.

All things considered, while it is a matter of personal taste, based on consumers’ feedback and our own experience, the Leesa is probably better if you are an average or overweight sleeper who tends to sleep hot. On the other hand, the Casper is best if you tend to sleep cold and prefer a sinking feeling. The Leesa is a bit more firm, yet it offers great value for money.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which mattress suits your needs best.

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