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Level Sleep Mattress Review

Level Sleep is known in the industry for its science-based sleep products. These products are clinically proven and patented. Level sleep mattress technology and construction have gained many positive reviews from the research of leading experts from the Human Performance Center at UCSF as well as from the Director of Center of Human Sleep Research in the University of Stanford.

Level Sleep’s TriSupport mattress is one of these products that is specially designed for taking care of your backaches for good. TriSupport features 3-zones to support the body weight and curves with 3 unique sleeping surfaces.

TriSupport Technology Level Sleep Provided

A study, approved by IRB and designed by Dr. Clete Kushida, found that the TriSupport mattress has shown many positive trends. These include:

  • 56% reduction in pain,
  • 35% reduced tossing and turning,
  • 56% reduced time taken to fall asleep and
  • 43% lowered fatigue in the participants of the study.
  • 54% reduction in stiffness.
  • 62.5% improvement in daily working due to sleepiness.
  • 60% Increase in overall sleep satisfaction.

The TriSupport technology joins lumbar support with soft hip and shoulder zones. This design keeps your body and spine aligned and provides you with a comfortable yet supportive sleep surface. This construction is suitable for both back and side sleepers.

LongevityGoodThe highly dense layers of the TriSupport mattress don’t degrade over time due to normal wear and tear.
Motion TransferabilityVery GoodTriSupport mattress can absorb and reduce motion. It curbs nighttime disruptions caused by tossing and turning.
Edge-to-Edge SupportFairIt comes with dense layers so for the time being it will provide a good degree of edge support. However, it will reduce overtime.
ConformanceVery GoodIt comes with dual polyfoam layers that provide close conformance.
Pressure ReliefExcellentThe three different section of the comfort layer along with the base layer does a great job to provide excellent pressure relief for your entire body.
Spinal AlignmentExcellentAs the mattress works on different pressure points it also works on keeping your spine in its natural position.
Temperature RegulationFairThe TriSupport is an all-foam mattress and for this reason, it is not that great when it comes to temperature neutrality. Especailly for the big guy.
NoiseExcellentThe all-foam construction does not have any metal components and therefore, it doesn’t make any noise.
Off-gassingGoodThe off-gassing issue is present only for a few hours when you unpack your mattress. After that, the odor just fades away.
ResponsivenessFairTriSupport like all other foam models is not as responsive as couples would prefer.

How TriSupport mattress goes with different sleeping positions and body weight?

When you are looking for a mattress for yourself, then you must consider your sleeping position and body weight before you finalize your decision.

Stomach sleepers

TriSupport is  not the best option for people who sleep on their stomachs  because it is firm in the midsection. Keeping your belly on a firm surface for too long might initiate pain. Furthermore, the soft top section doesn’t provide an ideal sleeping platform for your neck when you sleep on your back. However, if you weigh more than 220lbs. the firm midsection will prove to be beneficial for you.

Back sleepers

TriSupport is  best suited for back sleepers  because this is the position that needs an adequate combination of conformance and support. However, being a heavyweight, you must think about your neck and must use a pillow top as well to prevent neck aches .

Side sleepers

Being a side sleeper, you must understand that pressure points have a significant role to play when you sleep on your side. It is where the Level Sleep TriSupport mattress different firmness comes in to play its part. The different firmness at shoulder, lumbar and hips makes sure that your body feels relaxed and comfortable during the sleep. Heavyweight people must use a pillow top as well.

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Construction & Design of Level Sleep

ItemsLevel Sleep Standard
CoverRecoveree Stretch Polyester (Highly Durable & Breathable)
3-inch Performance LayerLevel-Soft Foam(The Shoulder Zone)
Level-Firm Foam (The Lumbar Zone)
Level-Medium Foam (The Hip Zone)
7-inch Base LayerPolyurethane Foam (High Resilience)

The design and construction of Level Sleep’s TriSupport mattress specifically focus on back pain and restlessness caused by pressure points. The mattress combines soft and medium-firm mattresses for the shoulder and hip zones of your body and works on the pressure points.

The firm lumbar support keeps your spine aligned and adequately positioned throughout the night whether you sleep on your back or side.

Firmness of level sleep

The Cover

The cover of TriSupport mattress is made of top quality 4-way stretch polyester. This fabric feels rich and is highly durable. This cover also protects the mattress from developing any mold or dust and mites.

In addition to the comfort and durability that it offers,  the fabric is highly breathable . It means that you won’t feel hot while you are sleeping in this mattress.

The Comfort Layer

Level Sleep has named the comfort layer of its TriSupport mattress as Performance Layer. This 3-inch layer is divided into three different sections.

  • At the top end, there is a LEVELsoft™ Foam. The cushiony and soft foam used in this section absorbs the pressure of your shoulder and provides excellent relief from pain.
  • The bottom section of the Performance Layer is made of LEVELmid™ Foam. This section keeps the pressures from your hips and keeps your spine aligned from the bottom. The section works on hip and reduces the pressure points that cause pain.
  • The midsection of this mattress is made of LEVELfirm™ Foam. This section is made of a firm foam because it provides lumbar support and reduces backaches whether you sleep on your side or back.

The Support Core

The construction of the support core is straightforward. The base layer is comprised of one-piece 7-inch highly-resilient Poly Urethane foam. The base layer of TriSupport mattress is very breathable and sturdy. The durable base layer provides extraordinary support to the comfort layer. Moreover, it also serves to be a remarkable foundation on all types of flat surfaces.


TriSupport mattress from Level Sleep comes with a 10-inch width. The comfort layer is 3-inch thick while the support core is 7-inch thick. The comfort layer of Level Sleep Standard mattress is made of polyurethane foam. The thickness of the base layer provides excellent support to the comfort layer and enables it to perform its function adequately.

Support And Comfort

Edge Support

It is one area where Level Sleep mattress lags behind.  Due to all-foam construction, the TriSupport mattress doesn’t provide good enough edge support . It means that sitting on the edges is something that you should avoid, especially for the big guy.

Frequently using the edges will also adversely affect the shape of the mattress in the long run. However, the thick base layer does get the job done while handling pressure at the edge up to some extent.

Firmness level

The comfort layer of the TriSupport mattress from Level Sleep offers three different levels of firmness. Instead of the conventional layered-firmness, TriSupport mattress comes with sectioned-firmness.

It means the same 3-inch layer has different sections with different firmness levels. Each section has a different firmness level and provides different support and conformance according to the shape of your body which helps in reducing pressure points.

The top section of the comfort layer is soft, and it absorbs pressure from your shoulders and prevents shoulder pains. The midsection is firm, and it provides extra support to your lumbar and prevents backaches. The bottom section is medium firm to handle pressure points in your hip regions and prevent pains.


The TriSupport is all about comfort. It ensures that your entire body feels relaxed when you lie on your bed. The mattress handles the pressure points and provides support to your lumbar.

It means that you will not develop any back, neck or shoulder pains at all which ultimately results in a more comfortable rest and you will get up in the morning as fresh as ever.

In addition to that, all the mattress layers along with the cover are highly breathable which means that you will not sleep hot in your TriSupport mattress.

Sleeping hot and not having enough pressure relief are the two primary reasons why people don’t get a good night’s sleep. TriSupport mattress addresses both these issues, and for this reason, it has been clinically approved by many doctors and medical professionals.

Motion Transferability

TriSupport mattress handles motion transferability very well. Mostly, the credit goes to the all-foam construction. Polyfoam tends to work well for motion isolation and TriSupport is no different either.

The mattress is an excellent choice for couples because if one partner moves a lot during the night, the other one won’t get disturbed due to the movement.

Temperature Neutrality

Despite the highly breathable layers of foam and a 4-way stretch polyester cover, the mattresses are not the ideal option for people who sleep hot, especially for the big guy.

Pressure Relief

The construction of this mattress ensures that your body received the maximum pressure relief throughout. The soft level of the top section is designed for the shoulders to cushion them. The bottom section has the medium firmness to relieve pressure from hips. The firm midsection provides excellent lumbar support and stops a backache.

Pressure Relief

Better Sleep Guarantee, Warranty and White Glove Services

Level Sleep’s TriSupport mattress comes with a guarantee of 365 nights for better sleep. It means that you can try out the performance of the mattress during this period. According to Level Sleep, this guarantee is their ‘No Pain Campaign.

During these 365 days after your purchase if anytime and for any reason, you don’t find the Tri-Support mattress useful in reducing your backaches and fatigues, then the company will pick up the mattress and will grant you with 100% refund. Now, such an offer will definitely allow you to sleep at night with no worries.

Level Sleep also provides White Glove Services to its customers at a nominal fee. The team will not only set the mattress up in its frame but will also remove the old mattress as well.

In addition to the guarantee, your Level Sleep TriSupport mattress is also covered forever warranty. It includes your mattress for the mentioned period against any defects. The company will provide you with a full replacement or a full refund.

It is because Level Sleep backs the quality construction of the mattresses along with topnotch craftsmanship. Furthermore, the company conducts a stress-test on each of its mattress against any performance or quality issues.


The TriSupport mattress from Level Sleep is certified under CertiPUR-US. It is free from any flame retardants (PBDE), formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleters or phthalates. It has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are less than 0.5 parts/million. Such certifications ensure that the products of a brand meet the strict quality and environmental standards set by the independent governing bodies.

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Level Sleep’s TriSupport mattress is among the right options for you if you have troubles associated with your back, neck, should or hip pains. The science-based patented mattress design works well on the pressure points and provides support to your lumbar regions.

The sections with different firmness levels ensure that allures of your body get the best-suited comfort and support which is necessary to prevent different types of body aches. The TriSupport mattress has a critically acclaimed history, and various clinicians and chiropractic professionals highly recommend it.

  1. We had a Beautyrest mattress 20plus years so it was an easy decision to purchase a new Beautyrest 2 years ago. In those 2 years we have had a “defective” mattress replaced FOUR times and are about to have the Fifth. No questions, no explanations. What’s up with that?

    1. Hi Alyce,

      I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble with your Beautyrest mattress. It has to be extremely frustrating.

      I’ve noticed that brands traditionally sold in stores seem to struggle with quality and consistency far more than they did in the past. My personal opinion as someone steeped in the industry is that many of the companies that sell primarily in furniture stores are a lot like Blockbuster circa 2009. Their business model can’t compete with the newer model that eliminates the cost of the middleman, including commissions and retail store overhead. And, like Blockbuster, they are doubling down on their old way of doing business instead of following the lead of the newcomers who are able to provide higher quality products for lower prices and provide good customer service.

      It doesn’t help with your situation. That’s why we created a free mattress buyer’s checklist to help buyer’s avoid mattresses that don’t come with a free trial.

      I can’t help you with your current mattress, but the checklist can help you when you purchase your next mattress.

      I hope the 5th time is the charm and that you get a restful sleep consistently.

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