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Lovesac Bean Bag Chair Review

Lovesac Bean Bag Chair Review
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LoveSac makes me want to curl up and take a nap. It’s so cozy; the perfect place to stay warm all day during the cold winter months. It feels like a hug from a huge, welcoming pillow.

Hygge is a Danish word that refers to a room or characteristic that provides a sense of quality and coziness that appeals to humans and increases their feelings of calm, contentment, or well-being. A Lovesac with a phur cover like the one pictured above creates an immediate sense of hygge.


Lovesacs have an inner encasement that is filled with shredded Durafoam™ that will fluff back up and retain its supportive nature.

With a 60-day in home trial, you can find out if you love your Lovesac before you commit. Return shipping is free but you have to use the shrink kit that Lovesac provides with a shopvac to shrink it down for the return.

Your Lovesac will provide seating for between 1 – 4 people (and more if they’re little people)

Part of your Lovesac may be made in China and part will be made in the USA. Lovesacs aren’t inexpensive furniture like the beanbag chairs college students used to use. There are no beans, only durable foam, inside the Lovesac.

The only downside we have is that the Durafoam™ isn’t CertiPUR-US certified. Although we don’t recommend using the Lovesac as a regular bed, you will probably spend a lot of time on it. It would be nice to have the CertiPUR-US certification.

Lovesac consists of a cover that covers an inner lining or second cover that keeps the Durafoam™ enclosed. When you want to wash the cover, just unzip it and take it off the inner cover before putting it in your wash machine. You can still use the Lovesac with just the inner cover while the outer cover is being washed.


Comfy, soft, cuddly. The Lovesac bean bag chair gives you the feeling of cuddling up in the most comfortable position you’ve ever experienced. The foam responds when you move so you can change positions without loss of comfort. Anyone who has an easy time getting up from a chair or deep sofa will enjoy a Lovesac.

Care and Cleaning

Your Lovesac does need to be fluffed up occasionally.

Most covers are machine washable although there are a few exceptions. If you have kids or pets, make sure the cover you choose can be washed for best results.


The inside of the Lovesac is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The covers are guaranteed for 3 years. If you choose a Top Grain Leather cover, it will be warranted for 5-years.

The warranty is for manufacturer defects and won’t apply if the sac has been abused, burnt, damaged by exposure to liquids, body fluids, etc.

You’ll want to retain your receipt and be sure to file your warranty card so your sac will be covered by the warranty.

If you buy a floor or clearance model, it works a lot like the mattress industry. It’s considered a final sale and does not have a warranty.

Contact Lovesac if you want to file a warranty claim.

60-Day Free Trial and Returns

Lovesacs are eligible for return or exchange for 60-days from the date you received it. In the continental United States, shipping is free and so are returns during the 60-day free trial. Your proof of purchase is required for returns. You’ll be mailed a shipping label and if you’ve fluffed your sac, you can ask them to send a kit that you’ll use to remove the air so you can return your sac.

Sizes and Prices

Make sure you measure your floor space before you order to be sure you have enough room for your new Lovesac. If it ends up not fitting, you can exchange it for another size but packing the sac back up can be difficult, so it pays to take a little time to measure first.


Lovesac Bigone

This is a massive bean bag style chair measuring 6-foot wide and slightly over four feet tall. Filled with 95 pounds of Durafoam™, it seats two adults and two children or three adults. Durafoam™ cradles the weight of your body and doesn’t suffer from compression.

  • Replacement covers priced between $550 – $950
  • New with one cover $1,300


Lovesac Supersac

This Lovesac beanbag chair is the perfect size to make reading a bedtime story to two children comfortable for everyone. After the kids go to bed, the parents will enjoy cuddling together, enjoying the calm and peace of a home with sleeping children. Filled with 75 pounds of Durafoam™, your body will be well supported as you enjoy life in the ease of this furniture.

  • Replacement covers priced between $450 – 800
  • New with one cover $1,000


Lovesac Moviesac

The Moviesac is a perfect place for a parent and child to cuddle up to watch a movie. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching movies with my feet tucked under my dad’s leg to warm up my cold feet. It would have been so much better if we’d had a Lovesac. They’re also a great for reading a bedtime story. The Moviesac size weighs about 45 pounds.

  • Replacement covers priced between $450 – $650
  • New with one cover $850


Lovesac Pillowsac

The Pillowsac provides more room to lay back when you’re watching a show. It will hold an adult and a child, just like the Moviesac. The Pillowsac only weighs 36 pounds, which is mostly the Durafoam™ stuffing.

  • Replacement covers priced between $375 – $550
  • New with one cover $650


If you want comfortable seating for one or a group where they don’t want to share the same sac, the Citysac is ideal. If you have group think sessions at work, the Citysac is a great way to establish that you want creativity to be part of the huddle. Each Citysac weighs 35 pounds. If you have a small company, you could let everyone choose their favorite cover to make being in a meeting more enjoyable.

  • Replacement covers priced between $425 – $525
  • New with one cover $550


The Gamersac needs no explanation. If you spend hours honing your skill at your favorite game and belong to a virtual community you value, the Gamersac might be perfect for you. They’re comfortable and easy to fluff back up by tossing them around a few times. No matter how long you play, your Gamersac will fluff right back up and if for some reason it doesn’t, it’s guaranteed under the warranty.

  • Replacement covers priced between $375 – $500
  • New with one cover $350

To give you an idea of the size of the larger Lovesac’s, here’s an illustration of it next to a Sactional.

Fabrics and Colors

Lovesac will send you up to five sample fabrics free before you make your decision. If you haven’t decided which type of fabric, order several different types so you can feel them before you order.

At this time, the free covers with the purchase of a sac include:

  • Snow Owl Phur
  • Chinchilla Dense Phur
  • Eskimo Swirl Phur
  • Fox Cut Phur
  • Owl Phur
  • Obsidian Phur
  • Black Padded Velvet
  • Chocolate Padded Velvet
  • Taupe Padded Velvet

There are over 250 fabrics you can choose from to cover your Lovesac. Most of them are machine washable. We’ve included a sample of the many choices to whet your appetite.

Your choice of cover will determine how long it will take to receive your Lovesac. Some covers take up to 4 – 6 weeks. Quick ship choices arrive in just a few days.

TweedA distinctly elegant covering for your Lovesac, it’s not terribly pet or child friendly because it is not machine washable. You can take it to the dry cleaners if it becomes soiled.

PhurSoft and cuddley, phur adds a sense of playfulness to any room.

These Phurs are faux fur that you can machine wash and line dry to keep your Lovesac fresh and clean.

100% polyester

There are many color options to choose from, even some that will match or coordinate perfectly with your Lovesac Sactional!

The perfect place for comfort time, a nap, or relaxing with a book or your favorite cuddle buddy.


Microsuede is soft to the touch, durable, and machine washable so it is kid and pet friendly!

Available in a wide array of colors to suit any décor, you’re sure to find colors that will match your style – from modern to traditional to funky, Lovesac has Microsuede that you’ll love.

You can get a matching or coordinating Lovesac Sactional, too.

100% polyester. Machine wash in cold water and line dry.


The canvas covers are extremely durable. If you have rough teenagers or big dogs, canvas may be a great option for the cover.

85% cotton and 15% polyester. They are easy to wash in your wash machine in cold water. Line dry.

Linen and Faux Linen

Linen covers are made from 100% polyester. Faux Linen covers are made from 73% Repreve (recycled plastic bottles) and 27% polyester.

Both types of linens are machine washable although they should be line dried. Because they are washable, you’ll be able to keep them nice for a long time.

VelvetRunning your hands across soft velvet can be as soothing as petting your cat without the hassles of litter boxes or pet sitters when you travel.

Velvets in a variety of colors provide an option to suit your home or show your team spirit with team spirit colors that match the wall pendants in your TV room.

Velvet used to be a fussy fabric but these velvet Lovesacs are 100% polyester and machine washable in cold water. Line dry.


The polylinen covers are all machine washable and approved for line drying.

You’ll have to wait a bit for a polylinen cover as they aren’t one of the quick ship options.


Chenille is another scrumptiously soft fabric that you will love next to your skin.

The nature of chenille allows it to really make vibrant colors pop so if you want a colorful statement in the room, this Lipstick Lux chenille does the trick. Red. Sexy. Scrumptious!

And it is machine washable in cold water! Line dry.

This would make a great backdrop for fun Instagram photos.

The Phurs are our favorite because they are so cuddly. But the bright colors available in chenille are intense and make a statement.

Lovesac Bean Bag Pros and Cons


  • Washable
  • Removable cover
  • Changeable cover
  • Inside has a lifetime warranty
  • The most awesome selection of covers
  • 60-day home trial


  • High price
  • Not CertiPUR-US certified


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