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Lovesac Sactionals Couch Review

Lovesac Sactionals Couch Review
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You may have heard of Lovesac bean bag chairs offering the ultimate fluffy nest for a nap or snuggling session with your lover. Now they’ve introduced an amazing innovative Lovesac sactional. Unlike traditional sections that come with big, bulky sections that require multiple people to move and barely fit through doorways, Sactionals come in smaller parts that most people can carry without assistance and they’ll fit through any doorway, even a narrow RV door.

They guarantee the frame for life, providing a foundation you can use to build a sofa/sectional that will work well for you during every stage of your life. Durable enough to deal with children and pets and washable so baby’s spit-up is as easy to clean as Rover’s drool or the piece of a chocolate bar you didn’t realize you dropped until it melted into the seat cushion.

As your needs or tastes change, you can update the covers and add pieces as your space expands. Read on to learn about this highly flexible solution for a lifetime of seating needs.


Priority number one for a couch is comfort. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t enjoy it. Your friends won’t visit because you don’t have a comfortable place to relax. You’ll end up going out and spending money because it is easier than sitting on an uncomfortable couch. Or, you’ll end up watching TV in bed and messing up your sleep hygiene.

Care and Cleaning

One of the great advantages of Lovesac Sactionals is that most of the covers are machine washable. If they become soiled, you can unzip them, wash them, and hang them to dry. If they are irrevocably soiled or damaged, you can order replacements. One of the young children in our family decided to poke holes in the leather arm of her father’s recliner with a steak knife. The chair was damaged beyond repair. If it had been a Sactional, they could have simply ordered a new cover for the arm.

Children, pets, and guests make mistakes. Lovesac sactionals help make those mistakes easy to forgive.


Both a straight arm and a rolled arm version are offered. You can even change it later or mix and match. It’s entirely up to you!


The hard pieces have a lifetime warranty.

The inserts in the cushions have a 3-year warranty unless you upgrade to down or Lovesoft™. The upgraded inserts have a 5-year warranty. Indoor and outdoor fabric covers have a 3-year warranty with the exception of top grain leather which has a 5-year warranty.

Warranties don’t cover damage due to abuse from pets, burns, ink stains, water or fire damage, natural disasters, etc.


If you unleash your imagination, you won’t find a more versatile couch. The Lovesac sectional can be as small as a chair and as big as you’d like. There is no limit to how many pieces you can join together. If you move, you can change the configuration to suit your new space, change sectionals into chairs and sofas if that’s what the space needs. If your family or circle of friends grows, you can add new pieces.

You can explore bold color choices because you’re not stuck with the choice – you can just replace the covers and change the look of your Lovesac sactional. If you love the idea of changing your décor seasonally, Lovesac sactionals allow you to do it. Want bright colors in the summertime? Or want to cheer up dreary winter days with a canary yellow sactional? Do you want to calm the kids during the summer? Swap to a soothing blue.

Want to show your team spirit for fall football? Lovesac sectionals have color combinations you can use to show your team spirit. Combine Cobalt Ultra Velvet with Canary Micro Velvet to show your Michigan spirit.

With hundreds of different covers to choose from, you can find fabrics in colors that are perfect for your home.

Fabrics and colors

There are more than 250 fabrics and colors to choose from. You can view them all on Lovesac’s website, order free samples, and see what a variety of configurations will look like in the colors you like. You can find all the fabric samples here: https://www.lovesac.com/search/fabric

Once you select a fabric, other fabrics like it will be suggested. Here is just a sample of the hundreds of options:

Fabrics and colors of lovesac Couch

Some of the fabrics have a very brief description but other examples of the same type of fabric will provide expanded information including washing instructions and, for outdoor fabrics, the number of hours of fade resistance they are rated to withstand sunlight. The samples that provide expanded information also show examples of Lovesac sectionals in those designs when you scroll down.

Lovesac sectionals in those designs when you scroll down

Lovesac sectionals in those designs when you scroll down

Whether traditional, top grain leather or bold hot pink micro velvet excite you, Lovesac sactionals has options you’ll love!

Or, select the arrangement you prefer and click Customize It to begin trying different outfits on your sactional. If you register on the site, you can save your favorites and come back to them later.

Combine with a Lovesac bean bag chair

If you’re not ready to give up the comfort of your sprawling Lovesac bean bag chair for a traditional couch but you want to have a place where your future in-laws or boss will feel comfortable sitting, combining them is easy with changeable covers.

Combine with a Lovesac bean bag chair

Outdoor Seating Options

If you’ve admired outdoor seating at waterside restaurants, you’ll love the selection of outdoor fabrics.

Light rain will bead up and roll right off although you should protect them from the elements when they’re not in use to expand their usable life. Whether you’re outfitting the outdoor seating for your dockside restaurant or creating a cozy place to visit with friend’s poolside, this outdoor seating is sure to please.

The selection of colors is a welcome change from the limited colors offered by high end patio stores. These are just a small sample of the options.
Outdoor Seating Options of Lovesac

Pillow and Seat Fills

Choose the comfort you prefer. Have a different opinion than your spouse? You can customize your sactional to be comfortable for both of you. Lovesac sactionals are offered with three separate fills in the seat cushions and sofa backs.

Standard Fill

The standard foam is supportive and fairly firm although it adjusts with use and becomes more comfortable. The standard fill has a 3-year warranty.

Down Blend

Goose down and feathers are combined with synthetic fibers to create this comfortable, cushy fill. Made from 50% feathers and 50% 7 Denier fiber. The warranty for pillows with down blend has a 5-year warranty.


This luxurious fill doesn’t require fluffing to keep its fullness. It’s made from 80% low Denier fiber (soft and silky) and 20% high Denier fiber (thick and sturdy) and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Lifestyle Ease

Lovesac sactionals fit your lifestyle . . . even as it changes. If you have narrow stairwells or elevator access that you need to maneuver your Lovesac sactional through, it fits easily. Do you want to avoid hiring professional movers every time you move? The ability to break the sofa down into parts that are easy for almost anyone to carry makes it easy to move.


Every aspect of the price is also versatile. The basic price includes a cover selected from a limited number of fabrics.

At this time, covers in the following fabrics do not incur an upcharge:

  • Amethyst Corded Velvet
  • Black Padded Velvet
  • Chocolate Padded Velvet
  • Graphite Corded Velvet
  • Mediterranean Corded Velvet
  • Charcoal Grey Corded Velvet
  • Midnight Navy Corded Velvet
  • Taupe Padded Velvet
  • Sky Grey Corded Velvet
  • Mediterranean Solid Polylinen
  • Seashell Solid Polylinen
  • Stone Solid Polylinen
  • Tan Combed Chenille
  • Taupe Combed Chenille
  • Grey Slub Tweed
  • Tan Slub Tweed
  • Navy Twill
  • Slate Twill

Every seat you choose to design as a storage seat adds $175 to the price. If you choose the down blend or LoveSoft™, add $175 per seat.

Replacement Covers

The price of replacement covers varies by the type of fabric you select.

  • Sactional Wedge Seat and Sactional Seat Cover set: Ranges from $120 – $600
  • Sactional storage seat cover set: Ranges from $170 – $650
  • Individuals sactional roll arm side cover, deep back pillow cover, deep side cover, and side cover sets: Ranges from $40 – $300

Top-grain leather is at the high end of the range.

Military Discount Program

Members of the U.S. military, whether active or veterans, receive an extra 5% off their purchases. Lovesac also makes donations to charities that assist veterans such as the Travis Mills Foundation. The offer is in addition to other discounts. See the website for additional information on how to use this discount.


Two basic pieces are used to configure Lovesac sactionals. The seat is rectangular and can be positioned horizontally or vertically to change the configuration. We adjusted the color of the seat to a darker blue when the seat is in the position that is narrower across to help you see how the configurations are arranged in the samples.

  • Each seat is 29″ x 35″
  • Each arm is 6″ x 35″

Configurations of Lovesac

Versatile from start to finish

The 2-seat, 4-sides configuration is the typical starter set although you can begin with just a chair or go as large as you’d like. There are no rules.

2 seats, 4 sides2 seats, 4 sides

In this starter unit, you see that the same six pieces can be arranged into three different configurations. If one of you likes to sit upright with their feet on the floor and the other enjoys having room to curl up, the configuration on the far right provides both with their preference without compromise. Couples who like to cuddle close together will enjoy the middle configuration.

We are very impressed with the versatility of Lovesac sectionals. You can print out this page and make copies of the pieces to play with the designs and find one that fits your space and lifestyle perfectly.

Your imagination and budget are your only limitations. You can design stunning configurations that are ideal for group conversations like the two shown above, or arrangements that are splendid for a rousing game of charades, D & D, family movie night, or game day. Specialty configurations are also easy to create.

Pets are as much a part of many families as the people. A place where your pet can join you on the Lovesac sactional without interfering with your ability to get up (if you’ve ever felt stuck in position when you wanted to get up because your pet is sleeping, you’ll get this).

The other specialty configuration looks strange and somewhat useless until you consider a family with a child that usually can’t sit on the couch with them because the child experiences seizures and could fall. Creating an enclosed space makes it safe for the child to be on the sofa without requiring hyper vigilance – an issue many parents of disabled children face every day.

Another option for mobility impaired seating is to put a side between each seat to provide the support someone with bad hips or knees needs when they rise.

The configurations are easy to put together, take apart, and rearrange. If you like to change things up, Lovesac sactionals are a superb solution.

Lovesac Sactionals Pros and Cons


  • The structure is guaranteed for life
  • Adaptable
  • Expandable
  • Versatile
  • Choose your preferred comfort level
  • Eco-friendly – because they’re “designed for life” you could use the same frame for life, thus reducing what you send to the landfill.
  • 3 – 5-year warranty on the fabric
  • Easy to replace a damaged part without replacing the entire sactional
  • Child and pet friendly options


  • Expensive, especially if you choose upgraded fabrics (wait for a sale to save, or use your military discount)
  • Assembly required (Watch instructional videos to make it easier: https://www.lovesac.com/video-gallery

Click here to check current prices.https://www.lovesac.com

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