A few years ago, you would never have thought about focusing on the various kinds of mattresses that you sleep on, but in this era, you have to think about this for the betterment of your family and yourself. Scientists have discovered that the increasing chronic backache in people can be cured if they sleep on a mattress that is specially designed with support to the lumbar. The reduction in the sleep time has also been increased in the past couple of years because of the increment in smartphones and other gadgets, this is somewhat hard to control which is why it is ideal that the time you take to rest, is taken advantage of to its most.

For all these purposes, a variety of different mattresses have made it to the market. Each one serves one purpose that is to ensure that the user is comfortable and has maximum lumbar support. However, buying the right one can be very confusing since the variety is almost limitless. To help you throughout this procedure, we have compiled this buying guide. The aim of this piece is to make you as acquainted with the procedure of purchasing the right product as possible.

When should you replace your mattress?

Your mattress will not one day wake up to tell you that it has expired, or in some cases, it will not even have a tag for the expiry date. You will find a few signs that will help you determine the time to change your mattress. The following are a few signs and a few reasons why you should take the initiative of changing your mattress.


If you wake up with pain on different parts of your body especially your back and joints, then you did not have sleep that relaxed you. Your mattress may not have the technicalities to support your joints that it should have. Waking up with pain in your joints can be hazardous to your health in the long run. This indication is an important sign that you should change your mattress and go for one that will help you get more support.


When you sleep at night, the ideal way is to sleep soundly without any disturbance from your body. If you happen to toss and turn all night long, it means that you are not comfortable and your body is constantly irritated because of lack of comfort. A little tossing and turning are natural; however, if you feel that you spent most of your night with interrupted sleep because of the changing position, then you should think about switching your mattress.


Of course your mattress holds your weight a lot and it is most likely to dent which is why it is highly recommended that you flip your mattress occasionally, but if your mattress seems to have a dent that is not going away anymore, you need to realize that it is now dead and you need to replace it with a new one. You should not have an uneven base ideally, if you do then it contributes as a sign to change your bed.

Visible insides

The only part of the mattress that you are supposed to see is the top cover of it. The insides of the mattress are fine machinery that is work on their own and do not need human interference. If you happen to start seeing the insides, you should know it is time to change your mattress. The cover of it plays an important role, so if it is torn and worn out, a replacement is necessary.

Lack of comfort

If you feel that you have been having sleepless nights and you are skeptic about the reason, then it may be because of the lack of comfort your old mattress is providing. You can test this theory by simply trying to sleep somewhere else. If you are able to rest everywhere but your bed, then you have a clear answer. This is a sign that a new bed for you should be a priority. As mentioned earlier, in the long run, it can cause major damage to your body.


If you have been sleeping on your bed for a long time without having any problems and suddenly, you seem to find yourself with skin allergies, then hold on to the anti-allergies and take a look at your mattress. Old mattresses are more prone to collecting dust mites, bed mites, and other allergens that may harm you and your family. No matter how good the condition of your bed is, it is time to change it if you are suddenly allergic to it.

You do not remember your last purchase

In rare cases, you may find none of the above-mentioned symptoms and signs and you still may be living a happy life with your mattress. But, do you remember the last time you went bed shopping? If you do not, and if do no and realize that it is a long time ago then you should really consider changing your mattress. Your height and weight may have undergone many changes in the past couple of years and you need to have a base that helps coordinate with that change so that you can remain healthy. The primary job of it is not to help you sleep but also provide support to your lumbar every time it is time for your body to reset for a brand new day.

Mattress buying guide(Things to consider)

Once you have decided to buy a new mattress and do your body a favor, it is important to know what you will be going through. The process is not rocket science but you will still need to make an effort in picking the right one. The initial step is to do your homework and prepare yourself for as much as you can before hitting the market. The following are a few things that you can find helpful and those that will help you in picking the right one for you when you are finally ready to buy. The homework will also help you in making a mental checklist of what you have to consider


If you are not buying from scratch then that means that you may already have a bed frame and all you need to do is get the mattress. There are many different sizes available and you need to determine which one you find most suitable. The ideal size should be a little taller than the tallest person using the mattress. The following listed are the standard sizes that you will find, some companies also make custom sizes while others have measurements of their own.

  • Twin Mattress: 39 inches wide and 75 inches long
  • Twin extra long mattresses: 39 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • Double bed: 54 inches wide and 75 inches long
  • Queen bed: 60 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • King bed: 76 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • California King: 72 inches wide and 84 inches long


Since it is constantly compromised on how much the right bed can affect your health, your research should include the consultation with your doctor. If you suffer from backaches or any other joint pain, ask your doctor what kind of mattress will suit you or what factors that you should look into before buying a new one. You may think this is crazy, but you will be surprised to understand how much difference it will make when you finally rest on it.


Before shopping for anything, make sure that you have your budget in mind. Keep in mind the maximum amount that you are ready to spend and what the quality you want. Just like every other thing in the market, the more you spend, the better the quality you will be able to find. A thumb rule for the budget of a good bed is eight days of pay for eight years. To calculate this amount, simply find the product of eight and your day’s pay. The total shall be the amount that is ideal for you to spend.

Control motion transfer

The new kinds of mattresses have a special technology that helps in reducing the motion transfer. If you are sleeping with your partner who likes to move around a lot while sleeping, you will find it best to go for a mattress that moves only the side your partner moves. The motion control technology allows you to enjoy a disturbance-free night so that you can sleep with your partner comfortably. The level of motion control is different and you will have to test it out or check the specifications before you choose the one that you want.

Ventilation and breathability

Contrary to popular belief, both these factors are different in the world of mattresses. However, an ideal one is that which has both qualities.

A mattress that will help you in keeping it cool even in the hot winters is one that you should consider as it is highly ventilated. It will not accumulate heat in the summers and even in the winters when the heating is on.

A breathable one will help you fight the stench that usually surrounds the mattress after some time of usage. It will make it remain neutral in smell and additionally it will help in reducing chances of allergens and bugs making a house inside your mattress.


If you want to make the most of your money, then you will need to take care of your new bed and maintain it so that it does not wear out easily. To make things easier for you, find a mattress that is not high maintenance. An easy removal of the cover can allow you to wash and dry it easily at home without any problems. Additionally, choosing the one that is spill proof will help you especially if you have children that are likely to have accidents in bed. A cover that has the potential to not hold on to stains will help you in cleaning it easily in case there is a stain. Finally, the one that is easy to flip from time to time will help you keep your mattress new and fresh.

Warranty/ Trial

Mattresses come with a warranty and it is smart to go for ones that have the highest time. Eight years is the minimum time that you are looking for and it can exceed two. Take a deep look at what the warranty covers so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Mattresses offer trial periods of weeks and some even offer months. Make sure that you have that trial period to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you are not being given a trial period then make sure you get at least 15 minutes with the mattress to determine the comfort of it according to your preference.


Some people are brand conscious while others simply believe that the brands genuinely do have the best products available. Take a look at the market and all the kinds of brands that are available and choose the one that seems to fit all your needs. Each company may have some additional benefits, take a look at those too so that you may get an extra advantage.

When it is finally time for you to hit the market, do not be surprised or traumatized by the variety that there is to be offered. The salesperson will try to woo you with the most expensive mattress and listening to them is not always a good idea since they are more interested in making a sale then does you good. The following are the focal points that you need to decide and think of before you go to buy a mattress. With this buying guide, you will have a better idea on how to make a suitable purchase.

Know mattress types

Memory foam

Memory foam is the most popular type of mattress that suits almost every budget and every body type. This mattress has the ability to contour according to the user’s body and provides maximum support without coils. The ventilation option makes it the most breathable along with ensuring that it remains cool during hot weathers. No matter what position you sleep in, this type of mattress is the best fit for you.


Innerspring is another very common type that people seem to love because of the support that it provides. Many small coils are strategically placed inside mattress which allows users to have full support on their backs. The smaller the coils are, the more support you can find on all the joints of your body. Some companies have different spring shapes for different kinds of support. They are usually determined for different side sleepers like on the back, tummy, and side.


Gel beddings have a soft feel and provide as much support as memory foam mattresses. They have small pockets that are filled with a liquid gel which helps in contouring the body shape as much as possible. These mattresses are also ideal for places where heat is accumulated and causes the bed to become hot.

Adjustable beds

You may have come across adjustable beds that can be reclined and straight at the same time. These beds have special mattresses which are not special material; you can choose any of it in this style.

Mattres firmness



As the name suggests, this type is the softest in comfort. People who like to sleep on their side may find this very useful because of the support it provides no matter what angle you sleep at. Users will sink with the mattress with this level of firmness.


The mediocrity of these mattresses makes them a symbol of universal comfort for everyone. They are less likely to sink and provide comfort in all kinds of positions.


This level does barely provide any sinking and is suitable for people that like to sleep on their backs. They are for flat sleepers and for people that are recommended firm mattresses because of spinal problems.

Wrap up

Buying a mattress is serious business, not only for the sake of comfort but also because it is important for you to take care of your body while you still have the chance. If you think you are too late, you can purchase the new one today so that you can fix what has already been damaged.

A common misconception from old times is that there are mattresses specially made for the heat; this fact was true a few years ago, but now they have just neutralized most things and made them available to everybody. When they were newly rediscovered, the prices of mattresses went to the roof, but now they seem to gradually reduce and become a more convenient purchase for everyone.

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