mattress size and dimensions of each size like queen, king ,twin, twin xl, ca king, how big it is

Mattress Size Chart And Dimensions

Use this mattress size chart to determine the size of the mattress you’re shopping for before you shop for your next mattress. If your mattress isn’t big enough for everyone who will sleep in it and any pets that join you, you won’t sleep as comfortably as you should. On the other hand, if your mattress is too big for your bedroom, you won’t have enough room for your other furniture.

There are so many mattress sizes that you can find on the market. Frankly speaking, the numbers are overwhelming to the extent that you will ultimately forget your primary objective of buying a mattress. Most of the retailers don’t even sell the exact sizes too, which further complicates your thinking.

Therefore, we have conducted a bit of research for you and created a mattress size chart to help you with the decision about which size would be best for your needs and requirements. You would say why to bother when there are standard sizes available. Well, custom-made sizes, as well as extra-long versions, may be needed to fit your needs.

Use the mattress size chart to be sure about your requirements because some mattresses won’t fit in your room, which can create a real hassle if you buy from a mattress store that doesn’t allow returns. Furthermore, some people also need their personal sleeping space too, and you’ll want to be sure they have plenty of room on the mattress.

Therefore, the mattress size chart in this article emphasizes various sizes that you can find on the market based on your preferences. We will provide you with details on different size types, their dimensions, their purpose and who they suit best.

Mattress Size Chart (Dimensions and Best for)

Mattress Sizes Dimensions(Inches) Best For
Crib 28⅝  x 52⅝ Baby
Twin or Single 39 x 74 Toddlers, Single adults
Short Twin 34 x 75 Toddlers, Single adults
Twin XL 39 x 80 Toddlers, Single adults
Full or Double 54 x 74 The couple, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Full XL 54 x 80 The couple, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Standard Queen 60 x 80 The couple, Couple with kid or pets
Olympic Queen 66 x 80 The couple, Couple with kid or pets
California Queen 60 x 84 The couple, Couple with kid or pets
Standard King 76 x 80 The couple, Couple with kid or pets
California King 72 x 84 The couple, Couple with kid or pets
Split King 76 x 80 Adjustable beds
Split California King 72 x 84 Adjustable beds

Crib mattress size

size and dimensions of crib mattress (how big )It is probably the most apparent size, but the standard sizes in this category are uniquely designed for cribs and babies. A full-sized crib mattress must be 28⅝-inch in width and 52⅝-inch in length. Moreover, this bed should also not be more than 6-inch thick.

You will find different sizes and dimensions at various stores and retailers, but as long as the size aspects are close to the given ones above and the bed itself fits in your crib without being too thick or too small, that will be fine. As your little one outgrows the crib, you can use it to fit in most toddler beds also.

  • Recommended Room 

The recommended size for this mattress is similar to the size that is best suited for a twin bed, i.e., 7-foot x 10-foot.

Twin mattress size

size and dimensions of twin mattress (how big )A twin-size is one of the most common sizes available for bedrooms of children. Because these mattresses are small, they leave enough space in your child’s room for his/her toys and other stuff. The standard measures for a twin bed are 39-inch in width and 74-inch in length.

A twin mattress is also best for other types of rooms including the apartments, dorms as well as for those people who sleep alone or have a pet. One thing you must keep in mind that these mattresses won’t give you much space for movement, but they surely get the job done when it comes to resting your back or sleeping.

You can also use these twin mattresses as bunk beds, and many retailers also sell different versions where you can use these in combination with a full or queen beds by placing these beds over them.

These combinations will be instrumental if there are multiple children and they have outgrown the twin bed but they still share the small-sized room with you. A twin mattress is an ideal solution for those people who share a single room but don’t share a bed.

National Sleep Foundation conducted a study in 2015 according to which approximately 25% of couples don’t share single beds. This option is best suited for couples who require their sleeping space. This type of mattress won’t disrupt their sleep because of movement.

  • Recommended Room 

The ideal size for a twin mattress is 7-foot x 10-foot. For two twin beds in one room the size of the room should be 10-foot x 10-foot.

Short Twin size chart

size and dimensions of short twin mattress (how big )They are better suited for motorhomes. As campers or motorhomes are smaller in size as compared to a house, there won’t be much space available and everything in these areas will be small including the beds.

The small twin mattresses usually are available in 34-inch in width and 75-inch in length. On the mattress size chart, you’ll notice it will give you 5-inches more space in length and 1-inch more space in width when you place these mattresses in the room. They are also available in a custom size if you want to use them in your house.

  • Recommended Room 

The ideal size for small twin mattresses is 7-foot x 10-foot.

Twin xl mattress size

size and dimensions of twin xl mattress (how big )If you are a sleeper who needs some extra bit of leg room then twin XL bed is the most suited mattress for you. People who need the extra length of the bed because they are tall or they tend to shift their position down the bed during their sleep can use this size.

The mattress size chart shows the twin XL mattresses comes with dimensions of 39-inch x 80-inch, and they give you an extra 6-inch in length to spread your legs. You can also use the spare room for your pet if it likes to sleep near your feet on the bed.

  • Recommended Room 

The best-suited size for twin XL mattresses is 7-foot x 10-foot.

Full mattress size

Full-sized beds are also known as double mattresses, and you can mostly find them in hotel rooms. These mattresses are 16-inch bigger than a twin one in width. The dimensions of full-sized mattresses are 54-inch width and 74-inch in length. These beds are equipped with a space to accommodate two small individuals with comfort.

However, please bear in mind that your partner may not like the size of the bed if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep on a full-sized bed. Such mattresses are more useful for older kids for whom a twin mattress is a small option.

size and dimensions of full mattress (how big )

The size of the mattress allows you to cuddle up with your kids if you regularly tuck your children in for the night. Full sized beds are the standard size for futons, a couch that folds into the bed. If you like futons, then you can also buy a queen-sized futon because they are slightly larger than full-sized ones.

  • Recommended Room 

The ideal for a full-sized mattress is 10-foot x 12-foot.

Full XL mattress size

Full XL mattress size option equips you with additional room for your feet. The dimensions of these beds are 54-inch in width and 80-inch in length which means that you get an extra 6-inch for your legs and feet. Similar to full-sized beds, the full XL bed is an excellent option for tall individuals who require some spare room for their feet.

size and dimensions of full xl mattress (how big )

Nevertheless, these beds don’t provide you with an extra width that you can enjoy in the Queen version. Full XL mattresses are the best choice for people who like to cuddle with their partners during sleep, and they don’t care much about any additional space for sleeping.

  • Recommended Room 

Based on the walking space that you need in your room, the ideal room size for a full XL mattress ranges from 10-foot x 12-foot to 10-foot x 16-foot.

Queen mattress size and dimensions

These are the most commonly used beds in the world because they cater to the needs of most of the individuals who are looking for some extra room and additional comfort. Standard Queen sized mattresses are large enough to provide a place for a couple of sleepers. Both people will get enough space to enjoy their sleep and move around during it.

It also provides enough room for cuddling. Standard queen-sized mattresses come with dimensions of 60-inch in width and 80-inch in length. This bed offers more than enough sleeping space for single sleepers to move around during sleep.

size and dimensions of standard queen mattress (how big )

You can also have your children or pets to sleep with you on rare occasions. Nevertheless, these mattresses are far bigger than other beds mentioned above, and for this, you need to enough space in your room to accommodate these beds comfortably and still walk around with convenience.

This bed size is preferable for guest rooms or the rooms of your teenagers. If you are using this bed size for your use and you sleep alone then sleeping space won’t be an issue for you at all particularly if you move around a lot during your sleep.

  • Recommended Room 

The best-suited size for a queen sized mattress ranges from 10-foot x 10-foot to 10-foot x 14-foot. Moreover, it entirely depends on how much space do you need.

Olympic Queen mattress size

Olympic queen-sized mattresses have dimensions of 80-inch in length and 66-inch in width. They also come with an additional 6-inch size to provide you with a comfortable room to stretch your legs and feet. This size is the preferable choice for people who are tall, but they also need some space in width.

The people who opt for this size option are not interested in buying the King because they have rooms that are bigger regarding length as compared to regarding width. If you have a pet that likes to sleep with you near your feet, then this is the size you should choose.

size and dimensions of olympic queen mattress (how big )

  • Recommended Room 

The recommended size of the room for an Olympic queen mattress ranges from 10-foot x 10-foot to 10-foot x 14-foot. Additionally, it depends on how much space do you want to walk around comfortably.

California queen size chart

You’ll see on the mattress size chart that the California queen-size has dimensions of 60-inch in width and 84-inch in length, and it is the best option for couples who need some extra space for moving around during their sleep. This bed size doesn’t come with any additional foot or leg room.

california queen mattress (how big )

The extra size in width is suitable for the times when couples need some personal space when they in bed and four additional inches in width gets the job done for that. California queen size also accommodates your child who needs some cuddling too if they t wake up during their sleep which is an added advantage of this size.

  • Recommended Room 

The ideal size of the room for a California Queen bed varies from 12-foot x 10-foot to 12-foot x 14-foot, based on the walking space you need.

How big is standard king size bed

Standard King sized mattress is good for the couples who prefer maximum space during their sleep. It also gives them enough space for various other activities including stretching or relaxing for comfort. The dimensions are 76-inch in width and 80-inch in length, as shown on the mattress size chart.

These measurements make the bed as large as a couple of twin XL mattresses joined together. The standard king is also the best-suited size for the large rooms or for those couples who expect their child to share the bed with them on a regular basis.

standard king mattress (how big )

If you are a single sleeper on this large bed, then you have plenty of space to do whatever you can on this bed and sleep in whatever position you like. You can use this bed to sleep, relax, stretch out, sleep on your side or your back, or even lay back and watch TV or read something or anything else, there are so many possibilities that the standard king size gives you. The box spring versions of this size are split versions, and they can be moved around very comfortably through tight corners and stairwells.

  • Recommended Room 

On the mattress size chart, you’ll see the standard king size are recommended for the rooms with measurements that range from 10-foot x 12-foot to 13-foot x 13-foot. Furthermore, it depends on how much walking space you require.

California King  Mattress Size

The California king is the largest of them all. This size is the longest available on the market unless you have gone for a customized design. The California king-sized mattresses measure the 72-inch in width and 84-inch in length, and they are good for the people who prefer more length as compares to width.

california king mattress (how big )

On the mattress size chart, you’ll notice it is 4-inches narrower than the standard king size mattress, but of course, you get additional 4-inches in bed length. Being smaller than the standard king bed, California king is still 6-inch broader as compared to the queen bed. It provides you and your partner with enough room for sleeping space or to cuddle as per your convenience.

The option for California king is best for those adjustable beds elevation of the bed affects it during adjustments. Because of the way adjusting the height affects the bed. The California King sized mattresses gives you plenty of room to do whatever you want on it including accommodating your children and pet who on some occasions invade your bed. This size can conveniently accommodate a third person on the bed with ease.

  • Recommended Room 

The ideal size for this mattress varies from 12-foot x 12-foot to 14-foot x 12-foot based on how much walking space you prefer.

Size for Split Mattresses (King & California King)

A split king mattress has measurements of 76-inch in width and 80-inch in length, and there are two kinds of split king beds: a half split or full split. Both the versions are suitable for couples who prefer different levels of firmness and comfort.

A split version of the California king has dimensions of 72-inch in width and 84-inch in length. With split beds, you and your partner don’t have to compromise on different preferences. The split versions of California king mattress is the best options for the people taller than 6-foot. And most of them are used in adjustable beds.

Mattress size and Dimension guide
Mattress size and Dimension guide

Mattress Thickness

You might be thinking that we didn’t mention much about the thickness of the mattress sizes? Well, it is because there are no standards when it comes to thickness and the options vary as per your preferences.

Some of them offer 9-inch to 10-inch thickness, but most of the pillow top beds have 15-inch to the 16-inch depth or more(Like Dreamcloud mattress). Box springs and other similar verities lift a bed even further from the ground. Therefore, you should consider the additional height before you opt to design a quilt for your bedding or buy different kinds.


There are various options available from which you can choose the right sized bedding to cater to your needs. However, make sure that you do have some walking space in your room which will keep it spacious too. Otherwise, an oversized mattress in a small room will give a feeling of congestion.

On the average, you will require approximately 30-inch between your bed and the side wall for a convenient path for walking around. Add sixty inches to the width on the mattress size chart and compare it to the measurements of your room. Some beds also come with drawers underneath for additional storage space. If your bed has drawers, add more than sixty inches to the measurement on the mattress size chart. However, you won’t be able to access or use the drawers if your bed is placed too tightly near the wall.

So there it is, now you know all about different sizes that you can choose for your room from the mattress size chart and your requirements. The mattress size chart includes all the sizes for your assistance so that you can quickly come up with an option that is most feasible for you.

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