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Memorial Day Mattress Sale 2019

Memorial day mattress sale
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Should You Buy a New Mattress During the Memorial Day Mattress Sale Event?

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to buy your new mattress on sale. You can find an awesome sale on mattresses and, if you get a day off to Celebrate Memorial Day, you have extra time.

The signs you’re due to buy a new mattress vary. Here are some common reasons:

  • You wake up and feel stiff or achy. You might think it is age, but many people discover that the aches and pains disappear when they buy a new mattress.
  • Your mattress is seven years old or older. Some mattress types last longer.
  • Your mattress is uncomfortable.
  • The bed bug infestation that disrupted your life is now completely eradicated. (Hint: Don’t immediately buy a new mattress following a bed bug infestation. You want to use traps and take the time to make sure the infestation is completely eliminated.)
  • You need a different size mattress because you’re no longer sleeping alone or your old mattress was small because a larger mattress wouldn’t have fit in your old home.
  • Your child has outgrown their mattress.
  • Your baby is ready to move to a big kid bed.
  • You’re expecting a baby. You’ll need a crib mattress. You’ll also want to consider whether your mattress is safe for co-sleeping and during pregnancy. Some older mattresses have phthalates and chemicals you don’t want to be exposed to during pregnancy.
  • Your first trip in your RV this spring was miserable because the mattress was uncomfortable. You can purchase some great, affordable RV mattresses online including eco-friendly mattresses.
  • You decided you need more padding under your sleeping bag in your tent. You won’t feel that rock or twig under you with an air mattress making your tent more comfortable.
  • You need extra space for guests. There are many options, from Murphy Beds to air mattresses.
  • You are experiencing low back pain.

The Best Memorial Day Mattress Sale Deals

Here’s a list of the best sources for finding a Memorial Day Mattress sale on your new mattress. Don’t buy a mattress until you read the information we provide below the list. We don’t want you to make a mistake.

BrandDiscountCoupon Code
Editor choice
Nectar$125 Off + 2 free PillowsNo Code Needed
DreamCloud$200 OFFBMR200
Plushbeds$1100 off + up to $400 in free beddingOfficial Site
Level Sleep$250 OFF250LVMD19
Awarasleep$250 OFF250AWMD19
Layla$125 Off + 2 Free PillowsBMR125
Bear20% OFF + 2 Free PillowsMD20
Online Mattress
Puffy$300 OFFOfficial Site
NolahUp to $300 off Mattresses + 2x FREE PillowsOfficial Site
Leesa15% Off+ 2 Free PillowsOfficial Site
Casper10% OffMEMORIAL19
Purple$100 off* mattresses + FREE SheetsOfficial Site
Nest Bedding$200 OFFOfficial Site
Brooklyn Bedding 25% OFFOfficial Site
Eco Terra$150 OFFOfficial Site
Helix$100 to $200 off a mattress + 2 free pillowsOfficial Site
Latex For Less$150 OFFMD150
Mattress Stores
Mattress FirmUpgrade to a king size for the price of a queen; upgrade to a queen size for the price of a twinLink
SertaSave Up to $600 on select iComfort Mattress SetsLink
TempurpedicSave up to $700
on select mattress sets
Ikea20% Off all mattresses over $150Link

Your Guide to Not Being Ripped off by Memorial Day Mattress Sales

The difference between buying a mattress online and buying one in a mattress store creates a gulf as broad as the Grand Canyon.

First and foremost, you need to know that researchers have studied the best way to make the decision to buy a mattress and it isn’t trying mattresses in a mattress store. When we are asleep, our muscles relax. It’s a rare person who can relax in the way you do when you are asleep while laying on a mattress in a store. As a result, mattresses chosen by trying them in stores have the worst success rate for consumers.

The researchers found that buying a mattress using actigraphy or a sleep journal is the most successful way to choose a mattress. Actigraphy is an electronic method of monitoring sleep. There are many ways for you to do this including Fitbit and Apple Watch.

We created a free sleep journal that you can use to see how well you sleep on a mattress during your in-home sleep trial.

Here’s the kicker though and where many people make a huge mistake. Mattress stores don’t offer risk-free in-home sleep trials. Only online mattress retailers offer in-home trials with no risk to you.

The only reason mattress stores are still in business is because we tend to think we are better off laying on a mattress before we buy it, but research shows this is a cognitive bias that is not supported by the facts.

There are other problems with mattress stores. We spend a great deal of time early this year looking for a mattress store that compared favorably to online retailers and gave up. The results of our research is summarized in this article as well as a summary of how they compare to online retailers. If you don’t do anything else, read the list of twenty things you should know about mattress stores in the article.

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Buying Checklist

Wherever you buy your mattress, we want you to get one that works well for you. We created a free Mattress Buyer’s Checklist to help you do that. Use it wherever you shop to help you remember all the factors that are important when you buy a mattress.

Beware Clearance, Final Sales, and Special Deals

One of the games mattress stores play is not providing a warranty on mattresses they sell at the lowest prices. Read the fine print before you buy a mattress. In some stores, the back of the receipt contains important information you should read before you sign. There are stores that make sales final the moment you sign the receipt or place the order.

Beware Sleep Trials with Exchange Only Rules, Restocking Fees, and Other Restrictive Policies

Mattress stores are notorious for forgetting to tell you that their sleep trial is an exchange only program or details like not allowing you to exchange at a sale price for the new mattress if your first one doesn’t work out. They also won’t tell you in advance that the mattress you exchange for won’t have a warranty or that you shouldn’t expect your mattress to feel the same as the one you tried in the store. To get that information, you have to read reviews where many mattress stores, including high-end mattress stores, tell unsatisfied customers that the mattress they tried in the store won’t feel the same as the one that is delivered.

Forget About Price Match Guarantees (They aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on)

The last game mattress stores play is having manufacturers produce mattresses for their store with unique names. This makes price match guarantees virtually meaningless because a mattress you see at one store will have a different name at another store. The mattress stores don’t provide you with enough detail to figure out that SleepWell Mattress at one store is the same as GoodSleep mattresses at another store.

On the other hand, online mattress retailers provide customers with significant details about the mattresses they sell, including the chemicals (or absence of chemicals) in their mattresses.

Price isn’t the only factor to consider when you buy a mattress. Online mattresses tend to be less expensive because you cut out the middleman and the expense of real estate associated with the stores. If money is tight, do not use a layaway program. Our research shows they leave customers worse off due to fees and hidden terms that harm the customer.

Learn about hybrid, innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses from our articles. You may also want to consider eco-friendly mattresses. If you need a crib mattress, we have you covered.

We also have a curated list of the Best Mattresses in 2019 in every category that we created from the hundreds of mattresses we review. If you’d rather spend most of your Memorial Day Weekend enjoying your family and friends and honoring those who have fallen for our freedom, our list will save you time and money.

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Will a New Mattress Help Lower Back Pain?

Researchers have found that a medium-firm mattress can help reduce lower back pain. Many people believe a firm mattress is needed to reduce back pain, but the research shows a different answer. Interestingly, of the participants who dropped out of the study, 67% were assigned a firm mattress. The overwhelming percentage of those assigned to a firm mattress suggests they were not finding relief and possibly experiencing more pain on a firm mattress.

Medium-firm mattresses are also referred to as the “universal firmness” because 80% of sleepers are happy on a medium-firm mattress.

Who We Are

We are mattress testers and researchers. We love helping people improve the quality of their sleep and their sleep hygiene through education. We spend hundreds of hours every month reviewing mattresses and reading the most recent research from Universities and independent sleep labs. While we make a small commission when people purchase mattresses from our site, we aren’t tied to supporting any one mattress. We value honesty and integrity above anything else. We want to be your trusted partner in your search for a good night’s sleep.

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