Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis Mattress Review

You own your mattress; don’t you think you should be in control of it? Yes, you should be, and that is what the Morphiis mattress is all about. Now, you can adjust the firmness level of your bed according to your needs and desires.

Morphiis is designed explicitly for couples catering their specific requirements. Firmness level requirements change on daily bases. At times you are exhausted and need something to relax, and then there are days you need firm support to share those intimate moments as well. Don’t worry; your adjustable firmness level mattress is here.

Since dating profiles don’t focus on the firmness level you prefer in a mattress, people often fall in love with someone who likes a different firmness level than they do. This can cause unnecessary conflict. Why is it unnecessary? Because with a Morphiis Mattress, both of you can have what you want! Even if one of you has chronic lower back pain, you can simply make your side of the bed the way you want it.

It comes with extraordinary pressure relief properties and provides durability as well so you and your partner can enjoy your sleep for many nights.

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Key Characteristics of  Morphiis Mattress

  • Morphiis is suitable for all sleepers whether they are side sleeper, back, or stomach sleepers.
  • The mattress has customizable firmness level with the help of three complete sets of firmness inserts allowing you to adjust either to the firm, soft or medium as per your preferences.
  • Your Morphiis is not made of any harmful chemicals or substances.
  • With the help of the inserts, your Morphiis is fully breathable, and you won’t get up hot or sweaty.
  • The 10-inch full foam design doesn’t feature any separate layers which means that it will remain intact for an extended period.
  • With Morphiis you can enjoy 100 Night Trial Period which means that you can return it if satisfied with its performance.
  • The unique design of multiple inserts enables you to adjust the firmness according to various pressure points of your body as well.

Morphiis is right for you if

  • You don’t opt for any fix sleeping position. Morphiis is suitable for all kinds of sleepers.
  • You’re sharing your bed with your partner.
  • You want to enjoy a cool good night’s sleep
  • You prefer excellent edge support and prefer different levels of firmness

Things we like

  • You can adjust different firmness levels according to your requirements.
  • It can regulate your body temperatures and you won’t sleep hot anymore.
  • It offers excellent edge support and can handle motion transferring as well.

Morphiis isn’t right for you if

  • You don’t get used to handling the inserts quite often.
  • You have to adjust the inserts probably on a daily basis.

Construction of Morphiis Mattress

structure of mymorphiis mattress

Morphiis is a mattress that offers you 100 different options all-in-1. It features two separate channels for either side of the bed, and each of these channels has six different inserts. The inserts have three firmness levels including hard, soft and medium. You can also use a combination according to your needs.

With Morphiis the options are endless, and you can have a bed that is not only ideal for you but for your partner too. Not many couples are delighted with their mattresses because both persons have their preferences, however; Morphiis has provided you with the solution and now you and your partner can enjoy a sound sleep for many nights to come.

Each mattress comes with a set of soft, medium and hard inserts and you can alter the feel at any time. These inserts are made of Ultrafoam which is the latest technology. It is more relaxed than your average memory foam and more responsive too.

Ultrafoam doesn’t sag either. Combined with the 7-inch base layer, the 3-inch Ultrafoam makes you Morphiis one of a kind mattress that you have always wanted.

  • The 1-inch top layer is exceptionally soft and highly breathable.
  • The 3-inch Ultrafoam layer which is comprised of a set of 12-inserts to adjust your firmness level.
  • The 7-inch base layer made of high-quality Polyurethane Foam for extra durability and comfort.

The 3-inch Morphiis Ultrafoam sleeps more refreshing as compared to memory foam. Moreover, it will not show any impressions of your body either, and you are free to move around because this foam is excellent when it comes to motion transfer as well. The Ultrafoam is also good at contouring your body without giving any sweaty feeling at night.

The 7-inch base layer beneath the inserts is made of high-quality Polyurethane foam. Morphiis has developed this layers using top quality materials and with state-of-the-art technology so that the foam stays durable for an extended period. You won’t get up with any type body or backaches because you are in total control of your mattress with Morphiis.

You can easily adjust the firmness of Morphiis to provide the perfect mattress for right now. Here are some configurations:


Sleeping Experience

firmness scale of morphiis mattress -2


Firmness Scale

Firmness is one of the best features of Morphiis mattresses. People have different preferences regarding mattresses. With Morphiis, no one needs to compromise on anything anymore.

You don’t need to make adjustments according to the mattress; it should be another way around. It is where Morphiis gets ahead of the competition because it enables you to make changes to the firmness levels whenever you want it.

You or your partner doesn’t need to get along with the bed on which you sleep; now your bed will get along with you. There are two separate channels for the couple, and you can alter the firmness level according to your sleeping position as well as different pressure points.

Morphiis is best for all kinds of sleepers no matter what is their sleeping position because the inserts enable the bed to adjust to different pressure points of your body in various sleeping positions.

Morphiis features a high quality knitted top layer that is made of natural materials. These mattresses are one of the few choices that you can find on the market with high-quality top layer encased with the luxurious material.


Support of morphiis mattress

In addition to the insets for firmness, the top layer is exceptionally breathable, and you can sleep cool at night. The inserts are also made of Ultrafoam which is capable of regulating the temperature at night. Due to the unique channeled design, Morphiis also offers excellent support at edges.

However, it is not suitable who prefer responsiveness in their mattress. On the other hand, it works well to control motions transfer. The Ultrafoam layer is excellent in handle different pressures points of your body regardless of the sleeping position.

You will be able to enjoy the cloud-like feeling of Morphiis at night and sleep like a baby. When you have experienced a good night’s sleep, you will be able to get up ready to take on whatever comes your way the next day.

Whether you want to sleep on plush foams or hard ones, Morphiis mattresss has got you covered. You can adjust the Ultrafoam and sleep in whatever position you like. The highly durable and dense Polyurethane foam base ensures the foam stays in its shape even at the edges. It means that if you prefer strong edge support then again Morphiis is the right option for you.


In addition to the soft and smooth top layer, Morphiis inserts also contribute towards retaining the body temperature and enable you to sleep cool even for long hours. The Ultrafoam inserts ensure that you don’t have to go through that sticky feeling when you leave your bed. The top layer also has the capability of accumulating moisture from your body and keeping the temperature regulated.

Motion Isolation

Motion Isolation

The Ultrafoam inserts come into play their role here as well. Ultrafoam performs significantly well as compared to memory foam when it comes to motion transfer. This is precisely why; Morphiis is best suited for couples. If either one of you moves very much during sleep, then the other partner is not going to feel comfortable at all. With Morphiis, you don’t have to bother about waking your partner during midnight just because you moved.


You may experience an odor due to off-gassing for a few days initially. However, because no harmful materials or chemicals are used in the construction, therefore, the smell will disappear away after a few nights. Usually, it happens due to packaging when various processes are used to compress the foam for delivery.

Price and Coupon for Morphiis mattress

Looking at the firmness level adjustment features of Morphiis, we can bet that it will provide the real value of your hard-earned money. Morphiis comes at a highly competitive price particularly if you look at the customizability as well as the eminence of the materials used. You can pick from a range of sizes available that suits your space and requirements. Sizes and rates are as follows:

Size                                  Measurements            Price

Twin                                75-inch x 38-inch         $595

Twin XL                           80-inch x 38-inch       $650

Full                                   75-inch x 54-inch         $850

Queen                             80-inch x 60-inch         $995

King                                 80-inch x 76-inch         $1195

California King              84-inch x 72-inch         $1195

Check out with coupon code BMR100 to enjoy $100 OFF+ 2 free pillows with a purchase of a king or queen mattress.

Shipping, Warranty, Trial

warranty,trial, return, shipping

You’ll get your Morphiis mattress on your doorstep. The company also provides free shipping on all products. Make sure to place your mattress on a flat and hard surface to enjoy its full performance.

In case you found the product faulty or damaged or not satisfied with what you have got then your purchase is covered under 100 Nights Trial Period grantee, and you can return it anytime within this period without any extra charges. In addition to that, your purchase is also covered by a 25-year warranty.

Morphiis ensures that all its products comply with superior quality standards. Therefore, it doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals or harmful substances In addition to that the company all uses cutting edge technology that is environmentally friendly.

Final Verdict

If you sleep with your partner and one of you tend to move very much then you should use the Morphiis mattress. It enables you to adjust the firmness level with the help of its two channels and three sets of 12 inserts. Whether you sleep on your back or your side, you will get up rejuvenated the next morning.

Furthermore, the Morphiis mattress provides you with excellent edge support and is made of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.


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