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Most Expensive Mattress

Kluft’s Palais Royal
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Ever wondered what the filthy rich folks sleep on when they hang their boots for the night? Luxury bedding is taking a new trajectory. While a typical high-quality mattress will cost approximately $1,500, these luxury mattresses cost between $10,000 and $150,000. What would be in a bed that costs $150,000? Can you replicate the features of these mattresses in a typical mattress for the same quality of sleep?

Bespoke Expensive Mattresses

Instead of walking into a mattress store and trying out different mattresses, the elite create bespoke mattresses. These are mattresses that meet their sleeping styles and body features. While they may have the same features as typical mattresses, the customizations represent the bulk of them all. A while ago, you would only see these mattresses in articles on Forbes magazine but today, they are available online for purchase.

At their high price tag, the beds come with an elite level of ambience and comfort.

What is in the Most Expensive Mattress?

Bespoke loosely translates to ‘made to fit’. Bespoke mattresses, therefore, are tailored to meet the needs of specific users. This means that the materials used are not only high quality but also all-natural. Components of the mattress such as mattress cover are handmade for perfection. Instead of the normal fabrics, bespoke mattresses feature rate fabrics, stitches, and stuffing. When all these customizations are summed up, they drive the price of the mattress to the roof.

Luxury mattresses are new on the market. However, the mattresses are made by the same typical-mattress companies that have been in operation since the 1800s. While the beds are luxurious, the elite find them a necessity for a good night’s sleep. If you are to sleep up to 9 hours, you will need a mattress that relieves pressure points and keeps you comfortable all night.

A few of the most expensive mattresses are outlined below:

Kluft’s Palais Royal

The USA based company, Kluft; created the Palais Royal to give customers tailored sleeping conditions. It takes ten craftsmen three days to create and customize a Palais Royal mattress for you. On the mattress are ten layers, each included to enhance comfort. They feature ten pounds of cashmere, silk, mohair, and New Zealand wool – all-all-natural materials.

The mattress sports a medium-firm top to perfectly balance support and comfort. It applies traditional innerspring tech where coils are enclosed in hand-sewn cotton. A single mattress retails for $60,000 or more depending on the size your order.

Vispring’s The Masterpiece Superb

Vispring’s The Masterpiece Superb

Vispring is a name almost synonymous with luxury mattresses. The manufacturer uses pocket coil springs to make their mattresses making them highly comfortable and durable. Pocket coil springs can last for centuries. Besides, they offer enough support without compromising on comfort. When you order The Masterpiece Superb, Vispring allows you to choose the tension of the coils. Vispring mattresses sport a clean but basic design with all-natural materials. The mattress retails between $40,000 and $75,000.

Hästens’ Vividus

Hästens’ Vividus

Hästens has been in the bed making business for the last 160 years. Even better, their mattresses can last as long as the company has been in business. The company is credited for the pocket spring system, which makes the bulk of most luxury mattresses. Each mattress from Hästens is made of layered cotton, mohair, horsehair, and wool. These natural materials, coupled with the pocket spring system, make the Vividus Mattress retail at $140k.

Duxiana’s The Dux 818

Duxiana’s The Dux 818

Duxiana is another company that produces luxurious mattress. If you are looking for an affordable luxury mattress, The Dux 818 might be a good choice. It retails at only $14,000, which is relatively low. The figure is still high but would you rather pay 14k or 140k? The bed is designed to offer different firmness levels on different parts of the bed. It also comes with a firmness crank, which allows you to adjust the tension of the springs to offer more or less support. Unlike other mattresses that have pockets of coils, the Dux 818 has a single continuous coil.

Bespoke Mattresses on a Budget

Most of the features on the most expensive mattresses can be replicated to make typical bespoke mattresses. DreamCloud, a mattress manufacturer with a wide range of mattresses on the market, has created luxury mattresses at affordable prices. On most of their mattresses, DreamCloud offers one or more of the features on the above luxury mattresses. For instance, the brand has a gel-inifused memory foam below a Eurotop to mirror the Vispring mattress.

There are many more companies with mattresses that feature high-quality all-natural materials but at a price point most people can afford. While most bespoke mattresses are created unique and tailored to a user’s specific needs, the price point targets the elite in communities. Nevertheless, these mattresses last long, some more than 100 years. They also offer great comfort. Vispring describes sleeping on their mattress as sleeping on a cloud – it is very comfortable.

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