my pillow review

My Pillow Review

My pillow is a very popular pillow that retains its shape and is customized to your body size. We all have different sleeping styles, which require different kinds of pillows to suit them. A pillow does wonders for your head and neck, but it can only be effective if it is compatible with the curve of your neck.

The choice of pillows is certainly huge in today’s market, which can make it difficult to make the best buying decision. To help you with this particular problem, we have selected the most popular and trendy cushion on the market, “My Pillow”.

This is a product you want to have in your bed. It is not popular by default, but by design. Unlike conventional cushions, this model is built to offer you the highest performance with minimal flaws, if any.

My Pillow: What is it?

This is an amazing product invented by Michael J Lindell. It is poly foam, open cell pillow construction, which is basically a patented design. According to the manufacturer, he found the perfect foam to use after testing ninety-four different foams.

The design is also incorporated into a resin; a component that allows My Pillow to retain its shape whenever it is customized to the user’s specifications. This brand of cushions is washable, dryable, mite and dust resistant, and non-allergenic.

Construction of My Pillow

This cushion is mainly filled with polyurethane foam. The foam contained in the cushion is torn into pieces and shapes of different size. This is, in fact, the major difference between this brand and the conventional pillows that flood the market.

The manufacturer’s main intention of shredding the foam is to allow easy reshaping for superior body conformance whenever the pad is in use. Unlike most fillings, the different sized shapes offer a unique advantage, which is customization.

Instead of your neck and head adapting to the pad’s shape, My Pillow conforms to your neck’s natural curve. This ensures that you get maximum comfort during sleep. The hugging feeling on your neck eliminates any pressure points, promoting deep and comfortable sleep.

Who is Suitable for My pillow?

My Pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers. It is the cushion you need if you are a side, back, stomach, or combinational sleeper. We say so because of its ability to reshape itself. Therefore, it will be in place when you turn on your side.

When using it, you will realize that there is a huge adjustment period attached to it. The moment you find the ideal movement of your head, you are going to completely and utterly fall in love with this exceptional product. In fact, you will not be able to live without it in your bed.

Are you a folder or stacker? Unlike traditional pillows that you have to test in the store to ensure that it is firm enough to support your neck and head in order to maintain the natural curve of the spine, My Pillow is naturally customized to meet your specifications.

Do you normally sleep in a fetal position? Most people do. Well, the specialized cushion you need is this brand. Its ability to reshape itself ensures that there is no point in your sleep you will feel neck or head discomfort.

If you are still doubtful about this model being suitable for you, then you can do a pillow test by folding the cushion in half. If it unfolds and regains its initial shape, then you have a good product. You should forsake it if it does not reshape.

Who Is Not Suitable?

My Pillow may not be a suitable choice for people who are used to firm cushions or have neck and back problems. This pillow is soft; therefore, the head and neck can easily tip towards the bed, leading to straining on either the left or right side.

This is also not an ideal choice for people who expect too much from the product. According to research, My Pillow has approximately 50% approval rating, which is not great. You should not buy this product with the expectation that it will solve all your problems.

My Pillow Filling and Levels/Sizes

size ,color and best pick for my pillow

One of the most important features of any pillow is the filling. The right amount of fill determines the comfort you will receive as an individual. A pillow can be adjustable, but that does not mean that your neck will be properly positioned.

That is not the case with this remarkable brand. According to the manufacturer, the available models are all soft. The fact that they are soft and not firm does not mean that they will not support you.

You can easily identify the sizes and the intended use by checking for a colored coded tag. Each size has one for recognition. To be precise, each colored coded tag signifies a particular level, including yellow, white, green, and blue.

The yellow level is best suited for children who are ten years of age or younger. It is the appropriate cushion size for women who sleep on their stomach. This is also the ideal level for short women, such as 5 feet 3 inches or less.
The white level or size is recommended for most women. Typically, it is the perfect size for all women regardless of height or sleeping positions. It can offer superior performance for the side, back, stomach, or combinational sleepers.
The green level is for most men, especially those with average shoulder width. This can include any height up to 6 feet 1 inch kind of men. The amount of fill in this level is remarkably sufficient for most guys to experience maximum neck and head comfort during sleep. The green level is also the appropriate size for larger women with broader shoulders. It is particularly a good choice for heavy women who like sleeping on their sides. It provides the much-needed heft for the additional weight. This level is also specifically made for longer necks.
The blue level is mainly designed for taller men with broader shoulders; say above 6 feet 1 inch. It features sufficient fill for supporting stocky shoulders. The additional heft is necessary for side sleeping. The blue size is not an ideal choice for most people not unless you are tall with wider shoulders.

Machine Washable and Dryable

My Pillow is washable as well as dryable. You can use either warm or cold on a regular cycle. You can use a detergent of your choice, but do not use a fabric softener. You are advised to wash the pillows in pairs or use towels to balance the load.

Use high heat to tumble dry and do not use fabric softener or dryer balls. You can reduce the drying time by using additional spin cycles. You should be happy to know that the pillow is not damaged by over-drying.

Money Back Guarantee and Warranty

My Pillow comes with 60-day money back guarantee. You are promised a complete refund of your purchase minus the shipping expenses. However, the refund is processed within thirty days from the time the returned product is received, but you will incur the return costs.

This product has a 10-year limited warranty, which covers material defects and workmanship. The warranty covers the pillow not to flatten during the 10-year period. Any replacement will be of equal or greater value, and the manufacturer covers all shipping charges.

How to Activate My Pillow

When My Pillow is delivered, it is usually wrapped up and flat. Therefore, you have to activate the foam in order to use for the first time. To do so, you will have to put it in the dryer at high heat for fifteen to thirty minutes.

During this process, you will not hear any smell or any lasting odor that may suggest the presence of foam material. If you are a woman, you can start your “My Pillow” experience with a smaller size, which is the yellow level.

As we mentioned earlier, you have to choose the levels accordingly to avoid discomfort. In most cases, the pillowcase you use has to be bigger than the cushion size you selected. This will ensure that there are no imprints left on your face when you wake up.

For a bigger size, such as the green level, you should consider buying a silk cushion case. Silk material has special qualities that do not leave imprints on your face, especially for side sleepers. Silk material is also better for your hair and skin.

Tight pillowcases would prevent the cushion from activating and unlocking properly, which will leave marks on your face when you wake up. Your experience with “My Pillow” cannot be determined in a single night; you need to spend a few nights to judge.

The Wrap Up

This brings us to the end of My Pillow Review. As you have seen, this particular brand is made up of non-allergenic foam, making it ideal for people susceptible to allergies. The fabric used is highly breathable with moisture management for fully restorative sleep.

My Pillows are available for back, stomach, and side sleepers with unique designs and levels for proper neck alignment and better night sleep. So far, we have provided you with every reason for choosing My Pillow over other options on the market.

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  1. I bought a My Pillow and i returned it fir a full refund. I did not like the bumpy feel of the pillow are how it looked in the pillowcase. My biggest probkem with the pillow was the fact that it would flatten down as bad if not worst than a $5 dollar pullow. I had more neck pain and even pain on the side of my head that i was laying on. At the outrageous price of $49.99 i sould have experienced a much higher quality and did not.

  2. Awful. Awful. Awful.

    I purchased directly through the retailer, two pillows for $96. Took the survey to find my “best fill type”… received the pillows. They were extremely uncomfortable and went flat in literally three days.

    I contacted Customer Service for a return number (required) and was put on hold for an eternity. Spoke to Tanya who was rude and unhelpful. Told me there would be a $10 fee taken from my refund for shipping (ridiculous but whatever). She did not give me the refund amount total… for a reason… because they actually took $20! So I was only refunded $75! Called back and spoke to Teri and supervisor Jacqueline who was equally as combative and rude. I mentioned their F rating on BBB and she scoffed. She refused to give me the refund that was promised.

    So in the end I paid $20 for a sore neck and no pillows. Don’t make my mistake.

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