Nectar vs Ghostbed

If you are looking for a supportive and comfortable mattress that will exceed your expectations, narrow down your research to Nectar and Ghostbed. Both are amazing mattresses, yet only one is the winner here. Know more about which is best for you.

Is buying a new mattress getting way too hectic for you? Perhaps you are lost among the many different options available out there and want to get insights into a great mattress. Or, if you have narrowed down your search to a couple of mattresses, still wonder which is right for you.

Well, there is no single mattress which can be adequate for all, however, there are a few mattresses which are set apart from the rest thanks to their great qualities. Among them, Nectar and Ghostbed.

We particularly appreciate these two mattresses and think you might want to consider either for your next buy. If so, it would help to see what each has to offer and decide which is best for your needs.

Quick Score Overview of Nectar and Ghostbed

Nectar Rating Score
Nectar Rating Score
overall rating score with Ghostbed mattress
Ghostbed Rating Score

Nectar vs. Ghostbed (Overall comparison)

  • A totally removable cover with zipper
  • Sleeps exceptionally cool
  • Unbeatable warranty and trial period
  • Can accommodate any type of sleeper
  • Offers plenty of pressure relief and body contouring
  • Comes enhanced with Certified foams
  • You can get your cover replaced free of charge in case it has permanent stains
  • Amazing trial period and warranty
  • Features a cool sleeping surface which is breathable and promotes improved airflow
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Awesome 20 years warranty
  • Fully removable and washable cover
  • Perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • Supportive enough with adequate spine alignment
  • Comes with its own foundation
  • Minimal smell and off-gassing
  • A reputable company which grew big quite quickly
  • Cannot be personalized
  • Exhibits slow responsiveness
  • Somewhat distinct smell


  • Doesn’t offer many choices in terms of firmness and model – only one
  • Could feel a bit too firm for side sleepers
  • The foundation requires assembly
Ideal for
  • Anyone looking for the classic memory foam feels in a mattress
  • Individuals who prefer a genuine medium soft feel
  • People who sleep hot
  • Someone who wants great value for the product purchased
  • Anyone seeking sufficient pressure relief, deep contouring and great support coming from the memory foam structure
  • Anyone looking for plenty of trial period timeframe and warranty
Not great Are used to the traditional innerspring feel


  • Prefer a spring mattress
  • If you enjoy a plush feel in your mattress
  • If you seek a luxury mattress
  • Sleep on your side
Full reviewNectar mattress reviewGhostbed mattress

Nectar vs Ghostbed (Detailed comparison)


Top coverNectar comes with a thin, cool and breathable cover which is made of Tencel, cotton, and gel memory foam. This makes for a soft, breathable cover while the gel memory foam which is quilted on the cover provides even better cooling overall.

The cover is white with grey side panels and a bright blue cording. It is simple yet elegant.

Ghostbed is made of 100% polyester which makes it really stretchy and quickly returns to its original shape. The sides feature a polyester and polypropylene fabric, which is resilient, so it can handle excessive use.



Foam layersNectar is made of four layers and is 11 inches thick:

First layer: 1“ gel memory foam. This ensures comfort and a cooler sleep.

Second layer: 3” memory foam. Makes use of the known properties of memory foam to offer pressure relief, body contouring, and deep compression.

Third layer: 1.75” memory foam. This promotes body contouring and sufficient comfort.

Fourth layer: 5.25” support foam. This is ideal to provide deep compression and help the mattress maintain its shape and structure.


Ghostbed features 11” thickness and consists of 3 layers:

First layer: 1.5” aerated latex foam for enhanced comfort and cooling.

Second layer: 2” gel memory foam to conform to the body’s natural curves and stay cool.

Third layer: 7.5” of high-density support foam for sturdy support overall.






 FirmnessThis mattress comes with a single medium soft feel, at about 5.5-6 out of 10 when ranked on the firmness scale. This is the ideal firmness range which can accommodate the needs of most sleepers.

It has a classic memory foam feel and deeper hug and contour than Ghostbed. Your body will sink deep into the mattress to sense great pressure relief, plenty of contouring and a sense of envelopment.

Its response time, however, is slow and so it doesn’t make the ideal choice if you enjoy good bounce and quick response time.

Ghostbed, similar to the Nectar mattress only offers a single firmness option, which is medium firm, and some users may find it a bit too firm at first. However, it will gradually settle into your body and hug you adequately.




ConstructionThis mattress is definitely of the most supportive you will find and one that will cater any type of sleeper.

Its body contouring, deep compression, and pressure relief will handle any pain and sensitive area.

Ghostbed is equally supportive of your body as Nectar. It is great for any type of sleeping position, especially back and stomach sleepers, while it will gently soften once you settle down and can offer plenty of pressure relief.


Edge supportNectar does a great job even with edge support, as there is no risk of falling off and you can safely use the mattress for activities other than sleeping.Ghostbed apparently lacks in terms of edge support, so Nectar is a winner in this field.

Motion transfer

 Motion transferNectar has almost zero bounce thanks to the memory foam used, and as a result, it even features almost zero motion transfer.

In this sense, the Nectar mattress may not be the best choice for you if you sleep with a partner and want to use the mattress for intimate activities.

Ghostbed has virtually no motion transfer either due to the latex and memory foam construction. Perhaps it is a bit more bouncy and so it may have slightly more motion transfer compared to Nectar. Being bouncier makes it a better choice for couples.



Cooling effect

 Sleep coolSleeping cool is always an issue with memory foam mattresses. The Nectar mattress does a really good job though at regulating temperature to help you sleep cool.Ghostbed is probably a bit better than Nectar in this area, as it features a latex foam which is more breathable and sleeps really cool overall.

Value for money

 PriceNectar’s highlight is probably its great price, which is the same as Ghostbed for a Queen size. For the kind of value it has to offer, this mattress is really a bargain.

  • Twin     $500
  • Twin XL            $550
  • Full       $700
  • Queen  $795
  • King     $900
  • California King $900
Ghostbed similar to Nectar, is a great value for money, with different prices (the Queen size costs the same as Nectar) depending on the size:

  • Twin size  $495,
  • Full size $775,
  • Queen size $795,
  • King/Cal $995.

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Smell – eco-friendly standards

 Eco-friendlyNectar has a somewhat distinct smell when unpacked. This dissipates gradually within a week’s time, so it is best advised to air the mattress well before using.



Ghostbed shows no signs of significant smell when unboxed, so there is no off-gassing and seems that it is better than Nectar in this area.

Of course, both mattresses come with certified foams, so they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


 ShippingNectar arrives at your doorstep free of charge, rolled and compressed in a box.Once you place your order, your Ghostbed mattress will ship within a day’s time at no cost anywhere in the United States.

Trial and warranty/ return policy

BrandNectar Ghostbed
Trial periodNectar offers an incredible 365 days trial period. No, there is no mistake there. You can take all the time you need to ensure this is the right mattress for you.Ghostbed comes with a great 101-day trial period. Yes, this is obviously not as good as what Nectar offers, however it is one of the best on the market.

If you think your new mattress is not the right fit for you, Ghostbed will arrange to pick it up, provide a full refund and donate the mattress to charity or recycle it.

WarrantyThere are not many mattresses out there offering a fantastic lifetime warranty like Nectar does. Even with its limitations in terms of the return policy and replacement, this is an incredible deal.Ghostbed comes with an amazing 20-year warranty. This is not worthy of overlooking as it is really a great warranty, even if it’s not quite as good as Nectar.

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Final Verdict

The mattresses compared here, Nectar and Ghostbed that is, are of the best you can get for that high value at such reasonable price tag, so you shouldn’t think twice before proceeding to buy either.

Taking a closer look into what each has to offer, Nectar seems to excel in almost every area, with its most promising features being its cooling effect, minimal motion transfer, edge support, as well as being comfortable and supportive.

On the other hand, Ghostbed is probably more resilient and durable, whereas it offers great support and is bouncier while maintaining minimal motion transfer and sleeps really cool. In addition, Ghostbed is odorless, whereas Nectar has a distinct smell upon unboxing.

One thing for sure, you should feel secure whichever mattress you choose since they are both durable, come with removable covers and amazing trial period and warranty policies. Nectar has the best trial period and warranty on the market.

Ghostbed’ s warranty is also really fantastic and in any case, these mattresses are made of such premium materials that are rather unlikely you will be needing their warranty, yet it does come handy and is a good safety net.

A close call it seems, yet we think the Nectar may have the extra edge here and perhaps is slightly better. The choice is yours, however, and either mattress will make a great addition to your bedroom.

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