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Nectar vs Puffy

Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

This comparison looks at Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress. When it comes to buying foam beds, there are basically thousands of choices to choose from. With such a wide selection, you are likely to face some challenges finding the ideal mattress.

To help you with this problem, we selected two best foam mattresses the market has to offer in 2018. These are: Puffy and Nectar mattresses. (You can also see the full list here.)

In today’s review, we will be comparing these two mattresses that provide a cloud-like, luxurious feel, superior contouring, and optimum comfort.

Both beds are pretty new on the market. We aim to discuss the major features that compare the Nectar and Puffy, such as construction, materials, firmness and comfort.

Which Mattress is Right for You?

Choose the Nectar Mattress if You Like

  • A thicker mattress (11″ versus the 10″ Puffy)
  • To save money (Costs less than Puffy)
  • A longer trial time (Offers 365 nights and Puffy offers 101 nights)
  • A superior design (3 layers and Puffy has 2 layers)

Choose the Puffy Mattress if You Like

  • A mattress made in the USA (Nectar is made in China)
  • Fast shipping (Nectar takes more days for shipping due to high demand)

Both mattresses provide lifetime warranty. They both work for all sleeping positions. And they both use gel memory foam for cool sleeping.

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Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress (Detailed Review)

Construction and Materials

Nectar Mattress

This is an 11 inch mattress with four different construction layers. The first layer is made of quilted gel foam that adds extra cushioning on the top and contours seamlessly to your body to provide increased air circulation and loft.

Underneath we have a lush layer made of a higher end gel memory foam, which provides a true memory foam feel, but with a little slower reaction time. This layer does a good job of evenly distributing your weight for better contouring support and cooling.

Then, there is a transitional layer made of adaptive HI core memory foam. This construction level offers the ideal support as your body transitions from the two upper layers. It provides the crucial bounce and rebound.

The final layer is made of 2.2 ILD breathable base foam. When you compare this construction level with a lot of the industry standards out there, you will find out that most brands use a 1.8 ILD, which is not as dense as the Nectar’s base layer.

What the 2.2 ILD is going to do is hold up for a longer period of time. It is also going to work better if you are a heavier person. Generally, the high-density foam reinforces the support and contouring layers, providing a breathable and stable foundation.

All these layers are wrapped with the highest quality Tencel cooling cover that features all-natural fibers. The uniquely designed fibers do an amazing job of wicking moisture away from the top of the bed, resulting in a smoother, drier, and cleaner sleeping surface.

This cover has incredible thermo regulating properties that keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. The cover is also resistant to irritants and dust mites, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Puffy Mattress

This is a 10-inch mattress with two different foam layers. The top cloud cooling layer is made of 4 inches of gel infused memory foam, which provides the comfort you desire, body conformance, pressure relief and cooling.

The gel infused foam layer uses conduction and convection to draw heat away from your body, allowing for superior airflow. Unlike cooling layers found in standard beds, the gel-infused foam used in this mattress offers eight times more airflow.

Underneath is a 6-inch foam core, which is made to be strong and long-lasting. This layer is also reinforced with Insta-Firm technology that guarantees four times the support and ninety-nine percent superior responsiveness when compared to a standard bed.

The two layers are wrapped in a removable and easy to wash the cover. The cover is not only thin, but also breathable. It also keeps your body closer to the cooling cloud layer for maximum heat dissipation, allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortable.

 The overall winner of this category is the Nectar mattress. 

Feel and Firmness: Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has a comfort level of 5.5-6.5 on the firmness scale. We define the Nectar mattress as a medium firm that is on the soft side of medium.

When you lay on the bed for the first time, you will realize that it feels a little firm. However, the memory foam will soften and start to sink in a little bit after you have slept on the bed for a while.

It conforms very well to your body after you lay down for a little longer. The medium firmness is similar to a feeling you get when sleeping on a higher-end Tempur-Pedic mattress that has a very dense memory foam.

According to our sleep trial, this is the  ideal choice for someone who wants a medium firm bed that is on the soft side of medium. But it may not be the best choice for those who desire a super firm mattress .

The Nectar mattress works very well for back and side sleeping. It offers superior conformity and pressure relief. It contours the shape of your body without causing pressure points.

Puffy Mattress

After our sleep trial, we gave the Puffy mattress a firmness of 7 on the firmness scale. So, it has a comfort level that is more on the firm side of medium, providing you with soft comfort and firm support.

The four inches of gel infused memory foam offers a softer feel. The foam core is not super dense either. So, you get a little more sinkage without overwhelming stuck feeling.

It will conform very nicely on your lower back when you lay on your back. You get to experience a memory foam feel with quick reaction. The bed is firm enough for back sleeping, since you get adequate support from the foam core.

The Puffy will perform just fine for stomach sleeping because it offers adequate support that will prevent your hips from sinking. However,  it may not be the ideal choice for someone who sleeps on their side most of the time. 

 The overall winner of this category is the Nectar mattress. 

Motion Transfer and Sinkage: Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The two top layers of gel memory foam offer ideal contour and resilience for superior motion isolation and equal body weight distribution. You will hardly feel your partner waking up during the night.

During our drop test, we found out that the Nectar offers good body contouring and minimal sinkage. But just enough for superior pressure relief.

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy offers superior performance as far as motion isolation is concerned. It provides incredible weight distribution. The two foam layers work well together to offer a superb level of resilience and contour for excellent motion isolation.

However,  it may not be a solid choice as far as sinkage is concerned . The four top inches offer good conformance, but with a little bit more sinkage. The bottom layer is not firm enough; so, it will sink a little bit, especially for heavier people.

 The overall winner of this category is the Nectar mattress. 

Sleeping Cool: Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Tencel cover and the top gel infused layer provide high levels of cooling. As a combined unit, the cover and the top layer work together to wick away moisture and help you sleep cooler. However, the sleeping surface may be a little bit warmer for some sleepers.

Puffy Mattress

Unlike the Nectar mattress, the Puffy is made of only two layers. The top four inches of gel infused foam and the breathable cover are designed to offer superior breathability and airflow for sleeping cooler. This bed will hardly sleep hot.

 The overall winner of this category is the Puffy mattress. 

Pricing: Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

Nectar Mattress
Size Price ($) – After coupon
Twin XL469
Cal King799

Puffy Mattress
Size Price ($) – After coupon
Twin XL625
Cal King1,150
 The overall winner of this category is the Nectar mattress 

Customer Service

Nectar Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

Nectar offers you 365 night home trial.

  • Warranty

Nectar is well-known for backing up their mattress, and that is why they offer a Forever Warranty.

  • Shipping

Nectar offers you free shipping and free return.

Puffy Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

Puffy offers you 101 night sleep trial.

  • Warranty

Like Nectar, Puffy is also known to fully back up their mattress with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Shipping

Puffy offers free shipping and returns.

 The overall winner of this category is the Nectar mattress 

In Summary:Nectar vs. Puffy Mattress

 Nectar MattressPuffy Mattress
Price of Queen ($)699950
Number of Layers42
Thickness (inches)1110
Comfort LevelMediumMedium Firm
Home Trial365 Nights101 Nights
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

As you can see, the Nectar and the Puffy mattresses have a number of differences. The Nectar has a four-layer construction while the Puffy has a two-layer construction. This simply means that you should expect superior support from the Nectar.

Although, both mattresses are made of body contouring memory foam for superior pressure relief and comfort, the truth is that the Puffy tends to sink more compared to the Nectar. Therefore, if you do not like the feeling, you should settle for the Nectar.

In terms of sleeping positions, the Nectar seems to be the most ideal choice for back and stomach sleeping. It is also a good option for side sleeping, but not for those who desire a super soft firmness feel. On the other hand, Puffy is the best choice for side sleeping.

While both brands offer lifetime warranties on their products, the Nectar comes with 365 risk-free night trial and the Puffy comes with 101 risks free night trial.

This brings us to the end of our assessment. According to our findings, we ultimately conclude that the Nectar mattress is the overall winner of this comparison. However, the final buying decision depends entirely on your budget and preference.

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