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Ogawa massage chair is a well-known, well-established manufacturer of massage chairs. According to the company, they exist to meet the expectations of their esteem customers. The company achieves this through exceptional customer service and product innovation.

Ogawa provides a complete wellness experience to their customers around the globe. The company aims to be the most venerated organization in the industry. They are socially responsible, ethical, and caring.

Why Ogawa?

They manufacturer their own products. Therefore, they are capable of providing newer innovations and technologies quicker and in the most effective manner in the market compared to any other brand.

The company has numerous quality control checks that extend from engineering to assembly. They also test the final manufactured product prior to selling.

The lavish and classic styles are designed in California. The brand’s offices are in Covina (not West Covina). Their industrial design experts make sure the Ogawa Massage Chair includes the best of the design features in the American market.

Free Shipping

All the company’s massage chairs are shipped for free with curbside shipping. Ogawa will deliver your product through freight to your doorstep.


Unlike conventional brands, Ogawa Massage Chair guarantees lifetime support. They have been manufacturing state-of-the-art products for over 20 years. The support team is ready and waiting to assist you with any queries that you may have after buying.

Warranty and Return Policy

All the massage chairs come with extended warranties. This provides you with guaranteed quality and high performance. You should buy and use Ogawa’s products without worry. The chairs come with 5-year limited warranty, and the Ogawa foot therapy plus comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

You have thirty days to return your product from the day it was delivered. As far as massage chairs are concerned, a full refund is given after a deduction of set-up fees and a flat rate of &495.

Top 4 Ogawa Massage Chair Reviews

Product Name Dimensions (inches) Weight (pounds) Power Rate (W) Price
Ogawa Smart 3D 5o x 34 x49 290 120 $$$$$
Ogawa Active-L 63 x 31.5 x 46.1 239.2 120 $$$$
Ogawa Active Super TRAC 60 x 33 x 49 285 120 $$$$
Ogawa Refresh-Plus 55.9 x 30 44.1 176.3 110 – 120 $$$

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Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair


The Ogawa Smart 3D is a high quality, high performing, intelligent massage chair. It transforms your shiatsu experience with its five smart modernisms that have never been witnessed in the past. You get to enjoy the most unique robotic massage ever.

No need for feeding commands every time you need the services of the chair. Instead, you can use the installed tablet to save numerous personalized profiles that will recall each of your desired preferences.

The Ogawa massage chair is the most customized and versatile bodywork equipment. It comes with state-of-the-art massage programming that allows for limitless distinctive massage combinations. You will love the dual head 3D rollers that operate like the human hands.

Special Features

Smart Tablet

Unlike conventional models, the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair is installed with a high definition smart tablet that helps to control as well as customize the performance. The tablet is pre-installed with a smart app that allows you to fine-tune your massage experience using touchscreen navigation.

The programmed tablet allows you to store unlimited user profiles. You can store one for yourself, and one for every family member and friend. All the profiles can be retrieved by one touch access. And you can always update the tablet by downloading updates.

3D Smart Roller

You can effectively adjust the depth of the massage to over three inches for an exceptional deep tissue Shiatsu. This feature has six levels of 3D intensity, which makes it possible for you to transform the service from light to deep massage.

The 3D smart roller is engineered to operate like a human hand. Therefore, the two head rollers in this Ogawa massage chair offer six different bodywork techniques as well as six special techniques that are only unique to this chair, such as the Thai Stretching.

Body Scan

This device uses its smart rollers to identify as well as memorize the distinctive S-curve shape of the back, and shoulder height to deliver massage with accuracy and effectiveness. The data obtained from the scan is used to target muscles so as to deliver personalized shiatsu.

Smart Sense Air Compression

Smart sense air compression tech repositions and gently lifts the body for wide-ranging stretching motions. It also provides healthy compression to help in muscle tension relief and circulation. The air compression uses patented sensors to deliver optimum pressure for comfy performance.

Personalized Massage Techniques

  • Spot/Partial

You can work on a problematic part of your back or neck with the spot mode.

  • Heat & Vibration

Heat alleviates lower back tension to relax muscles and joints. Vibration soothes, stimulates, detoxifies, as well as relaxes surface tissues.

  • Strength & intensity

You can effortlessly discover your appropriate massage with five levels of strength and five levels of intensity.

  • Color Therapy

Different color sequences help to stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes.

  • Thai Stretching

This is one of the most important techniques of the Ogawa Smart 3D. It does a great job of rejuvenating the whole body. It includes the following methods: ankle, knee, arm, and lower back stretches.

Zero Gravity

This is a well-known feature integrated into massage chairs. The position is NASA approved, and very effective at stimulating circulation, and increasing the effectiveness of the bodywork, while taking off all the weight from your spinal column.

Special Technologies

  • Self-diagnostics
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Quick touch controls with USB
  • Ottoman with Smart Sense
  • Quiet operation
  • Foot rollers


  • Unlimited personalized profiles for superior operation.
  • Smart body scan allow for precise and accurate delivery of massage techniques.
  • Smart tablet allows for easy control and customization.
  • Smart roller makes it simple to adjust massage depth.


  • Tablet software may lag or glitch during update.

Ogawa Active-L Massage Chair

Ogawa Active-L Massage Chair

The Ogawa Active L is a full bodywork chair. It combines humanistic, zero gravity, foot rollers, heat, color light therapy, sound system with Bluetooth and so much more. It has an SL Massage track that cradles your body with each muscle alongside the spine taken care of.

The chair promotes total body wellness by stretching and elongating the spine, kneading your tight neck and shoulder muscles and relaxing and soothing the bottom of your feet. This bodywork chair is all you need for the best experience ever.

Special features

9 Pre-programmed massages

The programs are well designed to combine different shiatsu styles to meet your desires.  They target your most troubled regions with choices for glute therapy, neck and shoulder, spine care and lower back. Stretch massages, demo, gentle, vigorous and relax are available depending on your preferences.

Touch Screen Remote

The latest tablet style touch screen remote allows you to effortlessly find and choose from the 9 massage programs offered. With a troubled area, you can easily create targeted bodywork. A digital sketch of your body is shown on the screen.

With the sketch, you can see where the rollers are aligned with your body. Select a partial massage or spot, pick a style, add heat, zero gravity or turn the foot rollers on or off. All of these activities can be achieved by simply commanding your tablet.

Foot rollers

Remove your shoes and get ready for a soothing experience on your feet. The foot rollers offer a kneading experience to the right places. This releases tension and renews your soles. Full coverage of your feet is met with spinning roller tracks aided by air compression.

SL Track

The active L-bodywork chair is fitted with a specially contoured roller track. This allows the rollers to move from the back of your head and neck, down under the gluteus muscles and up to your upper thighs. The upper portion is shaped like the spine. It smoothly transitions under your buttocks for pain relief and relaxation.

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Massage Techniques

Enjoy a combination of massage styles by choosing from kneading, tapping, Swedish, clapping shiatsu, dual action or rolling. You may also choose from the pre-programmed massages provided.

Bluetooth Compatibility

This feature takes your kneading experience to another level. The high-quality sound system located at the headrest of the chair enables you to wirelessly play music from any compatible devices. Your body and mind is able to relax at the same time.

Automatic leg extension

Regardless of your height, the foot section slides out at the touch of a button adjusting for longer or shorter legs. All of your family members whether 5’ to 6’3’’will have a chance of enjoying the Ogawa Active L-Massage chair.

Special Technologies

  • Quiet technology
  • Body scan technology
  • Air compression technology
  • 2-stage Zero gravity


  • Safety features for self-check scan and overheating and surge protection.
  • Easy to use smart tablet that uses multi-languages.
  • 9 automatic massage programs to meet all of your desires
  • Full coverage foot and sole rollers for releasing tension.


  • Tablet software requires update from time to time.

Ogawa Active Super TRAC Massage Chair

Ogawa Active Super TRAC Massage Chair

The Ogawa Active Super TRAC  chair is a combination of quality, newest massage technology and style all-in-one. It promises to offer a pleasing experience. From an adjustable roller track and body scan technology, relaxation and recovery are easily achieved.

Special Features

2 Massage chairs in one

The chair features the best roller tracks available in the market. When seated upright, the super TRAC offers kneading to the neck and back. When you are lying down, you will have massage under the seat massaging the glutes.

This is the only device that combines traditional S-track massage for your neck and back with the capability of an L-Track bodywork chair. This gives you absolute control over it. This is like having 2 kneading devices in one.

UNIQ Super TRAC Programs

  • UNIQ 1

This program is designed to rejuvenate your whole body. You will experience various bodywork methods such as rocking and kneading. The massage rollers use slow stretch like movements starting from the neck to the glutes. Soothing heat fills and warms up your body.

Gentle air compression massages your body from the shoulders all the way to your feet leaving you relaxed and refreshed after finishing this program.

  • UNIQ 2

This program is well designed to invigorate your body. Bodywork methods are faster in style and speed moving from your neck to glutes. A low back stretch is performed for decompressing the spine.

Air compression kneading is quite intense so as to promote better circulation. You will experience vibration bodywork in the seat leaving you energized.

  • UNIQ Back

This program specializes on a full shiatsu experience by focusing on every muscle group from your neck to glutes. With the smooth movements the super TRAC offers deep tissue bodywork methods lengthening every muscle for increased flexibility.

Multiple Recline Angles

You can recline into a comfortable bed position or float into the zero gravity position to enjoy a full bodywork. Each position cradles the spine perfectly well as the roller track modifies to fit each curve.

With the zero gravity position, the active super track raises the knees above the heart making you feel completely weightless. With such a position, all pressure is taken off your spine, heart rate reduced increasing the effectiveness of the massage.

Airbag massage

A full body air compression is realized with the 56 strategically situated air chambers for arms, hands, shoulders, feet and calves. Gradual pressure will then be applied to release tension and increase circulation as the acupuncture nodes lengthen any sore muscles.

Customizable massage

  • Spot massage

It allows you to target exact areas along your back. You can adjust the rollers to targeted pain areas.

  • Foot rollers

With the deep kneading foot rollers, the device eliminates tightness calming muscles of your feet.

  • Heat therapy

The soothing heat specifically targets the lumbar area relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. This restores healthy circulation in the entire body.

Special Technology

  • USB port for charging your mobile device
  • Removable back cushion
  • Reversible head pillow


  • User friendly remote control that makes it easy and quick to select programs.
  • Exclusive UNIQ super TRAC modes available.
  • USB port for charging mobile devices.
  • Spot and partial bodywork features for targeted areas.


  • No roller strength adjustment for customization.

Ogawa Refresh-Plus Massage Chair

Ogawa Refresh-Plus Massage Chair

With the Ogawa Refresh Plus, you are able to refresh your mind and entire body from head to toe. It uses proprietary smart-curve technology so as to reach every part of the spine. It helps in eliminating any tension and pain relaxing all tight muscles leaving you refreshed than before.

Special Features

Smart Curve Technology

The chair utilizes next-generation smart curve technology to focus on the S-curve nature of the spine. The roller keeps a precise and constant pressure along your back. The neck, shoulders and cervical curve are thoroughly massaged. Quad style rollers are well positioned on either side of the spine mimicking the motion of human hands.

Full Body Air Compression

A full body air compression is realized with the strategically placed air chambers meant for shoulders, arms, hands, and calves. Gradual pressure is then applied for increasing circulation and releasing tension while the acupuncture nodes lengthen and stretch sore muscles.

Foot Rollers

The foot rollers knead the bottom of your feet. Gentle air compression shifts your foot side to side for more coverage. Acupressure points are well kneaded to release tension throughout your body increasing healing and relaxation. It is perfect for sore feet.

Zero Gravity Technology

When at the zero gravity position, the knees are elevated above the heart for a complete weightlessness feeling. Cradled in such a position, heart rate is reduced, all pressure is taken off your spine and effectiveness and depth of the bodywork is increased. 2 stages of zero gravity are available for selecting an ideal position.

Spot and Partial Massage

The spot feature enables you to target exact areas on your entire back. You only need to adjust rollers to targeted pain area for the rollers to do the rest. The partial feature enables you to target an area along the spine for kneading.

Touch Screen Remote

The touchscreen remote is sleek in style and easy to navigate through the available programs and options. Your body is well-mapped onto the screen for you to see and feel the exact placement of rollers. You can select a spot or partial massage option easily, add foot rollers and heat with one touch.

Advanced Body Scanning Technology

The refresh plus massage chair uses human-like rollers to memorize and detect your shoulder height together with your S-curve of your back to effectively deliver kneading techniques. Data collected from the scan is used by the microcomputer in the chair to target muscle groups to offer the best experience.

6 Pre-Programmed Massages

The 6 pre-programmed massages use a unique combination of kneading roller technology and air compression.  The new programs are: relax, gentle, lower back, lower body, neck, and shoulder, and stretch. Each program offers different levels of speed and intensity to provide a humanistic massage.

Massage Techniques

The Ogawa refresh plus has 7 different bodywork techniques to suit your daily needs. This includes shiatsu, Swedish, clapping, tapping, kneading, dual action and rolling.

Special technologies

  • Heat therapy
  • Seat vibration
  • Strength and intensity


  • 5 levels of speed and strength are available.
  • Smart curve technology for a great experience.
  • Advanced computer body scan technology.
  • Safety features include overheating and surge protection.
  • 6 automatic pre-programmed massages.


  • The remote control is available only in English

Final Words

As you have seen, your well-being first is the main idea behind Ogawa massage chairs. At Ogawa, success comes from a genuine belief in the products they sell. The company’s vision is to introduce quality, industry-leading products with competitive pricing.

The company uses only the most advanced robotics massage technology and systems to offer industry-leading massage chairs. It is dedicated to research and develop new technologies that surpass the expectations of what the smart chairs can do for you.

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