Osaki mattress chair reviews

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

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The Osaki massage chair and Titan brand is one of the world’s leading distributors of massage chairs. Unlike most companies in the industry, this brand offers prices that are below the national retail price.

The brand is focused on providing their clientele with high quality, high performing products. You will hardly be disappointed with your Osaki massage chair.

They strive to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients in all aspects of the business. It does not matter whether it is selling or maintenance, the brand is focused on offering unmatched customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

Short Reviews Dimensions Upright (cm) Weight (pounds) Power Rate (W)
Osaki OS-Apollo 59 x 32 x 47 217 230
Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer 35.4 x 48 x 58.3 231.5 250
TP-Pro Alpine 51 x 29.5 x 32 280 120
Apex V1-Vending 35.4 x 63 x 43.3 207.2 160
Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan 32 x 44 x 47 200 115

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Osaki OS-Apollo

Osaki OS-Apollo

The Osaki OS-Apollo Osaki massage chair is not cheap. It comes with innovative full body L-Track bodywork technology. It is available in three color options for preference: black, dark brown, and red. With this chair, you get state-of-the-art features, which include:

  • Auto body scanning
  • Three stage zero gravity
  • Full body L-Track massage
  • Space saving design
  • Dual action massage
  • Whole body stretching
  • Seven sets of auto-massage program
  • Spot air massage
  • Lumbar heating therapy
  • Foot roller massage
  • Three levels of width, intensity, and speed
  • Calf kneading massage, shiatsu, kneading, tapping

Why Choose Osaki OS-Apollo

Innovative L-Track Design

It features the L-Track design, which consists of a roller system that does an amazing job of massaging the neck region. Then again it continues to the lumbar spine before proceeding to work on the upper hamstrings and glutes.

Auto Body Scanning

The Osaki massage chair is engineered to trigger an auto body scan when activated. The scan will measure the key parts of your back, which includes your height. This process helps the chair deliver very effective bodywork with consistent pressure.

However, the manufacturer requires you to properly position yourself on the chair. Your back has to effectively press against the backrest in order to allow for an accurate body scan.

Three Stage Zero Gravity

Unlike most conventional models, the OS-Apollo is incorporated with three stage zero gravity functionality. The zero gravity is the best neutral position to enjoy a fully bodywork. It aligns your spine relative to your thigh to experience ultimate comfort.

When you recline back in the OS-Apollo, the space in between the vertebrae is opened so the pressure on the pads is lessened. You get better hydration, better blood flow, and more nutrients.

When you are reclined all the way back in zero gravity, you have some amazing health and wellness benefits, such as improved circulation. It is going to force the blood back to your heart, improving your circulation.

You will also have relief from issues such as edema and swelling things. This makes the chair a perfect companion after an eventful day. You can switch from one stage to another depending on your desired zero gravity position.

Foot Roller Massage

Osaki has your feet properly taken care of with the foot roller massage, which is situated at the bottom end of the footrest. The roller features spinning reflexology, which delivers a soothing kneading. This stimulates acupuncture points and generates a deeper massage.

Space Saving Design

The OS-Apollo Osaki massage chair features a space-saving design. With this construction, the chair slides forward when reclined. Less than six inches are needed when laying in a backward position.

Air Massage System and Heating Therapy

If you are searching for groundbreaking air massage technology, then OS-Apollo is the ideal choice. Unlike regular models, this chair is integrated with a reduced number of airbags that reduces pressure on the chair and improves performance.

Another astounding property that you will admire is the heating therapy. Heating therapy is known to be very effective at increasing blood circulation as well as loosening tense muscles. It has two heating pads in the lower back section.


  • You can choose from 7 auto massage programs, including: full body, relief, stretch, quick, all air, sleep, and yoga.
  • Remote operation that allows you to effectively choose the massage type, location, speed, and intensity.
  • Different colors and textures, you have three exceptional options to choose from based on your preference.
  • The space saving design does not need to much room space.
  • Three stage zero gravity allows you to suitably change the reclined position.


  • It is pricy for a limited budget

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer


The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Osaki massage chair offers you with a human-like massage experience. It will revitalize your body from head to toe thanks to the best roller technology the chair has. It has loads of features that will offer you the best kneading experience. They include:

  • 2 stage zero gravity
  • 3D massage technology
  • Accupoint technology
  • Computer scan
  • 2nd generation S-TRAC
  • Mp3 air connection
  • Auto leg scan
  • Heating on shoulder
  • Foot and calf airbag massage
  • Incredible foot roller massage
  • waist airbag squeeze
  • 6 airbag seat and hip massage

Why Choose OS-3D Pro Dreamer

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position will make you feel relaxed and stress free minimizing pressure along your spine and the entire back. There are two stages available, the second being more reclined. With a fully reclined position, your legs are placed higher than your heart position resulting in therapeutic effects.

3D Massage Technology

The newly improved 3D massage technology is designed to knead deeper and wider than other conventional rollers available. The 3D technology enables you to extend the kneading heads up to 8 centimeters for an intense deep bodywork. The intensity levels are from 1 to 5, 1 being mild and 5 strong.

Accupoint Technology

With approximately 350 Accupoint present in your body, nearly 100 are in your back and neck. The OS-3D Pro dreamer has different techniques that target acupoints with precision. From Swedish massage to shiatsu, you will definitely feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Foot and Calf Airbag Massage

Multiple airbags are present at the top and bottom which inflate to apply compression bodywork along feet and calf areas.

Computer Body Scan

The 3D point navigation system utilizes pressure sensor technology to virtually map your back for massage efficiency and accuracy. The system scans your entire back and delivers a bodywork that contours your spine curve.

Dual Foot Roller Massagers

Two rows of spinning reflexology massagers located at the feet that offer a soothing massaging style application. As the rollers spin, acupuncture points are stimulated. As the airbags inflate, a much deeper kneading at the bottom of your feet is generated.


  • 3D massage technology ensuring you get human-like massage experience.
  • Accupoint technology with a variety of techniques that precisely target desired points.
  • Computer body scan that maps your back virtually up to 200 square inches.
  • 6 airbag seat and hip massage that works on your thighs by stretching  muscles.


  • White glove delivery charges apply

TP-Pro Alpine

TP-Pro Alpine

The TP-Pro Alpine Osaki massage chair uses advanced massage technology. It allows roller tracks to extend past the low back and top of hamstrings. You will never experience another low back bodywork like that of L-track massage chair. Features that the chair has include:

  • L-track roller design for glutes and under buttocks.
  • Zero gravity position.
  • Foot rollers.
  • Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and combo.
  • Bluetooth speaker connection app.
  • Space saving feature.
  • Memory function.

Why choose TP-Pro Alpine

Advanced Massage Technology

The TP Pro Alpine is advanced and is integrated with outer shoulder massage and zero gravity positioning. It has easy to use remote control that allows you to navigate through available features effortlessly.

Zero Gravity Massage

The zero gravity position inspired by NASA technology is the best position to enjoy bodywork. It aligns your back relative to your thighs ensuring you are comfortable. When reclined into zero gravity position, the weight of your back is by the backrest that maximizes the intensity of the your massage.

L-Track Massage Function

It offers support on your neck and back, more so on the lumbar area. Rollers present in this track start at the neck and follow the full extension up to the buttocks. This feature increases the effects of kneading, enabling each disc of the spine to separate and decompress. This allows nutrients to enter disc tissue.

Computer Body Scan

With the newest technology, the scan allows the rollers to map your back curvature with accuracy. It translates into a precise massage, hitting all key areas. This highly advanced chair self-adjusts making your experience feel customized regardless of your body type.

Auto Recline and Leg Extension

The TP-pro alpine defines luxury. It is fully automated, making every movement effortless. The easy to use remote control enables you to operate foot extension, recline of backrest, leg rest and zero gravity position.

Easy To Use Remote

The remote easily visualizes the available functions the chair has activated. A flip down cover makes it easy to access manual functions of the chair. With the remote, you can easily select the kneading type, speed, location and intensity.

Foot and Calf Massage

Multiple airbags are present along the bottom and sides of feet and legs that inflate to apply compression massage. Located at the bottom, foot massagers are spinning rollers, which apply a concentrated kneading massage.


  • Heating function on the back enhances your massage experience.
  • Easy to use remote control that allows for effortless navigation.
  • L-track massage function that offers support to the lumbar area.
  • Zero gravity technology for perfect positioning.


  • May be expensive to acquire.

Apex V1-Vending

Apex V1-Vending

The Apex V1-Vending comes with a combination of 6 kneading techniques that will not only make your clients relax but also bring a smile to your customers’ face. It is the best chair for bringing extra income to your business. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control.  The available features include:

  • Arm, calf and back massage.
  • Combination of different massage techniques.
  • Bill vending massage chair.
  • Credit card acceptor.

Why choose Apex V1-Vending

Massage Modes

The apex V1-Vending provides you with different kneading modes giving you a chance to select a mode that will suit your needs. The modes provided include shiatsu, capping, tapping, kneading, rolling and Swedish.

Bill Vending Massage Chair

For entrepreneurs, the bill receptor is positioned at the right armrest panel. The cash box is capable of holding bills up to 500 bills. The credit card reader is optional.

Massage Charge Options

The bill collector has a money counter that is in-built hence can be displayed on an external monitor. This prevents you from opening the collect unit every time. You only have to:

  • Determine the bodywork starting amount.
  • Set the time for every dollar amount.
  • Set the time for starting amount.

Back Massage

The roller head system is well designed to adjust to the curve of any person’s back. This results to a consistent pressure during a session.

Arm Massage

Airbags are present in the arm massaging portion of the chair, which contract during massage. This relieves fatigue and promotes better blood circulation in the arm.

Calf Massage

In the leg and feet massage portion, contracting airbags are available that promote better blood circulation and relieve fatigue in feet and legs.

Durable Synthetic Material

The chair is covered with a highly durable leather. It is easy to clean and sustains the rich color better than other typical leather that dry up and crack over time. This is a long-term investment for businesses.

Easy Maintenance

The Apex V1-vending is designed so that repair and maintenance is easy and quick. It is built using very few components, thereby, reducing time for problem troubleshooting. Therefore, you will not incur too much costs during repair.

Steel Frame

The framework used is solid steel ensuring strength and dependability. The armrests are covered by durable plastic that is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The chair is in an upright position saving on space.
  • An ideal way to bring in little income to your business.
  • Durable synthetic leather is used in covering the chair.
  • The chair accepts cards and bills.
  • Different pre-set patterns including: Swedish, rolling, clapping, kneading and tapping procedures.


  • Only one color option(black) is available

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan


The Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Osaki massage chair has taken the massage experience to a whole new level with the 4D technology and other impressive features. It not only works on your entire body but also has 30 minutes VIP course program. Features provided include:

  • 4D Massage
  • Double sensor for shoulders
  • Stretch massage
  • 41 types kneading
  • Double heater
  • 21 types auto course
  • Touchscreen controller
  • 30 minutes VIP course
  • Triple mode air system

Why choose Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan

Superior 4D Massage Technology

The 2 ball massage systems move vertically, horizontally and back and front plain. Before the start of every kneading, the chair accurately maps your back, analyzing contours of the back muscles and the spine. This ensures a more consistent kneading pressure throughout the entire time hence no spot is neglected.

Osaki has taken another step by adding a fourth dimension to its technology. Speed variation has been added to each style of bodywork. The hands of the masseuse slow down, pause or accelerate much like time test traditions of the Japanese massage.

Upper Shoulder Massage

The 2 ball roller head system extend and retract up to about 5 inches. Areas that most typical chairs cannot reach are thereby hit. Tension and stress mostly build up at the upper part of the shoulders. The rollers head extend out above the shoulders then firmly presses down to stretch muscles.

Full body air massage

With the new technology, total airbags have been reduced while surface area coverage has been increased. This, in turn, reduces stress to valves and air pumps, extending the longevity of this component.

  • Outer shoulder massager

It is located on the upper side of the backrest. Two airbag massagers are available on each side. As the airbag inflates, it compresses your shoulders inwards.

  • Hand and arm massager

As you insert arms into unique butterfly design, it positions the palm of your hands vertically. The hands and forearms will be massaged simultaneously as the airbag inflates.

30 Minutes VIP Course

  • Whole body focus knead relaxing

The VIP course 30 minutes massage focuses on the entire body that tires easily. This gives high-quality kneading.

  • Sommelier course

Comfortable and luxury relax course as if the kneading is being done by a number of persons, from warm up to cool down.

  • Slow stretch

It involves whole body stretching that is done carefully and slowly with more pleasure.

  • Air relaxation

Whole body care with air massage that promotes blood circulation removing dullness of the body.


  • 30 minutes VIP pro-course with different programs.
  • Full body air massage form shoulders to legs.
  • Superior 4D massage technology with computer body scan.
  • Upper shoulder massage that will stretch upper shoulder muscles.


  • It is expensive for a limited budget.

Why Osaki?

An Osaki massage chair will continue to innovate as well as surprise the world with outstanding features that deliver therapeutic benefits and provide innovative products along with experiences that deliver life changing benefits.

This amazing brand offers chairs that can massage just about every part of your body simultaneously. There is something miraculous that happens when your arms, neck, shoulders, calves, buttocks, and feet are all massaged at once.

The Osaki massage chair brand makes it their mission to help you relax your whole body, in order for you to enjoy a more active existence. The brand works directly with renowned manufacturers of relaxation and massage chairs to meet your needs, both in health as well as cost.

Product Line

Unlike competing brands, Osaki massage chair has five product lines for their wide-ranging customer base. The product lines include:

  • Osaki
  • Osaki Pro
  • Titan
  • Apex
  • Japanese

Standard Warranty

There is a three-year standard parts & labor and manufacturer’s warranty on each Osaki massage chair. This warranty is non-transferrable and it is offered by the parent company, Titan Chair LLC.

This warranty covers the framework, labor, and all parts. It takes account of labor and parts costs for the first year with no charges to the customer. It covers parts costs for the second year. Covers three years for a structural framework on chosen products. Additional extended warranties consist of labor and parts costs at no cost to the client.

1 Year Extended

This is a one-year extended parts & labor/manufacturer’s warranty, tallying to four years for an Osaki massage chair. It is non-transferrable and provided by Titan Chair LLC.

The warranty covers the framework, labor, and all parts. It includes labor and parts costs for the first two years, and parts costs for four years with no charges to the customer. Three years structural framework for selected products. It is only viable for the extended one year warranty.

2 Year Extended

This is a two-year extended parts & labor/manufacturer’s warranty for the Osaki massage chair. This is a five year, non-transferrable warranty offered by the Titan Chair LLC.

It covers framework, labor, and all parts on your Osaki massage chair. It includes labor and parts costs for three years and parts costs for five years. It carries three years structural framework for selected products.

These warranties do not cover shipping expenses. They do not take account of normal wear and tear, such as zipper or Velcro malfunction. They do not apply to intentional or non-intentional physical damages.

Shipping and Handling Information

Curbside delivery service includes all standard shipping. It covers most products that are shipped by ground within the adjoining U.S.

Usually, massage chairs are delivered unassembled in their original factory boxes. The trucking company delivers the chair to your entryway or driveway, and you pick it up.

For threshold delivery, your product is delivered to the closest ground-level entrance of your apartment building, business, or home.

For white glove delivery, your product is hand-delivered to your desired destination; then again it is assembled together. It takes an additional one to two weeks compared to the standard delivery time. Extra cost applies to white glove delivery.

Canadian and international orders are the responsibility of the customer and they are subjected to duties and taxes. See more details here.

Final Words

Osaki massage chairs are among the best in the market. They provide all the advantages that regular visits to a massage therapist offer. Massage provides health benefits. This brand has five product lines from which you can choose your desired chair based on your budget, preference, and application.

When buying a massage chair, there are many things that you need to take into consideration, such as price, warranty, customer support, personal needs, and health benefits. Osaki and Titan Chair LLC offer the best of all these features.

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