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OSIM Massage Chair Reviews

OSIM Massage Chair Reviews

OSIM Massage Chair is a brand marketing machine that has achieved global reach and gained international acclaim. The OSIM Massage Chair brand understands that skilled staff are an important asset and supports the notion of happy staff, happy customers.
International branding is the key to the company’s success. The founder is the OSIM Massage Chair brand icon. He is well-recognized for developing creative initiatives that allow staff to truly live the brand internationally. And he is the OSIM Massage Chair brand’s most persuasive spokesperson.

Why OSIM Massage Chair is the Best?

The OSIM Massage Chair brand is intelligent, innovative, and interactive. Their revolutionary OSIM massage chair will interest, excite, and delight you in new and amazing ways. They set the standard with everything they do.

The company believes in uncompromised integrity. They take pride in whatever they do and stand behind the quality as well as reliability of their smart chairs and services.

The company believes that good health begins with the right attitude that is realized emotionally, mentally, and physically. This great brand is built on consistency. Product innovation tends to provide the OSIM massage chair brand with continued relevance to the changing needs of the customers.

Top 3 OSIM Massage Chair Reviews

Product NameReclining Angle (degrees)Auto Timer (minutes)Power Rate (W)
uLove 123 to 15515210
uInfinity Luxe115 to 1505 / 10 / 15400
uDivine Mini110 to 1251580

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ULove Massage Chair

ULove Massage Chair

The uLove is the world’s most indulging massage chair. It combines three perfecting elements to provide an outstanding experience that excites as well as satisfies all the senses. With this seat, it is pampering acupressure from head to toe, and mind to body.

What makes the uLove Special?

Immersive Audio System

The speakers are perfectly positioned within a close chamber so as to develop an immersive audio experience. This is achieved along with delightful virtual effects and enriched timbre. The audio system will calm your mind with soothing tracks as you receive a deep relaxation state.

V-Hand Massage Technology

Comes with V-Hand tech with seven hundred and twenty roller balls. The V-Hand tech is engineered to mimic the swift hands of a professional massage therapist. The tech yields a lifelike massage grip, which is effective at alleviating deep-seated knots.

The innovative 720-degree roller balls are capable of rotating 360 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions. The balls roll in close contact with every curve of your body. This guarantees the smoothest and most soothing shiatsu.

Long Track Massage

The long track massage technology covers every inch of the body. This is from your head to your butt. The extended coverage alleviates more painful points, providing more pleasures and more satisfaction. Massage is helpful at all ages.

Excellent Suite of Massage Programs

An excellent massage program offers more than you would have expected in terms of performance and feeling. It is always precise as well as targeted so as to deliver effective relief and improve your health.

The uLove electric chair is integrated with such suite of acupressure programs. It is skillfully designed and custom-made to meet the many needs of an entire family. The manufacturer’s years of experience allows him to engineer exceptional lifestyle massage programs.

Full body relief program offers shoulder caress, lumbar pamper, and butt cuddle. The shoulder caress alleviates tension and aches from neck and shoulders. The lumbar pamper deals with lower back tension. The butt cuddle relaxes your butt and back for a healthy sitting lifestyle.

More Lifestyle Massage Programs

  • Sweet Dreams: This session prepares your mind and body for a refreshing good night sleep.
  • Deep Comfort: This session provides intense acupressure to alleviate knots and body tension.
  • Tender Stretch: This program improves range of motion and loosens muscles for flexibility.
  • Relax Time: This session provides head to toe massage so as to relax the mind and body.
  • Beautiful Indulgence: This is a feminine massage session made for toning and firming.

What More Should You Expect from the uLove

You can wirelessly connect the chair to your smartphone via Bluetooth to download the latest lifestyle massage sessions. This will keep you up to date with the company advancements.

It is equipped with intelligent auto shoulder detection. This feature is usually activated at the beginning of every automatic acupressure session.

ULove is installed with customized intensities. It provides the most dynamic bodywork, each with seven levels of 3D assortment at the butt, lumbar, and shoulders.

It has three user memories for superior convenience. You can input your desired massage settings, and the chair will automatically recall up to three different profiles.

It is fitted with a well-designed extendible foot massager. You can conveniently extend the foot unit to fit your unique height so as to deliver a personalized experience.


  • Easy to adjust to your desired position with a single touch of a button.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to download new massage programs.
  • Customized intensities maximizes enjoyment as well as effectiveness.
  • Extendible foot massager offers a personalized experience.
  • Up to three user memories for subsequent easy operation.
  • Engineered with family-friendly, comprehensive safety features.


  • Auto timing of 15 minutes may be short for some users.

UInfinity Luxe Massage Chair

UInfinity Luxe Massage Chair

Well-known for their massage products, OSIM has now introduced their top-of-the-line OSIM uInfinity Luxe electronic seat for the hardworking individual. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness freak, or just a workaholic, this chair is engineered to satisfy your every need.

This stylish and well-built design claims to bring comfort to an all new height. The company is committed to inspire their customer to enjoy the highest level of comfort through the uInfinity Luxe. It guarantees a pleasurable and humanized head to toe pampering.

What makes the uInfinity Luxe Special?

Human Smart Massage Tech

This technology combines three complementary inventions to provide the most refined acupressure feel along with customizable lifestyle programs for diversified needs. You can also download new massage programs for limitless pleasures and well-being.

Four Professional Made Programs

  • Scholar Relax

This is a head to toe feature made to relax and calm

  • Scholar Energize

This feature enhances concentration as well as focus for study or work.

  • Hot Stones

This feature involves a signature warm acupressure for superior relaxation.

  • Air Spa

This feature offers a lavish full air shiatsu with warmth.

Optimal Well-Being

The uInfinity Luxe understands that all users have different wants and needs as far as getting an exceptional massage goes. The chair performs at the level of the chosen massage program to deliver the highest possible performance. It is surely the decisive investment.

The following features help to improve your well-being:

  • Active Lifestyle

Helps in recovery as well as relaxation of the body of an active person.

  • Customized Suite

This feature satisfies the distinctive desires of your mind and body.

  • Lifestyle Essentials

This feature restores your balance as well as well-being all through the day.

  • Therapeutic Relief

This feature offers soothing and precise solutions for particular needs.

  • Daily Basics

This feature calms as well as alleviates pain points in a number of minutes.

Maximize Indulgence

The chair is fortified with a comprehensive and intuitive system of manual and automatic massage choices. The chair is your professional massage therapist at your command.

UInfinity Luxe is installed with innovative Tui-Na bodywork, which works by balancing the body’s energy. The firm pull and push methods of the Tui-Na along with roller reflexology deliver deep tissue acupressure to alleviate strains and aches.

The uInfinity Luxe is installed with intelligent shoulder detection technique. This feature detects your unique physical built, ensuring that you benefit from the therapeutic effects of the personalized acupressure.

The chair comes with a tailored zero gravity massage position that helps to optimize the advantages of effleurage through deep breathing and relaxation. Zero gravity distributes your weight across your body to alleviate tension and stress. It also improves circulation.


  • Zero gravity position alleviates tension and stress.
  • Full body effleurage decompresses and improves spine alignment.
  • Human smart technology offers the highest level of full body massage.
  • Footrest is retractable and allows for a personalized comfort.
  • Comes with numerous massage programs for effective results.


  • It is the most expensive option compared to similar products

UDivine Mini Massage Sofa

UDivine Mini Massage Sofa

The uDivine Mini Massage Sofa will take away all your worries of digital lifestyle like body aches and stiff neck. It has a compact and sleek design complementing any modern living environment. The chair will not only relax your body and mind, but is also a perfect statement piece for your place.

What makes the uDivine Special?

5 Professional Designed Massage Programs

The 5 auto massage programs are specifically designed to enhance your digital lifestyle. The programs also counteract effects of a sedentary lifestyle, offering you a relaxing lifestyle enjoyment. They include:

  • Neck and shoulder

The rollers target your shoulders and neck relieving ‘Text-neck’ syndrome that results from continuous hunching over your mobile devices.

  • Butt and thigh

This program specifically targets your thigh and butt area to relax muscles and also improve circulation preventing water retention and buildup of toxins.

  • Relax

This program offers a full body massage. It is the perfect session to try out after a long day at work.

  • Energize

Enjoy a full body massage to heighten your alertness for active digital lifestyle.

  • Lumbar

Tension on your lower back muscles that results from a prolonged sitting lifestyle or inactiveness is relieved. Continuous countless hours of sitting results in poor circulation of blood in your thighs.

Long Massage Coverage

The long kneading coverage allows soft bodywork from your neck down to your thighs. It extends the common kneading area for a greater relaxation. Therefore, you can indulge in your normal daily activities without any aches and soreness on your neck.

Variety of Massage Techniques

A combination of different massage techniques may be customized for you to achieve your desired experience, leaving you satisfied. They include: tapping, kneading and rolling.

Adjustable Roller Width

During back rolling bodywork, you can adjust the width of the roller, ensuring a targeted and precise bodywork. All the points that are tired and aching will be well taken care of, leaving you satisfied and relaxed after the session.

Comfort at Any Reclining Angle

The sofa is capable of reclining to any angle, ensuring your comfort. You only need to adjust the angle of your OSIM massage chair to the one that best suits your needs. This ensures that you are not tired of sitting at a particular angle for quite a while.

What More Should You Expect From UDivine

Dual massage mechanism for your thighs and back to be simultaneously massaged. This leaves you revitalized on both your upper and lower body.

Spot massage that ensures you adjust the rollers to the exact spot for proper relief on pain points during a kneading massage session.

Three levels of shoulder position for you to try out for a personalized and more precise bodywork experience.

Easily accessed control panel that enables you to customize your bodywork separately for your thighs and back. This doubles your enjoyment.


  • Recline at any angle feature for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • A combination of massage techniques that can be customized for a unique experience.
  • Dual massage mechanism for revitalizing your upper and lower body.
  • Stylish design with alluring curvatures that easily matches with interior décor.
  • Value conscious sofa packed with superb features.


  • A few bodywork techniques are offered.

Warranty Information

standard warranty is offered with the OSIM massage chair. The warranty is provided by the company with charge to the buyer of an appropriate OSIM product. It is only viable in the nation of the original purchase.

The cover is a value-add service that starts on the first day the chair is bought for a minimum duration of one year. It is not assignable, negotiable, or transferable to any third party. It is not a guarantee associated with the nature of workmanship, materials or performance.

Upholstery defects are not limited to abrasion/scratches from external items, poor storage conditions, marks from regular usage, and stains from transferrable items or gels, and do not apply to standard wear and tear.

The company has the sole choice of repairing or replacing a massage chair with like kind, specifications, and quality in case of malfunction. The warranty is terminated automatically if the involved product is replaced, and the original product will be repossessed by the company.

The total worth of all replacements and/or repairs carried out during the period of the warranty must not surpass the amount paid for the involved product.

Spare parts charges or service fee will be incurred by the customer for servicing/ maintenance/repairs if the involved massage chair is no longer under any warranty policy. See more warranty information here.

Final Words

Having created the category in which they dominate brand space, OSIM massage chair continues to achieve and has an international reach that is increasing with enormous rapidity. OSIM is definitely a leader in innovation.

Unlike other brands in the market, OSIM massage chairs are fairly priced. Among the three available models, there is a luxury high-end model (uInfinity Luxe), best value for the money (uLove), and a good quality choice for a tight budget (uDivine Mini). This way, you are able to buy according to your budget and preference.

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