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PolySleep Mattress Review

PolySleep Mattress Review

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  • Soft, supportive slumber for side sleepers.
  • Great motion transfer control allows couples to sleep together undisturbed
  • The edge control was good when I got out of bed. My usual bed has great edge control; I had to remind myself to think about it because it didn’t feel any different than what I’m used to.
  • A solid contender in the affordable category for those who prefer a medium-soft mattress.

What is important when you buy a mattress?

If you’re deciding between buying a mattress online and buying one at a brick and mortar store, see why we strongly recommend purchasing a mattress online and get our mattress buyer’s checklist to help you look at all the aspects of each mattress you consider.

The quality of sleep you achieve affects every area of your life. When you sleep well, you make better decisions during the daytime and enjoy more harmonious relationships. A good mattress helps you sleep longer and deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed.  Your mattress is an important purchase. Consider these factors when you shop for a new mattress:

  • Does it support your body? If your body isn’t supported, your muscles don’t relax, which means you can wake up achy (this can make you think you’re aging when it is really just a bad mattress).
  • Different mattresses are best for people who sleep in different positions.
  • Motion isolation which means your sleeping partner’s movements don’t disturb your slumber
  • A mattress that maintains a temperature you like
  • You want good quality for the price.
  • Sleep trials and return policies that make you comfortable.

The first thing I noticed about the PolySleep mattress when we unrolled our test sample, was its vivid purple color. The images I’d seen didn’t do the deep, rich color justice. The second thing I noticed was actually the absence of something—a strong off-gassing smell. I had half expected this mattress to have strong off-gassing. I planned to wait a few days to try it but there was no odor. That was good news because I am sensitive to odors from new products.

PolySleep Mattress Stats

Firmness Rating

  • Medium-Soft



  • 10 inches thick

Support Core Components

  • 8-pound core foam

Comfort Layer Components

  • The top comfort layer is a hybrid memory foam with ventilation holes to help it sleep cool.Comfort Layer Components
  • The next layer is firmer


The cover resists spills which will protect your mattress from mishaps. Does your young child sometimes join you in your bed? Do you have an excitable pet? Do you worry about guests with adult incontinence?

I was surprised by how soft and comfortable the cover was given that it repels liquid. I was worried it would feel like vinyl, but it is very pleasant to the touch.

Sleeping Positions

PolySleep is best for side sleepers. Combination sleepers who sleep mostly on their sides and occasionally sleep on their back should feel very supported on this mattress.

The firmness level feels different based on your body composition and weight. Smaller people will love how soft this feels. The mattress doesn’t have an upper weight limit. Heavier people will sink in more and the mattress won’t last as long for individuals who are significantly above average weights.

The softness is a side sleeper’s dream. Your spine remains aligned while your shoulders and hips sink into the comfort layer. I am primarily a side sleeper and sleep well on this mattress although I noticed I ended up on my stomach and back more than usual. It might be because I felt more back support on this mattress. I had to rearrange the pillows to make it comfortable on my stomach because simply laying down flat, while not quite like a mammogram, did cause some compression. A less voluptuous woman might be comfortable without pillows.

Couple Issues

The motion transfer control on this mattress is outstanding as you’ll see on our brief videos. That means you won’t feel your partner moving around or getting in or out of bed. If one of you comes to bed later or gets up earlier, this mattress will allow your sleeping partner to rest undisturbed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T72LZET-gk]

This is also a good feature if you have a pet, especially a larger pet moving around on the bed while you sleep.

Another couple aspect is whether the mattress dips too much under the weight of the sleepers, causing them to feel as if they are falling toward their partner. Looking closely at this picture, you’ll see that the mattress cradles both their bodies but does not cause them to lean toward one another as the result of the mattress.

If a couple is used to the bounce of an innerspring mattress during intimate moments, they won’t find that with Polysleep. You don’t sink in so far that it makes intimacy difficult, it doesn’t bounce the way an innerspring mattress does.

couples issue

In this next photo, we see that even when both their weight is concentrated in the middle of the bed, they don’t sink in too deeply.

couplesThat lets me know that someone who carries more weight won’t sink in so much that it would make it difficult to roll over or get out of bed.

Good for sex

Memory foam mattresses aren’t known for their bounce which usually makes them less than great for sex. This mattress is responsive but not bouncy, which makes it better for sex than less responsive memory foam mattresses. The liquid repellent cover is also a nice feature.

Use our coupon codes(BMR50 for US and BMR70 for CA) to save even more on this very affordable mattress.

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The savings are nearly the same in the US and Canada. The exchange rate just makes it look like Canadians save a lot more. As I write this, one US dollar is worth $1.33 Canadian dollars.


Polysleep is a supportive memory foam mattress with a softness that provides the pressure point relief side sleepers crave at a very affordable price. Side sleepers will enjoy this mattress for many years and rest easy that they are protected by a solid 10-year warranty. Combo sleepers will also enjoy this mattress because it contours well enough to support back and stomach sleepers who usually prefer firmer mattresses.

The Polysleep mattress contains motion transfer, so couples can sleep undisturbed by their partner both because they won’t feel their movements. Watch our brief video to see how amazing the motion transfer is contained in this mattress.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA0AP1YwB6g]

The edge support is better than some memory foam mattresses, which allows you to feel comfortable sleeping closer to the edge. It does depress when an adult’s full weight is on the very edge. In this first image you can see that the mattress compresses a bit on the edge when someone sits all the way on the mattress:

sit all the way on bedWhen all the weight is concentrated on the edge, the mattress compresses quite a bit:

all the weight is concentrated on the edgeWith a different body type, the mattress hardly compresses at all when he sits all the way back on the mattress. It may look like he is holding some of the weight with his arms based on their position, but if you look closely, the mattress isn’t compressed at all where his hands are resting.

sit all the way back on the mattressThe mattress doesn’t compress as much in this picture:

The mattress doesn’t compress as much in this pictureThe mattress sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress because of the airflow enhanced by ventilating the memory foam and the mesh sides of the mattress. You’re protected against spills and accidents by a water-resistant cover that is soft to the touch.

PolySleep mattress detail reviews:

PolySleep mattress detail reviews

PolySleep mattress detail reviews


Polysleep provides consists of three layers of comfort and support inside the mattress plus an extra supportive foam surrounding the mattress on the outside to improve edge support. The cover is liquid repellent which can save your mattress if you have an accident. Foam mattresses can develop problems if they are allowed to get wet. I was concerned that the cover would feel like plastic or vinyl, but it doesn’t. In fact, one night I decided to sleep directly on the cover (without sheets) to test whether it would make you sweaty. It didn’t.



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Polysleep Mattress features:

  • Great for people who sleep with pets but don’t want to feel the animal get up during the night
  • The motion control is excellent; the cover makes it safer with small dogs that might have accidents on the bed.
  • The softness is a delight for a side sleeper
  • The mattress allows my shoulders and hips to sink in so my spine stays aligned while I sleep.
  • Contours to curves/eliminates pressure
  • The softness means it contours to my curves and allows me to relax while I sleep so my body feels more rested in the morning.
  • Temperature
  • Polysleep stays very cool. I had to use an extra blanket on top of what I usually use to be warm enough while sleeping on the mattress. When I woke up, I compared the temperature on my body that wasn’t against the mattress to the areas where my body was touching the mattress; the temperature difference was very slight. It was definitely much warmth less than I’m used to experiencing.
  • Even with the extra blanket, I felt cool. I had put my arms under the pillow for warmth during the night. When I woke up, one of my hands was laying over the other one beneath the pillow. That was the only place where I noticed any dampness at all. It was all between my hands. The warmth of my hands against each other produced more heat than the mattress.
  • I like to be warm and cozy when I go to sleep, but almost every night I end up slinging one of my lets out from under the covers during the night to help me regulate my temperature and cool down. I didn’t do this on Polysleep.


  • Best Affordable Mattress for Canadian Side Sleepers


The mattress is anti-microbial and has passed ISO 20743:2013 standards for determining the antibacterial activity of textile products with a process that is usually reserved for use in hospitals.


Unlike most foam mattresses, PolySleep works on a box spring foundation. It also works on a flat surface or a slatted base as long as the slats are not more than 1.9685 inches (5 cm) apart. They don’t advertise it as being compatible with an adjustable bed. If I was already sleeping on a PolySleep mattress and needed to switch to an adjustable bed frame, I’d try it before I bought a new mattress. It isn’t too thick although the firmness of the base may make it incompatible with an adjustable bed frame. That same firmness will increase the durability of the mattress.


Dimensions, Weight, and Price in both US and Canadian dollars

SizeWidth (inches)Length (inches)Weight$ USD$ CAD
Twin XL39W80L43.2535675
California King72W84L82.2765895


  • Consistently 10”

Available with FREE shipping to the Continental United States and Canada

Not sure yet? You may be interested in these other options:

  • Nectar is offered only in the USA, at an almost identical price if you want a firmer feel that isn’t too firm.
  • Casper is a little more expensive but worth it if you need a firmer mattress or prefer zoned support (Shipping for Casper is not free in remote areas of Canada.)
  • If you want an eco-friendly mattress made with latex, Essentia mattresses are made in Canada but you’ll pay more than twice as much for your mattress

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Warranty and Sleep Trial

There are some aspects of both the sleep trial and the warranty that I really like because they are fairer than I’ve seen with some other companies, especially in bricks and mortar stores.

The 100-night sleep trial is a no questions asked trial with free returns. Now, this is where the policy differs from some other companies: If you return exchange the mattress during the sleep trial, you will have the remaining days of your original sleep trial and warranty on the new mattress. This way, if you were to receive a defective mattress and exchange it, you’d still have a sleep trial on the replacement mattress.

This makes perfect sense to me. Every once in a while, something goes wrong, you see instances of it all the time in reviews for all types of mattresses. Even Nike occasionally makes a shoe that doesn’t work the way they intended. The bottom line is that stuff happens. With many companies, if you exchange your original mattress, there is no new sleep trial. If the customer receives a defective mattress, that means they end up not having a valid sleep trial. I like this because the policy checks the box on my internal fairness meter.

Polysleep doesn’t charge any restocking fees on returns under the 100-night trial.

The 10-year limited warranty will repair or replace manufacturer defects and physical flaws that cause the foam to split or crack when the mattress receives normal usage and proper handling. The zipper is also covered. As long as you use one of the proper foundations as noted above, Polysleep will repair or replace a mattress that has a visible indentation greater than 1-inch.

Just like they do with the sleep trial, they extend the balance of the warranty to any replacement mattress. This means that if a defect occurs in year 8 and you receive a new mattress to replace the one that has a defect, the new mattress will benefit from the remaining two years on the original warranty.

  • 100 nights with a full refund and free shipping
  • Warranty – 10 years

The Warranty is only for the original purchaser so if you’re buying this as a gift, make sure you put the recipient’s name on the purchase order.

PolySleep is made by our friendly neighbors to the North in beautiful Montreal.

PolySleep is made by our friendly neighbors to the North in beautiful MontrealOur new PolySleep mattress was delivered right to our front door. It only weighs 62 pounds (queen-sized) so it was pretty easy to bring inside and carry upstairs. The mattress was wrapped in several layers of heavy plastic to protect it and keep it rolled up.

My husband and I were easily able to remove the mattress from the box and position it on the bed. We used the enclosed cutter to open the plastic. I always love it when they include a cutter because it makes sure you won’t hurt yourself or the mattress trying to open it with scissors or a knife.

polyIt took less than ten minutes to remove the old mattress and get this one set-up on the box spring mattress.

It took less than ten minutes to remove the old mattress and get this one set-up on the box spring mattress. If you’re wondering what “matelas” means, it is “mattress” in French. Although most of Canada is English speaking, French is the official language in Quebec Province. Since Montreal, where the Polysleep mattress is made is in Quebec, it isn’t surprising that their label uses the French word for mattress.

The following chart provide a quick overview of important aspects of the mattress and delivery.


These are some of the considerations I used for the ratings:


  • I considered the trial in comparison to other memory foam mattresses. Nectar, which is a similar price point, offers a 365-night trial which is considerably longer than 100 nights. However, 100-nights is plenty of time to get a good sense of how well you sleep on the mattress unless you have a job where you travel most of the time. 100-nights is also more than the 90-day trial offered by the much higher priced Tempur-Pedic.

Works with Platform Beds

  • This is really a yes or no question. Polysleep works with platform beds. What I really like is that it also works with box springs. Many people are transitioning from a traditional innerspring mattress with box springs and as long as the springs are in good condition, this aspect allows them to save money by not buying a new bed frame. Since Polysleep is priced well for people who are on a budget, this adds another budget-friendly element to Polysleep.


  • I’m evaluating the warranty in comparison to other memory foam mattresses and the detailed features of the warranty that I elaborated on earlier. First, as far as industry standard warranties from bricks and mortar retailers, the warranty is solid. When compared to some of the other options from online retailers, like Idle, Layla, Puffy, and Nectar who offer lifetime warranties, 10-years isn’t as good. However, the other retailers, except Layla, require a visible indentation of 1.5 inches and Polysleep only requires a 1” indention so that aspect is superior. Also, Layla doesn’t provide their full warranty online. Overall it is a solid warranty. The life expectancy of a memory foam mattress is about ten years. The warranty doesn’t raise any red flags.

Odor or Off-gassing

  • I was pleasantly surprised at the absence of off-gassing when we opened the mattress. I closed up the bedroom where the mattress was set-up for two days and there was still no off-gassing smell when I returned. Since off-gassing is associated with VOCs, I am very pleased with this aspect of Polysleep.

Delivery Speed

  • It was delivered in less than a week.


  • Set-up couldn’t have been quicker. I was overdue for dinner when we set it up so I was hungry and therefore aware of time passing. We were finished much faster than I expected to be finished. The mattress was very easy to set up and position properly on the box springs.


  • The weight was very easy to handle. The queen mattress is 62 pounds. It was a piece of cake for my husband and I to move around. I could have managed it on my own if I had to do it that way.


  • Shipping is free in the continental United States and throughout Canada. Most of the mattress companies I’ve seen charge extra to deliver to Canada if they will even do it. Hawaii and Alaska require extra postage but that’s the price of living in those states. I can’t think of any companies that ship to either of those states for free.

Company Information

company information

Polysleep is entering the USA online mattress market in the sweet spot dominated by Nectar. With an almost identical price and a shorter, but definitely adequate, sleep trial and a solid 10-year warranty, it’s a good option for people who want a softer mattress. Polysleep is softer than Nectar and for anyone who tried Nectar and found it too firm, I definitely recommend trying Polysleep.

Customer Service

  • Since Polysleep is made in Quebec Provence in Canada where the official language is French, I was curious to learn whether the customer service department spoke English. I called them to check. Just like many businesses in the USA that offer multiple languages for customers who call, Polysleep had a recording that said to “Press 6” for English. I reached out to them via online chat, email, and phone including asking questions as if I wanted to return a mattress. In all cases, they were responsive and lived up to Canada’s reputation for friendliness.


  • Just contact Polysleep within the free trial period (100-nights) and they’ll arrange to have someone pick-up the mattress and recycle it. I rated returns high because they don’t charge you anything and they pick it up, so you don’t have to deal with disposing of the mattress.

Company Reputation

  • I took two factors into consideration here. The first is that the company is a new entrant in the USA market. Being new automatically reduces this rating simply because there isn’t a history to evaluate. The company may be wonderful, they will still be marked down if they are new. Once they’ve been operating in the USA for a year or so and I can check their record and raise this score if their reputation is good.
  • The second factor I took into consideration was whether they had a charitable program that gives back to the community or offsets their carbon footprint. Although they had a promotion where they donated to a Canadian Veterans organization (which I applaud) they don’t appear to have an ongoing program. This is a standard industry practice. Some companies donate to environmental non-profits to offset their carbon emissions while others donate a mattress to a local charity such as a homeless shelter every time they sell a certain number of beds.
  • I would buy from this organization in spite of this score. They are marketing a quality product at a low price and that is also a form of public service. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. As a new company, ensuring the health of the company has to be a priority. Perhaps they’ll add a regular charitable plan in the future.

Physical Stores

  • If you want to try Polysleep in a store, the management team has been creating showcase partnerships in Canada.
  • Contact Information

Click on the button that matches your location to go to the website for your country.

coupon codecoupon codes


How safe are the materials you use?

  • The foams are certified by CertiPUR-US.

When can I expect to receive my Polysleep mattress?

  • Your mattress should arrive in less than a week.

How does the Polysleep mattress feel?

  • The mattress felt comfortable and cool as soon as I laid down upon it. The first time I laid down on it was in the middle of the afternoon; I was afraid to close my eyes too long for fear I’d go to sleep.
  • Five different people have tried the mattress. Here are some quotes from their initial reaction to the mattress:

“This feels so cozy!”

 “If I stay here more than five minutes, I’ll go to sleep.”

“The cover is really soft.”

 “Comfortable, soft, and supportive; I like how it didn’t move when I rolled on it. You could describe it as being supported by a cloud.”


  • Do you offer financing?

Yes, there is interest-free financing if you pay in full within six months. Financing is offered through Klarna and you can also pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or PayPal.

The Difference

  • Don’t I need to try the mattress?

Yes, you get to try it in your own home without risk for up to 100-nights. If you don’t like it, you can send it back at no cost. You should be sure you want a mattress that is on the softer side before you try it.

  • If Polysleep is such a good mattress, why does it cost so much less than others?

Online mattress retailers cut out the middleman so they can deliver higher quality for a lower price. They avoid the cost of brick and mortar stores and commissioned salespeople.

  • Where are Polysleep mattresses made?

They are made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Mattress

  • Can I clean Mattress the cover of my Polysleep mattress?

You can wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can also vacuum it as long as the vacuum doesn’t have too much suction. A hand-held vacuum would be the best bet.

  • How firm is the Mattress Polysleep?

Polysleep is on the soft side of firm, we rate it at a 5.5 on a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being as hard as a rock and 1 being as soft as Jell-O.

  • Does the Polysleep mattress work for people of all sizes?

Yes. However, the bigger someone’s body is, the softer the mattress will feel.

  • Will a Polysleep mattress smell of off-gas when opened?

I didn’t notice any odor.

  • How to position yourself on the Polysleep?

Polysleep isn’t zoned so you can lay anyway you want, upside down, crisscross, or the usual.

  • Can you/should you flip the Polysleep mattress?

No. It isn’t reversible. You should, however, rotate it every 3 – 6 months which is easy because it doesn’t weigh too much.


Polysleep definitely deserves a spot on our Best Mattresses for Couples and Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers articles. Couples who want motion transfer control will be really happy with the way Polysleep performs as long as they don’t also want the bounce of an innerspring because there isn’t much bounce. When the price is considered, Polysleep provides a good option for those who need to stay within a limited budget. Polysleep is our pick for Best Affordable Mattress for Canadian Side Sleepers. When it comes to mattresses, Americans have more choices, but that doesn’t mean Polysleep shouldn’t be considered. It is a solid contender in the affordable medium-soft category of memory foam mattresses.

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