The Puffy mattress is a choice known for the simplicity in its design. It has two supportive layers to allow the sleeper to be comfortable and to enjoy their time of rest while the it targets the various pressure points that keep the body posture natural. The bed is a cool choice that does not allow the weather or your body heat to make it impossible for you to sleep.

Let’s find out what features it has to offer.

Who is suitable for the Puffy Mattress?

The Puffy is designed to reach a wide variety of people since the features are pretty standard. However, keeping in mind a few targeted features, we can see that this mattress makes it a choice for side sleepers(But not the best one I believe, even at the same price level)

The reason behind this is the firmness. Usually, mattresses that sink are not great for people that sleep on the back or the people that sleep on their stomach. Side sleepers generally feel pressure on their shoulders and arms which is why they require the mattress to sink in a little so that their side body can have the required support.

It is good for people that like their mattress to be a little plushy so that they can dig under the covers and be relaxed. However, mattresses like these usually are very warm but the Puffy is not.

For people that find themselves very hot at night because of the body heat or the temperature, this mattress has the perfect solution. The three inches thick cooling layer is more than just a coolant.

Who is not suitable for the Puffy mattress?

Even though Puffy wants to reach out to as many people as they can, they cannot make it suitable for everybody. A few features of Puffy make it less suitable for a certain type of people.

Heavy people may not find much to support them with this mattress which is why they also probably should avoid the mattress as their first choice.

Construction and materials of the Puffy mattress

The construction of the Puffy is made uncomplicated to make it more suitable for the sleepers rather than being too showy. The following are the details of the mattress’s construction.

The Puffy is made of two layers which are made to ensure that the mattress can perform all necessary tasks. The top layer is of 4 inches and made with a cooling layer to help keep the mattress cool regardless of the weather and the amount of body heat. This layer helps in reducing the warmth by adding a layer of cooling cloud gel which regulates the temperature of the body and the temperature of the mattress as well. This layer of gel is infused in the memory foam so that it is perfectly blended and the basic properties of the foam are not affected.

The second layer is the bottom layer of about 7 inches. This layer is dense support foam which is highly responsive and gives much support to the weight of the sleeper. This layer can provide support more than four times than regular mattresses are able to. With the additional support, the foam is bound to touch the right pressure points and have the right kind of pressure on the body.

The second layer is a great foundation for all kinds of sleepers; however, the dense foam does not have the potential to bounce back as soon as the exerted weight and pressure is lifted off the mattress. This flaw means that the foam needs to be flipped every few weeks and it will get saggy earlier than many other foams.

This is a 2-layers mattress, just like Tuft&Needle, not bad,  while most other online models are 3 layers or 4 layers. And some luxury models are 5+ or even 7 layers. 

Sleeping experience with Puffy mattress


The Puffy is designed with universal features to make it simple and allow all kinds of sleepers to benefit from it. It is not a very firm that may cause the wrong kind of support for most people. The mattress is known for its medium firmness. There might not be many options for people that want to choose their own firmness though.

Motion transfer

One of the most important features that couple look for while buying is the motion transfer and at what stage does it stand. The motion transfer is dependent on the sinking of the mattress once weight is exerted on it which does not make it much helpful. The foam tends to go down immediately and with the uneven weight, your partner may also sink with your movement and feel the motion rebelliously when you are moving.

Edge support

There is no physical edge as such which you can easily figure out. Hence, you will not find much edge support too. The support can easily be found when you are lighter in weight and if the foam does not sink when you lie on it. However, heavy sleepers may easily roll off without feeling anything at the perimeters because of the design of the foam.


One of the most common problems that users tend to find is the off-gassing because of the materials used in making the foam. The Puffy is not one of the foams that release a lot of gas, especially in the early nights. In fact, the gassing is a lot less than one would expect.  The smell was not overpowering even though a little amount was there. A well-ventilated room is enough to finish it soon.


The Puffy is a great design that proves to be simple on the design and a great in performance but only for a certain number of people. It has medium firmness but it tends to sink in a lot. This feature may not be suited to those who do not like to be lowered into their mattress and that have a problem with getting up. It is also cool and allows support to the pressure points which ensures a comfortable sleep. Even though there is no edge support for heavy people, this foam still brings out the best in it for a larger audience.

The trial period, warranty, shipping

The trial period, warranty, shipping

The Puffy is known to have simplicity in its design and that is carried forward to its customer services as well. The company offers a trial period of about 101 nights of sleep trial period. In this period the user can determine the features and ensure that any claims made by the company are not false and the mattress is performed at the best.

This USA made foam can ship to your home in about 2 to 7 working days. Unlike many other companies that need at least two weeks, you will easily get this mattress is about one week and you can enjoy the trial period for over three months. There are no shipping charges and no shipping complications that you will have to fill out.

One of the best features that you will find in this product is the warranty. A sufficient warranty period is necessary for people to be sure of their purchase. The warranty allows the customers to be satisfied with their purchase for a long time and they find trustworthiness in the product and company. The Puffy gives you a lifetime warranty. You no longer have to see the card and remember the date and time of the purchase and keep track. Anytime you feel that the mattress has ill performed, you can claim the warranty.


Of course, the price of the product is a huge factor in determining the quality and making sure that the company is worth the trust that the buyer puts on them. The prices of the Puffy is a little high that they might go over budget for people.

Based on the features and sleeping experience, we don’t think it costs the money. You can compare with other mattresses in our top 10 list
Size Price
Twin $550
Twin XL $600
Full $800
Queen $950
King $1150
California King $1150



The type of foundation for the Puffy is entirely up to you. However, experts recommend that it to be on a platform bed as it will keep the foam well ventilated without being disabled. It will also allow the mattress to be cooler and more supportive regardless of the weight of the person.

Puffy Mattress Review- Is It a Good Choice for You?
Suitable for most sleepersSimple design101 nights trial and forever warranty
Not the best choice at the same price levelOnly 2 layersOnly 1 firmness scaleEdge support is not so goodNot the choice for heavy guy
8.4Overall Score
Warranty & trial9.3
Company Reputation7.5

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