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Puffy vs casper

Puffy vs. Casper Mattress

After reading our in-depth review of Puffy vs. Casper Mattress, you’ll know if either suits your needs. The whole bed-in-a-box industry is built on the belief that a universally high performing all-foam mattress exists in the market, and you can get to sleep on it without digging too deep into your pockets. We certainly agree.

Among the many bed-in-a-box mattresses that we have come across, we found two intriguing options (Puffy and Casper) that we believe are the best for those who desire an all-foam mattress.

The right choice depends entirely on what kind of sleeper you are, your preferred softness, and how much you are willing to spend for optimum comfort and support. In this article, we have compared the most important features of the two beds for you.

We seek to help you make the best purchasing decision between these two great brands.

Which Mattress is Right for You?

Choose the Puffy Mattress if You Like

  • To save money (Puffy mattress is cheaper than the Casper mattress, but not by too much)
  • A longer sleep trial (Puffy offers a longer home trial period than Casper)
  • A lifetime warranty (Puffy has a never-ending warranty and Casper has a 10-year limited warranty)

Choose the Casper Mattress if You Like

  • A famous brand, Casper is one of the biggest online mattress brands
  • A strong mattress construction (Casper has 4 layers and Puffy has 3 layers)
  • Superior comfort (high-density memory foam in the Casper mattress provides superior comfort)

Both mattresses are 10-inches thick, made in the USA, and are delivered within 1 to 5 business days. And both of them work for almost all sleeping positions.  But if you’re a pure side sleeper, neither of them are the best choice 

Side sleepers will save time by going to our Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers review.

Puffy vs. Casper Mattress (Detailed Review)

Construction and Materials

Puffy Mattress

The manufacturer used a multi-layer structure that is specifically infused and formulated with deep sleep technology to deliver superior comfort. The Puffy mattress consists of three unique construction layers.

The Comfort Cloud™ top layer is made of two inches of gel-infused foam. This is a highly adaptive layer that envelopes your body in soft, cuddling support for superior body contouring and spinal alignment. Not to mention that it is the best for heat dissipation.

The breathability of the gel infused foam is specifically made to softly form to your body. This helps to keep you from overheating. The high heat dissipation allows for better contouring, conformance, and pressure relief.

The second two inches is Climate Adaptive Regulation foam which is designed to ensure your mattress delivers consistent performance year-round. This is achieved by eliminating the effect of temperature and humidity on the firmness and responsiveness of the mattress.

Supporting the Comfort Cloud™ foam and Climate Adaptive Regulation foam layers is a six-inch firm core support foam layer. This is the most important section of the Puffy mattress. Apart from providing strength and durability, this layer ensures that you do not sink too deeply into the mattress.

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress is 10 inches thick and composed of four separate foam layers that work together to provide you with an unmatched sleeping experience.

The first layer is made of breathable open-cell foam. The very first thing that you should know about this layer is that it is highly breathable. It also contours to the shape of your body, providing great pressure relief.

The second layer is made of high-density memory foam. This layer works together with the upper layer to provide exceptional contouring and conformity. This ensures there is excellent pressure relief for added comfort.

The third layer is made of zoned transition foam. This layer provides zoned support that offers different treatment for your hips and shoulders. This allows for better body alignment and deeper comfort.

The base layer is made of a durable support foam for strength and durability. This layer helps to properly align your spine for deep support and comfort.

 The Casper mattress wins this category. 

Feel and Firmness

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress has a firmness of 7 out of 10, ten being the firmest. This is a medium firm feel that is suitable for most sleeping positions.

However, the firmness may vary considerably from one sleeper to another with respect to body weight. Heavier sleepers will perceive the mattress as softer than lighter weight sleepers. When you sleep on your back, you should feel the upper layer contouring to your body. You will experience a hugging feeling that improves pressure relief and comfort.

It is ultimately the most ideal choice for back/stomach sleepers. The medium firmness allows your shoulders to sink in just enough for superior pressure relief. You will also not experience a stuck feel when you want to change positions.

Stomach sleepers can also enjoy the comfort of this bed. However, the Puffy may not be the perfect choice for you if you are the kind of person who sleeps mostly on your side. You may want something a little bit softer.

Casper Mattress

The manufacturer hasn’t stated the firmness of the mattress, but we give it a firmness level of about 6 out of 10, ten being the firmest. When you press into the mattress, the first feeling you get is of the comfort layer. It is pretty soft and delivers a quick response to pressure.

When you sleep on your back, your weight will be evenly distributed across the surface. So, you will not feel that you are compressing too deeply into the mattress. You will feel that you are more on top of the bed than in it.

You will not feel too much pressure when sleeping on your side. The medium firmness allows the mattress to contour to your shoulder and hip for superior pressure relief and support. In fact, there is a firmer foam on the hip area for added support, and a softer foam on the shoulder area for more pressure relief.

This may be a good choice for people who sleep mostly on their back/stomach. The abdomen area is fitted with a firmer foam, which provides much-needed support for the torso. Your hips will not sink in and you will not feel pressure on your chest.

As with Puffy, this may not be your best choice if you’re a pure side sleeper. If you don’t have a fixed sleeping position (maybe sometimes sleep on your side), that’s fine. But if you’re a pure side sleeper, Casper would be better than Puffy but we still can’t recommend it for side sleepers. If you like the Puffy but you’re a side sleeper, you may want to consider the Puffy Lux, which is softer and better for side sleepers.

 The Casper mattress wins this category. It provides better relief for shoulder and hip pain  

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Puffy Mattress

One of the highest performing features of the Puffy mattress is motion isolation. The two foam layers provide a soft, hugging feel that does a great job of reducing motion transfer. This makes it ideal for couples.

The soft gel infused top layer offers a sinking feel, which may not be suitable for people who carry a lot of weight. However, the lower firm core support foam provides enough support to prevents you from sinking too deep. Puffy says their mattress will handle individuals who weigh up to 350 pounds.

Casper Mattress

The four foam layers of Casper work together to provide moderate motion isolation. However, you should expect some disturbance, especially if you are sleeping with a partner who likes to turn and toss during the night.

The comfort layer of the Casper provides a little bounce. The combined action of the four foam layers prevents you from sinking too deeply into the bed. You will slightly sink into the mattress for pressure relief and comfort.

  If you want a pushback feeling, Casper is the winner. If you just want the contouring provided by memory foam, then Puffy works better. . 

Sleeping Cool

Puffy Mattress

You should expect excellent heat dissipation with the Puffy. The upper Cooling Cloud™ foam layer and the cover are highly breathable. As a combined unit, they do a great job of wicking away moisture, thus allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortably.

Casper Mattress

The breathable open-cell foam provides reliable cooling properties. The open-cell design offers better airflow and breathability. The removable cover also provides great airflow for sleeping cool.

 The Casper mattress wins this category. 


Puffy Mattress
Size Price ($) -After coupon
Twin XL625
Cal King1,150

Casper Mattress
Size Price ($)
Twin XL645
Cal King1,195
 The Puffy mattress wins this category. 

Customer Service

Puffy Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

The Puffy mattress comes with a sleep trial of 101 nights, and you get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

  • Warranty

The Puffy is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. So, you should not be worried about the quality.

  • Shipping

Puffy provides free shipping and returns.

Casper Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

The Casper mattress comes with 100 night trial. So, you have 100 nights to decide if it is the best choice.

  • Warranty

The Casper mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

  • Shipping

Casper offers you free shipping and returns.

 The Puffy mattress wins this category. 

In Summary

Puffy MattressCasper Mattress
Price of Queen ($)950995
Number of Layers34
Thickness (inches)1010
Comfort LevelMedium FirmMedium
Sleep Trial101100
WarrantyLifetime Warranty10 Year Limited Warranty

These two foam mattresses provide similar value, but with a few major differences in construction. According to our findings, the Casper has a more solid construction compared to the Puffy, and that is probably why it is pricier.

However, Puffy is the better choice when it comes to motion transfer and sleeping cool. The three foam layers of Puffy offer greater motion isolation than the combined four foam layers of Casper.

While the Puffy is the most ideal choice for side and back sleepers, the Casper seems to be a reliable choice for almost all sleeping positions. However, it may not perform extremely well for stomach sleepers.

In terms of customer service, Puffy offers a longer trial period and a more promising warranty. With that said, our overall winner is the Puffy mattress, but the final buying decision depends on your budget and preferences.

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