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Puffy vs. Purple Mattress

Puffy vs Purple Mattress

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Which mattress wins the Puffy vs Purple Mattress debate? Do you need a new foam bed, but you can’t decide which one to buy? We have managed to narrow down the best options to a couple of products. In this comparison, we’ll evaluate the Puffy mattress and the original Purple mattress.

The best bed that will ensure you get a good night sleep is one that meets all your sleeping goals. The Puffy and original Purple mattress are two beds with different qualities such as cooling and pressure relief. Continue reading our Puffy vs Purple Mattress analysis.

In this review, the different qualities are discussed, giving you in-depth info on the two popular products. This information will help you make the best purchasing decision in less time.

Puffy Mattress Overview

The Puffy Mattress is a bed inspired by the concept of sleeping on a cloud. It has been properly designed over the years to offer you the ideal level of medium-firm comfort. Medium-firm is the level 80% of the people prefer. With this level of comfort and support, it makes the bed as dreamy as can be. It is softer than many all-foam mattresses available in the market.

The Puffy offers a ten-inch memory foam bed. The comfort layer is made up of 2.5 PCF memory foam gel. The support core which is the third layer is six inches of well-designed 1.5 PCF poly-foam.

Original Purple Mattress Overview

The Original Purple Mattress has excelled by using a one-of-a-kind polymer grid that uses smart grid technology to offer you two things: ultimate pressure relief that creates a unique feel and coolness as soon as you enter into bed and lasts all night long. They’ve also spent a lot on advertising to gain name recognition. As a result, you probably recognize the name of this lightweight polymer purple mattress.

The Purple is a ten-inch mattress that has three layers. The top layer features a grid-shaped top layer that is elastic. It is reinforced with the smart grid technology. The bottom layer is a 1.8 PCF poly-foam that is firm and will ensure correct spinal alignment.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress (Detailed Review)

Construction and Material

  • Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress has been designed to offer an excellent level of comfort. It envelopes your body and adapts to your shape, providing a fully supported sleeping experience. It has a combination of three specially designed layers that form a ten-inch mattress.

The top layer is made of two-inch patent-pending cooling cloud™ foam. Its gel-infused foam is manufactured using variable pressure foam technology. This layer is designed to provide you a cool sleeping surface using both conduction and convection to keep you cool and breathability that dissipates heat from your body.

This layer offers you support by adjusting according to your shape. This helps relieve the stress placed on your shoulders, hips, and knees, something conventional mattresses don’t do well.

The second layer is the latest innovation in the memory foam mattress market. The way a memory foam mattress feels can change with the temperature and humidity. The second layer is two-inches of Climate-Adaptive Regulation foam specially engineered to make your Puffy mattress feel the same during every season of the year.

The bottom layer is comprised of a six-inch firm core support that is a 1.5 PCF polyurethane that is also manufactured using variable pressure-foam technology. This technology performs well and delivers a 99% responsiveness and 4 times better support than standard beds.

The base layer offers a special level of firmness which helps your body maintain correct alignment of your spine. It also offers solid support and helps maintain comfort for sleepers of all sizes. Puffy is rated for sleepers up to 350 pounds. It also balances weight according to your body, which helps to reduce turning and tossing and improve blood circulation.

  • Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress construction consists of viscose, polyester, Lycra, hyper-elastic polymer and poly foam. It has three layers.  The bed’s comfort layer includes a hyper-elastic polymer formed into a grid structure. The foam and polymer layers total 9.5 inches of total comfort.

The cover consists of viscose, polyester, and Lycra. It is a thin, soft breathable material that allows airflow into the mattress. Lycra is a stretchy material that helps in regulating body temperature by dissipating moisture away from your body.

The two-inch layer on top is a hyper-elastic polymer grid meant for cooling and comfort. The distinctive grid design helps alleviate pressure points. The layer creates a nice balance between sinking and support. You may have seen the commercials where they demonstrate that an egg dropped on the mattress doesn’t break.

The middle layer uses a 3.5-inch transitional foam with 1.8-pound density. It provides compression support for the mattress. This layer works with the top layer to offer deep comfort. It distributes your weight evenly along the bed, hence it is a transitional layer.

The bottom layer is a four-inch foundation that adds overall durability for the Purple mattress. This layer gives the structure its shape.

The overall winner of this category is the Puffy mattress.

Feel and Firmness: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

  • Puffy Mattress

The top four inches of Puffy make it comfortable and ideal for most sleepers. It is a bit firmer and scales in a 7 on a scale of one to ten where ten is the firmest level. It provides optimal comfort and pressure relief. It is a true medium-firm feel that is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

Occasional side sleeping would be okay on Puffy because the mattress does provide some pressure relief for your shoulders and hips, but full-time side sleepers would want to look for a softer mattress.

  • Purple Mattress

When pressing on top of the Purple mattress, the feel is of hyper-elastic polymer. It is bouncy and quickly responds to pressure. When adding weight and force, you will feel the transitional layer beneath. The polymer grid does a perfect job with weight distribution.

The firmness level of Purple mattress is 6-7 out of ten. The grid structure distributes weight effectively so that it is soft or firm where it needs to be. This creates just the right feeling. It is very accommodating to all sleeping positions. It allows back, stomach, and side sleepers to get the right combination of support and sink.

The overall winner of this category is the Puffy mattress.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

  • Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress performs well when it comes to motion transfer and sinkage. It provides one of the perfect weight distribution systems available. The layers work well together to provide the best level of contouring and resilience that helps absorb motion and restrict it to the area where motion is occurring.

This means that you will not be disturbed by your partner’s movement when they turn, toss, or get out of bed during the night. The layers provide bounce and solid support that helps in restricting your body from sinking in. The bed does not have added edge support so it will sink in if you sit on the edge and heavier sleepers may have a sense that they will slide off if they sleep too close to the edges.

  • Purple Mattress

Although the Purple mattress has a unique design, it doesn’t reduce motion transfer very well. The top layer is a responsive polymer which moves more than memory foam. It will not cause vibrations but may disturb your sleeping partner.

The bed offers a supportive structure along the edges, but heavy sleepers may experience some decline.  It offers good support which helps align your spine properly.

Personally, we think Purple is perfect for stomach sleepers, but don’t buy it if you are a side sleeper.

The overall winner of this category is the Puffy mattress.

Sleeping Cool: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

  • Puffy Mattress

The Puffy incorporates cooling technology in each layer of foam. The top layer is a patent-pending cooling foam. It uses convection as well as conduction to dissipate heat and keep it away from your body.

The infused gel increases air flow eight times more than conventional foam mattresses. The base layer is supportive and creates a solid base. This prevents you from sinking in.

This means that less heat will build around your body. Its cover is breathable and aids in keeping you cool. All of this enables the bed to maintain the perfect temperature despite being a memory foam mattress.

  • Purple Mattress

The top layer of the Purple is a unique polymer grid. It dissipates heat as well as relieves pressure. The grid has about 1.5-2 inches of open space, which allows as much heat as possible to escape from your body.

The unique and breathable layer creates minimal heat retention during the night. Combined with the breathable cover, it will help you feel comfortable, especially if you are a warm sleeper.

The overall winner of this category is Puffy mattress.

Value and Pricing: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

When comparing value, it is important to look beyond the price. Value is what you get after paying. If you are not getting the best for that price, the value may not be great.

  • Puffy Mattress
SizePrice ($)
Twin XL625
Cal King1,150
  • Purple Mattress
SizePrice ($)
Twin XL699
Cal King1,299
The overall winner of this category is the Puffy mattress.
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Customer Service: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

Puffy Mattress

  • Sleep trial

The Puffy offers you a 101-night sleep trial, which is longer than the average sleep trial. This provides plenty of time for you to experience the bed and decide if you made the right decision.

  • Warranty

Puffy offers you a lifetime warranty with non-prorated coverage. This bed is a very good value for the price and warranty.

  • Free shipping

Puffy mattress offers you free shipping. Your bed will be at your doorstep within a period of two to seven days.

Purple Mattress

  • Sleep trial

You will get a 100-night trial. This is enough time to ensure you made the correct choice regarding the product.

  • Warranty

Purple offers you a ten year warranty. This is a good period for a mattress that focuses on cooling and pressure relief.

  • Free shipping

The purple offers you free shipping and delivery. Your bed will be delivered to you within a period of five business days.

The overall winner of this category is Puffy mattress.

In Summary: Puffy vs Purple Mattress

Product NameSize Number of Layers Materials Comfort
Puffy Mattress10-Inch3Cooling Cloud Foam and Firm Core Support FoamMedium-Firm Comfort
Original Purple Mattress9.5-Inch3Viscose, Polyester, Lycra, Hyper-Elastic Polymer and Poly-FoamBest of Both Worlds (Firm and Soft)

From an objective standpoint, the Puffy vs Purple Mattress review shows both mattresses perform well. They have a number of similarities with the major differences being materials, feel, and motion transfer. Because Puffy uses two layers of memory foam, totaling four inches, there is a more contouring feel when compared to the responsive grid in the Purple.

The Puffy is comfortable and supportive for most sleepers providing a slower response and pressure relieving feel. It is the best for minimizing motion transfer and also has a resilient medium firm feel, which will appeal to most people. This true memory foam bed is a good option for back, side, and combination sleepers.

The Purple may not have the support you need if you prefer a firmer mattress. It also does not offer a sturdy perimeter but will work well if you like a more responsive foam feel. Although both are unique mattresses, Puffy will be better for most people.

We hope our analysis of Puffy vs Purple Mattress has helped you.

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