Purple Mattress Review

Purple mattresses are way ahead of the memory foams: the company claims it and their consumers have the same view as well. These beds are equipped with the capability to provide support to your back just like all firm mattresses do. Moreover, Purples also cradle your shoulders and hips just like a soft mattress. It means that the mattress provides the initial feel of a firm mattress and then works on the pressure points of your body to prevent any back pains or body aches.

Key Characteristics of Purple Bed

  • When you buy Purples, you won’t compromise on medium firmness that most of the others brands provide to their customers. It is equipped with the features of both soft and firm mattresses.
  • Just like a firm mattress, Purple beds will provide maximum support to your back which makes it the ideal mattress for the people who sleep on their stomachs or backs.
  • Both these features make the bed very helpful to prevent any back or body aches and provide you with the perfect spinal alignment whether you sleep on your side or on your back.
  • With the company’s no pressure policy you can enjoy the Purple Bed for 100 nights and try it out. If you don’t like it, just send it back and then they will refund your money no questions asked.
For a limited time only, the company is offering free of cost seat cushions with each mattress purchase. Apart from the seat cushions and mattresses, you can also buy from a huge variety of pillows, sheets, protectors, Platform base, and PowerBase at Purple.t

Purple mattress is good for you if

  • You like the bounce
  • You durability
  • You like to sleep cool
  • You prefer both soft comfort and firm support

Purple mattress isn’t good for you if

Construction of Purple

structure of purple

The company focuses on the fact that more than 23% of the Americans suffer from various types of sleep disorders and it is trying to provide a solution by constructing their mattress to cater these issues. Purple claims that most of the brands deliver offer less substance and charge more by just emphasizing on marketing techniques.

However, it ensures that the Purples are nice and thick and of course heavy, just the way they should be. The Purples are equipped with temperature neutral features which enable you to sleep cool at night. Their mattresses won’t develop any indent on your body no matter how much you use them plus, the company only uses non-toxic food grade materials to keep their products free from any harmful and unhealthy chemicals.

Purples are made for everyone no matter how heavy you are on the bathroom scale. There is no weight limit for these mattresses. Even if you weigh more than Yogi Bear, the 10-year warranty remains intact. You can confidently sit and sleep on your Purple with easy and enjoy your stay on it. The company has utilized its 20 years of experience in manufacturing sleep products and produced this masterpiece. The top layer of the Purple is made of Hyper Elastic Polymer.

This polymer is Purple’s material that works on pressure releasing. You will find that the top layer of the mattress is designed in a grid formation. This design develops walls and can fold or support based on the level of pressures it is receiving. The top layer is 2-inch thick and after that, a 3.5-inch polyurethane foam layer comes in that is there to absorb all the pressure from the top and keep the support in place. The base layer at the bottom is another polyurethane foams layer that is 4-inch thick.

Firmness and Comfort

sleep on purple mattress

The middle layer has soft firmness while the base layer has medium firmness. The construction enables the form to deliver a combination of comfort and support at the same time. When you press on the top of the mattress, the initial feel will be the Hyper Elastic Polymer Layer. This layer is bouncy and responds immediately to the any applied pressure.

With more pressure applied the next transitional layer comes in to play its part. However, the top layer does a great job to distribute the pressure and most of the feel will come from the comfort layer. For this reason, it delivers great performance and copes well when it comes to soft comfort as well as firm support.

The top layer made of the Hyper Elastic Polymer does a great job to envelop your body and handle all the pressures points precisely. When you prefer to sleep on your side, the top layer comes into action holds your body without over emphasizing on the stiffness. It will prevent you from developing any body aches and back pains even if you sleep on your back because with more pressure the comfort layer comes into action and provide that slight firm feeling that your back wants in the bed.


purple mattress cover and layers

For a strong support, the 3.5-inch thick comfort layer along with the 4-inch base layer build a sturdy platform due to which you can enjoy your sleep on Purples if you choose to sleep on your back or on your belly. The top layer distributes the pressure on to the comfort layer underneath it to keep your body from developing any pains that can develop by using any firm foam. It ensures that you take a good rest and wake up the next day with all the energy in the world.


The top layer of Hyper Elastic Polymer does the trick here again. It doesn’t allow you to sleep hot and the smooth feel of the cover keeps your temperature properly regulated throughout the night. The next morning you feel relaxed and comfortable and ready to take on the world.

Motion Isolation

If you or your sleep partner tends to move a lot at night then you need to have a mattress that is good for motion isolation. If someone tosses or rolls around on the bed then Purples are very good in dissipating the movement. However, if someone gets in or out of the bed the results are slightly above average as you will feel them when they get out of the bed or come back in.


Due to the high breathability of the mattress, Purples also don’t have any off-gassing issues. You might experience some odor that comes with a new mattress in first few days but after that it all diminished and you won’t smell anything bad later on.


The combination of polymer on the top and polyurethane layers at the bottom serves well if we talk about durability. The mattress won’t lose its shape even if a heavy person sleeps on it. Most of the polyurethane foams can last up to eight years but Purples can last two years more than that.

Value for Money

The Purples offer a great value for your money because they are equipped with plenty of features and also come at very competitive rates. These mattresses are not only durable but can also cope well with any body weight. Purples don’t come with any weight limit concerns and you even don’t have to compromise on medium firmness too. You purchase is covered with 10-year warranty and you also get a 100 Night Free Trail. What else do you need!

Size                     Dimensions                   Price

Twin XL               38.0″ x 80.0″ x 9.5″        $699

Full                     54.0” x 76.0” x 9.5”        $899

Queen                 60.0″ x 80.0″ x 9.5″        $999

King                    76.0″ x 80.0″ x 9.5″        $1,299

California King   72.0″ x 84.0″ x 9.5″        $1,299

Shipping, Warranty, Trial

Purple provides free of cost shipping and handling services to all its customers from all 48 Contiguous States. There will be no hidden charges that the company will ask you to pay. If under any special circumstances there are some additional charges then you will be promptly informed. There will be some additional shipping cost for destinations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada and the rates will be provided to you at the checkpoint.

All the Purples come with a 10-year limited warranty and you can claim your issues associated with the quality of the workmanship or materials if there is a problem. You will also get a 100 Night Free Trial with which you are free to try out the mattress and if not satisfied you can send it back and you won’t have to answer any questions.


Purples are entirely made in the US and the foams layers are certified SO 1999. Both the layers of support foam are also CertiPUR-US certified. The company ensures that all its products are made without using any harmful technologies and also makes sure that it only uses non-toxic materials for this purpose.

Final Verdict

Overall, Purples are excellent mattresses that enable you not to compromise with medium firmness. You can use these mattresses if you choose to sleep on your back or on your sides. The mattresses are equipped with features of durability, firmness and body temperature regulation. With Purple Bed, you can enjoy sound sleep and get up in the morning as fresh as ever.

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