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queen vs king size mattress

Queen vs King

For some, online shopping, or even normal shopping can be a daunting thought as all the anxiety and confusion comes in to play; this is especially true when buying a mattress or bed. One cannot simply log on to a website or step into a supermarket and not expect to be confused or anxious. There are just so many different varieties; from sizes to material, from layers to wood, and queen vs king.

We can understand that this is a confusing job for you which is why we have compiled a list of the differences between a Queen size vs a King size which might make it easier for you to decide on the size of mattress or bed to buy.

The following is a comparison table which will help you understand the Queen vs King difference better.

Features KingQueen
Size76” x 80”60” x 80”
Blends well inLarger SpacesMedium-sized spaces
Best forCouples and a toddler or babyCouples only
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The Queen Size

This is a standard 60-inch by 80-inch which is ample space for couples.

  • Space and area

Compared to other sizes available on the market, the Queen size provides ample space and size while also maintaining its price. Sport a 60 by 80 inches area, it has a somewhat congested space if you are a couple, however, this has its benefits too! If you are a couple and you love to snuggle within the blankets then the Queen size will be perfect for you.

If you like having ample space to sit in your room and have room for furniture as well, then it would be better if you opted for the Queen size as it allows you place other material inside the room and walk freely.

  • Weight
The Queen size, since it is smaller, sports a lighter weight as compared to its King size counterpart. If you move frequently or you must move from one room to another frequently, then the Queen size is definitely better as it weighs less and it makes it easier to move around without having to call on extra people. And if you are head-over-heels for frequent redecorations, then the Queen size is the right for you.

  • Comfort

For a single sleeper or a couple with a small net weight, it conforms to their needs. It’s also a perfect fit for people who love to sleep alone or cuddle with their loved one. If you wish to have space to move around or stay apart from the other person then the Queen size will definitely be a challenge in terms of comfort and ease of movement. There are also increased chances of falling off if you sleep with a cat or a baby.

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  • Recommended place to use

The Queen size is the perfect one to use in a smaller room. Doing this allows more space for you to move around and also gives off a more spacious look. The additional space can be filled with decorative items or furniture. Using the Queen size in a larger space may result in the bed or mattress looking weird and it will feel like there is too much empty space and believe us that is a problem on its own.

For small master bedrooms, the Queen size is the optimal choice.

  • Cost
The Queen size costs less because of obvious reasons. The main one being its dimension, size and, area. The Queen size is a pocket-friendly option if you are on a tight budget. Accessories for a Queen sized bed will come with lesser options and smaller side tables, lamps etc. The queen-sized mattresses usually have one or two layers less than their King size counterparts.

Here is a pro tip for you: if you have not spent all your money on a house or an apartment, and your rooms are fairly large, then do not go for the Queen Size bed. It would be preferred to spend a little extra and buy a King one.

The King Size

This is 76 by 80 inch which makes enough room to perfectly fit a larger space.

  • Space and area

Compared to other sizes available in the market, especially the queen-sized mattress, the King trumps all in terms of size and area. To find a bigger mattress, you have to have it custom ordered. It’s close to a perfect square shaped mattress or bed which conforms to all the necessities and requirements of a modern-day human being. Having a vast area, the King size is enough to fit in a couple and a baby or a cat with enough room to move around or spread your arms and legs. It can look odd and take up to much space in a smaller room. If you only wish to have more furniture or decoration material inside your small room, then the King size is definitely not for you.

Although, if it is just you or just you and your special “someone” then it is preferred to just have the Queen size as it may feel too empty and look odd in such circumstances.

  • Weight
If you wish to settle the bed or mattress in one place and not have it moved around, then the King size is best for you. King size mattresses and beds are heavier than their counterparts because of the size difference. It can be a tiresome job to move around a King size mattress or bed and more often than not, you will need help from a third person because the weight of such products is so much more.

  • Comfort
Well, in this case, it does not really matter whether you’re single or a couple, the comfort which the King size provides is much better than anything else. The sheer size makes up for a lot of space where you can comfortably lay with your loved one and a child as well. If you do not like to snuggle under the blankets then the King size is an answer to all your prayers. The comfort which the King provides to smaller families is beyond what the other sizes can provide. And with the King bed, you will never have to worry about falling off the bed ever again, since it is huge.

  • Recommended place to use

The King size would fit well in a large master bedroom where there is ample space to place furniture and other accessories as the King size will help balance all the excess furniture and accessories. In a smaller setting, it will look like it is out of place, which it probably is if you place it that way. The large size will not comply with the meager amount of empty space left.

  • Cost

This varies in price from product to product. It is relatively more expensive than the Queen size or other variants. Most manufacturers and retailers provide a very good kind of warranty and trial period for such products. The added price of the King size is due to the added size and area of the mattress or bed. If you don’t have any issue with spending a little extra, then go for the King size.

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All in all, both sizes serve different purposes and are suited to different types of people. If you plan on getting a small room or a smaller space then it will not only be cheaper, it will also allow some room for other accessories and furniture so your room doesn’t look so dull. On the other hand, if you have a large master bedroom and you wish to have all the luxury and comfort that comes with it, then be sure to buy a King size. It adds to the beauty and grandeur of the room and makes for a perfect bed fit for accommodating more than 2 persons.

When it comes to the comparison of Queen vs King, your available space is the first consideration. Your budget is the second consideration. You can adjust which mattress you choose to afford a larger size if you have the space for it and need a King.