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Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress

Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress

Our in-depth review of Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress can help you decide which mattress would be best for you. After a long day, all you can think of is having a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate your body. Nothing can make your wish come true apart from a luxury mattress.

A premium bed will make all your wishes to come to reality. The Saatva and Puffy mattresses are all high-quality beds with qualities you will love.

This review provides you with an in-depth discussion of the best qualities and prices of both Saatva and Puffy. The information will help you make the right choice on the type of bed that will be perfect for you.

Which Mattress is Right for You?

Choose the Saatva Mattress if You Like

  • A hybrid feel (experience foam and innerspring feel in the same mattress)
  • More bouncy (innerspring system offers more bounce)
  • A thicker mattress (11.5-inch and 14.5-inch compared to the 10-inch of the Puffy mattress)
  • More than one firmness (luxury firm, plush soft, and firm)
  • A stronger construction (Saatva has 5 layers and Puffy has 2)
  • A longer trial period (Saatva offers 120 nights and Puffy offers 101 nights)
  • A cooler sleeping experience (Saatva has superior airflow than Puffy)

Choose the Puffy Mattress if You Like

  • To save money (the Puffy mattress is cheaper than the Saatva mattress)
  • A quality bed in a box (Puffy ships in a box, but Saatva does not)
  • Free delivery (Puffy delivers for free while Saatva charges a white glove delivery fee)
  • A lifetime warranty (the Puffy mattress is covered for life, while the Saatva is covered for 15 years)

Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress (Detailed Review)

Construction and Materials

Saatva Mattress

This is what we found when we reviewed the differences between the construction matterials in Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress.

The bed is available in 11.5 inch custom slim and 14.5 inch premier luxury. They both offer you the same feel. The bed has a non-removable cover made from hypoallergenic fibers and organic cotton. A distinct design in the quilting is much tighter in the lumbar region to offer you more support.

The Euro-style pillow top is a 1.25 inch foam that is stitched under the cover to aid in pressure relief. Below it on the center third of the bed is a unique lumbar area created with memory foam that is different from others.

Going deeper is a layer of coils under a convoluted transition layer. There are approximately 884 4-inch individually wrapped coils that contribute to comfort and motion isolation. The bottom layer consists of approximately 416 connected coils. They are seven inches and steel hourglass shaped to provide support.

These coils prevent sagging. In addition, this coil-on-coil design help in air circulation and gives your bed a good amount of bounce. The bed’s edge is encased in a sturdy foam which delivers enhanced edge support.

Puffy Mattress

It is a 10-inch mattress that prepared with two specially designed layers the top layer is four inches. It provides a patent-pending cooling cloud foam. This layer is a gel infused Visco polyurethane that is manufactured by variable pressure foaming technology.

The layer offers you a sleeping surface that is cool by the conduction and convection processes. The layer ensures incredible breathability, ensuring that heat is dissipated away from your body by the help of the infused gel.

This layer adjusts to your body shape, providing you with the support you require. This helps in relieving body pressure points and any stress that other standard mattresses place on your hips, joints, knees, shoulders, and joints.

The second layer is a six-inch firm core support. It is a 1.5 PCF Polyurethane foam that has been manufactured by use of variable pressure foaming technology.

The bed’s base layer gives a unique firmness level, helping in proper spinal alignment. It is also responsible for providing solid support to maintain comfort for all types of sleepers. In addition, it balances weight according to your body. It improves blood circulation, provides pressure relief and reduces turning and tossing while sleeping.

The base layer is a perfect foundation and provides durability, shape, and support. Its Insta-firm technology performs excellently and delivers a 99% more responsiveness and a greater level of support four times better than the standard types.

 The Saatva mattress wins this category. 

Feel and Firmness

Saatva Mattress

Saatva is available in three different firmness levels. You may select between the plush soft, luxury firm and firm types. The firm feel is the hardest of them all with a firmness level that falls around 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, ten being the firmest.

The luxury firm is slightly firmer with a comfort level of 6 to 8. The plush soft is about 3 out of ten on the firmness scale. With all these options, this bed covers most of the bases as you will be able to get the right balance.

Puffy Mattress

This mattress has been designed to offer a level of comfort that is ideal for almost all types of sleepers. It has a firmness score of 6 to 8 out of 10, ten being the firmest.

It is presented in a medium soft level of firmness on the firmness scale. This is a level of firmness that is best for side and back sleepers, and occasional stomach sleepers. It is the best type for partners with different sleeping postures and styles.

 The Saatva mattress wins this category. 

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Saatva Mattress

The layer of individually wrapped coils helps in lessening motion transfer and eliminating vibration. It is a quiet bed and you will not get the annoying trampoline bounce when your partner gets out of bed at night.

It is great for couples as it offers a good compromise between a restful night and bouncy freedom. Disturbance felt is pretty low. When it comes to sinkage, the mattress offers good support, hence both heavy and light people will not sink in too much.

Puffy Mattress

The bed performs excellently in motion transfer and sinkage. It offers a good weight distribution system. It has a uniquely designed foam that is made of the latest technology.

Its layers work together to provide a good level of contour and resilience. This helps in absorbing motion, restricting it to one area.

Regular movements in and out of bed will not disturb your partner at any time. The layers provide maximum bounce and solid support, which restricts you from sinking too much. It also has stable edge support, providing a larger sleeping surface.

 The Saatva mattress wins this category. 

Sleeping Cool

Saatva Mattress

A distinct advantage of this bed’s coil construction is that it allows for air ventilation. The mattress provides excellent heat dissipation, along with the organic cotton cover that keeps the mattress cool and dry throughout the night.

The convoluted design of the bed allows airflow through the layers to help with sleeping cool. In addition, the coil support layer helps to keep you closer to the surface preventing too much heat that may be caused by sinking in.

Puffy Mattress

This bed has been designed to offer a cool cloud sleeping surface. The top layer that is gel infused is designed to restrict hot spots on the mattress which you may experience. The gel absorbs and dissipates heat away from your body.

The cover is thin and breathable helping in regular airflow. With Puffy, you do not have to worry about sleeping hot or sweating. It is designed to offer a cool sleeping surface the entire night.

 The Puffy mattress wins this category. 


Saatva Mattress
Twin XL699
California King1,399

Puffy Mattress
SizePrice ($)
Twin XL625
California King1,150
 The Puffy mattress wins this category. 

Customer Service

Saatva Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

Saatva provides you with a 120 day sleep trial. You will have 120 days of sleeping on the mattress before you make a decision from the day it is delivered.

  • Warranty

If this bed is defective within the first two years of ownership due to structural or workmanship issues, it will be repaired cost-free, including delivery. Also, if a defect is discovered between 3-15 years of ownership, the bed will be repaired cost free.

Keep in mind that the warranty is valid if you use a platform bed. The warranty will be voided if you use it on a metal frame that has less than four legs.

  • Free shipping

Saatva offers you a free white glove delivery to your doorstep. The bed is delivered and installed for free.

Puffy Mattress
  • Sleep Trial

A 101-night risk-free sleeping trial is offered. These are more than enough days to convince you whether to keep it or not.

  • Warranty

Puffy backs up the bed with the best warranties offered in the market. A limited lifetime warranty is offered, meaning that you are covered as long as you own it. Any defects as a result of workmanship during the first ten years will be replaced with a new one cost-free.

  • Free shipping

Puffy offers free shipping. Delivery is made within two to three business days.

 The Saatva mattress wins this category. 

In Summary

Saatva MattressPuffy Mattress
Type of MattressHybridAll-Foam
Price of Queen ($)999950
Construction Layers52
Thickness (inches)11.5 Custom Slim & 14.5 Premier Luxury10
FirmnessLuxury Firm, Plush Soft, and FirmMedium Firm
Home Trial120 Nights101 Nights
Warranty15 Years Non-ProratedLifetime Warranty

As far as performance is concerned, both beds perform well. They have quite a number of similarities. The main difference is the materials used in construction and comfort. The Saatva has three forms of beds when it comes to comfort as compared to Puffy.

Saatva is comfortable for you if you are searching for a hybrid mattress and if you do not want to select between a purely innerspring and all-foam bed. It also offers you intense support and excellent pressure relief. It is the best option for heavier sleepers looking to enjoy the benefits of memory foam without sag.

The Puffy is a high standard bed that suits the needs of almost all kinds of sleepers. It provides the required comfort and superior pressure relief. It is the best for back pain with its spinal alignment support. It is a good option for side and back sleepers.

While Saatva offers you a longer period of night sleep trial, which is 120 days, puffy only offers you 101 sleep trial period to decide. However, puffy backs up this period with a lifetime warranty. Saatva offers you a 15-year non-prorated warranty.

According to our findings, Saatva mattress is the overall winner. It has 5 layers for maximum support, provides you with three choices for comfort and is cost effective. In spite of this, the final buying choice lies on you with regard to your budget and preference.

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