Solay Hybrid Mattress Review

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The Solay mattress is the newest hybrid mattress, which combines pocketed coils and foam layers to offer maximum support and comfort. The 11-inch thick bed has breathable cooling foam. Materials used include memory foam and spring coils. This means that the bed is not too bouncy or too cocooning.

The mattress has an adaptive and balanced feel, contributing toward relieving pressure. It can be slightly medium soft feel or true medium feel, depending on your weight. There are great options available for one to select from. It has a 2-tone design comprised of grey and white colors.

Who Is Suitable For The Solay Mattress?

It is a suitable choice for side sleepers because of its soft foam layers at the top, the mattress contours to your body thereby, relieving pressure on the knees, hips, and shoulders.

It is the ideal option for people in need of a long lasting mattress. For it is constructed to be durable, it is a long-term investment, enabling you to save on cash.

It is a good mattress for people who do not like the feeling of getting stuck. The layers recover quickly, providing pressure relief and ensure that you do not sink in.

It is a suitable option for people who do not want to sleep hot. It has great airflow with spaces for heat to escape. When the body heat is trapped, having an outlet below makes a tremendous difference.

It is a good option for a person who wants a hybrid at a favorable price with more support and bounce.

Who Is Not Suitable For The Solay Mattress?

It may not be a convenient choice for sleepers with a preference of firmer mattresses. The Solay mattress type is softer than the average types, which may not be a proper fit for those in need of adequate support.

The Solay mattress is a little expensive compared with other online models, so if you are on a tight budget, maybe you can take a look at these choices.

Construction of the Solay Mattress


Structure of Solay hybridBelow is a construction overview of the Solay mattress

The top cover is made of Tencel. This is a thin fabric which regulates temperature, allowing you to feel the next layers well. It also offers a cooler sleeping experience. Tencel is a good alternative to cotton with a softer feeling and is more breathable.

The following layer is a 1-inch cooling gel memory foam with fast recovery. The foam tackles overheat right from the top. The gel infused layer’s work is to dissipate heat away, ensuring that the surface stays cool at all times.

It is incorporated with two inches of foam. It recovers faster than the regular memory foams, reducing motion transfer. It avoids disturbances when shifting or getting out of bed.

A 1-inch support layer made of high-density foam is available on top of the six-inch steel spring coils. The coils are responsible for supporting heavier parts of the body with most pressure. They also enhance contouring. The foam offers compression support preventing one from sinking in and compromising back support.

It has 6-inch steel spring coils that are pocketed. The pocketed coil layer improves contouring, boosts cooling and provides more support. It also gives the foam a bouncy feel. The number of coils included varies with the size of the foam.

The base layer is made of 1-inch foundational foam. It supports core ensuring heavy sleepers get the support they require. It also ensures that the foam lasts longer without sagging.

The mentioned layers of coil system and foam offer a flexible and gentle support. It offers a balanced bed, soft enough to groove the body and, adequate to offer support. The top three layers are great for relieving pressure and adapting to sleeping positions.

The solay foam is a hybrid mattress with several foam layers and coil system making up universally comfortable foam.

Sleeping experience with Solay Hybrid


The solay foam falls into the medium firm range of 5.5-6.5 out of 10 with ten indicating the highest firmness. This is a universal comfort range in which most individuals, regardless of physique or sleeping position, are able to sleep comfortably.

Motion Transfer

The solay hybrid mattress uses quantum coil system. Each coil is independent in providing support and contributing to motion transfer. The top is wrapped in fabric which softens vibrations.  Together with the three layers on top of the coil system, this ensures limited disturbance while asleep. This makes it the best choice for couples.

Edge Support

The edge support can be looked at from two perspectives. This includes sitting and sleeping perspective.  The mattress has a sturdy sleeping perimeter, creating even and nice sleeping space. This offers a fully usable surface for sleeping. The solid edge also makes it easier for sitting without too much sinking.

For a medium-firm foam, solay sinkage is much average. It is deep enough to contour to your body to offer superior back care. A six-inch coiled system around the edge is included, making the core and foundation more solid. This makes it ideal for those who prefer sleeping near the edge.


As far as gassing is concerned, you will smell a bit of odor upon unrolling the foam. This is because it is tightly compressed, making noxious odors prominent. Once the air is let out for a few hours, the mattress should be good to go. A well-ventilated room off-gasses more quickly.


Solay hybrid is semi-luxury foam. It does not feel plush, but it is cozier than other brands. It is suitable for those who are in search of premium, but not overly soft or mushy top feelings that most of the luxury foams have, making it a great choice. It is a good option for those who turn a lot during the night. The coiling system makes it bouncy, a feature that may be appealing to most sleepers.


Price is a good indicator of the quality of the mattress. There are a number of price ranges available for the solay mattress, enabling you to select what you can afford. There are six different sizes, ranging in price from $895-$1,595. They include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California king.

size Dimensions price
Twin 39’’ × 75’’ $895
Twin XL 39’’ × 80’’ $995
Full 53’’ × 75’’ $1,095
Queen 60’’ × 80’’ $ 1,295
King 76’’ × 80’’ $ 1,595
California King 72’’ × 84’’ $ 1,595

The solay hybrid mattress is currently providing buyers with promotional charges of $1295 for the queen size. You get to save $300, making it a great deal for you.

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Trial Period, Warranty, Shipping

The Solay Mattress comes with a trial period of 101 nights. This period is more than enough for one to try out the mattress. This will provide you with a true feel of how the mattress works for your body. You will be able to know if it is ideal or not. If it does not work out, you are at liberty to return it after which your money will be refunded.

The Solay mattress ships free and should arrive at your doorstep within 3-7 business days. It comes compressed and rolled in a box. You only have to simply unbox it and place it at the bed frame then remove the vacuum sealed packaging. Unfortunately, no delivery is done to international destinations, yet.

The mattress comes with a fifteen-year warranty. This is a longer guarantee than most warranties offered for mattresses. It is a good testament to high-quality materials used as well as construction.

This assures clients of best sleeping experiences. The mattress should be unboxed within 90 days. Leaving it for longer in the box may lead to damages and even void the contract. The company covers all repairs or any replacement costs if there is manufacturing or material defect within the provided warranty period.

The warranty is non-prorated, which is a plus given its price range.


The Solay Hybrid Mattress can be used on traditional mattress foundations, such as platform bed frames, box springs, adjustable bases and slatted frames. Any kind of foundation will do as long as it has sturdy support.

The Wrap Up

The mattress has a good solid supporting system, but the medium feel is more on the soft side. It is best for individuals who want a mattress which sleeps cooler. It is a well-priced bed made of quality materials hence a good investment. The warranty and trial period are sufficient.

Side sleepers are sure of the comfort they need from the top layers. However, back and stomach sleepers may have to look for something more firmer. The Solay Hybrid mattress also has reliable motion transfer control, preventing any disturbances that may wake you up form your sleep.

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