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The Spindle Mattress is a high performing natural latex mattress that is currently trending in the industry. Though natural latex beds have a tendency of being costly, they can potentially turn out to be the best value because of their long-lasting durability.

The majority of latex mattresses may be made from synthetic latex, but this is not the case with the Spindle mattress. The premium materials used are obtained from Mother Nature’s own rubber tree, and have many advantages over synthetics.

Unlike other materials used in the industry, natural latex is very effective at preventing the growth of dust mites. The materials have no flame retardant chemicals or toxic outgassing. Having said that, let us now go through the various facets of this amazing bed.

Who Is Suitable for Spindle Mattress?

You cannot for sure conclude on whether or not the Spindle is a good choice, if you have never used a latex bed before. Unlike traditional materials, latex comes with unique features that you may have to get used to.

Latex is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for allergic people, especially if you are fed up with your foam bed that has been producing a lot of outgassing. The Spindle has remarkable dust mite, mildew, and odor resistance.

This is the appropriate product for you if you are after zonal/variable support, which is very useful for people with back problems. It has adequate mold design that provides a softer elastic behavior whenever you change positions.

The Spindle; therefore, provides the ideal support properties as long as you use it properly. Unlike other materials, the natural latex used in this model offers medium feel, which is more of a luxury firm. This makes it ideal for people with back problems.

At spindlemattress.com, you will find a calculator that helps determine the ideal firmness depending on the information you will provide. According to the calculator, the bed is ideal for most people who way less than 200 pounds.

Who Is Not Suitable For Spindle Mattress?

The scarcity of materials required to make latex beds is high. Therefore, you should expect this mattress to be expensive (the queen is available at $1,349). This may not be suitable for people on a tight budget.

If you are used to the softness and plushness of memory foam, then latex may not be what you are looking for. The medium feel of Spindle latex may be a little bit firmer for some side and combinational sleepers.

If you consider the outcomes of the firmness scale from spindlemattress.com, the bed may not be ideal for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. This is the same conclusion for almost all types of sleepers.


structure of Spindle mattress

The Spindle mattress has a remarkable structure with different physical properties at different locations. It is important that different zones, each with its well-defined elastic behavior, are able to behave independently. This is exactly what this bed offers you.

The one thing that sets this bed aside from other products is the way it is structured. It has 3 layers, but each layer is packed and delivered independently. Each block is made of 3-inch of natural, high performing latex.

The cover is made of organic cotton, which is pretty thick. The cotton used is free of bleach, pigments, or pesticides. The cover features a circular knit (to the specifications of South Carolina) that offers a true feeling of natural materials.

The cover is thick; so, it provides a little more cushioning, body conformance, and a comforting hug. The organic cotton used is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it is free of allergies and any elements that may lead to asthma.

All the three layers (3-inch layer of latex) are packed and shipped separately cartons. The fourth package usually contains the zippered case (cover). You should not be worried about the assembly; though. The manufacturer has detailed assembly instructions for you.

To assemble the mattress, you first have to obtain and spread the zippered case on your desired frame. Unzip the case and insert the base layer, followed by the middle layer, and finally the top layer.

Each layer is incorporated with arrows indicating the upward direction. So, you will hardly make a mistake when arranging the blocks into the cover. Each one of these blocks come rolled back in their individual boxes.

For the top block, you should ensure that the holes are facing downwards. These holes play a big role in improving the airflow and breathability of the bed. Be careful when zipping the case to avoid damaging the layers.

Firmness and Support

Firmness and Support of spindle mattress

Spindle mattress makes things easier for you as far as firmness and support are concerned. They help you choose the appropriate mattress by asking you a few questions. Then they calculate for you your desired firmness.

The information you are required to provide is: your height (ft. /in), your weight (lbs.), sleep position (side, back, or stomach sleeping), and who you are (your preferred sleeping surface and your experience with mattresses).

There are several settings that will be suggested to you based on the outcome of the firmness calculator, including: soft setting, medium setting, and firm setting. The soft setting features three medium layers.

The medium setting consists of one firm base layer and two top medium layers. The luxury firm choice comes with two firm bottom layers and one medium top layer. The firm bed has three firm blocks of latex.

The most recommended setting is the medium firmness. The two top layers of this mattress have an impression load deflection (ILD) rating of 17.5 to 20.5, which is on the lower end of the medium firmness on the scale.

The bottom layer has an impression load deflection rating of 29.5 to 32.5, which provides enough support for most people, especially when seated on the edge. Spindle provides a comfort judgment option, which allows you to order an extra of latex.

With this bed, you do not get the ideal edge support. The edge sinks noticeably deep when you sit or push your hands. However, you will not easily roll of the bed when you sleep because it does a good job of adapting to your body.

Sleep Experience

Spindle allows you to customize your sleeping experience. If you are light and sleeping on your side, the soft bed will provide you with the ideal body contouring and conformance. The same goes for combinational sleepers.

However, back and stomach sleepers who weigh less than 200 pounds get the best sleeping experience with the medium mattress. Heavier people who weigh more than 200 pounds can get the ideal sleep with the firmer bed.


The Spindle bed used to be expensive, but you can now get it at $1,000 less than it used to cost. The Queen size is available at $1,349.99, which is surprisingly affordable considering the fact that the premium material used is natural latex.

Size Price
Twin $899.99
Twin XL $949.99
Full $1,249.99
Queen $1,349.99
King $1,699.99
The manufacturer recommends that you buy a placement or foundation for your Spindle mattress from $199.99, but everyone has his or her own preference. Currently, there are no discounts or coupons that you can check out when buying this bed.

Warranty, Trial, Shipping and Returns for Spindle Mattress

The manufacturer of Spindle mattresses offers you a limited warranty of 10 years. This is more than enough time for you to be sure that the Spindle is your ideal bed. A genuine claim in the first ten years, including sagging (3/4-inch) will lead to a replacement at no cost.

Some people may be concerned about the limited warranty. But you should keep in mind that latex is an extremely durable material. So, the failure rate of this material is not large. According to the Spindle experts, the bed is supposed to last at least 10 years with good use.

You have 365 comfort adjustments. The manufacturer offers you up to 365 nights to exercise your comfort adjustment. Normally, they advise you to give the bedtime to break in; at least sixty days for successful adjustment.

After the sixty days, you can make comfort adjustments as you wish; all you have to do is call the company. The experts will work hand in hand with you to get the problem fixed. If by the end of the trial you are still unsatisfied; Spindle will make a full refund.

Like most mattress manufacturers in the United States, you get free shipping for the lower 48 States. The return policy is hassle-free; you just have to contact the manufacturer to come with a working arrangement for both parties.

The Wrap Up

You will hardly find a superior latex mattress than the Spindle mattress. It is probably the only bed in the world that allows you to customize your sleeping experience by adjusting the layers. Not to mention that it is an affordable choice at the higher end.

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