10 Best Triple Bunk Bed 2020

Best Triple Bunk Bed 2020
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Triple bunk beds are great space savers. This is particularly true in children rooms where they need space to study, play, etc. Today’s triple bunk beds are authentic style masterpieces. They come in different shapes and sizes, with wonderful functions and imaginative climbing up devices.

How to Pick the Best Triple Bunk Bed for Kids

If you want to know how to choose the best triple bund bed, here are some of the factors you should consider:

Safety Precautions

Whether you are shopping for the best bunk bed or intend to construct yours, safety is the most essential factor to consider. In addition to your bed being semi-high, it must also have strong-guard rails to prevent your kid from falling on the floor. You also need to know your child. If your child is likely to sleepwalk or try unsafe gymnastics off the bunk, look for another solution to solve your space issues.

Always Choose a Strong Material

No matter its size, color, or appearance, it is prudent to choose the strongest triple bunk bed. Metal and wood beds are available in all kids’ styles, patterns, and colors. Wood is the best choice. Although metal is commercial and contemporary, it has covert risks when it comes to children. Metal is cold, slippery and sharp. Wood, on top of being affordable, if assembled correctly, lasts for a long time and never goes out of style. You can trust wood to be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Choose the Right Theme for Your Kids Age

In regards to bed design, age matters. Choose a theme that matches the age of your kids. For instance, a ‘My little pony-themed’ triple bunk bed is ideal for children below 8 years. It is wise to encourage your kids to pick a bed that is more conventional and will outgrow their age.

Consider the Room Size

Determining the size of your room before making a purchase or constructing a bunk bed is very important. What matters the most is the height. Ensure there is 2 feet at minimum, of additional space between the ceiling and bed mattress. If you do not do this, your children might get hurt as they stand up.

If you intend to include put pull out drawers, you need to have a wide flooring area.

Opt for the Right Style

When choosing the bed style, you need to consider both the visual and practical sides of the design. Some of the designs you can choose from include:

  • Rotates
  • Desk twin
  • Futon twin
  • Complete twin
  • Twin on twin

Consider Accessibility

In the last stages of your construction or purchase, it is important to consider the accessibility of the bed. Between stairs or steep ladders, which one do you prefer? One thing that you should avoid in terms of accessibility is small stairs. They can be a stumbling block for kids. You also need to consider how accessible your child is to you. If your child wakes up sick and doesn’t feel strong enough to climb down, will you be able to get the child out of bed?

Style vs. Function

When it comes to your kid’s room, you need to be innovative and useful to give the little ones the ample space they need. On top of that, you should consider performance. For instance, if your child prefers to have his/her buddies over, it is prudent to include a trundle bed under his/her to be drawn out or in when necessary.

What you should know When Undertaking a DIY Project

Are you considering taking a triple bed bunk do-it-yourself project? One of the most important things that you should know is the safety standards expressed in the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines. The bunk bed that you intend to build must conform to these standards in regards to the use of guardrails or other devices, and stability. This goes miles in helping reduce the possibility of death or injury occurring. By taking the time to pass through the safety requirements, you will be able to greatly reduce any chance of your kid or loved one becoming trapping or falling to the floor due to improper construction or design.

Types of Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Decker Full

This design offers space-saving prowess. It can stay stacked or you can separate the three beds. You can attach a full ladder or a half-ladder to the 2nd tier.

L-Shape 1 Up-2 Down

This arrangement has 2 beds down and 1 bed up. It is an incredible option for a vacation home where adults can sleep on the lower beds and their kid on the top deck.

L-Shape 2 Up-1-Down

With this type of triple bunk bed, two people sleep on top and one person down. This model is ideal if you have two kids that always argue on who will sleep on top.

The Triple Decker

This is the most common type. It has three beds stacked on top of each other.

10 Best Triple Bunk Bed Reviews

1. Donco Kids Triple Twin Bunk Beds

Donco Kids Triple Twin Bunk Beds

The Donco Kids bunk bed sports a simple triple bunk bed design where all the three bunks are stacked on each other. It is designed to accommodate three playful kids. There are two ladders for easy access to each bunk. There are guardrails for added safety.

Overall, the bed is sleek and stylish. Even better, the topmost bunk is detachable making it easier in case you need to rearrange the room. It is made of pinewood with a beautiful dark cappuccino color to add to the interior décor of your kids’ room. With its straight and simple design, this bed will save space in the bedroom. It can accommodate up to 197 pounds. You can quickly assemble the bed at home, or you can request for expert assembly on Amazon.


  • Sturdy and safe
  • Made of durable pine wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable top bunk


  • A simple design may not look attractive to all

2. Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Bunk Bed

Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Bunk Bed

This is another space-saving bed that sports a simple style. All the three beds are stacked on each other in a simple and straight design. Its white color makes it ideal for any style of interior décor that you may install in your kid’s or guest rooms. It comes with ladders for easy access to the top bunks and rails for safety.

The bunks are made of solid wood, which makes them sturdy and safe even when your kids play on top of them. They are designed to accommodate heavy users. If you need to rearrange your room, you can easily detach the beds into a standard bunk bed or three twin beds – this gives you a lot of options to organize your room.


  • Detachable for easy organization
  • Made of hardwood for durability
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only available in white color

3. DHP Triple White Metal Bed

DHP Triple White Metal Bed

The DHP Triple bunk bed is made of metal for sturdiness and durability. It comes as a double bunk bed but with a trundle to make it a triple bunk. It is a great option for those who need a flexible bed option. The bed is fitted with full-length guardrails and secured metal slats on the top bunk for added safety. It also has a safe built-in ladder for the sleepers to climb up and down.

The stylish white frame of this bed is a perfect addition to any style of interior décor. Even better, its trundle comes with four easy-to-glide casters – two casters lock and two do not, adding to the security of the bed. Each twin bunk can accommodate children as well as adults. Setting it up is a walk in the park.


  • Made of metal for durability and sturdiness
  • Easily converts to a standard bunk bed
  • Not as high as other triple bunk beds
  • Full-length guard rails


  • Small ladder

4. ioHomes Kalan

ioHomes Kalan

ioHomes Kalan is a triple bunk bed with three twin size beds. However, unlike with most styles where the beds are stacked on each other, these beds sport a unique design where the lower bunks have two beds on the same level – 90 degrees to each other. The top bunk has one bed.

This bed weighs 239 pounds, which is more than most other beds on this list. However, its solid wood construction is so sturdy while its L shaped design adds a touch of style into your room.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Great style for any décor
  • Bunk bed is not nearly as high as the top on a triple bunk
  • Easy to assemble


  • Requires relatively more floor space

5. Harriet Bee Crescent Quadruple Bunk

Harriet Bee Crescent Triple Bunk

This quadruple bunk bed features a simple but interesting L-shaped design. At the base, the bed has two twin-sizes bedz at right angles to one another and two twin-sized beds at the top that makes it ideal for kids of varying ages. Below the lower bunks is space where you can store suitcases or storage bins.

You can choose between a grey, white and chestnut bed to match your interior décor. Made of solid wood, these beds are sturdy and durable. They are relatively heavy at 309.9 pounds.


  • Easy to install with the given instructions
  • Attractive design
  • Provides sleeping space for four guests in a small area
  • Sturdy and safe


  • Heavy

6. Furniture of America TurnerFurniture of America Turner

The Furniture of America Turner triple bunk bed lets you use that empty corner space in your bedroom efficiently. With its attractive L-shaped design, each bed has optimal headroom. Users can comfortably sit or play on the bed. There are two fixed ladders for easy access to the top bunks.

This bed is made of metal for sturdiness and durability. It also has metal slatted rails and with an appealing two-tone finish. Even though it is made of metal, the bed weighs less than some beds on this list at 154 pounds.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Relatively pricier

7. Harriet Bee Prather Triple Bunk Bed

Harriet Bee Prather Triple Bunk Bed

Prather is a simple triple bunk bed that comes with the choice of queen size, a full size, and a twin bed. The different options make it ideal when you need flexibility for your kids’ bedroom or a guest bedroom. You can accommodate kids of different ages. The bed is made of metal that covers the large queen size to the small twin size bed. Its ladder is curved making it safer.

The bed looks sleek. With each bunk stacked on top of the lower one, the bed saves floor space. Even though it is made of metal, it is one of the lightest beds on this list. With the provided instructions, the bed is easy to assemble.


  • Light in weight for easy assembly
  • Sports a sleek design and saves floor space
  • Sturdy construction with safety ladders and guardrails
  • Accommodates different ages


  • The simple utilitarian style might not look appealing to some people

8. Discovery World Furniture

Discovery World Furniture

Enjoy the benefits of both a double bunk bed and a triple bunk bed with this bunk bed from Discovery World Furniture. At the base, there is a full-sized bed, and on top, there is a twin-sized bed making it ideal for guests or kids of varying ages.

The bed sports a simple ladder slanting towards the top twin bed. Its dark brown color looks great against any backdrop adding to the beauty of your décor. The trundle is easy to slide in or out beneath the lower bunk. The bunk is easy to assemble, comes with all safety features, looks stylish, and is comfortable. Again, you can choose between three different colors.


  • Choice of three colors
  • Easy to assemble with easy to follow assembly guide
  • Made of solid pinewood for sturdiness and durability
  • The bed looks stylish


  • The bottom bunk does not have guard rails

9. Bedz King Stairway Triple Bunk Beds

Bedz King Stairway Triple Bunk Beds

Bedz King has designed so many triple bunk beds. This design here features a simple but stylish stairway. The bed comes as a standard bunk bed with a trundle. The top bunk is accessible through a stairway making it safer than bunk beds with a ladder. Beneath the stairway are drawers that serve as storage units.

The sleek white bed would look great on any backdrop. Each bed is made of Brazilian pine making it durable. When you buy the bed via Amazon, you are offered free expert assembly. You can detach the two main bunk beds giving you more options to arrange your bedroom. Even the stairs can be moved to different sides of the bed. At 268 pounds, the bed is relatively heavy but with most of its parts detachable, it is easy to assemble.


  • Easy to assemble with most parts detachable
  • Sleek design to match your décor
  • Provides storage in a small amount of space
  • Stairway makes the bunk beds safer


  • Relatively more expensive

10. Maltby Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Maltby Twin Triple Bunk Bed

The Maltby Twin Triple Bunk Bed sports brings with it a simple yet stylish design that ensures the twin bunk beds save on floor space. The beds are made of a combination of wood panels and metal tubes to deliver modern style bunk beds.

Looking at it, the bed features an industrial look. This look is great if you need to simplify your room. The bed comes with a double ladder for safety and high guard rails for added safety. It is as attractive as it is functional. Each unit is lightweight for easy assembly and movement.


  • Simple but stylish design to match the décor of any room
  • Wood and metal construction makes the bed sturdy and attractive
  • Lightweight for easy assembly
  • High guardrails for added safety


  • Limited headroom when used by adults

Triple Bunk Beds FAQ

Is it possible to separate triple bunk beds into 2 or 3?

Yes, most of them can be split into two or three individual beds.

What is the head clearance of triple bunk beds?

Well, it varies from model to model. However, typically it is 25’’-27.5’’. How thick the mattress is also determines the head clearance.

Can triple bunk beds fit in rooms with an 8-foot ceiling?

While some do fit in rooms with 8-foot ceilings, some are too tight. Generally, the overall height ranges from 76.75’’ – 92’’.

As We Wrap Up

If you are looking for the ultimate space-saving bed for a vacation home or your kids, then a triple bunk bed is a great option. Three people can comfortably sleep in one-foot print by layering up. If you are limited in terms of rooms, having a triple bunk bed is a great way to utilize your limited space. Today’s market has plenty of high-quality and sturdy bunk beds. To make your search a walk in the park, we did extensive research and selected some of the best to provide you with a list of the  top 10 triple bunk beds.

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