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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft & Needle offers you the highest quality, American made poly foam mattress at the lowest price possible in the United States. The company believes in high-quality workmanship without tricks. The product is made with care for superior performance.

You do not necessarily need to pay large sums of money to experience quality sleep. The Tuft and Needle bed is engineered to provide you with ultimate contouring, support, alignment, and comfort. And you get all these at a very budget-conscious price range.

The manufacturer is more concerned about the quality delivered to the customers than making overstated returns. The company believes that it does not need to charge more than it needs. Continue reading to find out why this can be an amazing mattress for you and your family.

Who is suitable for Tuft & Needle

This all foam mattress is steadily gaining popularity for its price and unique attributes. Therefore, before you consider any other factors; you should know that this is a very suitable mattress for a customer with a tight budget.

When you take the properties of the poly foam materials into consideration you will agree that this medium mattress is a perfect choice for people with back pain problems. It offers the best contouring you could have ever wished for without any gaps.

Unlike most all foam mattresses, this Tuft and Needle model allows you to easily achieve the natural spine position. The bed has the ability to take the shape of your body to relieve painful pressure points, which would probably be agitated by other types of mattresses.

Generally, this is not only a suitable option, but also a reliable model when you want to reduce the severity of pressure sore caused by continued use of other unfit types of mattresses. And the medium firmness is the perfect choice for light people.

Moreover, this mattress is a good option for sleeping with a partner. This is mainly attributed to its luxurious, spineless feel, support, and comfort.

Who is not suitable for Tuft&Needle

This bed is not a suitable companion for heavy people. Even though there are individuals who have bought and used the mattress, regardless of their weight. It is an all foam medium mattress that can easily sink if subjected to too much pressure(Especially the edge).

If you have a weight of 250+ pounds, there is a high probability that you will experience pressure points, especially if you have back problems. Getting used to the mattress may prove inoperable, and the pressure points may persist.

As a result, you may have to suffer additional costs by purchasing a plush mattress pad protector. The protector will add the much-needed padding to help keep your body aligned, supported and balanced, but at a cost.

And this is a 2 layers mattress with a simple design. If you are looking for a luxury feeling, then T&N is not your best choice.

One more concern is about the firmness, this is a medium feeling mattress, but I guess it’s firmer than you expected. so if you’re a side sleeper, don’t take this mattress.

Structure and layers

The Tuft and Needle mattress is incorporated with features that you need for unmatched sleeping experience. The structure may appear simple compared to spring and hybrid mattress, but be rest assured that the performance is exceptional.

A feature unique to this model is the limited number of layers. While most high designs come with multiple layers, Tuft and Needle comprises of only two layers along with a tactel or polyester cover. What guarantees its performance is the quality of the foams used.

Structure and layers for tuft needle

Pressure Relief Layer

This is the first layer just beneath the cover. It is made up of adaptive foam, which does not only offer effective pressure relief, but also delivers maximum comfort. This layer will make sure that you do not feel soft, sink or uncomfortable.

The adaptive foam material becomes accustomed to the shape of your body to provide optimum contouring for maximum performance. The layer’s remarkable abilities are well-displayed when you rest on your back.

Support Layer

Like all mattresses, this model also features a seven-inch support layer made of top quality Tuft and Needle foam. The layer provides the necessary support required to support your body for initial and subsequent use.

Along with the two layers, the bed comes with a high performing cover that features a combination of tactel and polyester materials. The cover is highly breathable, thus keeping you cool contrary to popular beliefs that foam traps heat.

One of the special facets of the cover is how thin and stretchy it is when you pinch and pull. The thinness and stretchiness of the cover ensures that you are in contact with the top layer for superior contouring, support, and comfort during sleep.

You can put the thickness of the mattress to test by removing the cover and pushing the two layers downward. You will be surprised how quickly the two layers will respond once you let go the pressure. This guarantees advanced support.

Firmness Scale and Support

support and firmness of T&N

At a firmness scale of 0 to 10, most people prefer a medium feel that may range from 5 to 7. Tuft and Needle considered the expectations of most buyers by constructing a mattress with a medium feel of 6.5 to 7 out of 10 with respect to the weight.

You can conduct a simple test to estimate the firmness of the mattress based on your weight by doing the following: place a rod across the bed; stand in between the rod to apply pressure on the mattress; then use a tape measure to estimate the sinking height.

You should expect different results when you flip the mattress to test the firmness of the base layer. The most likely range that you are supposed to record is 6.5 to 7. The provided firmness is accommodating for most people.

Sleep Experience

Nothing sleeps better than the Tufted and Needle foam. The two layers will undoubtedly provide the required contouring as well as motion isolation for top-of-the-line sleeping experience, which is available at a very cost-effective price range.

It may not be the ultimate choice for a heavy person, but it is surely engineered to support diverse weights and sizes. The support provided by the two layers may not be convincing for some people, but it offers a sensational sleep experience.

Fast reaction time is what sets this model aside from other all foam mattresses. Do not let your existing beliefs about all foam mattresses fool you, because you might be missing out on a high-quality sleeping companion.


This is, in fact, one of the eye-catching aspects of this mattress when you compare it to similar or competing products in the market. The cheapest is the twin size, which is available at approx. $325. The priciest are the king and Cal king, which are available at approx. $700.

When compared to the online competition, the Tuft and Needle mattress is cheaper by roughly $200. When compared to luxury memory foam models like Tempur-Pedic, the mattress is cheaper by about $2000. And when compared to innerspring designs like Simmons Beautyrest, the mattress is cheaper by approximately $1500.

SizeApprox. Price ($)
Cal King700
Twin Large375

You can check on Amazon to see if any available coupons there.

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Warranty, Trial policy, Return, and Shipping

It comes with a ten-year limited warranty, providing you with specific legal rights. The warranty is only viable for the initial buyer and owner; you cannot transfer ownership or the guarantee. As a result, you are required by the manufacturer to retain the purchase receipt for proof of ownership.

The company requires you to be within the country (USA) for the warranty to be effective since they do not cover international logistics and shipping expenses. You should do well to remember that the guarantee is limited to damages resulting from poor workmanship or faulty materials.

This product comes with a 100 night no-risk sleep trial period, which begins on the date you receive the mattress. Basically, you have a hundred nights to put the mattress through all types of sleeping tests you can possibly think of and come up with a verdict.

The no-risk trial period is enough for the bed to break in, allowing your body to adjust to the structure and performance of the mattress. If you decide that the product is not good enough for you, then you should inform the manufacturer within the stipulated trial period.

The manufacturer would most likely request for some feedback and then offer you the necessary assistance. The return policy is hassle-free. They will simply coordinate with you to give out the mattress to a local nonprofit or charity. All you need for a refund is a scan of a donation receipt.

Shipping is free within the United States and it will take roughly one to five working days to receive the mattress.

The Wrap Up

The Tuft and Needle mattress gives you luxury, medium feel and comfortable support that ensure you effortlessly fall into slumber. The two layers deliver the much needed refreshing effects that restore your body by the time you wake up.

Honestly speaking, we’re not a fan of Tuft&Needle. at the same price level, our top choice would be Nectar or Nolah mattress.

Look no further than this brand and model, if you have a tight budget, but you are in need of a quality mattress.

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