Types of Beds

Knowing the types of beds that are available is the first step in choosing the best option for your needs. Buying beds can be an easy task provided that you have a list of comparisons between multiple brands. However, when it comes to the type of bed best suited to your room, the process can be complicated because multiple factors need to be considered. For one thing, buyers may not be knowledgeable of the various types of beds, where they can be found, and whether they will suit their house or not.

Because beds and mattresses are not purchased often, the types of beds and mattresses available change between purchases. This leads to the need to begin the research from the beginning each time.

We have collected a list of twenty different types of beds to help you identify the type of bed that will work best for you.

Cabin Bed


These are quite similar to bunk beds, some are as high above the ground while others are lower. Some styles of cabin beds are actual bunk beds. Cabin beds look like a tree house or a children’s club house. The design can make it more fun to go to bed and spark a child’s imagination. The walls of the “cabin” can also provide protection against falling out of the bed without having the appearance of being safety rails. Some cabin beds have enclosed storage underneath the bed while others have an open place that is easy to clean (or a good place for the dog to sleep).  They are low but raised. The underlying space usually has some form of furniture or cupboard cut into it, and can even be a convenient drawer storage system. Many styles do not require a ladder to reach the top as their elevation is quite moderate.

Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are perfect when your child has a sleepover. It can be disassembled to accommodate more sleeping space and can be comfortable for multiple people when your child and their friends are small. When you have a slumber party at your house, you can count on a trundle bed to give you the space that you need. These are manufactured with an additionally hidden mattress under the main one, providing more accommodation and ease. They work wonders when trying to accommodate extra guests in the house. They can also be useful in tight living spaces like small apartments and college dorms.

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Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are ideal when you need extra storage space. The main frame is leather or wood and has extra space underneath. Just lift up the mainframe, and voila! The entire space underneath the slatted frame is storage space. Store things like extra pillows, cushions, valuables, and more. The Ottoman design works best for people living in small apartments, or those running out of space. Plus, it doubles as a secure way to store your valuables like keys, wallets, and credit cards. The design is stylish too, and quite frugal. If you share a house or apartment, this bed can provide a private place to store your things.

MidSleeper Bed

The MidSleeper is a dream come true. This type of bed is ideal for children, especially above ages six or seven whose rooms are small. They feature a raised bed with a small detachable ladder. They look cute and innovative. MidSleepers are like some cabin beds without the cabin. Plus, there are drawers and open space underneath the bed, so you can keep all the things you need or your children’s favorite books and toys in them. The MidSleeper can be converted to a fort by draping a blanket over the edges, encouraging your child to create a fantasy world with a castle or fort. The frame is raised all around the mattress, so your child is secured and safe. They won’t fall off the bed unless they roughhouse on the raised platform.

Upholstered Bed

An upholstered bed possesses both classic and unique features. These can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics and will give your bed the beautiful and romantic look it deserves. Focusing mainly on design, it is both glamorous and simplistic. The graceful curves and edges are wonderful to look at, and the frame is soft. Compared to the hard and rough texture of wooden panels, upholstered fabrics protect you from bumps and bruises. The Upholstered Bed is perfect for couples who live alone, or for adult rooms in general. They are both chic and comfortable.

TV Bed

Yes, you read that right. A TV Bed is exactly what it sounds like it is. It has a TV enclosed in its footboard panels. The TV is usually an LED screen, and the height can vary according to your requirements. Not only it is a beautiful and innovative addition to the household but can also save the space and effort of installing an LED TV. It is both modern and eccentric and can look unique as well as take care of all your entertainment needs. Speaker systems can also be installed for a premium experience. When you combine a TV bed with an adjustable bed frame insert, you’ll never want to get out of bed.

Divan Bed

Divan beds are both simplistic and innovative. Furthermore, they feature a slightly raised bed frame and a secret drawer underneath. Divan designs typically include two different parts juxtaposed together. The lower part usually contains built-in drawers for extra space. The upper part contains the mattress and is slightly raised. You can buy any mattress that works on a platform bed to use on your Divan Bed. Not only is it unique and modern, it can also be used to store your valuables. It’s a good way to add storage space without taking up floor space in your bedroom.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are designed with wood or metal and can be upholstered if needed. They feature two different mattresses and sleeping spaces, placed one on top of the other. This type of bed is raised over each other. The upper bunk usually requires a small detachable ladder to reach it. It is perfect for children. Adults who wish to sleep in the same room but not in the same bed may also like a bunk bed when space is limited. It saves both space and money. Although most bunks fit a twin size mattress, some have a full-size mattress on the bottom that will accommodate two sleepers.

Antique Style Bed

Antique beds are just what they sound like. They are designed with a vintage look, like something straight out of history. They usually feature a classic design, as compared to a modern one. The foot and headboards are beautifully cut to give that vintage retro look and are perfect for classic enthusiasts. Antique Style Beds are not only chic and classic but also thrifty, as they can even be found at auctions or in antique shops, where their prices can be a bit low. You want to be sure that authentic antique beds don’t have lead paint or other carcinogens that could harm your family.

Folding Bed

These are unique and innovative. As the name suggests, they are foldable. You can tuck them away in a closet and can save space for when you need to accommodate something else in the room, such as a table or a studio. They are perfect for small apartments and families that need to accomodate more visitors than their space would allow with traditional types of beds. Folding beds can be comfortable despite their compact size. They are innovative and economic. It’s all that you could ask for. The folding style is an affordable choice.

Platform Bed

These are our personal favorite because they utilize wooden boards instead of springs. Springs can get rusty and moldy over time, and can even break or be uncomfortable in general. A platform bed doesn’t have that issue. It uses evenly spaced wooden boards or slats to support the mattress. This also helps your mattress remain ventilated, which aids sleeping cool. The formation of mold and other fungi is minimized. The sturdy build provides an enhanced sleeping experience. These are best for those who are not used to springs, or for those who want to try something new. Platform styles are a relatively cheap innovation.

Panel Bed

Panel beds feature flat heavy wooden foot and headboards. It is not only gorgeous but also comfortable. Panel beds are very similar to platform style, but the exception is that they can even be used to accommodate box springs and mattresses. Panel beds can make your bedroom elegant. They are a traditional style although some of them can be converted so that the mattress is supported by evenly spaced slats like a platform. This allows you to forgo a box spring but it will make the bed closer to the floor.

Sleigh Bed

The romance of sleigh beds is undeniable. The captivating sleigh bed style focuses mostly on the design, with the foot and headboards shaped like a horse-drawn sleigh that has been elongated and flattened, which is where the style gets its name. It has a sophisticated and innovative feel, from the French and American Empire period. The carvings are delicate yet captivating. It features gorgeous panels that add a classic look to your bedroom. The sides of a sleigh bed are usually enclosed with a wood frame that ends at the bottom of the mattress.

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Half Poster Bed

The Half Poster bed is a really beautiful and classic addition to your room. The Half Poster features four columns, one on each corner, with the footboard columns much lower than the headboard columns. It adds beauty, grace, and a whole lot of England to your room. The Half Poster style is ideal for smaller rooms because it doesn’t overwhelm the space the way a full four-poster or canopy bed would. They are also a great option for rooms with low ceilings where a taller style would make the ceiling seem lower. Half poster beds can be found in various shapes and sizes. Our personal favorites are in English and French styles. Not only are they timeless and sophisticated, but they can be angelically comfortable as well.

Canopy Bed

Canopy is something straight out of fairy tales. They are the only style with more romance than sleigh beds. Canopy beds are full four poster beds, with an entire canopy over the mainframe. These are ideal for high ceiled rooms. The canopy style can highly decorative and augmented or can be minimalistic and simple. Children’s styles are often available, too. They come in a variety of designs, with the best ones being as royal as the Buckingham Palace itself. These are perfect for couples who want to increase the romantic mood, or for single adults who like to be surrounded by elegant luxury. They do require a little more work as the canopy requires occasional dusting. 

Murphy Bed

The Murphy is named for the works of William Murphy who patented the idea although the bed existed way before Thomas Jefferson’s time. The moral code of the time didn’t allow a woman to enter a man’s bedroom. Murphy lived in a studio apartment in San Francisco. By creating the Murphy Bed, he was able to woo the opera singer his heart desired by storing his bed in the closet when she visited his single room. Murphy beds fold into a cupboard to save space. It can be found easily in any retail store and is easy to install and operate. The bed can even be found with nightstands and bookcases built-in, so you can get the best end-user experience.

Futon Bed

The futon is innovative and thrifty. These beds double as a sofa and can be used for a hundred different purposes. You can fold it into a sofa. So it can accommodate you and your partners or children during the day and provide overnight accommodations for you or guests. The Futon Bed is a unique way to save a lot of space and money. They can be electrically operated or manually transformed into sofas. Nonetheless, they are a neat little addition to your household. The Futon bed is available at cheap prices too.

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L-Shaped Bed

The L-Shaped is exactly what it sounds like. The L-Shaped style is, well, shaped like an “L”. They are quite similar to the traditional bunk style. Except the bunks are placed in front of each other, in the shape of an “L”, so two people can be accommodated on the upper bunk. The lower half can have a regular bed or a foldable one built in, like the futon in the picture above. The design is entirely innovative, as it can accommodate 3-4 people and use up only the space of one bed. They feature a small ladder as well, so all users can reach their beds safely.

Air Bed

It does not need to be confused with air mattresses, although both are similar and equally comforting. The Air Bed features a much more permanent and firm solution to air mattresses. These are perfect for couples who want to minimize back pain, and for those who want a soft and comforting bed experience. This style is not only unique but more reliable and sophisticated. They can provide the perfect affordable bed for your home for you or guests.

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Day Bed

Day beds tend to be on the feminine side. They are usually supported by panels on three sides, with the fourth side open allowing the day bed to be used as seating or a bed. Some include a trundle bed but many styles provide only a single sleeping surface. They are most often used in little girl’s bedrooms.

To conclude, the best type of bed really depends on your requirements and tastes. Which style is your favorite bed? We’d love to know what you like. We’re also happy to answer your questions.

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