We don’t recommend buying a cheap mattress if you have other options because sleep is so important for your health, but we understand that sometimes you don’t have another choice. We’ve read thousands of reviews to help you quickly identify the best cheap mattress because we know that time is often tight when money is limited and you have more important things to do.

Products in the Best Cheap Mattress category won’t last as long as other choices. For that reason, they aren’t the best value. However, if you need one now and a cheap product is what you’re able to afford, our best cheap mattress list will help you avoid a lemon. If you need a cheap bed quickly, check out our list of mattresses in the $200 – $400 range for a queen.

Another option when money is tight is buying a more durable product on credit. Many mattress companies offer financing, some with interest rates as low as zero percent. Be wary of layaway plans at retail bedding stores; they are not a good option. Financing at such stores and department stores is usually high.

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