How to Find a Hybrid That Sleeps Cool?

When you sleep, your body temperature needs to cool down. It enables you to attain the deep sleep mode which initiates the restorative process. Now there are different types of hybrids available in the market and they all have their unique traits. You need to choose one of them according to your budget and requirements.


Latex hybrids come with holes within the construction. These layers enhance proper aeration. If the materials involve natural latex, then it is the best option for you because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. Latex is a good option if you consider durability as an important factor. The holes in the layer enable the layer to disperse heat from your body elsewhere.

Gel foam

Gel foam is excellent when it comes to temperature regulation because it has a tendency to dissipate heat. Furthermore, the gel beads are capable of absorbing the heat from your body very similar to water. However, their capability of absorbing heat is limited and once that limit is reached, the mattress will start to warm up like memory foam. You must look for a mattress that has gel infusion instead of the beads. Infused gel offers improved heat retention for longer periods.

Memory foam

It doesn’t come with a good reputation when we talk about temperature neutrality. Most of the users complain about sleeping hot when using memory foam. It is associated more with the conventional memory foam type. The latest versions of memory foam also feature various properties to reduce heat retention and enable you to sleep cool. Copper-infused memory foam is one good example of such a product (see Layla). Copper has a natural tendency to absorb heat and its infusion in the mattress layer will allow you to enjoy a deep comfortable sleep throughout the night.

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